Report: Aaron Kromer apologizes to Bears players for anonymously ripping Jay Cutler

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The turmoil surrounding the coaching staff and future of the Chicago Bears may have just gotten significantly worse.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer apologized to players Monday for anonymously criticizing quarterback Jay Cutler to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

The report in question cited Bears sources that claimed they were having a case of “buyer’s remorse” for the contract extended to Cutler earlier this year. It also was critical of Cutler’s inability to check out of bad plays in the running game.

Per Biggs, Kromer addressed the team Monday and admitted to the players that he was the source behind the comments regarding Cutler’s game management. Kromer apologized for airing the problems with Cutler and the offense outside of the Bears facility. The admission apparently caused Cutler to shake his head while Kromer issued the apology. He denied saying anything about the franchise’s feeling of remorse for Cutler’s deal.

“I said what I had to say to the players,” Kromer said, via Biggs.

However noble the apology and feelings of regret Kromer may have for having his issues with Cutler’s play, it brings into question the ability of the two to work together in the future. Can Cutler trust his offensive coordinator to have his back any more? In addition, any further anonymously sourced stories critical of the team in the future will likely bring about players believing Kromer is the source yet again.

With the Bears sputtering at 5-8 and posting one of the more disappointing campaigns in the league this season, the future of both Kromer and defensive coordinator Mel Tucker has to be in question, as well as head coach Marc Trestman.

Kromer’s admission to ripping his quarterback likely won’t help matters any.

144 responses to “Report: Aaron Kromer apologizes to Bears players for anonymously ripping Jay Cutler

  1. What would happen if the Bears’ train was on the same track as the Washingtons’ train? A black hole? Double implosion all the way across the sky omg?

  2. He should’ve at least talked to Cutler first privately and then made the admission to the team. I mean, tell the guy face to face, let him know first, instead of having him hear it in a crowd with everyone else.

  3. Someone’s gotta go now and as much as some fans want Cutler gone his contract will keep him there. Now on the other hand a coach that the players can’t trust who further divided the locker room…he would be my guess.

  4. If the niner coaches can bite their tongue about kaperchoke you would think these guys could have stayed quiet about cutler.

  5. It was just a couple weeks ago they were railing on cutler from changing out of run plays into a pass play. Even the coach said they were not running the ball enough. He called more run plays and cutler would check out of them. So he stops checking out of them and they railing on him again.
    They only made 5 run attempts in the game against Detroit, and they are mad he didnt check out of them?
    As much as Cutler gets a bad rap, these coaches are clueless as to what they are doing as well. I hope cutler gets traded to a team and does well because no QB ever stands a chance against the Chicago media and the bears coaching staff.

  6. SMH… The moral of this befuddling story is that you must keep your friends close, and your enemies closer… Unless your enemy is your offensive coordinator, least he stab you in the back…

    I remember Bears fans bashing Lovie Smith for never winning a superbowl… but at least he was respected and had a winning record…This Motley crew of coaches have all the talent you can ask for and yet there seems to be nothing but dysfunction in that locker room. Even Cutler deserves better!

  7. Amongst the things that the Bears really didn’t need in an already tough season, this is pretty high.

  8. I’ve been a Cutler supporter because he is out QB. But for whatever reason, train wrecks just follow this guy around. I, for one, have had enough of Mr. J. Cutler.

  9. Trestman should stay but they need a new D coord and get rid of must get rid of Cutler. Defend him all you want, he’s not a good quarterback.

  10. Well that guy blew his chance in the league. Who would want to play for a coach who trashes you anonymously to reporters? Good luck coaching high school.

  11. The Bears haven’t scored more than 30 points in a game yet this year, despite Cutler potentially having his best year statistically…And despite Jay’s struggles to hold on to the ball, it ain’t all on him.

  12. Such a sad season for the Bears…bad leadersjip all around.

    Kromer was the O-line coach last yeat and they were great…this year he was moved to OC and this…

    Just embarrassing.

  13. 2 questions: 1.) What was to be gained by Kromer leaking these comments other than gossip mongering? 2.) Why did he ‘fess up?

    I feel like there’s gotta be more to this story somewhere (other than behind The Tribune’s B.S paywall which will spiral them into further obscurity)

  14. As much as I like Jay throwing to my teams DBs, this guy has been the victim of 2 different horrible coaching staffs. I hope he gets a fair shot at success with decent coaches and fans before he hangs it up.

