Griffin to start for Washington on Saturday

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He’s back, as some (but not many) expected.

As a time when multiple reports from the D.C. market have suggested that Washington coach Jay Gruden wants to move on from quarterback Robert Griffin III, Gruden has moved Griffin back into the starting lineup.

Gruden announced Monday that Griffin will start Saturday’s game.

“Moving forward, this is Robert’s team right now against the Eagles,” Gruden said.

As PFT consistently has heard in recent weeks, Gruden, Griffin, and the front office are on the same page.  The goal is to get Griffin in the right mindset to succeed — and also to improve the team around him via the return of a first-round draft pick and a full complement of cap space.

Griffin looked good during Sunday’s loss to the Giants.  He now has a pair of home games against the Eagles and Cowboys to continue to build toward 2015, when the team and the player will have a chance to be a lot better than they are now.

53 responses to “Griffin to start for Washington on Saturday

  1. “As PFT consistently has heard in recent weeks, Gruden, Griffin, and the front office are on the same page.”

    If that’s true why have you consistently been reporting news telling the contrary?

  2. He did not play a great game. He had a good first half against a bad defense that had prepared for a different qb. In the second half he had a few nice plays, but reverted back to holding onto the ball too long, taking sacks, fumbled a couple of times (although they didn’t lose them), and was average at best.

    It’s amazing how little it takes for fans to declare that he had a “good” game.

  3. At this point Gruden is trying to get fired. The look on his face when he HAD to put RG3-wins in the game said everything. There is gonna be a showdown postseason with Danny and Gruden. Gruden will take a buyout to get out.

  4. RGIII had a “good” game? If anyone else in this league had that game, even Geno Smith, it would have been looked down upon. Way to coddle a mentally fragile bust.

  5. Washington is becoming the Chernobly of NFL franchises.

    Hey maybe that can be their new name, the Washington Meltdowns !

  6. The Jets would be ecstatic if Geno put on a game like RGIII did on Sunday. Losing that running TD that we had in the bag on a technicality was really deflating and changed the game.

  7. “Losing that running TD that we had in the bag on a technicality…”

    Not having possession of the ball. Only in DC is that a “technicality”. Everywhere else it’s a fumble.

  8. Again, Owners making decisions are bad recipe…that is if they want to win. They are business men not GM’s or HC’s. If I were an owner i’d surround myself with the smartest people and then leave the stadium and go count my stack of $100’s.

  9. daspigskins says:
    Dec 15, 2014 3:45 PM
    How did he look good on Sunday? He put up 10 points against a crappy team that doesn’t care anymore.

    Call us what you want but “quitters” is not one of them.

    Looking forward to Odell torching Philly’s defense for another 3 tds and a buck fitty knocking them OUT in week 17.

  10. If Santa wants to bring me the best Christmas ever, it would be RGIII lighting up the She-girls!!! With his feet, passing, I dont care, just hammer them and wipe that smug little smile of Chip Kelly’s face.

  11. With injuries the Redskins don’t really have a choice to play him or not vs the Philadelphia team.

  12. The fact that this team has not only continued to lose but has continued to get people hurt should maybe get people off the QB situaation. Griffin needs to play more from the pocket, and there’s going to be growing pains with that. People act like he’s playing like Kaepernick, hwho’s frankly stunk up the joint besides last year in the playoffs for longer and has way more help on both sides of the ball. At least Griffin is trying to learn how to play conventional QB, learn route trees, go through reads,e tc. The whole team needs to be upgraded for any QB to be successful there first though, starting with the offensive line and defense.

  13. This will be the classic case of Gruden slowly losing his soul over the season and being beaten into submission by Snyder and RGIII. Robert was never going anywhere before Jay did.

  14. Jay Gruden learned a lot about being an NFL head coach.

    First of all, you cannot sell that you can coach someone and give up. This isn’t high school.

    Secondly, the franchise QB is more important than you. They are worth more to the franchise and they make more money. Therefore, you can’t just sit a franchise QB down.

    And thirdly, you must create your system around your players, not the other way around. You can’t draft that fast and it will be too expensive purchase in free agency.

    Lots of lessons for his next team. Because he’s done in Washington.

  15. Look at all the coaches records that have coached the Redskins since Dan Snyder bought the team. Then look at those same coaches records at every other job they’ve had in their careers. It’s a tough place to be successful, regardless of RG3 or any other player. I was shocked when Gruden took the job. I’m not shocked at how things are going in Washington. Steve Spurrier. Mike Shanahan. Joe Gibbs. These guys walked on water when they weren’t employed by Snyder.

  16. Well Snyder put him in his place!

    I told you all months ago, Gruden will be gone long before RG.

    Gruden is a joke, and those coattails he was riding are gone.

  17. As a diehard Redskins fan, I am so glad Ginger Rogers Griffin is starting Saturday and hopefully he’ll start against the Cowpies the following week.

    I know he’ll get pounded and pounded and pounded.

    This clown will also add to his career losing record – our gift from him by the end of the season will be a horrific 11 win and 22 loss professional career in games he actually started and finished. Four draft pick bust who loses twice as many games as he wins.

    Party on Ginger fans! Your clown will show the NFL that he is one of the biggest draft busts in history!

  18. If I were an owner i’d surround myself with the smartest people and then leave the stadium and go count my stack of $100’s.

    Yep. Just like Robert Kraft does in New England. Seems to work rather well….

  19. realfootballfan

    You have no idea how much of an effort Griffin is truly making to become a better NFL QB. If anything, word out of DC is he doesn’t have the work ethic and is not coachable.

    Sure Griffin is a workout beast and I have no doubt that he rehabs as hard as anyone. However, that doesn’t say anything about his preparation to play QB in the NFL. Two totally different things.

  20. I am not surprised that Jay is done and is 100 percent gone in January 2015. He has lost all motivation.

    He made 2 many poor leadership decisions. He is very erratic with the quarterback situation. Going through 3 quarterbacks in 1 season is unheard of. Somebody forgot to tell him that you use all your quarterbacks in preseason and in OTA activities. NOT THE REGULAR SEASON.

  21. Oh crap!!! Another 3 and 13 season in the books! Oh well, the Caps are definitely a better show to watch than these yahoo’s. Hey RGme, how long are you going to hold on to the ball during these two games? How many receivers are you not going to see or bounce one to them? I’m sure this dumpster fire is going to be burning bring this Saturday.

  22. Anyone who thinks Colts…. Ahem…” injury” isn’t just Gruden saving face and Snyder demanding Griffin to start is missing a brain. And it is a guarantee if Robert gets hurt Gruden will get the blame for putting him back in.

  23. Gruden is alot like RGIII…

    Bob throws to WR’s only when they are standing open and second only to Donovan McNabb to completing the important check down on 3rd and 20, except we don’t have Brian Westbrook..

    You ask this coach about Bob, “I have to look at the tape”…

    What is that? He has designed the plays! He’s standing on the sideline watching it unfold..

    Seems like he doesn’t know what he’s looking at either, to me….

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