Depleted Ravens’ secondary loses Asa Jackson for season


The injury-plagued Ravens secondary has lost another player.

Asa Jackson, a cornerback who has started the last six games, will miss the rest of the season. Coach John Harbaugh said today that Jackson suffered a knee injury and will be shut down.

The Ravens already have four defensive backs — Jimmy Smith, Aaron Ross, Tramain Jacobs and Danny Gorrer — on injured reserve. Jackson will be the fifth.

Despite all the injuries to the secondary, the Ravens are 9-5 and will make the playoffs if they beat Houston in Week 16 and Cleveland in Week 17.

45 responses to “Depleted Ravens’ secondary loses Asa Jackson for season

  1. Jimmy Smith is the only one who was any good. Grabbing up anybody off the street isn’t going to be a noticeable drop in performance.

  2. Ravens will push on. They can finish 10-6 and still make the playoffs under certain scenarios. They may not HAVE to win the next 2.

  3. The Ravens are playing a bunch of scrubs to end the season lucky for them, but once the playoffs start, those castoffs will be exposed.

  4. as long as the pass rush keeps playing at this level, they might be able to make up for the weakest secondary in the league. January football can be difficult on passing teams.

  5. He did not start the last six games as the OP stated he was on IR (designated to return).

    We’ve lost our best corners (Webb is playing at the moment but even he’s banged up and missed the first four games of the season.)

    We’ll still make the playoffs, but can’t defend the pass (even with a fierce front seven) with the rag-tag bunch out there in the secondary.

    Oh, how I miss the days of Chris McAllister and Ed Reed.

  6. DeAndre Hopkins will have a big game on Sunday.

    Who’s throwing to him again?

    I hope they lose phinsup

    The enter key and space bar would of helped with that statement.

    But I get if you can’t beat em; hope someone else can.

  7. The depleted 2ndary has to face a street FA QB, while trying to claw their way into the playoffs. Should have been a tough gameB. They’re lucky, just like the rest of the AFCN teams to have played the AFCS and NFCS. One team out of 8 with a winning record. Two teams with more than 5 wins. AFCN teams are all frauds, and it will show in the playoffs.

  8. Next Man Up, Baby!

    Regardless of who’s manning the d-backfield in this week’s game in Houston, it’s going to be a sack-fest. With J.J. on one side and Doom and T-Sizzle on the other, the sacks might reach double digits. The Ravens depleted backfield won’t matter until they reach the playoffs. THEN they will be hurting…

  9. The Steelers or the Chargers if they get in are the only team that can spoil the inevitable Patriots Vs Broncos AFC Championship. I don’t see the Colts, Bengals, Ravens, or even Chiefs making some noise.

  10. Ravens will be fine. Rashaun Melvin looked good yesterday. He could be the next Ledarius Webb. Antoine Cason, who was starting for the Panthers earlier in the year, should have a better understanding of the R avens system next week and should be active. Also, Levine should be back from his concussion. Asa Jackson didn’t look all that great out there anyhow.

  11. Kubiack ain’t losing in Texas, Ravens players won’t it happen considering what he did for the offense.

    Johnny Cleveland gonna get squased by sizzle and doom. His first mistake was attaching his name to the factory of Sadness. Second mistake was thinking he could take the pounding the AFC North and rest of the NFL delivers week in and out.

  12. re: ” I don’t see the Colts, Bengals, Ravens, or even Chiefs making some noise.”


    Amazing how shallow memories can be. Do you recall December 2012? After a 9-2 start, the Ravens went 1-4, getting clobbererd at home by the Broncos and even losing to the lowly Redskins. Not a playoff prayer, right? But, once getting into the playoffs, Flacco caught fire, leading one of the best underdog playoff runs in NFL history, drubbing both the Broncos (OT) and Patriots on the road, and culminating in the dramatic goal-line stand to win SB 47.

    Not saying that the Ravens can overcome the depleted secondary or that Flacco will toss 11 TDs without an interception again; but no one except a few Ravens faithful believed it could have been done two years ago.

  13. Ravens will make the playoffs and get blown out by one of the real contenders in the AFC. AFC North is home to a bunch of average teams and they all got the benefit of playing against the NFC South and AFC South.