  15. Ad true as Kroner’s words are, what he did is grounds for termination. Trestman & Emery could score some big time points with the fans by escorting Kromer out the door!
    (too bad they ALL suck & should be fired too

  16. The Bears need to move on from their current coaching staff at season’s end and Hire Mike Shanahan. He has a history with Cutler and His scheme fits Cutler’s abilities to a tee.

  17. As long as we know WHO is ripping Jay Cutler, all is good. There were simply too many people to choose from who might have been ripping Jay Cutler!

  18. A coach going to a reporter and ripping your own players anonymously?

    This guy shouldn’t even have a job on a coaching staff.

  19. Bad move by an OC that’s fighting to keep his job with a few weeks left. It was obvious the Bears downfall was their defense. Had Kromer just kept quiet he would have avoided the spotlight Tucker is getting.

  20. They found out first hand what many thought, that Cutler is anything but a leader.

    They should cut their losses and move on.

  21. “I said you failed to check out of bad run situations repeatedly, but I *NEVER* suggested that signing you to a long-term multi-million dollar deal was the most ridiculous stupid ass-brained moronic move a GM or owner could ever do simply because you are too stupid to recognize a running play that doesn’t have a prayer of gaining a yard while they have left every receiver on your team in single coverage with a slow blind linebacker covering the TE.

  22. I’m a Saints fan and I wanna whoop the fool out the Bears this coming Monday. And I’ll never forget them taking our shot at SB XLI and subsequently getting whooped. There was some Bears fans waving real distasteful signs at that NFCG.

    But I cant help but feel bad for this team. Theyve just got so many elite superb football players, and have for a while now. But some critical flaw (used to be o-line, now its run defense) shows up and they can never overcome it and turn in a good season. This edition has made it to the playoffs like one freaking time.

    Im just convinced theres some serious loser mojo in that organization. Trestman seems extremely intelligent but hes from the Canadian game, isnt that a little suspicious for an NFL HC? Cutler and Forte are the leaders on that offense, and I think theyre both incredible talents, but those guys don’t know what winning feels like. They went to Vanderbilt and Tulane, neither of them has been part of a league dominant campaign since they were teenagers.

    Seriously, I feel bad for this edition of the Chicago Bears. Seems like they will never get to taste the success theyre capable of.

  23. The fact that he did this itsn’t really surprising. I bet this happens all the time. The shocking part is that he admitted it. How often is an anonymous source revealed, this never happens.

    This is going to force Trestman (if he even survives the axe himself) to fire the best coach on a staff that is already reeling.

  24. Kromer was just telling the truth. $126.7M for 7 years with $54M guaranteed. Yes, there is buyer’s remorse. Jay Cutler is the Vanderbilt University educated burgler.
    The amount guaranteed means that the Bears have invested heavily in a talented serial underperformer who also happens to have some major “personality issues”. The Chicago Bears probably won’t be a competitive team for the next 5 – 6 years, unless they decide to cut their losses, pay him out and move on.
    This has the potential to be analagous to a JaMarcus Russell disaster in Oakland with a large guaranteed amount that they are stuck with salary cap hell for a player who isn’t worth it (and they will still need to find a QB).
    The GM should be ashamed for driving the team off a cliff.

  25. Unless he was trying to get fired, I don’t understand the reason behind him coming clean on that.

    It would’ve been best to leave it at anonymous sources.

  26. Can this mess become ever more dysfunctional? Look for Kromer to be canned together with Tucker. Here you have two scapegoats, not one. And, let me be clear, I do think they have to go (especially Tucker should have gone at the end of last year or after Foxboro or Green Bay this year at latest), but they should go just because the coaching staff gets fired as a whole. Then, after realizing that he messed up with this roster, missed bad with his first draft pick ever, missed pretty bad with his HC hire (man, how can you seriously pass on Arians, independently of how good Trestman might be), and gave a careless vote of confidence to a player who is controversial to the point that the OC whispers to the media that they regretted signing him to a nonsense extension, you get rid of the GM too, and clean the house in full. But, this would be the real world, not the McCaskeys’ Chicago Bears.

  27. Obviously Cutler carries himself in a way that he is always being ripped ! There must be something to it ! This guy cant always be the victim ?

  28. WoW time to clean house in Chicago…you would think a coach would have the balls to say it to his face and not to a reporter anonymously….not sure if it was noble or stupid to admit to it…..smh

  29. Now that the well has been significantly poisoned, let the upheaval begin. Kromer is done, with many more soon to follow. The season can’t get over fast enough for a team that continues to embarrass itself on so many levels.

