Patriots drew inspiration from Dolphins’ words after Week One


The Patriots clinched their sixth straight AFC East title on Sunday with a 41-13 victory over the Dolphins and they extended another streak as well.

New England hasn’t been swept by an AFC East team since 2000 after the Dolphins failed to repeat their success from the season opener. That game back in September feels like a long time ago, but the Patriots had memories of it fresh in their mind on Sunday. Coach Bill Belichick had quotes from Dolphins players about their 33-20 win around the New England practice facility all week and cornerback Darrelle Revis said that the Dolphins got a bit ahead of themselves.

“I don’t know what they were saying after the first game. There was a lot of talk. Those guys were chirping. The Miami Dolphins were chirping this week about they should have beaten us by 50 and all those type of things [in] the first game,” Revis said, via the Providence Journal. “If that’s what they want to do, that’s what they want to do. The one thing you’ve got to understand is you get a second stab at them because we’re in the same [division]. You might need to watch what you say.”

It’s been a long, long run at the top of the division for the Patriots, something that’s tough to pull off if you can’t find new ways to motivate players who have already accomplished quite a bit. Miami’s words did the trick this time and a few more results like Sunday’s will have the Patriots extending their string of AFC Championship Game appearances as well.

46 responses to “Patriots drew inspiration from Dolphins’ words after Week One

  1. Mike Pouncey was not met outside the locker room by Mass State Troopers after the game. That’s got to count for something.

  2. When will NFL Players realize the only time you should chirp at the other player is when you KNOW you won’t see them again that year, like a playoff or SB game. Otherwise, it’s a powerful motivator.

    These toolbags run their mouth on every play. Getting more like WWE every day…..

    Seeing some idiot start talking smack after he makes a tackle at the end of a 20 yard run is a joke. Remember Lamarr Houston blowing his ACL doing a big celebration and running his mouth after sacking the backup QB while the Bears were being blown out???


  3. Yes, it was Miami’s words that made the difference in this one, not the fact that Miami has sucked the last several weeks leading into this game. Clearly they would have won had they not made those comments after Game 1. (eyeroll)

  4. “I’m a dolphins fans and I don’t remember them saying anything like that ever”

    It’s because they never said it. I’m also a dolphins fan and it was never said.

  5. This game reminded me of the 2006 season. The dolphins won the game with 100+ yards rushing the first game then didn’t even get close to that the 2nd game. But now that I think about it isn’t that one of the game tapes that was able to be recovered before they were destroyed?

  6. The only person that said anything about 50 points was Wallace in terms of not capitalizing on all opportunities and needing to get better.

  7. Pretty sure if the Patriots needed some chirping from Week One to motivate them when they’re in a dogfight for a first-round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs they’re going to have issues later on.

  8. FIRE PHILBIN!!! We will be LUCKY to be 8-8!!! Not real sure we’ll get 1 of the 2 wins we really need!!! Unfortunatly the patsies will be going to the Super Bowl & it’sust a shame that SOFT Philbin can’t get this motovated to win any more!!!

  9. For all of you Fins fans with short memories, here you go:

    “Honestly, it’s not bragging or boasting, but I honestly feel like we could have scored at least 50 points,” Wallace said after Week 1. “I had a fumble early in the game, Lamar (Miller) had a fumble, we had a double move that should have been a touchdown, we had an interception when I ran a post that should have been a touchdown, we had a throw to (Charles) Clay (which he dropped) that should have been a touchdown, we missed wide-open ones. That’s already 21 more points, so we could have had 50.”

    And yep, that’s all it takes.

  10. One of my favorite seasons from the 2000s was when the Bills beat the Pats 31-0 in the opener, and then the Pats beat the Bills 31-0 in week 17. The games even had nearly identical goal line stands to preserve the 0s. Pats won a SB that year, interestingly.

  11. Miami fans are still bloviating about there tremendous success in the last century. It’s 2014 fishie fans. Get a life.

  12. Listen, lets be honest, as a finfan we need a head coach, not a coordinator that got a head coaching shot……big difference. Philbin ran all the alpha males out of the organization because he cant coach or control them. This team needs a strong loud coach that can motivate players. He might be the nicest man in the world but his stoic demeaner just doesn’t work as has been proven two yrs now when the playoffs were on the line. I wish him luck, but somewhere else.

  13. “Miami fans are still bloviating about there tremendous success in the last century. It’s 2014 fishie fans. Get a life.”

    Thanks for the pep talk fatboy

  14. Hey Fins fans, at least you can look forwards to winning the off season for the fifth or sixth straight year before your team watches the playoffs from their couches again after the next regular season is over.

