Jim Harbaugh expects meeting on future, fight from players in coming weeks


The 49ers aren’t going to the playoffs, but coach Jim Harbaugh doesn’t expect them to fly the white flag over the final two weeks of the regular season.

Harbaugh said after Sunday’s 17-7 loss to the Seahawks that his team will “keep fighting” with “every ounce of energy” despite the disappearance of a chance to compete for a title because “that’s what a professional does.” The results of games that will affect only draft order wasn’t really the chief thing on anyone’s mind after the game, though.

It was the future of Harbaugh as the 49ers coach. Harbaugh said he expects to sit down with Jed York and Trent Baalke “at some point” to sort out what just about everyone expects to be his departure from the team.

“I’m always available to sit down with the owner and the general manager, absolutely,” Harbaugh said, via the San Jose Mercury News.

With the Niners out of playoff contention, the topic of Harbaugh’s future was a popular one. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was among the members of the team thinking about a future with a new head coach.

“That’s something I can’t fully wrap my mind around why that would be the situation,” Kaepernick said. “But he has my full support, no matter if he’s here or somewhere else. I hope he’s back here and I think he’s a great coach.”

No one knows exactly how things will play out, but Kaepernick’s hope is unlikely to be realized as the bitter end of the line for the 49ers in 2014 foreshadows the bitter end of a winning Harbaugh run with the organization.

59 responses to “Jim Harbaugh expects meeting on future, fight from players in coming weeks

  1. Great run Jim. You really turned things around. Your departure will forever be blamed on the general manager. Niners fans know its back to the basement with kaep

  2. Anyone else getting a Jerry Krause vibe here? Who in the hell is Trent Baalke?

    Hey, Trent: I’m not even a 49er fan but after Harbaugh, who you gonna hire? Singletary? Mike Nolan?

    Nice ego, dummy.

  3. Don’t expect Vernon Davis to be among the players who are still fighting. He has been lying down on the job since week 1. His play is pathetic even though he is not injured. His attitude shows that he does not care. If the other tight ends like McDonald and Carrier weren’t injured, Davis would be sitting on the bench. I doubt that he would be back next season. He will either be traded or cut. His lackluster performance all season is one of the reasons the Niners are out of the playoffs.

  4. You know what else Kaepernicjk can’t wrap his mind around? What to do in the face of a blitz, besides standing there frozen like a deer in headlights.

  5. He’s gone. Just depends on whether it’s on his terms, or ownership’s terms.

    Like this guy or not (and I’m not a huge fan) he’s done a stunning job, turning a poor team into a contender for the last three years.

    But as always, in the low attention span world of the NFL, where “professional” players have far too much say, he’s a goner.

    Someone else’s gain.

  6. Does anyone think that maybe Harbaugh is forcing his way out of Frisco?

    Maybe Harbaugh has figured it out that Kaepernick was a mistake. The “QB guru” had the most talented team in America. And the “QB Whisperer” screwed it up. It’s bad when you choose the wrong qb. It’s even worse when the qb is this bad. You can’t fix stupid. And Kaepernick is clueless out there on the field.

    But, I guess we’ll find out. We can all agree that Harbaugh is done in Frisco. And, assuming he’s in the NFL after this, we’ll see if he’ll pick up Kaerpernick after next year when the 49ers let him go.

    It’s quite obvious the 49ers what they had with Kaepernick. That’s why the signed him to seven 1-year deals.

  7. The 49ers need to get Harbaugh out. They spent a year trying to give him a raise, but he demanded Superbowl Winning Coach money… So here we are.

    Also, take Kaepernick with you Harbaugh. Nobody in the NFL needs a one-read QB who’s so mentally slow on the field he destroys an offense when you finally put it in his hands. The guy is a disaster with his 3.0+ second release, inability to find secondary targets and inability to read defenses and make adjustments. It’s just painful to watch him play.

  8. Rex Ryan is still coach at the Jets after four consecutive .500 or less seasons and Harbaugh misses one playoff and he’s out. It makes no sense whatsoever!

  9. I don’t care for Harbaugh and I typically like seeing him throw his hands up on the sideline. But that call, the roughing the passer that turned what should have been 3 points into 7 from a 1 possession game to 2, that was hard to watch because it truly was a game changing, terrible call.

