With Stanton in doubt, Lindley gets his chance to shine


Given the recent struggles of Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton, some had wondered whether he was in jeopardy of being replaced by rookie Logan Thomas.  We now know the answer to that question.

Thomas, who played earlier in the season after Stanton suffered a concussion, has been supplanted by Ryan Lindley.  And it appears that, if Stanton misses time with the knee injury he suffered last night at St. Louis, the next man up is the guy who first became a Cardinal when Ken Whisenhunt was still the coach.

While the Cardinals haven’t said much about Stanton’s status, the early indications aren’t good.

“It’s unfortunate, you feel terrible for Drew going down,” receiver Larry Fitzgerald told reporters after the game.  “Hopefully tomorrow the MRI reveals something more positive.”

The phrase “more positive” implies that the initial indications are negative.  And for some knee injuries (like a torn ACL), it’s easy to form a negative view without an MRI.

So now it’s apparently Lindley’s show, based on Fitzgerald’s comments.

“‘Linny’ hasn’t gotten any reps probably since training camp in the offense,” Fitzgerald said. “For him to come in in this type of situation, in this hostile environment with all of the implications going into the game, he did an amazing job.  You couldn’t be more happy for the guy.  He’s worked extremely hard to put himself in a position of being well-prepared, and we’re going to rally around him.”

It sounds as if coach Bruce Arians agrees.

“I went with [Lindley] because of his experience, he has been in a stadium and played against these guys and this was not a time to put [Logan Thomas] out there,” Arians told reporters after the game.  “He is going to be a great player someday, but he is not ready for this yet. Ryan was more than ready; I really liked his poise and his confidence.  I didn’t feel like we had to scale it back, but I let him throw some balls and he made some nice throws.”

As the Cardinals prepare for a rematch with the Seahawks with the division title hanging in the balance, Lindley has another advantage arising from the time he spent on the San Diego practice squad earlier this season.

“Seeing them, I saw them once in San Diego, saw them once when I came out here, so this is going to be be the third time around game planning for these guys so that should help a little bit,” Lindley said.

It remains to be seen how much it helps. But in what could be the ultimate test of the “next man up” theory, the last man anyone thought would be the next man up at quarterback when the season began now gets a chance to help nail down a division title and the No. 1 seed.

53 responses to “With Stanton in doubt, Lindley gets his chance to shine

  1. They should pay Warner $20m for the rest of the season. Or favre. Even Vince young or mcnabb would be a better option. Sucks they have to waste their best season in franchise history.

  2. I don’t doubt Arians is at least a good coach but he also inherited a stellar defensive roster (unlike the majority of any new coach). If he has some success in the playoffs with such a QB shebacle I’ll give him more respect but I mean what are the odds, people? It really doesn’t matter what their record now is, they’re probably going to fail miserably in the playoffs and then all the bandwagon riders will remember how important the QB position is. I also don’t like how he talks smack publicly about other teams and coaches. But of course nobody’s going to liken him to a Ryan because he has a winning record currently.

  3. I would very much be interested to see Favre or Warner come out of retirement for a few games and take a swing with this team.

    How is Arizona’s offensive line? They are not on TV in these parts. If they can keep those guys clean there is no way they wouldn’t be better options than what they have on the roster currently.

  4. At the rate the Cardinals are going next man up will be the waterboy. B.A. is a boss though.

  5. You seriously think Favre, Young, Warner or any other retired QB would be capable of coming into a new team & offense and be capable of competing against top NFL competition? Yeah it sucks but you stay with who you took to the dance.

  6. The solution for the Cardnials is simple; continue to rely on their defense and then play game management football. Just pound the ball for 3-4 yard gains on 1st and 2nd down and then throw 4-3 yard slant routes to Fitzgerald on 3rd down.