  14. Sure wish the Ravens could play the AFC East every year – like the Patriots. We would have less injuries and more wins. Imagine if we had the NFL hand-scheduling our games like they do for the Patriots.

  15. Looks like another year that the AFC North has 3 teams in the playoffs. Too bad the Browns don’t play in the AFC East. They would at least get into the playoffs every once in the while.

  16. The Ravens have lost to the Bengals twice (9-4-1), Steelers (9-5), Colts (10-4) and Chargers (8-6). They have won against the teams they were supposed to win against and lost against most tough teams. They will make the playoffs and are 50/50 to win a game (depends on if they steal the division or go on the road).

  17. Division is 1-3 against the AFC East and 1-6 against winning teams outside the division, with Denver v Cincy on deck. Less than impressive

  18. NFL schedule is done by formula, both home and away. Period. I can already tell you the Pats schedule next year, both home and away, except the winner of the sorry AFCN, who’s still to be determined. They have to come to Foxboro..

  19. Hey TedMurph, Man the AFCN is such a bad division, they have been in 4 out of the last 9 SBs, with a 3-1 record, the other teams Indy and New England with 2 appearances each and the Broncos with 1 appearance combined for a 1-4 record.

    This isn’t college, teams don’t pick who they play. Out of the AFCN teams only the Steelers have a winning record against winning teams.

    Who exactly do you root for? I see a lot of criticism but never praise for a team from you.

  20. I love how you Pats fans complain about the AFCN’s easy schedule this year. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Pats get to play the Jets, Dolphins and Bills twice a year, EVERY year? Even with that annual cupcake schedule, they haven’t been able to win the big one in the last 10 years.

  21. AFCN is a bad division THIS year. Everyone harping on the fact they’re all .500 or better. I said it was a mirage due to their opponents, nothing about past years. Steelers do have a winning record against winning teams outside the division. They’ve played exactly ONE. They beat the Colts. They’ve also lost to the Jets(3-11), Bucs(2-12) and the Saints. The rest of the division is 0-6 against winning teams outside the division.

    As a Pats fan, I pine for the opportunity for them to break the Steelers and their fans dreams once again.

  22. Pats have a better winning percentage outside the AFCE than within it. Maybe the division is bad because the Pats are so good. Pats have the most home wins over the last 10 yrs. Also the most road wins. And, most wins against the NFC. Getting the point? The Pats have been the most consistantly good team since the turn of the century. It’s not even close. Facts are facts.

  23. They will probably walk into the playoffs by default since they don’t face a team with a quarterback the final two weeks.

    After they get in they are going to be a quick out.

  24. Tedmurph as a Pats fan you should be the last to blame the AFCN for the schedule they have. They have 11 out if the last 12 division titles? The have had little competition from the rest of the AFCE. Any insight you have against easy schedules have no weight.

    The Steelers are coming off back to back 8-8 seasons and most everyone counted them out before the season. I will agree with you that the Bengals and a Ravens have inflated records, Bengals 2-4 and the Ravens 1-4 against teams with winning records. Losing to bad teams happens, pretty much every team has bad losses.

  25. Only a Steeler fan would argue the Ravens and Bengals are overrated, but not the Steelers, despite THREE losses to awful teams. Google NFL division records for the last 10 yrs and you’ll find the AFCE at the top of the list. People forget the Jets going to 2 AFCC games. AFCN is 3rd.

  26. I really wish the pats played in the AFCN, then they could blast the steelers and ravens by 50 points twice a season, instead of just once.

  27. petersteelesghost says: Dec 15, 2014 5:21 PM

    Tedmurph is absolutely right,

    The AFC north division is a complete fraud. Playing 2 weak divisions makes your sorry division look superior. The Patriots are waiting.


    For any Patriot fan to accuse other teams of having weak schedules is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

    The Patriots have feasted in a division of garbage, virtually guaranteed division titles by being better than mediocre. Jets/Bills/Miami. Only for a couple years were the Jets better than awful. Miami hasnt been better than average since Marino left. The Bills since Kelly. The Jets have been strong for maybe 6-8 seasons post-Namath, split between Parcells and Ryan and never with a franchise quality QB.

    The only other team with as weak a division in the AFC would be the Colts. Both the AFCN and AFCW have usually had a couple good teams at the same time.

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