Pot Roast promises a Broncos Super Bowl win

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Peyton Manning was sick to his stomach, and obviously off his game.

But the teammate they call Pot Roast more than made up for it with a bold post-game guarantee.

According to Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post, Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton was so pumped after yesterday’s win over the Chargers that he was ready to proclaim that they wouldn’t lose again.

“It doesn’t matter what happens. At the end of the year, we’re hoisting that trophy,” Knighton said. “I don’t care if New England doesn’t lose again. I don’t care where we have to play. I don’t care who our opponent is. We’re not going to be satisfied until we hoist that trophy. So if we’ve got to go to New England [in the playoffs] and win somewhere we’re not used to winning, we’re going to make it happen.”

Given the opportunity to clarify a pretty clear statement, Knighton added: “Write that. And put a big period after that one.”

He then considered his punctuation options and decided on: “Exclamation point!”

The Broncos have answered many of the questions about their fitness for January and February games, by playing stout defense and running the ball and not just trusting Manning to fill up a stat sheet.

But until they’re able to get past the Patriots again, and perhaps the Seahawks again, the strength of the Manning postseason narrative will persist.

46 responses to “Pot Roast promises a Broncos Super Bowl win

  1. Same thing happened to Paul Kruger last week vs. Colts. Led with his hands to the chest of Luck. Roughing the passer called on field. Would have been 4th down and a sack. Instead Colts get 15yds and 1st down and score TD two plays later. Difference in game.

    No $$ fine on Kruger the week after though. Hmmmn.

  2. Road to the superbowl goes through NE and if Denver can beat NE @ NE, then there is a chance Denver could reach the superbowl. Before that it would be a reach to talk about the Superbowl.

  3. He should be concerned – It’s obvious that Peyton’s arm strength has diminished the last few weeks. The bye (assuming they get one) should help, but he’s still got two more reg (cold weather) games to play.

  4. That’s Pot Roast for you,he speaks his mind.Denver being able to run the ball = Manning has lost arm strength,Please!!!How did Rodgers do against the Bills……….Thank you.Manning has never had a cannon arm,us being able to run the ball on 3rd & 2,3 is awesome!Denver D is starting to come together at the right time.Last I checked running the ball and playing good D is a recipe for success in January!!See you Pats in January & in Foxborough,should be a good game.

  5. If Denver makes it to the SB will their offense, defense and special teams actually play in the game this time?

  6. Not to make excuses, but the Broncos have had to play the Patriots the last three times at Foxborough, which is a brutal place to play.

    You take those games, especially that one in 2013 where they were absolutely dominating the Patriots in the first half, and put them in Denver, the outcomes are probably different.

    Look what happened when the Patriots had to come to Denver last year for the AFC Championship.

    That said, even though I really like Knighton, he probably just need to keep his trap shut.

  7. I appreciate his brutal honesty! It’s not often you here things from an athlete today that is not total cliche. So kudos for speaking his mind but if New England continues to hold serve and stays healthy I don’t think they have a chance in hell Foxboro and win.

  8. The Seahawks got to eat a Thansgiving feast at midfield in San Francisco so eating a Pot Roast dinner at midfield in Arizona would be a fitting way to end the year. Go Hawks!!

  9. Broncos are on a roll winning gritty football….I like their chances in the January and the Super Bowl…

    Title # 3 is weeks away

  10. Gotta love a guy with the nickname Pot Roast! The Steelers had an offensive lineman in training camp nicknamed “Chicken Nugget” because of the way he was shaped. I don’t even remember his real name, and he wasn’t very good, but I wanted him to make the team just for that.

    If Pot Roast ever tests positive for marijuana, his name will take on an entirely new meaning 🙂

  11. Good luck with that theory pot roast because when you meet us again it will be another slaughtering and we are gonna have roasted pig for dinner in the middle of the field hoisting our 2nd trophy…

  12. DENVER has what it takes to make it happen……their running game is working and their last 4 games have been against defensive teams ( miami,buffalo, KC and San Diego…..

  13. The Patriots know that no matter what the pundits say or how you are ranked anything can happen in the playoffs. The good teams get better this time of year. Making statements such as this don’t help a team. Baltimore is getting stronger, KC would love to have another shot at the Broncs and Cinncinatti, uh never mind.

  14. As a Patriots fan, I fear Baltimore more than Denver. Flacco has a stronger arm, better built to play in the January cold and win in Foxboro. I’m hoping Manning makes it to Foxboro in the playoffs. Please make it so Mr. Pot Roast.

  15. Pot Roast? Love it. Made me remember Refrigerator Perry. As a big time Bronco fan, I hope you’re right Pot Roast. Just gotta believe!

  16. Only Broncos fans think that they revamped their offense and went to a run first based O to be more “balanced”. It was out of necessity. Check out the time frame from when they started predominantly running the ball. It was after 2 losses in a 3 week period where the Patriots and Ram’s secondary’s knocked the Broncos WR’s and TE’s around. Peyton doesn’t have a great arm so he throws it to areas of the field where his receivers should be. When their WR’s get caught up at the line of scrimmage it throws Peyton’s game off. They are going to be a one and done in the playoffs.

  17. Fat Man, with the Large mouth, sounds like a Fan, who thinks he’s the Man, yet he only squeaks like a Mouse. Save it for the Game, then show us your Fame, other wise just Shut your Mouth.

  18. Oh yeah. I spent the last year hating Seahawks fans so much, I forgot how much I hate Pats fans.

    You guys are looking like world beaters right now, and my Broncs are a walking infirmary unit, so I’m not about to predict a Foxboro miracle, but know this… You WILL get our best shot. See you in the conference final chumps.

  19. Not sure they will beat Cincy this week, never mind the Pats in New England. I’m sure New England would rather see Denver, than have the Ravens and the Steelers back to back.

  20. If I got beat as badly as Denver in last year’s SB, the last thing I’d be doing is handing out guarantees and trash talking. Seriously? Good luck with that!

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