  30. Irregardless, I think after all these years in Chicago, to me it proves that Josh McDaniels (then H/C of Denver) knew what he was doing when he dumped Cutler.

  31. I’m glad he said it and also glad he took responsibility for it. The truth is the truth. Cutler is not what they thought . At least he had the stones to admit it.

  32. The apology needs to come from the QB-conman with the superhero money deal that can’t seem to get his act together after nearly 9 years in the league.

  33. What a mess. We all know Cutler is uncoachable and a loser, but this is not how you deal with it. The only real fix seems to be to get rid of all the coaches as well as Cutler and start fresh. I don’t see that happening though. Their GM had to be in hella hot water for spending as much money as he has in the last two years and having a dumpster fire to show for it.

  34. I’m surprised Trestman didn’t just fire Kromer.

    It doesn’t matter who your QB is. Coaches aren’t supposed to undermine your team like that.

  35. Kromer- get your resume ready….. Yes jay has 21 turnovers. But does he play d… Outside of their front 4 and Fuller their d is awful….

  36. Whether you like Cutler, or not….
    You’ve got to fire an O.C. that would be such a punk. Immediately.
    Nobody is going to trust a Rat.

  37. I wish I could say I’m shocked, but I’m not. This season has been a disaster for the Bears and this seems to fit in with everything that’s been going on. While it was bad form to give those quotes in the first place, at least he owned up to them, so I’ll give him a smidge of credit. This entire coaching staff has got to go.

  38. Jay Cutler is not the problem in Chicago. The defense is garbage this year. Fuller shows promise but that’s about it. The OC blames Cutler for not checking out of bad plays that he called but if Cutler does check out and things don’t go well, then the called play would have supposedly worked. Bad coach, wors leader.

  39. I don’t understand why players and coaches run to the media to voice their displeasure with other players, coaches or management. Be a man and say it to the person instead of asking to be quoted “anonymously.”

    I am not sure if this is an offense that will have Aaron Kromer fired but if definitely doesn’t make his relationship with Jay Cutler stronger.

  40. The fate of the whole coaching staff of the Bears has been and will be tied to Cutler’s success. If you can make Jay efficient and effective you keep your job, if you don’t, you get fired. He has that franchise by the balls. They should make him accountable for his success. Draft a QB in the 2nd round and push him for his job.

    Same goes for RGIII. If they resign him Gruden will be a casualty this time. Someone needs to make these guys accountable for their poor play.

  41. Is it standard protocol these days to apolgize for speaking the truth? It seems like cowards are always stating the truth, or something funny and non-offensive and then giving in to the media and apologizing for it. Grow a pair and stand by what you say.

  42. Kromer’s got know better. What in the world was he thinking? What good could have come from that even if he wasn’t caught? Not going directly to Cutler was very wimpy.

  43. Kromer is not the problem, in fact he’s the solution. Kromer is talented and believes in accountability, unlike other Bears coaches and players.

  44. Kromer is an idiot for making this public but what he said is true. Chicago needs to blow this up and start over!

  45. Holding people accountable is telling the person who is accountable. A coward tells you and the media jay is fine and it’s not all on jay and goes a reporter behind closed door and rips him. How is that being a leader?

  46. Last year the Bears had the second highest point
    scoring in the NFL with a strong healthy offensive
    line. This years offensive line is decimated with
    no production. If you are a coach, and you know
    that you have weaknesses you are supposed to
    modify your plays around your weaknesses.
    Our Bears coaches had absolutely NO ability
    to do that! Modify the run blocking schemes!
    Use Jay’s legs in rollouts more. Mix it up!
    These coaches are the reason for the season
    in the toilet! Period!!!

  47. I suspect he wanted to get the word out that the failings of the offense were not his fault… looking to his next job.

    Problem is this – Jay needs to earn his way back to get some respect from his teammates. There was enough problem when he first came – right or wrong (depending on which “side” you are on) with the Lovie guys on defense.

    Now those guys, Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers, Hester… are moved on or moving on.

    This move by Kromer – the doing and the airing of the apology – sends horrible messages to the team. Now what do they do?

    Leave Cutler’s ability out for a minute – I think most would agree Cutler needs to step up and change his play (possible or not) and the franchise seems tied to him for another couple years – so they want to give him the chance to do that…

    Now there is a whole new internal friction that cuts Cutler’s legs out.

  48. Ha… Rapoport actually gets a story he doesn’t have to embellish or factually skew and he still screws it up. Man, I need a job like that.

