Super Bowl will be played, despite insurance issue

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Several of you have passed along a link to a story suggesting that Super Bowl XLIX could be jeopardized by the failure of Congress to renew the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act.

The Business Week article from H

So we asked the NFL.  And here’s what the NFL said:  “The Super Bowl will be played.”

To summarize, the story about Congress potentially putting the Super Bowl at risk is a non-story.

13 responses to “Super Bowl will be played, despite insurance issue

  1. The NFL doesn’t care about fans at the game. Just TV. They’ll play it in an empty stadium and get 140M viewers

  2. Yeah right, as if the league would cancel the Super Bowl and the vast profits it creates for them.

    What an interesting and realistic thought. Said no one ever.

  3. The NFL doesn’t pay taxes and yet got tax payer money for NFL security. That’s jacked up! I pay taxes as a teacher …you pay taxes yet a business pulling billions doesn’t…sickening.

  4. The individual teams and players do pay taxes. The NFL INC. Is a non profit so any leftover cash has to be given to Goodell at the end of the fiscal year. Sweet job.

  5. The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act is generally seen as a good thing and provides cost-savings for taxpayers. If one of these things happens, the U.S. loses money either way, so you might as well prepare for it so you lose less of it! TRIA not being renewed is probably not a great thing.

    The whole Super Bowl thing is crazy. TRIA being there or not should have no effect. The NFL went without it for decades before, it can do it again.

  6. “jr4real says: Dec 15, 2014 10:17 AM
    The NFL doesn’t care about fans at the game. Just TV. They’ll play it in an empty stadium and get 140M viewers”

    But but but, where will the celebrities, politicians, and corporate sponsors get their camera face time and free food/drinks? 90% of the people attending the Super Bowl couldn’t even name 3 players from each team. They’re just there for the event and cameras. GODdell and the owners love hanging out with celebs.

  7. Right, an event that generates millions if not a billion dollars of every avenue in revenues would be halted? That’s just an ignorant position to take. Why play all these games, all these years, if you don’t crown a champ. Stupid issue, don’t by the hyperbole at all,

  8. I guess this story is one of those ‘It’s on the Internet, therefore it has got to be true’ things for some people.

    Guess what people, if it is on the Internet, it’s true, unless it’s false. Guess why historians, scientists, etc., check several sources before deciding it something is true or not?

  9. Interesting choice of words there, Mr. Florio, calling it a “failure” on Congress’s part, instead of just saying that Congress did not re-authorize the act.

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