  7. cobrala2 says:
    Dec 12, 2014 9:32 AM
    I don’t doubt Arians is at least a good coach but he also inherited a stellar defensive roster

    Might want to check your facts before spouting off and see how many def players Arains and Keim have brought in during the last 2 years (and how many are gone due to injury).

  8. packfaninthehook says:
    Dec 12, 2014 9:37 AM
    Trade for Hoyer. Or something. If they had even a semi-competent QB, they’d be legit title contenders.

    Answer: Trade deadline has passed already.

  9. packfaninthehook says: Dec 12, 2014 9:37 AM

    “Trade for Hoyer. Or something. If they had even a semi-competent QB, they’d be legit title contenders.”


    If Hoyer had played semi-competently over the last several games, the Browns would be leading their division. However, the trade deadline passed weeks ago.

  10. 11 wins and still no respect??? There isn’t a team in football that has gone thru what the Cards have injury wise at key positions and played above .500

  11. Was I watching a different game last night? He did an “amazing job”? Made some “nice throws”?

    Um…no he didn’t and no really didn’t. He missed on way more passes than he hit. He was shaky in the pocket. Terrible, in other words.

    Listen, I have all the respect in the world for what the Cardinals accomplished this year. But if they have to go into the playoffs with Ryan Lindley as their QB, it’s over.

  12. I hope the 49ers beat the Seahawks on Sunday. Even if the 49ers don’t make the playoffs, that will silence the obnoxious Seahawks fan base at least until the playoffs.

  13. Shine? Have you watched this guy play? Even if they win division, they’ll get beat in the playoffs

  14. As a Hawks fan since 1976 I will tell you the Cards CAN win a SB with Lindly. Why?, because Trent Dilfer did it with the Ravens and Trent Dilfer played for the Hawks and Trent Dilfer sucks! Even Trent says he sucks. Lindly is better than Dilfer. I tell you the fact that Dilfer won a SB is a testament to the Ravens D (Did I mention I watched Dilfer, my GOD he was horrible, we have season tickets…puke man ) and the Cards have the same kind of D. In addition Lindly is on par with Stanton. Its not like Aaron Rogers just went down. Go Hawks, beat the Niners then we can focus on the Cards. Have to win this game though fellas. PS Bruce , coach of the year period. GO HAWKS!!

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man I’m sorry, I’ll try to seriously discuss Ryan Lindley as an NFL QB HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Team you want to play in playoffs -Arizona. IF Goodell could do it, he would move Arizona to the AFC so the Patriots could play them. Did you see Goodell & Kraft attached at the hip at the press conference? CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!

  17. Pats and Packers have incurred just as bad or even worse injury woes over the past decade and finished with 10 or more wins. Don’t be putting Arians and the Cards on an exclusive platform just yet. It’s from here on to the playoffs where they prove their mettle.

  18. lukedunphysscienceproject…., Lindley is terrible at best… Cards are trying to put lipstick on a pig here…With Stanton there might have been a 50/50 shot at best…

  19. Sorry Cards. It was a good run but take off the rose colored glasses.

    Next man up is all well and good, but next man up isn’t as good as the last man up or he would have been starting.

    I know. At one point Hawks were starting 6 2nd string and 5 third string. We weren’t as good. And those weren’t QBs!

    Look at the NFC playoffs.

    You likely can’t beat ANYONE who is likely in given a 3rd string QB.

    Your defense is good but only 14th.

    Maybe next year when the Hawks are going for a threepete.

  20. I’m at Virginia Tech. Logan Thomas is a huge project who, if not handled right, will end up a bust but if well-coached and patiently, can become a solid NFL QB. Arians is doing the right thing.

  21. Tebow. Seriously. With the emergence of Williams as a legitimate running back, they could put together a viable ground attack. With their defense keeping games close, Tebow has shown time after time that he is gold in the clutch. ALL off the great 2011 Broncos comebacks involved great late-game drives to the end zone or to get into field goal range. ALL of them.