  49. The better question is what the Bears plan to do with Cutler? At some point, they need to recognize that they can’t win with him so make your move. Finding a trading partner will require identifying a team that is desperate enough to take him.

    Vikings maybe?

  50. What’s unfortunate is that Kromer is by far the most capable coach on that entire staff (including Trestman), yet because of this he’ll be sent on the same bus out of town with Tucker and deCamillas.

    I don’t feel sorry for very many people in the Bears organization this year but I do feel bad for guys like Jeffery, Long, Fuller and Bostic, who are presumably the core players and leaders for the future but are only seeing incompetence and dysfunction modeled all around them.

  51. Media Jackals. They fine if you talk to them if you talk to them they bend your words and use you up.

    I want to see these guys show up in “I can’t talk” shirts.

  52. wimpyburgers says:
    Dec 12, 2014 9:12 AM
    Trestman and his staff are gone. Bank on it. No apology needed


    Not with the McCaskeys in charge. Trestman is coming back, just watch.

    Bears fans shouldn’t have to tolerate this stuff. Stop going to games until the McCaskeys sell the team. They have been running this franchise into the ground for far too long.

  53. 3 thoughts on this:
    1) Kromer’s criticism of Cutler is probably correct.

    2) Kromer going out of the locker room to criticize Cutler is just wrong. He not only broke that trust with Cutler but also with every other player in that locker room that ever gets criticized.

    3) queue all the Bears and Cutler haters

  54. Maybe this gaff is Kromer’s way of signalling to the Saints that he would take his old job back. Saints’ offense has not been the same since Kromer left. Coach Payton could use the help.

    There’s got to be some reason for an experienced coach to publicly call out the team’s QB. It such an obvious no-no. He may want out of Trestman’s leadership.

  55. The Bears have suddenly become like a dysfunctional family. The only option is to fire the entire staff and front office, and start over..I’m as embarrassed as I have ever been as a Bear fan

  56. I can’t believe I’m saying this as a cheesehead, but I seriously hope they clean house this year. It’s painful to watch a respectable franchise reduced to this.

  57. Enough apologizing for these prima donnas QB’s. These guys are professional NFL football players aren’t they supposed to be tough?Tougher than say, baseball players? When you play like garbage you should be held accountable and sent to the showers. I don’t think Clayton Kershaw needed a box of tissue paper and an appology session after giving up 7 in the 7th against the Cardinals did he? Whats wrong with, take a seat Jay you obviously didn’t have this afternoon? Hopefully, your fragile sensibilities will recover in time for next week.

  58. “didn’t check out of the bad running play I gave [him]…”

    Maybe don’t give him so many bad running plays… seriously, your running back is elite.

  59. This is all around a QB that isn’t very good. Poor coach Trestman knows that Cutler was beat out last year by his back up and could have been again this year if it weren’t for the massive contract Cutler signed. Trestman will win a superbowl. He is that good of a coach, but Cutler is your atypical sheltered QB.

  60. Wow, classic CYA stuff from the OC — and having him apologize to players almost makes it worse. Oh, and that Tribune website is a trainwreck of web design, holy cow.

  61. Cutler shook his head when he herd the comments, maybe he should look up and listen for once. The guy is a joke. The one good thing Josh McD did right was send this guy packing.

  62. Foks, all of this is a testament as to how lacking Marc Trestman is as a head coach. This is HIS team and this stuff is happening on HIS watch! This should’ve never took place, EVER! Just the same, this doesn’t absolve the Bears’ brass because they are the one’s who brought in Trestman to run this team! There’s been way too much leeway given to the Bears executive’s, from the ownership right on down to the head coach and players. You can’t just replace a head coach or a GM here to fix this! There needs to be a complete enema performed on the Chicago Bears and it needs to start, NOW!!!

  63. I foresee very low attendance at Soldier Field for the Bears’ last two home games. Who in their right mind would want to support a product that is so obviously bad and broken?

  64. As a Lions fan I’ve seen a Hell of a lot more train wrecks than you Bear fans, so take heed.

    1: Do not fire head coaches or coordinators during a season.

    2: Do not boo or heckle your team at home games.

    3: Do not purchase billboards saying “FIRE PUT NAME HERE” and post them around town.

    4: Do not replace coaches with ones that have had success with schemes that do not fit your current personnel core.

    Good luck, but you get no sympathy from beleaguered Lion fans.

  65. How many tens of thousands, hell maybe hundreds of thousands of stories have been written using anonymous sources. Has anyone ever fessed up like this? I don’t get it, why on God’s green earth would you go Seppuku on your career and do this?

