Packers narrow Bills’ lead to one score


The Packers are within one score at Buffalo.

Mason Crosby’s 34-yard field goal has cut the Bills’ lead to 19-13 with about five minutes left in regulation at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

The Bills’ defense has been outstanding. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has completed just 17-of-42 passes for 185 yards, with safety Bacarri Rambo picking him twice in the second half. Drops have been an issue, too; per the Fox telecast, Packers receivers have mishandled five Rodgers passes.

The Packers (10-3) hold a one-game lead in the NFC North over Detroit.

38 responses to “Packers narrow Bills’ lead to one score

  1. The Green Bay Packers are exactly what everybody thought they were.

    A complete fluke.

    They still have one of the worst defenses in the entire NFL.

    The most overrated QB in the NFL who had a lower QB rating than Christian Ponder averaged in his career.

    Thank GOD for Teddy Bridgewater.

    The Green Bay Packers aren’t even the second best team in their own division.

    The Lions are #2, and the historic Minnesota Vikings are the best.

    There’s no better time to be a Minnesota Vikings fans.

    You know it’s December when the Packers fall apart in front of everybody’s eyes.


  2. On display today, Packers still soft. They’re not winning anything until they get more physical against teams that punch them in the mouth. Why is this so hard to understand since they were that physical team when they won the Super Bowl?

  3. Just remember the safety was set up by the cheap shot on Bulaga… he went out of the game and Tretter his bench replacement let Williams get to Rodgers.

    Poet you can suck it…. The Packers will use this late loss to refocus and set up another SB. Unlike the Vikings, they are playing for another lottery pick in the draft.

  4. Remember when GB fans told us beating Atlanta and their worst in the NFL defense at home pretty much guaranteed home field and a SB?

    I was glad someone finally punked Rodgers and his smug smirk.

    Well I mean some team outside the NFCW which has done so regularly.

  5. Bring it on Viking trolls… This is all you have left in the 2014-15 NFL, Your team was eliminated last week.

    Funny, my comments are being reported and deleted… Someone above must be a little sensitive now that his beloved Queens are playing for a draft pick.

  6. Hey Kvnhlstd, quit whining–Mario was coming from the right and not the left (he usually plays over the RT). The Packers might want to focus on the game and their opponent rather than flapping their gums about how they’re going to beat their opponent at their opponent’s home. You can thank Aaron for that bulletin board material this week….

  7. What’s that sound . . .

    It’s Packer fans cheering on the Vikes (vs the Lions)!!!!

  8. bchap17 says:
    Dec 14, 2014 4:23 PM
    That “cheap shot” was 100% legal. The Bills defense dominated today, although I’m sure Jordy Nelson is sick over that drop.

    Watched it 5 times on my DVR…. it was a clip He hit him from the back quarter…. cheap shot

  9. Buffalo’s D played a great game but it’s clear the Packers lost the game via unforced errors.

    One thing’s for sure though. The Vikings still suck harder than a black hole.

  10. The Packers don’t appear to have what it takes to make a splash this year. Very flat and not near physical enough for a team heading into the playoffs. This kind of late season struggle seals teams fate. They will probably lose next week, beat Detroit when Detroit rests their players in week 17. Then they will be one and done in the playoffs. They just can’t handle the pressure. Compare this years team to 2010s team at this point in the season. Not near as good. Oh, and I am a lifetime Packers fan.

  11. karma….for once they didnt get every bounce and every “bad” penalty. And they actually called holding on the offensive line. The numerous dropped passes also helped.

    But that’s what happens sometimes when the have fans are so clueless

  12. You know what I like? That Mike Florio….picks everyone to score 38 to 40 points in the last two weeks against the Bills…he needs to watch a little more football. Bills have the best defense in the NFL…when are you going to admit this?

  13. God, it was like watching a meltdown in slow motion. Jordy catching a sure TD pass when he was as open as he’d been all day? Damn.

    That’s 3 of 4 GB losses to teams with good secondaries and a strong pass rush. Now they likely will have to play at least one playoff game on the road; they can’t play like that at Seattle, at Arizona, or at Philly.

  14. shlort says:
    Dec 14, 2014 4:30 PM

    Compare this years team to 2010s team at this point in the season. Not near as good. Oh, and I am a lifetime Packers fan.

    Then you obviously weren’t paying attention because the 2010 Packers had to win their last two games to make the playoffs as a #6 seed. They didn’t peak until they were actually in the playoffs.


  15. What’s that sound . . .

    It’s Packer fans cheering on the Vikes (vs the Lions)!!!!

    You’re right, that’ll be less than desirable, but it’s still better than having to cheer for the Seahawks or 49ers. I don’t really have a problem cheering for the Vikes, since their games so rarely have any playoff implications.

    Just curious, will Viking fans cheer against the Vikings, since a Minnesota win will actually help the ever-hated Packers?

  16. ariani1985 says:
    Dec 14, 2014 4:51 PM
    Typical packers! LOSERS!

    lol…you had to wait 5 weeks to finally be able to say that again…hopefully another 5 games before you can say it again. (And for those that cant add — 2 more reg season games, 1st round bye, 2 playoff games, and super bowl equals 5 more wins)…but no matter what happens GO PACK GO!!

  17. Funny how poet is calling a team that’s already eliminated from playoffs as the best team. He must think there is a consultation bracket where the vikes can win a silver. Typical loud mouth vikes fan. Go ahead and tell us again how great you’ll be next year

  18. universalchurchoftruth says:
    Dec 14, 2014 4:36 PM
    I love how Packer fans think they are insulting me by calling me a Queen

    Why? Are you RuPaul’s alter ego?

  19. Just reread poets post for a much needed laugh. Rodgers is overrated lol k. Only has the best career passer rating in history. So yeah he is that overrated. Has nothing to do with a great bills D and some dropped balls. Espn should give poet a radio show. Everyone loves to hear a train wreck live in air.

  20. Theptfpoet

    Your not a Bills or Packers fans so what business do you have posting on here. Get lost. Nobody cares what you have to say!

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