Chip Kelly keeps gushing about Mariota

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By now, it’s clear that Eagles coach Chip Kelly really likes his former Oregon quarterback, Marcus Mariota.  It’s also clear that Kelly has no knowledge of or regard for league rules regarding underclassmen who have not yet been accepted for early entry to the draft.

“I think Marcus will be successful whether he’s an NFL player, a banker, a teacher, a fireman, a policeman,” Kelly said Monday on 94WIP in Philly.  “I’ve said it before about some other players, but if you can buy stock in a human being, you buy stock in that kid because he’ll always be successful in anything he does. . . .  I felt lucky that I had an opportunity to coach a young man like that.  When you listen to his [Heisman Trophy] acceptance speech, I think it’s maybe a sliver of what we got the chance to experience every day to be around him.  He’s a special young man.  I know I’m better person for being associated with him.”

Kelly’s comments follow last week’s glowing remarks about Mariota, whom Kelly pegged to win a Heisman Trophy as a freshman and whom Kelly said has a “gift for playing football,” that he’s “everything you want,” that he “can throw the ball, he can run,” and that he’s “the most talented kid that I coached in college.”

Here’s what the league’s anti-tampering policy says on the subject: “Club personnel who make public comments about the football ability or NFL potential of underclassmen who have not yet been officially declared eligible for the draft will be subject to discipline by the Commissioner.”

The NFL doesn’t aggressively enforce this specific provision.  But the league tends to take notice when the violation becomes repetitive.  While it’s probably not likely that Kelly will be fined, Kelly has two strikes against him on this one.  It probably would be smart not to swing again.

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  1. I guess that the banker, teacher, policeman and fireman unions are looking for sanctions against Chip as well

  2. All Chip is doing is moving the losers onto the offseason with the comments. Nothing wrong w/ giving hope- yet again– to Jags, Bucs, Skins, Jets et al terrible franchises.

  3. Titans, Jets, Tampa, St Louis, Buffalo, Cleveland & Houston will all be picking before the Eagles.

    There are also a slew of teams that could be just as interested to jump up and pick this kid before the Eagles: Arizona, KC, or even Chicago.

    Fact is unless the eagles give up: 2015 1st rounder, 2015 2nd rounder, 2016 1st rounder, 2016 4th rounder + a Solid Player – NO way this deal happens.

    Mariota all but solidified himself to go in the top 3 spots. For the Eagles to move up and get him they need to make a deal w/ Oakland. Oakland is the only possibility and that’s the number 1 / 2 spot in the draft.

    Do you want to give up all that for a guy when we just lost because our CB couldn’t cover Dez Bryant?

  4. Thank you, zukny1, for being a voice of reason.

    The Eagles are close. And while QB is not a major strength, it’s also not the glaring weakness that the secondary is.

    They can address the secondary and be a much better team without mortgaging the future for a QB who, for all of his positive attributes, may not be a good pro-style QB.

  5. Oh God here we go again, a 2nd-4th round talent being hyped up into the 1st.

    Mariota should be there when the Eagles pick in the 1st, if Kelly wants him, he can take him.

  6. Anyone who thinks Mariota is a top 3-5 pick doesn’t watch the college game. They’re the same people who claimed RGIII was a top 1-2 talent. That’ though Tebow was worth a 1st round pick.

  7. Doesn’t matter. The biggest problem with these “line em up fast before the other team has a chance” offenses is that at some point during the football you actually have to line up and play football. Chris Collingsworth pointed this out last night when he talked about how the Eagles bog down if they don’t have success on 1st or 2nd down

    It’s fun to watch but it hasn’t proven successful, yet. And by successful I mean, won a Super Bowl.

  8. God I hope they pull something stupid like the RGIII trade and trade away the future for Mariota.

    Go Cowboys

  9. Of course he likes him, Kellys’ Hurry up and Lose Offense is nothing more than a college gimmic offense.

  10. So the question is: will the Eagles mortgage their future, DCFootballTeam-style, to draft this kid? Would be fun to see. I’m sure he will pan out better than RGME if half of what Kelly says about the kid’s character is true.

  11. Kelly isn’t just any NFL coach in this regard. He’s a friend. He should be allowed to talk about a kid he’s known since he was a teenager.

    NFL teams spend how much to get inside the heads of potential draft picks? Kelly is giving his thoughts for free and not many other people know as much about Mariota than he does.

  12. The Eagles aren’t the type of organization to mortgage their future for a single guy. They are too well run of an organization from the standpoint of cash and cap management to do such a thing.

    Last night really showed that the Eagles need a top flight corner. They’d have beaten the Cowboys with an improved secondary and the quarterback they have.

