Jay Cutler holds brief press conference after Monday night loss


Given all that went on off the field last week before the Bears crashed and burned again on the field Monday night, it makes sense that even a press conference was too tricky to pull off successfully.

Plenty of reporters likely had questions for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday night. Few of them got to ask any, however. Cutler appeared at the podium earlier than expected after the 31-15 loss to the Saints and began fielding questions from the few people in attendance as an announcement was made in the locker room to the local media that Cutler was taking his turn at the microphone.

“We’ve got to play better and take a look at the film and try to see exactly what slowed us down,” Cutler said. “They had a good plan. They had a good plan. They mixed it up pretty well against us. They showed us a few new things. They knew what they were doing. … just trying to get better for these two games and just going out and trying to give a good performance offensively.”

That took about 30 seconds, at which point Cutler was informed that the rest of the media were on their way into the room. With a somewhat surprised look, Cutler asked if they were going to wait before getting up, saying thanks and avoiding the rush better than he did against the Saints with a quick departure from the room before the rest of the press corps arrived.

There were surely more questions for Cutler, although not too much more for him to say. There’s not a lot of need to describe what everyone saw on the field on Monday night. The same disasters unfold over and over again for the Bears this season and there wasn’t anything specific to this one that would have provided an explanation for fixing everything.

74 responses to “Jay Cutler holds brief press conference after Monday night loss

  1. Jeff George was Ray Lewis in terms of emotion and body language, compared to Jay Cutler.

    There’s something off about the dude. He must have some sort of personality disorder.

  2. What more was he going to say? The press whines more than…well, someone who whines alot.

  3. Josh your last sentence says it all. Cutler and the Bears are heading for a messy divorce. It will be ugly and expensive for the Bears, but it has to happen and the sooner the better. If Trestman were any kind of leader, Cutler would have watched the second half from the bench.

  4. At this stage, the Bears are more to blame for giving him all that money. Fact is, Cutler was never that great of a QB. He has ALWAYS made bonehead decisions despite his strong arm. When he sulks, that doesn’t help much.

  5. I think a huge issue with Cutler is that he always relied too much on his strong arm and got away with plain bad fundamentals. Perhaps now a little older this is coming back to bite him. His feet are never set properly and that leads to a lot of ugly balls and waisted plays. For knowing Marc Trestman I cant beleive he is not stressing this to Jay.

  6. Football isn’t about ever being perfect, it’s about working hard and trying to be. Every player and every position always has something to work on to try and be better. That process is the game. Keep at that and the wins will come.

  7. The Bears are literally in football hell. Theres no way they let Trestman walk with 2 years left on his contract. They invested way too much money in that offense. And Getting rid of Emery would be starting allll over again. Bears fans, embrace it. The struggle bus may be here for a while.

    An Accepting Bears Fan

  8. Before everyone does the list of names that have to go from Halas Hall I’ll start with the Chicago fans. After so many seasons of mediocrity that in that crummy weather Soldier’s Field was full is a testament to “you get what you pay for” as the owners run it as a cash cow and if Chicago fans will continue to pay for same at such a level that is what they will get. Chicago can give the Raiders, the Jags and the Bucs a run for their money after last night and run the table to go 5 and 11. At least Trestman seems to get that in the NFL if you are going to be bad you are better off being truly bad rather than just indifferent.

  9. No doubt Cutler needs to play better but after watching Matt Forte miss blitz pickup repeatedly I have more understanding as to why he a little gun shy.

    Don’t get me wrong Forte is a great ball call carrier but he has no business being in the game passing downs unless he’s in the pattern. The guy blocks like a revolving door.

  10. Hilarious article. What DID you expect him to say? I’m a Cowboys fan, NOT a Bears fan let alone a Cutler fan BUT… let me fill in the blanks for him.
    “In the off season the team replaced the talent lost on the Dline. HOWEVER they were unable to replace the talent level at LB and those guys aren’t able to cover up how BAD the secondary IS without Tillman. On the offensive side, the Oline coach should be coaching girls volleyball ’cause those guys can’t block ANYTHING that isn’t lobbed at them! The “receivers” are dropping well thrown passes (when I DO get a chance to; you know; THROW IT!) And, Kromer has spent all year PROVING he’s a moron with bassackwards “game plans” that only get Forte involved AFTER we fall behind. If you have any other questions, go ask Eli how well that worked out for HIM last year or early THIS year!”

  11. What else could he say? It was another miserable performance in all phases.

    “getting up, saying thanks and avoiding the rush better than he did against the Saints”. Classic.

  12. It’s one thing to play poorly but I can’t stand this dude’s crybaby pouting all the time. Grow as set. Jeez.

  13. Cutler is bad and I want no part of him coming to Buffalo in a trade.
    I rather have Kyle Orton. A total waste of talent. This guy
    reminds me of Jeff George. He has no leadership skills at all
    I feel bad for Bears fans that your stuck with this guy.

  14. The local media needed to be in there, then. People complain when players dont talk. But when they show up early…where are you?

    Plus for the record, he did stop and ask the PR guy if they were going to wait and they said no. So he left.

