Kurt Warner admits he considered returning to Cardinals

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With Carson Palmer done for the year and Drew Stanton’s current MCL/ACL injuries leaving his availability far less likely than “day-to-day,” the question of Ryan Lindley versus Logan Thomas nearly had another answer:  Kurt Warner.

On NFL Network, Warner admitted that he considered coming out of retirement after Stanton suffered a knee injury on Thursday night.  Warner said that he quickly dismissed the idea of coming back, realizing he’s five years older and slower than he was during a 2009 playoff run that started with a game for the ages against the Cardinals and ended with a game against the Saints that may have aged Warner five years in just a couple of hours.

Still, it was hardly a passing thought for the undrafted free agent who bagged groceries and played Arena Football before a torn ACL suffered by Trent Green opened the door for an out-of-nowhere rise to stardom.

“It amazed me I thought about it as much as I actually thought about it,” Warner said.

Though he says he won’t be back, don’t be shocked if Warner starts working out a little harder and/or if he discreetly receives a copy of the Cardinals’ playbook and game film.  If Lindley goes down next Sunday night against the Seahawks, thoughts of a short-term comeback could return for Warner, who’d have a no-lose opportunity to attach the unlikeliest of epilogues to one of the best stories in pro football history.

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  1. Doesn’t Favre seem like the perfect guy for an Arians game plan? He’s probably in better shape and no doubt he can still sling it.

  2. Leave them alone with their problems Kurt. When old NFL players have major health issues their formers teams dont fly to the rescue. Well unless the owner is named Al Davis, thats another story.

  3. Yea he thought about it but quickly realized they are playing in Seattle next week. Suddenly watching from the couch didnt sound so bad for the old man. Between this and AP running in the olympics I am not sure which is less advisable. At least running in thr olympics (or making a poor attempt at qualifying) wouldnt get AP seriously hurt.

  4. No-lose? How about getting killed? I like Warner but after 3-4 years off he’s not better than the Cards 4th stringer, or Tim Tebow for that matter. And no, I’m not one of the Tebow maniacs.

  5. The fact that he’s 43 isn’t the deal-breaker it sounds like, because of how little he played early in his career. But five years away from the game… I don’t think he can overcome that, no matter how much I wish he could.

  6. Favorite player ever, and he beat my Titans in SB34 with the Rams.

    He carried that those Cardinals to the Super Bowl, and made Wiz look like a good coach. Now we have the Wiz in Nashville. Rather have KW.

    Do it, Kurt!

  7. my second favorite player of all time. it really was a shame they lost those two in the fashion that it happened.

  8. With the QB controversy in Washington, Billy Kilmer, age 75, is also said to be stepping up his workouts.

  9. I like Warner a lot and would love to see him succeed. Having said that, each one of those five years of not playing increases his chances of getting broke in half dramatically. Interesting thought though!

  10. He already has the Hollywood career .. No way his wife lets him jeopardize his health and a chance at the Hall of Fame this summer for 2-3 games. After that horrible shot vs Saints it’s time for the legend of Warner to end in Canton not a hospital.

  11. FACT. Al Davis paid for a lot of former players (and their families) medical medical and even funeral expenses. Not just former Raiders. One of his conditions was they not tell people he did this. He thought it was the right thing to do. You gotta respect the man.

  12. I’m sure every NFL player who’s been out of the league for a few years and is still relatively young, has had thoughts of making a comeback. With the exception of Jim Brown and Barry Sanders, that is.

    Warner said it best. He was older and slower when he quit, and he’s older and slower than that now.
    If you remember Terry Bradhsaw’s HOF speech, he said, “boy — if I could just put my hands under Mike Webster’s big old butt one more time!”

    That said it all. We all would love to recapture our youth in some way, but no one beats Father Time.

  13. He is NOT, I repeat NOT a first ballot Hall of Famer. Now, if he would have come back and led AZ to this year’s Super Bowl title, then he would have been a first ballot guy in 2020 when he became eligible.

  14. I love Kurt Warner. That’s why I want him to stay retired and in good health. He doesn’t have anything to prove. He’s a first ballot Hall of Famer. Bruce Arians is a good coach, but he gets his QBs killed.

  15. lot to lose. what if he comes back and sucks. he then has to wait another 5 for the Hall of Fame, where he may have some serious competition

    right now he finds himself in the middle of a pretty low key class for QB’s, he may be a first ballot HoF player and can go in with one of his WR’s.