  13. There are a lot of dumb people who post here. Kelly is not going to trade up to get Mariotta. He was just supporting a former player who just won the Heisman. His offense is not a “gimmick.” The plays he runs are no different than the plays other teams use. The Eagles have been pretty damn good since Kelly arrived, even without the overall talent level some teams have, because Kelly is a damn good coach.

    The Eagles got beat last night because they don’t have a CB that can cover Dez Bryant near the goal line. Look for that to be a priority for the Eagles in the draft or through free agency next year.

  14. What the hell is he supposed to say when he is asked a direct question, “I can’t comment on Marcus because I might be in violation of the leagues anti-tampering rule!”

  15. Sounds like Urban Meyer on Alex Smith and Tebow. In other words, not important at all in evaluating that he’s coming out of the same gimmick offense that’s produced Manziel, Griffin, Tebow, Kaepernick, etc. What do all these players have in common?

  16. nice to see the world is once again safe with officer florio back on the case. how is talking about a player he coached in college and is friends with tampering? he did not say anything about trying to acquire him or anything about his draft position. all he said was he was a great football player and finer human being how is that tampering? since you are such a stickler for the letter of the law and rules can we assume you never go even a mile over the speed limit? that you follow every law to the letter? let me know when he says they are trading up for the guy then you might have a case other wise how about you focus on all the lawbreakers that actually play in the league and on the rules that make sense?

  17. This is such a dumb rule and the NFL should use discretion since Chip personally recruited and coached the kid and probably spent hundreds of hours studying films with him.

    This isn’t Jerry Jones openly talking about how awesome Johnny Football would look in a Cowboys uniform.

  18. While I alway enjoy any team in the NFC East not named the Dallas Cowboys stepping in “it”…this is a non-story.

    While I guess I can understand the rule, most (not all) NFL coaches have not been head coaches in the college ranks so commenting on underclassmen would seem out of line.

    But this guy recruited the kid, coached the kid and genuinely seems to like him…if the NFL has a problem with that then frankly it must be a slow week.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  19. If such penalty were to ever be levied, I bet Kelly would gladly pay 10 fold. Chip Kelly is more than a football coach, he’s a teacher; teachers tend to gush over great kids.

  20. I’ve watched this kid play a lot this year, and while it’s difficult to predict the success of a college QB in the NFL, I’d give him a better than even chance. Yeah, he’s a great runner, but that’s not the only attribute he excels in. He’s got patience in the pocket, and great field vision – things that suggest he doesn’t need a Chip Kelly type of offense in order to be a great NFL QB.

  21. I don’t see a real violation about underclassmen here. At a minimum it shouldn’t really apply here as he coached the player for two years and his response talked about his experience with being a good person. He didn’t say “We’re doing whatever it takes to get this underclassmen who hasn’t declared yet”. He said Marcus is a great person and he’ll be successful doing anything he does.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m salavating at the idea of Philly getting Mariota b/c he perfectly fits the offence, but this shouldn’t be an issue when he directly knows this student athlete that he already previously coached.

  22. Gotta give it to Florio. He knows his audience.

    He knows that positive statements from Chip Kelly about a kid he recruited and coached in college will lead to an angry and stupid discussion about the Eagles, draft picks, tampering, and other assorted nonsense.

    It’s laughable that a coach being openly proud of a former player (as he should be!) leads to discussions about anything but that.

    But that’s the (stupid) reality of the current sports fan. Give Florio credit for knowing it and feeding it.

  23. I’m sure he will pan out better than RGME if half of what Kelly says about the kid’s character is true
    if Mariota’s character is great, then so is RG3’s. i don’t see why you think Mariota’s character is great, but then call RG3 RGME?? i think RG3 is a class act…as a football player, he needs work. people OVERreact to his press conferences and take one thing he said and overblow it.

  24. If it’s only first rd picks I say go for it. If there’s 1 team that doesn’t have a clue drafting 1st rd. picks, it’s the Birds.

  25. They won’t trade up for Mariotta unless they lose out. Even then, it’s unlikely. They’ll be picking too low to make trading up high enough to get him realistic

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. It’s not like it’s some random college QB he’s commenting on. It’s a kid that he recruited, and he coached. If the NFL fines him, so be it, he makes plenty of money, he can live with 10k out of his wallet.

  26. The age of the statue pocket passer is dead. Russell Wilson is the defending Super Bowl champ, not Tom Brady and his Texas Tech gimmick offense, in fact it’s been ten years, A DECADE, since Brady won anything.

    Mariota will dominate the NFL even better than Cam, Kapernick, Wilson have. The dinosaur NFL systems are done forever.

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