    Google Seppuku it makes total sense here.

  66. As a very – very long suffering Bears fan, it would seem to me this wash, rinse, repeat cycle of suckitude I have been subjected to since 1989 will continue on for as long as the McCaskey family owns the team.

    85 – 88 was fun – even if I only got one Super Bowl out of it. Since then, other than one or two really good seasons (with frigging Rex Grossman as our QB…) this has been the natural order of things.

    Please, Virginia, does every breathing soul in Chicago a favor. Sell the team. Since Halas, you people have not done one single good thing for Chicago. Make your profit, pay your tax, and don’t let the door hit you.

  67. Stupid GM Emery needs to go first for signing Cutler to this rediculous extension. Cutler never produced a playoff win for the Bears before this signing, so why did the stupid GM sign him to this kind of money that are reserved for elite QBs? Emery has to go.

  68. This is a dumpster fire/train wreck/Washington Bridge/Titanic calamity!!

    As a lifelong Packer fan, for the 1st time ever, I feel a twinge of sorrow for Bears fans. Yikes, they skipped right past football purgatory and went straight to hell. The very best they can hope for 1 more bad season before becoming competitive again, and that’s assuming they clean house from GM on down come January. The smart money says, it ain’t going to happen.

    With regard to Cutler, he’s a broken man. There is a razor thin chance he could still be rehabbed and become a serviceable, winning quarterback, but he needs the right coaching staff who can get into his head and fix what wrong there. It should start with Jay though, by voluntarily agreeing to renegotiate his contract, for much less money and time. Without that the Bears are really screwed.

  69. HALAS HALL,I HAVE YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS, Fire ,the joke of a d.c. Tucjer, draft secondary and linebackers.. Fire aaron kromer, although he is right about cutler. Move trestman to offensive coordinater, as should have been hired as that in the first place, imagine if we kept lovie, (defense would have still performed) hired canadian bacon (trestman) as offensive coordinater and “quarterback whisperer” , since we cant get lovie back, there are a few good options at head coach, Gruden? shanahan? Whoever, they must have an assertive personality, nothing against trestman, but he just doesnt have the personality to control and corral. The likes of a marshall ,bennett, etc. ,now here is the genius part.. I bet washington would take cutler, he is the pocket passer that gruden wants.. And is a decent qb.. We get a rg3 ,that while has underperformed, he was forced to play a style that does not suit his strengths. Now the fun part, i believe rg3 is still under a rookie contract AND has maybe 1-2 years left, we draft a qb, and if rg3 diesnt pan out, at least we got that god awefull 7 yr cutler contract eaten and a fresh start.. … Halas… Please listen to my pleads, we have too many elite players to go out like this, cutler has had many chances.. His time is up, and tucker couldnt coach my pop warner team.. Kromer is gone because he wants out, thats why he pulled this, trestman deserves to stay but in a lesser role, emery has put talent on the team.. I dont see this as his fault…

  70. The Bears have a lot of serious issues, but you could fix all of them with top talent (some of which they already have), but leave Cutler as the QB, and you still wouldn’t win anything. The coach was out of line, but he did speak the truth. That offense should be dominant but never will be with Jay at the helm.

  71. unclesilus says: Dec 12, 2014 7:08 AM

    Irregardless, I think after all these years in Chicago, to me it proves that Josh McDaniels (then H/C of Denver) knew what he was doing when he dumped Cutler.

    “Irregardless” is not a word in the English language.

    And Josh McDaniels was an incompetent arrogant toolbox, who betrayed his players worse than anyone the Bears staff ever have.

    You are all just a bunch of blind lemmings, following that stupid narrative the media LOVES to feed you about the “bad jay” (meanwhile Eli, Dalton, Foles, Ryan, Rivers, RG3, and countless other QBs struggle just as much, nearly as often, and with far less of a ceiling).

    Jay’s had some bumps on the field – but I’m still waiting for anyone – even ONE person – to tell me something Cutler has done (and no, “body language” doesn’t count) to show he is anything other than an outstanding team mate…well?

    In no particular order, here are more than a DOZEN current members of the Bears organization that should hit the street way before they even THINK about dumping Cutler:

    Tucker, Trestman, Kromer, DeCamilis, Jared Allen, Lamar Houston, McClellin, Tim Jennings, Briggs, DJ Williams, Chris Conte, Shane Vereen, and most of all:

    Ted Phillps.

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