Odell Beckham’s three touchdowns clinch third place for the Giants


There hasn’t been much to like about the Giants this season, but at least they have Odell Beckham to smile about.

Beckham continued his tremendous rookie season with 12 catches for 143 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Giants to a 24-13 victory that guarantees that they won’t fall behind the Redskins in the final standings this season. It was Beckham’s seventh straight game with at least 90 receiving yards, which is a new rookie record, and he is also now the Giants’ leader for receiving yards as a rookie.

He also proved to be fallible when he muffed a punt with nine seconds left in the game, but that hardly mattered after he carried the Giants on his back all afternoon.

Beckham was pretty much the only thing to like about the Giants offense on Sunday and his numbers should also include some note of how he helped draw several penalties on cornerback Bashaud Breeland and one on long snapper Nick Sundberg that helped the Giants make up for their otherwise toothless attack. Those penalties, along with Santana Moss’s ejection, were signs of an almost total lack of discipline for the Redskins on a day that briefly looked like it was going their way.

Robert Griffin III replaced Colt McCoy in the first quarter when McCoy re-injured his neck and threw a touchdown pass that put his club in the lead. Griffin looked like he extended that lead with a rushing score as time expired in the first half, but officials ruled that he lost possession on his way into the end zone and didn’t regain it before going out of bounds. That led to a furious response from Moss, which caused his ejection and penalties that allowed the Giants to kick off from Redskins territory.

The Giants opted for an onside kick and recovered it, leading to a field goal that tied the game. The Redskins briefly regained the lead after a short catch by Andre Roberts turned into a 61-yard gain that set up a field goal. The Washington offense faltered from there and Griffin finished the day 18-of-27 for 236 yards while also running for 46.

That’s better production than we’ve seen from him this year, but there were still negatives. He was sacked seven times, some which came after he held the ball too long, and fumbled three time. Washington recovered all three, but these are well-established issues at this point. McCoy’s health will determine whether or not Griffin gets another chance if Gruden has been sincere about his reasons for starting McCoy, but it was a day when other Washington issues played leading roles in their demise.

35 responses to “Odell Beckham’s three touchdowns clinch third place for the Giants

  1. The WWE err NFL is predetermined fun. It doesn’t matter to train so hard and watch. When Vince McMahon I mean, Roger Goodell books his favorite players and teams to face each other to win the WWE Championship I mean Superbowl, eh who cares? National FIXED League. Screwing the Redskins since 1993. #It’sNotFair

  2. No and if’s or buts about it. The National Fixed League has it out for Dan Synder and his franchise. Couldn’t be any more biased.

    Ruined our Superbowl runs in 2005, 07 and 12.
    Ruined our Franchise QB’s momentum in 2012/13 with dirty hits allowed.
    Ruined many wins with SHADY calls.
    Let the crook in NY TAKE 36 MILLION OF OUR CAP UNFAIRLY.

    It’s NOT FAIR!!!

  3. I said last month that OBJ was probably the best of a great rookie WR class and was ridiculed. After his last month of play I dont think there is any longer a debate.

  4. The Redskins Football Gods interceded to stop the charade. RG3 was a stud his first year and now that he’s healthy it’s clear he’s still a stud. End of discussion. That’s in spite of Gruden calling the same dropback pass plays on every snap. Limited runs, no rollout, no motion, nothing. The Redskins picked the wrong Bengals offensive coordinator. They should admit the mistake hire Hue and move forward. thatisall

  5. “clinch 3rd place” it’s an accomplishment for this team with an overpaid, overrated quarterback and a coach who should have retired 30 years ago, I’m surprise he can still get out of bed in the morning.

  6. Sorry boys, but RG3 having a decent day doesn’t suddenly make him a stud. Good grief will you give the fanboy act a break.

  7. Giants offense is basically pitch and catch with Eli to Odell.

    Beckham Jr is like Jimmy Conway in Goodfellas. You can assign a task force to stop him but it doesn’t work.

  8. Logical is over on the Patriots page. That’s sad man. Every aspect of your franchise is minor league. Have fun during your joyless holiday season thinking up more excuses.

    Washington Deadskins, zero Super Bowls since spygate. In fact, zero Super Bowls for what, 22, 23 years now?

  9. Faaaaail Go the Redskiiiiiins…..
    Pure Mis-er-reeeeee…..
    Nooooo joy this Christ-maaaaas…..
    LAST PLACE! Under the treeeeeee…..

  10. Let me see the “likes” of the bloggers who agree with me that Jay Gruden is one and done as the Redskins coach this season.

    It does not matter how many quarterbacks (Robert, Kirk and Colt) into the game this season.

    Its the offensive line and defense coupled with bad coaching that is the reason for a certain 3-16 season.

  11. Hey Danny – See #13 out there? When your staff can actually evaluate talent, you get that guy in the draft.

  12. logical voice has to be a ten year old kid that the only logic about his posts right now i can think of ….if your an adult lol waaaaaaaaa

  13. Yeah, thanks a lot Good Eli…you and Beckham knocked me out of the FF playoffs. What a freaking joke. That’s why I’ll never put money into that.

    Guy limps in as the 4th seed…and those two go for 60 points.

    I’m sure Aaron Rodgers did the same thing for FF owners this week as well.

  14. Nice performance by the young man.

    In other news, there has been an illogical sighting!

    I don’t know what’s more hilarious, your constant nonsense or the circus that is the skins.

  15. Curt2288 you are so right. I have no idea why anyone even mentions him. Writes like a 2 yr old. Why even mention him. Just stop already!

  16. Logic

    The Skins cheated and got caught and paid for it by losing $36m in cap space. Do the crime, do the time.

  17. Giants defense has played against read-option QBs all year and still can’t play it correctly, let alone stop it. When Colt McCoy beats you on a read-option run, that’s on the coaching – Fewell needs to be shown the exit.

  18. realnflmaster says: Dec 14, 2014 4:42 PM

    “clinch 3rd place” it’s an accomplishment for this team with an overpaid, overrated quarterback and a coach who should have retired 30 years ago, I’m surprise he can still get out of bed in the morning.


    Sorry, but that’s incorrect. Eli is the best QB in the league right now, and has two SB rings to prove it. Unlike Kaepernick, who has proved he was nothing but a flash in the pan, and Brady, who is the most overrated QB in the league.


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