Colt McCoy heads to injured reserve

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Robert Griffin III won’t have to look over his shoulder at Colt McCoy when he takes the field for Week 16.

He won’t have to do it in Week 17 either. Redskins coach Jay Gruden announced Tuesday that the neck injury that knocked McCoy out of last Sunday’s loss to the Giants won’t heal in time for him to play in the final two games of the season and that he’ll be placed on injured reserve as a result.

Gruden added that he doesn’t think the team will bring in another quarterback, leaving Kirk Cousins to serve as the No. 2 behind Griffin. That’s the way the depth chart looked when the season started, although there’s a much different feeling about both quarterbacks at this point as neither man’s performances in the starting lineup have lived up to the hopes of their supporters this season.

McCoy will be a free agent when the year comes to an end and could have a future in Washington, although there’s much to be determined about the future of the team’s offense come the offseason.

Linebacker Jackson Jeffcoat was promoted from the practice squad to take McCoy’s place on the 53-man roster.

23 responses to “Colt McCoy heads to injured reserve

  1. The shame of it is that none of these moves are in time for the Dan Snyder Skins’ to make another playoff run, and potentially double the number of wins they have under Snyder from 1 to 2 since 1999 …seriously this team consumes more bandwidth per win than any team in the league …zzzz

  2. I’m ok with a qb having fun, but watching Manning or Brady play, these guys are competitors at heart. Having fun seems to be secondary to them behind dominating/winning. Tired of hearing how RG needs to go out and have fun?

  3. Dude is way too small to play QB in the NFL. I’m actually surprised he lasted as long as he did.

  4. So, 3 years after the Redskins sold their future to get RG3, they could be at the top of the draft — and using that pick on a QB?!
    Sometimes, the comedy just writes itself.

  5. Linebacker Jackson Jeffcoat was promoted from the practice squad to take McCoy’s place on the 53-man roster…does this mean he’s the third man in the qb carousel?

  6. I put this on Gruden. He insisted on trotting a not-yet-healed McCoy out there again behind that horrible O-line and he only lasted one series. Not good at all.

  7. Dear Colt,

    Thank you for providing us Redskins’ fans an opportunity to beat the Cowpies in Dallas. While you were insulted and your past history was held against you (but those who did ignore Ginger Rogers Griffin’s past), you won off the bench (Ginger can’t say that) and you will be the only starter to win a game (Ginger won’t beat anything but his … ).

    You were a class act and brought some maturity and leadership to this team that has been missing for years. While your physical shortcomings hindered your game, you can rest easy that someone else’s physical skills were killed from the neck up.

    Thanks for the memories. You and Kirk’s three victories will be the highlight reel footage of this season.

  8. McCoy is a joke, china doll. Let’s see, quit in the college title game, daddy wore out his welcome in Cleveland, hurt again—they ought to examine his heart! Quitter, is not a competitor. Washington lost nothing.

  9. “Tjacks7: Dec 16, 2014 2:42 PM He started a few games now he just needs to create a cool logo and launch his brand.”

    Hey Tjacks, you’re on the right track, if only he could land a Subway commercial ….

  10. @kybluee33 you don’t know what you’re talking about. McCoy had no feeling in his right side in that championship game. What has heart got to do with being knocked cold in a game, and then being put back in to play or aggravating a neck injury? Most guys wouldn’t have been out there with that neck in the first place. If there’s a player on this team with heart it’s McCoy, and everybody knows it but you.
    @bassplucker McCoy is as big as Drew Brees or Fran Tarkenton. The problem is not the size of McCoy, but the offensive line that is supposed to be protecting him.

  11. No offense to Colt and I hope he heals soon but RG3 is the future of this franchise mark my words. As a huge Skins fan I’d be done if they gave up on RG3.

  12. Colt is not hurt. The owner has instructed Gruden to play RGIII. Putting Colt on IR allows RGIII to play and makes it seem like Gruden was not over ruled.

  13. Colt may have some physical limits as a quarterback, but he has been extraordinarily tough & he has played smart football. I watched some painful Browns games where he was so much better than any other Browns offensive player that it was a joke. If he could play on a team with a solid line, a decent running back, & 1 good receiver, he would be a quality starter. It hasn’t happened though.

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