  15. Dolphins fans have very short and very selective memories about what gets said in and around Miami.

    “Jeff Ireland is doing a great job.”
    “Give Joe Philbin another year and this team will be an AFC title contender”
    “Dennis Hickey is doing a great job.”

    And so on and so forth.

  16. Two weeks ago the Dolphin fans were proclaiming this game to be for first place in the AFCE. It was for only one team,

    Just remember Dolphin fans as the tee shirts say and has always been this century, The Patriots Run the East,

    Thanks for playing and enjoy the rest of the season praying for a new HC

  17. I’m always amazed by how much chirping goes on from Dolphins and Jets players. You’d think they would tone it down until they actually won the division or something. Even in the two seasons of the Brady-Belichick era when the Patriots didn’t win the division, they lost it by tie-breaker, rather than outright.

  18. Cant believe the the great New England Patriots need to rub our faces in it after that beating. Thought they were bigger than that. Why isn’t just giving us a good beating good enough.

  19. Hell, I am a Pats fan and I agree with the Dolphins saying they should have had 50+ on the Pats in that first game. The Pats were nothing better than mediocre the first month of the season, and often worse than awful (re: Dolphins and Chiefs games).

    The Pats are certainly better than mediocre now, and even better than above average, although they were pretty bad in the first half yesterday.

  20. I was actually thinking that the division would be tougher this season with some more competitive games. The Bills seem to be the only ones on the upswing though. I had misgivings after seeing Philbin on Hard Knocks a couple of years ago and now it seems like he’s toast.

  21. Patriots didn’t have Stevan Ridley or Jerrod Mayo in this game either, still put a whoopin on the dolphins.

  22. Dolphins were also without 2/3 of their starting linebackers starting safety along with their tailback. Relax azarkhan if pats stay healthy they win it all but that’s a big if with Gronks knees being gunned for every game.

  23. At least the Patsies are in the playoffs. How much you guys paying Wallace again to sit around his mansion and watch the Pats choke?

  24. jchipwood says: Dec 15, 2014 11:10 AM

    This game reminded me of the 2006 season. The dolphins won the game with 100+ yards rushing the first game then didn’t even get close to that the 2nd game. But now that I think about it isn’t that one of the game tapes that was able to be recovered before they were destroyed?
    Gramps….glad to see the Pats are still in your head 24/7.

  25. The Dolphins quit playing in the second half no matter what was or was not said. BB does that stuff all the time to get some players attention. It is understandable for losing players to be upset when they get knocked out of the playoff picture but being out of shape at the end of the season in the NFL is the kiss of death.

  26. @revren10 probably too much but not enough to buy a mansion. Would be seeing the ball a lot more if Julian E. wasn’t playing like an all pro. in so many ways.

  27. The Dolphins like to chirp and Patriots teams always have a long memory and use things like this to motivate themselves. Does any of the bulletin board material really have any impact on a game? Doubtful. More likely, the Patriots, at this point in the season, are a much better team than the Dolphins.

  28. To the two guys too lazy to google.

    Amendola is in the second year of a 5 year 28 million dollar contract.

    His base salary started at 2 mil and goes up 1 million each year until the contract is up.

  29. @ Ridley me this and they gave him 6 million for a signing bonus. People gotta stop drinking the kool aide all the time when it comes to the pats. Real fans critique everything. They are getting lucky with these special team plays every week. I’ll Say it again if this team stays healthy they should win it all, if they lose Gronk they could be bounce outta playoffs.

  30. Revis has got to be feeling pretty good right now, considering the situations his previous teams are in and the bonus money for making the playoffs that he’s inline to be receiving.

    Stick around awhile Darrelle.

  31. Jchipwood, I apologize for accidentally reporting your comment, I meant to hit the thumbs down, sorry. Anyhow, wasn’t that the wildcat game when the dolphins caught the pats off guard? Our was it the one when Brady was just bad and threw a few ducks up for grabs? Either way I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with what you’re saying. New England almost always struggles in Miami then handles them pretty well in Foxboro. Get over it, move on and quit making excuses.

  32. hmmm…speaking of chippy, we haven’t heard much brashness out of him lately. imagine that…

    ahhhh, the poetic justice of the MIGHTY PATS handing the tuna a COMPLETE AND UTTER THRASHING…

    oh yes, they thumped them, and thumped them but good…

  33. What exactly was the chirping? Neither this article nor the linked story quotes any words except for Wallace’s. He simply talked about his team’s faults in the first week.

    The Pats are great but that will all end in the not-too-distant future when Brady has to retire. No amount of cheating will save the Patriots then.

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