Broncos not concerned about Peyton’s thigh injury


After Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning made an early exit to the locker room before halftime, the team ultimately announced that he was probable to return to Sunday’s win over the Chargers with a thigh injury.

Per a league source, the Broncos have no lingering concern about said thigh injury.

The team believes the thigh problem was related to Peyton’s illness, and that it won’t affect his preparation for next Monday’s game against the Bengals.  His decision to head to the locker room early was aimed at getting the thigh worked on by the strength coach and trainer at halftime.

We’ll all officially know more about Manning’s thigh on Thursday, when the team’s first injury report in advance of next Monday’s game is released.  Apparently, Manning won’t be listed with a thigh injury.

11 responses to “Broncos not concerned about Peyton’s thigh injury

  1. no time to worry about a thigh injury…they’re more worried about entering the postseason with this guy

  2. This season he’s set amazing records… many early TDs…

    But unfortunately, most of Peytons work since the Pats debacle has looked forced, difficult, and a real struggle. He looks hurried, haggard, panicked, and uncomfortable.

    Who’s next though? Osweiler looks unprepared and a disaster just waiting to happen.

    Denver better start the transition prep.

  3. Tighten up the bolts in his neck. The neck bone connected to the arm bone. The arm bone connected to the thigh bone. All is good.
    “Nothing beats that new thigh smell”.

  4. Were the Browns throwing in h&r flag on their season by starting Manziel? They were 7-6, still had an outside shot at the playoffs, were playing a division game??

    Wow! Whoever made that decision should be out the door!

  5. The Broncos goal should be one more road win and then sit Peyton for Wk17 and the bye. He’s obviously not quite right for the past month, and he needs time to get healthy after a season with an early Bye week and lots of physical games. The coaches have impressed me switching to the run-first offense and sticking with it, but this week showed the Broncos aren’t a great running team against a crowded box, and will need Peyton to keep the defense honest.

    The Broncos need to rest that old arm and those old happy feet as much as they can before the real season starts.

  6. You Peyton haters kill me. I am not a fan but all y’all can do is flap your gums….you actually show your football ignorance, did I say ignorance, I meant stupidity

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