Aaron Rodgers: I expect more of myself

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy said last week that Aaron Rodgers has been playing the best football of his career and the best of any quarterback that McCarthy has ever seen, comments which would have made little sense to anyone who watched Rodgers play for the first time ever on Sunday.

Rodgers finished the day 17-of-42 for 185 yards and two interceptions in one of the worst days of his career. It’s the lowest passer rating and completion percentage of his starting career, leaving Rodgers to make a pretty succinct statement about his performance.

“It wasn’t my best day by any stretch of the imagination,” Rodgers said, via the Associated Press. “I gotta play better for us to win. I expect more of myself.”

Not all of the struggles were on the quarterback. Wide receiver Jordy Nelson dropped what would have almost certainly been a 94-yard touchdown that could have made the Packers winners and there were other errors on a rough day across the board for the Green Bay passing game.

A very good Bills defense deserves a lot of credit for making things rough and the Bucs won’t be putting the same kind of unit on the field next week. That bodes well for the Packers, who will still win the NFC North and a first-round bye if they win their final two games of the regular season.

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  1. His woes can be compared to 4th quarter earnings of a cubed ice business.
    They always take a dive around the holidays.
    Besides, it’s all Nelsons fault anyhow…schism

  2. Here comes the foolish Viking trolls comments.

    Bad game by the Packers, good game by the Bills. Packers is improving, playoffs will be interesting.

  3. The Bills defense also dropped at least three of Rodgers’ passes, at least one of which (like Nelson’s drop) would’ve gone for a touchdown. Great job by the Bills D.

  4. Yeah they could still win the division, if they can just beat another team with extremely high expectations. All I want for Week 17 is to see high level pre-playoff competition from the NFC’s 2 best teams.

  5. A lot of the Packers problems on Sunday were because of receivers not being able to catch and running the wrong routes.

  6. Just a pathetic performance,with the way the recievers dropped passes they normally catch and ARs putrid performance the betters in Vegas made some real money with the Packers-5.I wouldnt want to be TB coming into Lambeau next weekend because the Packers are looking to vent.

  7. You almost have to wonder how great is the Bills’ defense is for making the 2 best QBs (maybe ever) look stupid 2 weeks in a row. How many blitzes yesterday did they have, maybe 10% of the time ? Wow.

  8. “It wasn’t my best day by any stretch of the imagination,” Rodgers said, via the Associated Press. “I gotta play better for us to win. I expect more of myself.”

    When Kyle Orton has his worst game of the season (54.2 QBR vs 86.7 season average) and he plays better than Rodgers – that comment above is a gross understatement.

    Orton hasn’t had a complete game where he was as bad as Rodgers was yesterday since December of 2010…

  9. So Rodgers has his worst game of his career, and it’s evident early on, and yet Eddie Lacy and James Starks are tearing up the Bills defense at 6+ yards/ carry. Oh, obviously you pass the ball on 2/3 of the plays. Seriously?

    Bills played a hell of a game, but if Packers fans are looking for blame, look no further than the head coach and play caller.

    At least the defense showed up.

  10. Packer fans must have spent much of the game adjusting their TV sets. Rogers had been playing on an extremely high level and yesterday’s Rogers was like an imposter.

  11. Take a good look at what the Bills defense did to your team Packer fans, because that’s exactly what the Seahawks are going to do to them if your team makes it far enough to lose to us.

  12. Eddie Lacy averaged 6.5 YPC. They rushed him 15 times.

    Rodgers struggled all day. They had him pass 42 times.

    Rodgers sucked. But McCarthy sucked just as badly.

  13. Here’s the truth Packer faithful, your team doesn’t perform well against Elite Defenses. 36 TOTAL points scored against the Seahawks, Lions and Bills defenses. No Super Bowl this year.

  14. So you had one bad game, Aaron. All of that would have been erased if Nelson holds on to that long pass.

    I’d hate to be the Packer’s next opponent.

  15. Terrible game Aaron. And before the trolls get started; At the very least, we can finish out the season knowing the Packers OWN the Vikings….again.

  16. Terrible all around team effort, it felt like a typical January melt down playoff game that we have known for what now? 8 strait years??? last time this team won a playoff game O.J. Simpson was the top headliner in the news for his bronco incident????

  17. stellarperformance says:
    Dec 15, 2014 9:05 AM

    Terrible game Aaron. And before the trolls get started; At the very least, we can finish out the season knowing the Packers OWN the Vikings….again.
    ———————————————————-and yet again, at least the NFC playoff teams can once again OWN the Packers in the first round of the playoffs!!!! You clowns are the Raiders of the North without little Erin!!!

  18. Packers did own the Vikings. One game receiving passes from ponder and another against a rookie qb. You wil still end up like the Vikings as losers this year. There is no second place. But at least you owned the Vikings! Lol

    Nice D!
    Nice Mvp!

    Orton>Rodgers at least for one day!

  19. @fwippel:

    “I’d hate to be the Packer’s next opponent.”

    That would be the Bucs… Trust me, they hate it.