    This is not ideal, but it’s the best alternative to Ryan Lindley. The Cards sure could have used a great, late-game drive last night.


  23. I know this will cause a lot of hate and comments, but I think we all have to admit (putting your feelings aside) that Tim Tebow is the best solution for Arizona’s QB situation.

    Look. The kid is not the greatest in the world (understatement). But he won in Denver with a similar makeup. I firmly believe that the Cardinals defense is way better than that Broncos team that Tebow took over.

    I think we should all wait and see what the outcome is of the MRI of Stanton before we go jump off a bridge. But if Stanton is gone……..time to call in a prayer/Tebow.

    Why wouldn’t they go after him?

  24. jtakstaples says:
    Dec 12, 2014 11:21 AM
    I know this will cause a lot of hate and comments, but I think we all have to admit (putting your feelings aside) that Tim Tebow is the best solution for Arizona’s QB situation.

    Why wouldn’t they go after him?

    Because AZ runs a ton of vertical routes that require understanding protections and making good throws (two things Tebow isn’t capable of) and Tebow just isn’t good.

  25. Bottom line the red birds are done…. They had a good run and if they get healthy they might be able to come back next season but for now sorry charlie…

    The Seahawks on the other hand are WHITE HOT. They win out and they will take the division and do you truly think the tweety birds are going to stop them? Not with the shape they are in.

    At least you can relax knowing that the NFC west will still be represented in the big show just not by the tweety birds.

  26. I only watched half of the 3rd and all of the 4th quarter. That game was abismal to watch. Disgusting. League should really rethink the Thursday Night games.

  27. gfcf42489 says: Dec 12, 2014 11:10 AM – – –
    Vince Young, Josh Freeman, etc. These guys are unemployed for a reason…
    And I’m sure Kurt Warner was sacking groceries for a reason. The reason was that the so-called experts are sometimes wrong.

  28. I think the Cardinals are getting love, I just think people understand that Ryan Lindley might be the worst quarterback to start in the NFL since the expansion Bucs. He is comically bad. Will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

  29. @jeffsky – sound argument but the Ravens played in an era where defending passes was actually legal. Sooner or later, the cards will need to score more than 17 to win. 11+ win seasons are rare unless you’re the pats. They shouldn’t throw this season away on lindley. If I’m bidwill, I pay whatever it will take to get favre off the couch. Plus, how juicy would it be if favre led this cards team into GB for a cold weather NFCCG? You couldn’t write a better script.

  30. keep talkin the trash folks… the Cardinals just keep winning….. Not only are we going to the playoffs we will have the homefield through the Super Bowl… haters keep hatin.

  31. “jeffesky says:
    Dec 12, 2014 10:29 AM
    As a Hawks fan since 1976 I will tell you the Cards CAN win a SB with Lindly. Why?, because Trent Dilfer did it with the Ravens and Trent Dilfer played for the Hawks and Trent Dilfer sucks! ”

    Congrats on being one of 100 “old” Hawk fans. No wonder you Hawk fans are so delusional. Dilfer was average as a QB but most certainly did not “suck”. Tebow sucked. Vince Young sucked. JaWalrus sucked. RG3 sucks. Lindley sucks. Dilfer is not their suckiness category.

  32. >”how juicy would it be if favre led this cards team into GB for a cold weather NFCCG?”

    Sure, why not give Favre a shot at padding his career interception stats.

  33. I think Ryan Lindley is better than most people think…..and he WILL be coached UP by this great staff. All of you who use that old stat line of 0 TDs and 7 INTs blah blah blah should remember that he was thrown naked into the fire behind an atrocious O line as a rookie by a staff that was DESPERATE to catch lightning in a bottle. I am not so delusional as to think that Ryan is a “savior” by any means but I DO think he will do better than most people think. I love this team’s mentality and grit. With a viable running game and a way above average staff, they have a chance to ONCE AGAIN prove all you “experts” wrong and surprise everyone at least once in the playoffs.

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