  10. The 49ers’ need a quarterback. Kaep, is not it. Alex Smith was consistent and could hit receivers and a three step drop back. This is what happens when you replace a guy who won with you, with a guy who is nothing more than option QB. Perceptible and limited play with not win in the NFL.

  11. I will bet they trade Harbaugh or fire him before the season, promote Tomsula as interim and then make him the permanent HC avoiding the Rooney Rule. You know the guy, “Joe nobody from nowhere”… (his words the last time this happened)
    Once a proud franchise under Walsh has become something much, much different. I think I’m selling my season tickets

  12. Can’t wait to see where this crybay drama queen ends up. Great coach, but quit with the whining. The 9ers were set up to win now but all the distractions cost them the last couple years. He wants it to be all about him, he’d be better off coaching college so the spotlight will be focused solely on him.

  13. They’ll “keep fighting” for all of 1 quarter in each game. Then, when the other teams – both of whom still have playoff hopes – step up and punch them in the face, they’ll cave.

  14. Sure, it’s a grind playing for and working with him, but he gets wins and he gives you a real shot at the superbowl – 3 NFC championship appearances in a row. You get rid of and what’s the alternative? The days of Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary all over again? The fans gotta call out the owner and front office to keep him around if he still wants to be there. Might be on his way to being a Raider next year though.

  15. The guy goes to the superbowl. (almost wins) Goes to how many nfc championships and this is the way it’s going to go down? Say what you want about Jim but this isn’t how you run a good business. You’re suppose to reward good results. Something more than we can understand is going in but if he’s lost his players, so be it. It happens. I just don’t understand it though.

  16. As a Hawks fan… I don’t like the idea of Jim leaving one bit. The rivalry that has formed is better when both teams are good. A lot of times when coaches are fired, we wonder if a team can replace them with someone better. Whether you like Jimbo or not, it is extremely hard to imagine that the 49ers can replace him with someone on par or better, based solely on results.

    As the above poster said, maybe he has lost the team. If so, then you really don’t have a choice. But watching every snap of that game yesterday, I didn’t see the usual “quit” in a team that no longer wants any part of their coach. I saw a team playing hard, that came in decimated by injuries, and continued to lose contributors play after play.

    If this is a “personality issue” between Baalke and Harbaugh, then I strongly suggest York think long and hard about how he wants to proceed.

  17. He wants out. He knows he hitched his wagon to Kaepernick, and well we see how that is going.

    Rather than fix it, he’s running away.

  18. “He knows he hitched his wagon to Kaepernick, and well we see how that is going.”

    2 NFC Championship games and a SuperBowl appearance.

    Horrible. I know.

  19. Kapernick is what ultimately doomed Harbaugh. He hitched his wagon to the kid and the kid can’t play QB. It’s that simple.

    Word to the wise for Harbaugh going forward:

    Whatever job you take, make sure you have a legit QB in place. That one little prerequisite should help weed out a lot of bad teams from your selection process.

  20. Everyone’s trying to blame Harbaugh and/or Kaepernick, but the true culprit of the season is injuries. The Niners are just too banged up to compete.

    O-line is a disaster, giving Kaep no time to throw and no holes for the RBs. Defense has done alright considering their injuries, but they can only do so much.

  21. The media perception has been created that it’s Harbaugh vs. Baalke, in actuality.. it’s Harbaugh vs. Jed York!

    Harbaugh is no kiss-ass, he’s not going to bow down to a guy that has done NOTHING to deserve the title of team CEO, except being born into a wealthy family. Jed needed a big name coach to help sell the idea of a new stadium outside of SF, now that he’s got the stadium, he doesnt need Harbaugh anymore.. he’s going to hire a no-name coach and pay him half what he was paying Harbaugh.

    According to the local beat writers, the person that has been leaking “the players hate Harbaugh” stuff was Jed York, this is what Harbaugh has had to deal with.. an owner undermining his own team! You all saw/heard about the tweet York apologizing for the Niners loss against the Seahawks, throwing Harbaugh, the coaches and the players under the bus.. as Press Democrat writer Lowell Cohn said, Jed York is a coward.

    Jed York, John York II, isn’t fit to be the owner of the team. York is a petty, spoiled rich douche.. who once stated that his qualifications for being owner were: love of the 49ers, a STELLAR high school baseball career and Eddie DeBartolo being his godfather.