    How long was he going to wait? Shoulda been there. There was only one guy there to ask questions.

    Yet and still headlines this morning include—Cutler bolts news conference, Cutler cut news conference short, etc. People just really hate this guy.

  15. I don’t blame Cutler for taking the money. I blame the management for giving him that money.

  16. Maybe the local media were taking their time cause they knew they’d only be hearing the same canned comments that have come from Trestman and Cutler after all of the other embarrassing Bears losses this year.

    There are a couple of other pro sports teams in Chicago who are actually good at what they do and if the local media haven’t already, I suspect they will be allocating more of their coverage there rather than to this embarrassment of a team limping towards the end of a horrible season.

  17. As long as Bears fans continue to support a mediocre product and put butts in the seats the McCaskey family has no incentive to improve the team.
    St. Rita high school could outcoach and outplay Da Bears!

  18. With Trestman and Cutler due to be back next year and 27 players with 2 years or less of NFL experience 17 of them rookies next years will be more of the same.

  19. The post game review by the MNF team was the the game review that should have been heard, but 85%+ of watchers were in bed.

    Young, Lewis and Dilfer had the most critical and actuate points on the Managements and Jay’s dysfunction that I have heard openly spoken.

    Who’s got it worse Bears or 9ers’s?

  20. Where was the urgency? Should have been in the 2 minute offense at the start of the 2nd half… Well, at least their 5 for 5 on 2 point conversions. Looking for that top 5 draft choice I guess….Geesh

  21. That’s what the Jets fans were saying about Mark Sanchez and where are they now.

    I think Jay needs a a change of scenery.

  22. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my years of watching and paying attention to the NFL—- When a player or coach comes out and claims need to “look at the film” in order to explain a loss—- Then they are the wrong person to actually solve the problem.

  23. Look at the Film? Doh!! You were rocked AGAIN!! The whole operation is an embarrassment to what was once a very proud Franchise….now it’s a laughing stock going nowhere for years to clean this mess up.

    Tell me, who in their right mind would want to Coach or Generally Manage this debacle?

    …and Rex is still our QB!!

  24. I know how all you lemmings love to echo the media and their favorite “kick Jay when he’s down” narrative, especially toolbags like Dilfer who’d criticize Cutler if he was pulling him out of a burning building.

    But for the thousandth time, Cutler is NOT the problem in Chicago right now, definitely not the biggest one, anyway – his bad play is only a SYMPTOM of the real problem. His lousy play is an effect of the dysfunction, not the cause.

    When he was on fire and turned in the best statistical year of his career last year – where was the defense? Dead last.

    Here’s a list of bigger problems the Bears have that should be addressed before Cutler even comes up for discussion (in fact – if the Bears organization could fix some of these issue, Cutler wouldn’t even be a problem – he could be a Pro Bowler!!)

    1. Coaching (leadership, play-calling, creativity, trust, passion)
    2. Drafting
    3. Injuries
    4. Personnel

    HORRIBLE coaching: the team as a whole is unprepared, uninspired, predictable, petty and dysfunctional. Each game they are outmatched, outschemed, out of position, slow to start, play calling is horrendous, they lack toughness, intensity, urgency, creativity, or clock management.

    Every single one of those issues goes directly to COACHING.

    Solution: Fire Trestman, Kromer, DeCamilis, and Tucker (you pulled him off the trash heap from JACKSONVILE, for crying out loud! What did you expect to get?) Clean house – it’s our only hope.

    Drafting is terrible: How many years have we been looking for a starting caliber safety? Shea McLellin is a bust and has NEVER fit our scheme.

    Key players are old, lacking passion, injury prone, and frequently overpaid: Jared Allen is a bigger wasted investment than Cutler. It’s time to cut ties with Tim Jennings, Briggs, Conte, DJ Williams, etc.
    And the young players have been poorly coached, poorly prepared, and are often missing assignments or out of position.

    This is the worst Bears team I’ve seen in 30+ years of watching, thanks to the coaches, not Cutler. Blow it up and start it over. Time for a total youth movement.

    Cutler is NOT the biggest problem on that team – not by a long shot. In fact I bet if you stuck him somewhere else (Buffalo, Carolina, Houston, SF) that team would be right in the mix of the playoffs.

    So keep bashing Cutler because it’s easy & convenient and it’s the media’s favorite pasttime – but he’s about #12 on the list of problems the Bears have have to fix.

  25. All you needed to know about Cutler was in the split screen during the singing of the national anthem. Brees on the left, singing along with a determined look on his face, and Cutler on the right, with his smirk of disdain.

  26. Cutler is bad, no question about it. However, how much better would he look with an offensive line that could actually block? Tough for any QB to look good when he’s getting hit on almost every passing play.

  27. This guy parlayed two good seasons with Rat Shanahan into a lucrative trade and lucrative re-signing?

    One day there will be business school courses dedicated to learning the ways of Jay Cutler’s agent.

  28. why does Jeff George keep getting insulted by the media? I would take Jeff George over Culter, in fact, it’s not even close.