    I am sure it was tempting, but…I’d find it far more interesting if he had been inducted already, has a hall of famer ever come back to play? feels like madden(unrealistic)

  16. Has his wife gotten a better hairstyle and wears less makeup? That would be the first requirement of a comeback.

    The cameras back then switched to her in the crowd as many times then as they do now to Rex or Rob Ryan, looking for some outburst. It was not pretty though.

  17. “He’s a horrible quarterback on grass”

    Probably true, but man he’d be relaxed in the pocket

  18. Kurt could still…as local Cardinals commentator Wolfie says…throw a Twinkie into a toaster. There was a guy on Wolfie’s radio show fri morning who plays basketball with Warner who said he’s still in shape and is a gym rat, and when playing in Kurts annual Turkey Bowl a few weeks ago said he could still throw more accurately than any QB he has seen in person (this guy is a color commentator for the Sun Devils). Funniest radio moment…guy said Kurts still so competitive he wore “the glove” while QBing the turkey bowl team and would chew teammates a new one for poor play.

  19. Don’t do it Kurt. The speed of the game, and the adjustment it would take for you to quickly make with the AZ offense, stay in the booth. You have your SB ring, your league and SB MVP awards, and you had a great career with several teams. I understand the competitive part of that, but you are wiser for it having had a very good career.

    You have nothing to prove, and you are a very good announcer with hopefully a long and healthy life ahead of you to enjoy with you family. It isn’t prudent to put any of that at risk

  20. Cards are right in this thing, I don’t know why they don’t reach out to The Raiders and give them a 6th round pick for McGloin.. The guy could manage a game and he could manage them enough to win a superbowl THIS YEAR..He will not be a guy that will be the future but he does not make mistakes and could easily make the throws..
    Seems like a no brainer

  21. If the Cards OL and defense can continue to play the way they dominated the Rams, he should consider it. It’s an ideal set up for a run in the playoffs, perhaps another SB. But, in the end, five years is just too much time off and the risk to his health and legacy is too much. Hopefully, Brenda will convince him to relax, enjoy his family, good health, and get his HOF induction next year. Greatest story in the HOF. The late Bryan Burwell once said he wanted to take his son to the HOF just to see the Kurt Warner story.

  22. It shows Kurt Warner’s ego that he would even consider such a bone-headed move. First off, Kurt Warner WAS a great quarterback, and I am a HUGE Kurt Warner fan. That being said, he is too old and too slow to be able to step in and do anything effectively for the Cards.

    The better idea would be another quarterback who, like Warner was at one point in his career, “The Quarterback Nobody Wanted” — Tim Tebow. Say what you want about Tebow’s mechanics, accuracy, WHATever, but I have seen enough of Tebow to know that he can make plays at big times to WIN games. More importantly, he has the experience playing in (and WINNING) big games to be able to handle the pressure that goes along with that. I also truly believe that Tebow’s passion alone would be invigorating for ANY team because it is infectious, and Tebow makes everyone around him play harder, and play better.

    Now THERE is a story for you….a Tebow comeback that helps lead the Cardinals to a Super Bowl in their own stadium.

  23. I like it. A quarterback doesn’t have to be in football shape per se, just be able to move around a little and throw.

  24. Cards are right in this thing, I don’t know why they don’t reach out to The Raiders and give them a 6th round pick for McGloin.. The guy could manage a game and he could manage them enough to win a superbowl THIS YEAR..He will not be a guy that will be the future but he does not make mistakes and could easily make the throws..
    Seems like a no brainer
    Ya, a no brainer, until you remember that it is too late in the season to make a trade……check out the rules…..

  25. Are the Cardinals cursed or what … seriously how many injuries to key positions have they had this year.

  26. Tebow would be a better choice. He is a winner. Won the playoff game for my Broncos (against Steelers), but Arians was an OC for Steelers at that time, so I doubt if Arians want Tebow because Arians seemed like the kind who would hold a grudge against Tebow for destroying his Steelers chance of SB.

  27. As much as I would love to have Kurt back, and as much as I mega loathe Ryan Lindley, 5 years is a long time to be gone. I’m interested to see how they handle this week. The defense will have to be spectacular this week.

  28. Kurt one more run with the Cards. Home field thru playoffs & super bowl in Phoenix. Just tell the wife its 3 games in Phx and I’m done, and you get that huge ring. #13forever

  29. The only better for the Seahawks would be to have Warner back there instead of Lindley. Quit dreaming Cardinals fans…you missed your chance in ’09…James Harrison shut you down.

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