    John York II is a loser! And as long as the little emperor is playing “NFL owner” with mommy’s pocket book, all Niners’ fans are screwed! Chasing off a winning coach, that has done things no other coach in the history of the league has done, is the definition of incompetent!

  22. The last few weeks have been interesting…The press say Harbaugh is gone…Like they know anything..The guy (Harbaugh) has brought respectability back to a franchise that was a mess for years. People don’t like him who cares? His job is to win…And he has done that. On the other hand Baalke job is to provide the head coach the talent to win…How has that gone…Maybe you fire Baalke and keep Harbaugh….

  23. Championship Defense there, horrible offense and that is on Harbaugh. This team will be really good next year with all their injured guys back, dumping 55, 15, 21, 85, and 77, and if the quarterback can start playing up to his capabilities. That defense will be elite next year.

  24. Thanks jimbo. But let’s get serious, your offensive philosophy is archaic. The success the niners had the past three years is directly attributed to the ‘coach’ of the defense. Which was exposed this year. Defense is currently top 5 with numerous injuries. The offense, bottom half of league again in passing.

    So thanks for the memories.

  25. Any chance Harbaugh ends up with the Jets so he can slap Jim Schwartz on the back twice every year after the Bills games?

    Seriously though… Jay Glaizer said it best yesterday, that “there’s a shelf life” to living with Harbaugh’s personality. At Michigan, where the roster turns over every 3-4 years, he could thrive. And if he wins, no one will care if he’s a butt-head.

  26. Hairball didn’t just annoy the egotistical GM Baalke. He angered just about everyone in the organization including the guy signing all the checks. Jed York’s ego is just as big as Baalke. Ever since he and his wife took over the team from her brother it’s been a disaster. They got lucky with the Harbaugh hire. Who else are they going to get? There are very few coaches who make a difference in the league.

  27. Hairbaugh inherited a team on the rise since they have had so many high draft choices and he has accomplished making them losers again. Players don’t want to play for him, his arrogance shows on the side lines as he continues to whine over every call or play, half the time as yesterday he didn’t even see the play and he was on the field crying foul. He is a runner he will move on.

  28. You like football, but you apparently don’t understand football.

    The 49ers roster has been stocked for years, the team that Harbaugh won with in his first year is the same team that Singletary lost with. With the exception of this year the 49ers have been dominant since he became coach.

    The statement “half the time he didn’t even see the play”??? Did you pay NFL Network extra so you could get access to the “Coach Cam”(and if you were watching Harbaugh the whole game, What’s your Deal???)??

  29. Holmgren was a good coach and was a QB for Three Hall of fame QBs… If if gets the 49er job, MAYBE he can coach up the athlete Kaep to be an NFL QB?

  30. myhawk1976 just made the smartest comment in a long time…everyone is hating on Harbaugh. He turned a team around in 1 season, yeah it appears he’s difficult to get along with, just don’t know why they couldn’t find a way to make it happen. But egos, got in the way, everyone’s. York didn’t make it easy by trying to trade Harbaugh to Cleveland, how can anyone play under these conditions. Yes they are professionals, make millions of money but if all you hear day in and day out that your coach is gone, even before the 2nd week, it does affect you. I think they could have found a way but from all reports, he’s not going to coach and Tomsula will return as hc. Keep Fangio York, you made this mess. Go Niners

  31. I think it’s a mistake to give him the boot. Yes he is a giant crybaby at times, but why is the media filming him instead of the game. And Kaep isn’t bad, but he isn’t a 5 step drop and throw QB. They forced him to be a pocket passer this year, with a busted up line. Probably not gonna work.

    I don’t know how you fix it. I don’t think there is a coach out there that gets you back in the mix next year other than Jim. There isn’t, so for the fans I hope they make the call correctly. If you get rid of him, reestablish the identity of the team, and build on it, or if you keep Jim, give him the control needed to realize his vision. Because what this year was, was confusing and disappointing for the fans, and for football in general.

  32. How many coaches are better than Jim Harbaugh? Very few and they are all not available.

    How many General Managers are there better than Baalke?
    There are many.

    49ers, make the right decision. Keep Harbaugh and get rid of Baalke.

  33. Hard to get rid of a GM because a GM can get you money, a coach can only get you a win. To owners let’s be serious, if he has the option of money or wins, owner usually takes money. It’s sad but true. As a Dallas fan I have learned to just accept it, as JJ is both. His meetings must be weird though, just talking to himself and all.

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