    George had a great arm and a release nearly as good as Marino, Jeff George also got murdered during his time with the Colts…I love the revisionist history of Jeff George.

  29. This morning Lion and Packer fans are looking toward the heavens and asking, “What have we done to deserve this?”

    First, we get the perennially bad Vikings who waste first round picks on bust Qb’s on nearly an annual basis. Then we get Chicago to trade a ransom load of picks to Denver to get Cutler, a INT machine like no other and furthermore, get the Bears to re-sign him to a huge contract.

    Its challenging to get to the playoffs each season so having the Bears and the Vikings on your schedule twice each is truly a Christmas present each and every year.

  30. Before we hang Cutler out to dry, let’s remember that the Bears have the leagues worst D. Cutler has easily outplayed his defense and Chicago should have a much better record than it does.
    A defense that bad adversely affects all aspects of a team, offense included.

  31. There was a graphic during last night’s game that said it was Cutler’s 81st start for the Bears. I found that honestly shocking. 20 games would have seemed like a miracle the way he plays.

  32. Too bad for the B E A R S bc Cutler sucks. Waste of money and hiring coaches. Get rid of all, start over with new QB and coaching staff. That’s the only way to get better. He doesn’t have the it to get the Bears over the hump. It’s a qb league, seemed like Cutler doesn’t know where to put the ball. No way of getting better or making plays without communications between players.

  33. deweyaxewound says:
    Dec 16, 2014 10:38 AM
    I know how all you lemmings love to echo the media and their favorite “kick Jay when he’s down” narrative, especially toolbags like Dilfer who’d criticize Cutler if he was pulling him out of a burning building.

    ect…ect ….ect

    So keep bashing Cutler because it’s easy & convenient and it’s the media’s favorite pasttime – but he’s about #12 on the list of problems the Bears have have to fix.

    40 Year Bear fan

    This is exactly case. Blaming Cutler for this whole mess.

    Why do why blame him for how much he makes?

    The Bears offered him that much, its not like he held out for a max deal and put the team over a barrel to pay him or let him walk. They offered him a contract and he accepted. If any joe schmoe on this board was offered 54 million in guaranteed money to be the QB for 3 years. How many would say “Oh, that’s more then I should make, can we bring that down a little?

    I know how much Cutler makes and what his production has been. But I am far more upset that we paid and brought in two premier pass rushers who get ZERO pressure on opposing QB’s. So far this year we are paying 3 million dollars per sack. But yeh, lets rail on cutler for making too much money.

  34. From 2006 through 2011, the Bears only drafted 2 players who are still in the organization, Forte and Paea. That is a football generation of bad drafting. You don’t fix that in a couple of years. The Bears have at least 2 more years of rebuilding to get back to a respectable level of talent, and by the way, that will also be the time when the $54M guaranteed is done, and they can get rid of Cutler with very little cap penalty.

    Emery’s first draft was weak, but his subsequent drafts appear to be yielding some talent. Maybe not world beaters, but Long and Fuller are definite building blocks, especially if they move Long to LT next year. Bostic is playing better, and Ferguson and Sutton are starting to show up on film. It ain’t much, but it’s a start.

    Emery likely signed up for a 5 year rebuild plan, which they couldn’t advertise to the fans, because no one wants to swallow 5 years of suck before they compete for the playoffs on a regular basis. He got the coach wrong, and he got the QB wrong, but he went with the best option he had at QB. Should have franchised him instead of giving him the new deal, but who was a better option? Sanchez? McCown? come on, Cutler is worlds better than both of them. Emery will get the chance to finalize his plan, and then get the right staff in place to win with that revamped roster.

    The expectations were inflated by the fans and the media, myself included, but they aren’t capable of competing yet. They have 31 guys under contract for 2015, and they include Allen, Ratliff, Mundy, Bushrod, Jennings, and McClellin, most of whom are not earning their contracts, and that doesn’t even talk about Marshall, Cutler, and Houston. Bennett is the only big time free agent paying off on the investment. This is an extremely thin roster, and the talent they have is either too old, or too young.

  35. Bet Redskins fans would be willing to trade Chicago’s dumpster fire for theirs.

    If you can’t keep your QB upright, he’s not playing for you at his best. If your OLine can’t protect your QB, it’s not getting pushes to allow for a run game.

    So, your whole offense depends on a guy getting knocked down, sacked, or given a whole 1 second to throw.

    Brees put 375 yards up and the defense gave up 31 points.

    Yeah, Cutler’s the problem.

  36. No l0nger worried about wins but would greatly appreciate no more than 2 pre-snap penalties per game on offense. Is that asking too much?,

  37. santamoss says:
    Dec 16, 2014 11:52 AM
    I think we are seeing the next quarterback of the Washington Redskins.

    I hope so. I would hate to see us lose the best qb we have had in decades. But at this point it would be nice just to see Cutler get a chance. Because no matter what QB Chicago gets he will be railed on by the Chicago media to the point of leaving.

  38. How did this guy fool so many people ??
    He has physical qualifications,
    Yet, he has FOOLED THEM ALL,
    receiving tens of millions of dollars,

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