  20. Green Bay is a great team and it’ll be interesting to see how everything unfolds. Lions didn’t wake up yesterday against the Vikings but that defense showed up again. That is many games this year where the defense gets torched early and then shuts it down for the final 3 quarters. Seems to me that’s exactly the style Green Bay may not play well against. Going to be a fun last 2 weeks.

  21. usdcoyotesfan says:
    Dec 15, 2014 7:42 AM
    The Bills didn’t beat the Packers, the refs did.
    You’re right, the refs didn’t give them all the calls like they did in the Pat’s game. You know, Adams’ push off on third and long for a first down, or the bogus hands to the face on Browner. Oh, and the Pats put up 37 on that Bills defense in Buffalo this year, before the offense even found its rythym.

  22. The guy can’t walk on water too for cripes sake — yesterday was the most dropped balls in a single NFL game by a receiving group in the last 6 years.

  23. Lovie Smith will bring it all down on the Packers, Sunday. the Lions already beat the Packers far worse than Buffalo or Seattle did. Rodgers isn’t called Mr. over-rated for nothing. I laughed when the numbskulls actually thought Rodgers should be MVP. he isn’t even in the top 12 best qb’s in the league

  24. The betting line started at 10 1/2 in favor of Green Bay and by the time kickoff happened it was down to a pick em. The biggest slide in football betting history with no injuries reported. Everyone that was smart knew Green Bay had no chance against a defense coached by Jim Schwartz

  25. Actually, this IS what I expected of Aaron Rodgers once he got down by 9 points in the 2nd half. TWENTY-TWO times St. Aaron has trailed by 9 or more points in the 2nd half of football games, and TWENTY-TWO times he has lost those games. Yup, the “best QB in the league” has has NEVER been able to overcome a 9 point lead. Not ONCE.
    So, yeah, I “expected” that.

    P.S. NOT a Vikings, Lions or Bears fan.

  26. AARON, “R-e-l-a-x”, the word is C-H-O-K-E, when a former and potential MVP puts up numbers and performance that beat only rookie Johnny Manziel yesterday! Both Rodgers AND McCarthy SUCKED for GB yesterday–McCarthy’s offense had mistakes, penalties, incompletions and with the exception of three Eddie Lacy runs in the first half–just could NOT compete with a team they clearly are better than. Last week it was a typical Dom Capers’ defense SUCKING against the Falcons–this week it’s McCarthy/Rodgers–and YOU don’t have worries Packers fans? We saw our team DROP from potential home field advantage throughout playoffs to potentially OUT of playoffs if they don’t beat the Lions in Lambeau.

  27. I told you all that he played against the NFL worse D last week. Even Teddy had better scoring and played better against Falcons. Rodgers is nothing special against elite defenses. They almost lost to the Vikings and couple other teams. Packers suck, period. The only thing Rodgers expecting more is for Lazzzy to get more McDonald so he can be faster.

  28. Don’t you Bill fans get it? The reason Rodgers’ stats were so bad was because of DROPPED PASSES BY THE RECEIVERS!!!!!

  29. Dropped passes had a lot to do with it. They were flat, I was waiting for a “clinker” to come along. It is very hard to be good over a six game stretch. Better it happened yesterday than against the Lions. They need to win out now and they will be fine. If they do that I think they will be a minimum #2 seed and have a good chance to be at home the whole way. There is no way the Cardinals will hold up for the duration.

  30. Another week of football, another week of overreactions.

    Rodgers has a bad game and labeled as a “Choke” artist.

    He still has the best QB Rating of anyone starting over 100 games.

  31. usdcoyotesfan says: Dec 15, 2014 7:42 AM

    The Bills didn’t beat the Packers, the refs did.
    It was Dropped passes, and taking a team lightly.
    I knew it, there couldn’t be a Packer loss without this statement.
    At least when the Packers loose 1/2 the posts aren’t Vikings fans rubbing it in..

  32. I’m sure Rodgers was mentally struggling with the fact he doesn’t have a workhorse, 3-down back like Bell he could rely upon when his game’s a bit off. Has to be discouraging.

  33. I find it hilarious that fans of teams that have not only been consistent losers but in some cases are terrible this season have any business talking about the Packers or Rodgers. Tom Brady struggled against the Chiefs early this season and everybody overreacted. This is no different. Hell, Peyton Manning has played bad the last 2 weeks and you don’t hear the kind of trash talk about him that you have today about Rodgers. It’s also hilarious that Lions fans, kings of choking away playoff spots the last few years have any nerve to talk. We will see you in week 17 and continue the history of choking that your team represents. This is still a team with a Super Bowl quality offense and a defense that besides last week, has been vastly improved.

  34. WOW!! Learn at game 14??? McCarthy must take us as Blooming Idiots!!! By McCarthy’s comment I believe he make a better Clown as in BOZO!!! Anybody with common sense knows his practice last week for Buffalo game was “GUN_DECKED!!!”–Did Nothing in order to come out with receivers and special teams–Stone-Cold!!! MM should know by now he made a big mistake signing McCarthy!!! By week 14–and these 7 drop passes–really looks like coach gun-decking his job!!! Packers will either go 1 and out or watch playoffs from their tv!!!! No team plays that bad unless everyone went on vacation for practice!!! McCarthy–maybe you get pinked slipped–and you can learn from that!!!


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