Jay Gruden gives lukewarm assessment of DeSean, praises Maclin


Washington receiver DeSean Jackson recently said he doesn’t miss Philadelphia.  Next year at this time, maybe Jackson will be saying he doesn’t miss Washington.

Via Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, Washington coach Jay Gruden gave a lukewarm-at-best assessment of Jackson during a Tuesday conference call with the Philadelphia media.

“He’s a very good wide receiver but . . . the last couple weeks he’s been dealing with an injury and he hasn’t been quite the same,” Gruden said. “I’m a ‘what-have-you-done-for-me-lately’ kind of guy and lately we haven’t seen the DeSean we need to see.”

In contrast, Gruden praised Jackson’s former teammate in Philadelphia, Jeremy Maclin.

“He’s a consistent pro, man,” Gruden said. “I love the way he plays, his approach to the football game. . . .  He’s tough and it seems like whenever Philly needs a big play, third down and long or they’re trailing, Maclin seems to always show up.

“Type of guy you want.  Accountable guys that when the game’s on the line they have no problem making the play, and Jeremy’s done that.”

That last part — “type of guy you want” — comes a little close to tampering, given that Maclin will be a free agent after the season.  Maybe he’s precisely the type of guy Gruden wants, and maybe Jackson is precisely the type of guy Gruden has decided he doesn’t want.

80 responses to “Jay Gruden gives lukewarm assessment of DeSean, praises Maclin

  1. So the rookie coach wants a new #1 and a new QB? I knew that when Gibbs hung them up in the early 90’s, it’d be a couple of rough years. Never did I expect this to go on a couple of decades.

  2. Jay Gruden is an idiot! He has done so many rookie mistakes this year and he keeps throwing players under the bus… thats a cardinal rule in the NFL that you criticize players in doors. When you look at the teams that are at the top of their divisions on a consistent basis, they never do this, and those that have loosing records do this all the time.

  3. Atwater, you took the words out of my mouth…

    I mean, seriously Jay Gruden? What turnip truck did you fall off of?

    I’ve never been a head coach at any level, but generally speaking, calling out your star players in public “usually” is not a good way to get them to play better but IS a good way to be fired.

    And well, I wouldn’t want to coach the Redskins flaming ball of crap either, no matter how much.

  4. The Eagles would be fools to let Maclin go. Pay the man and he and Matthews will be a solid tandem of WRs for a long time. What to do about DBs and QB though?

  5. Do whatever you can to get fired Jay, collect that pay check, take a year or two off and get back in the league doing what you do best, coaching. No sense is trying to turn around the NFL’s armpit.

  6. Jay Gruden and Snyder are a perfect match. Way to rally the team around the coach. His brother Jon I have nothing but respect for. Jay as an offensive minded head coach is a joke. With the talent they have on that side of the ball there has to be a way to get them rolling. Jackson, Garcon, Morris, Reed/Paul get them on the same page and try and integrate Griffin and something has to improve. Set them all up to fail as Jay has and this is what you get. I am not sure who is worse at this point in terms of a dumpster fire franchise: Jets, Skins, or Bears.

  7. “Type of guy.” does not equal “That guy within this sentence” technically. The next sentence is just an isolated observation that does not specify direct interest.

  8. Jay’s not wrong, but you can’t say stuff like this publicly. As a previous poster said, he’s alienating the roster. We all want honesty from our coaches – but public honesty kills teams.

  9. Is it me, or does Jay Gruden have buyers remorse. He doesn’t like his QB, he doesn’t like his WR… Why did you take the job if you don’t like the people you work with?

  10. DeSean has been the only guy on that whole team that has produced consistently, it does hurt that the team has been playing musical chairs at the QB position. Also the guy was coming back from an injury last week.. This guy wants to get fired and paid.

  11. Wow. He’s added some fuel to that dumpster fire. He’s as good as fired now. Enjoy your free money! I know I would!

  12. Gruden is a loser. He reminds me a lot of Lane Kiffin, except whiny. at least Lane stayed positive and didnt need to throw his players under the bus to try and salvage his miserable failures.

    what a bum. If im an owner i wouldnt want him on my staff period. if im snyder i hire a new HC and dont even fire Gruden make him quit and return my dinero.

  13. I love Gruden. But unfortunately, these athletes need to be coddled, and have their egos stroked on a constant basis. You can’t fill a roster with tough, hard working football players anymore, so you need to learn how to play this game. Or you will be the first to go, not them.

  14. Well we are ” what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” fans and so far you are 3 and 10 plus seem to add to the unneeded drama DeSean, when healthy, is the Redskins biggest threat so Jay have some common sense…don’t make him disgruntled. Jay you need to learn what it seems RG just learned which is….quit throwing comments about players to the Washington tabloid press…keep it in house like winning coaches do….as far as the Eagles missing DeSean…absolutely! Come on Eagles fans you sound ignorant saying the Eagles don’t miss him. Matthews is good and the Eagles have been decent but they have lost the threat that DJax causes unlike any in the NFL.

  15. If he’s trying to get fired he might as well just go and slash the tires on Snyder’s car and then leave tons of melting burgandy and gold colored icecream in Snyder’s office. Or bench RGIII again.

  16. Oh but Desean has had so many deep balls and averaged 35 yards per catch that helped the team win 3 games.

    RG3 is god
    Best WRs in the NFL in this Order
    Pierre Garcon
    Desean Jackson
    Jordan Reed
    Andre Roberts

    Cry yourself to sleep the rest of the season losers

  17. Jay Gruden would have to be crazy not to want to be fired from D.C. – especially after only one year.

  18. If I were Snyder I would just flat out not pay the kid. If players can lose out on guaranteed money so should coaches. Is Gruden even mentally fit to sign a contract. By his decisions I am not to sure anymore.

  19. Memo to Jay

    ” It’s far better to say nothing and let people think you are not capable of handling your players, or for that matter any interaction with the press, than open your mouth and remove all doubt”

    Talk lots and say nothing….. Just Saying

  20. Maclin might not be an eagle next year but the odds are close to zero that he’d go to washington. if you were used to a nice house and stable family would you move in with your dysfunctional cousins?

  21. Sounds like the Redskin’s Jackson is being challenged by his coach to show up Macklin of the Philadelphia team.

  22. Maclin would look nice in a Washington uniform. Hope we can have him come down for a visit. Once the eagles loose their playoff game

  23. forget football…this is the best, without any possible doubt, reality show going…between the owner, the coach, the QB carousel, and the locker room it never disappoints…

  24. Ok, in all seriousness I am a random internet guy with no football coaching experience, and even I know you cannot say something like that to the press. Do new NFL coaches need orientation packets or something?

  25. 50 catches, 957 receiving yards, 19.1 yds/catch, 5tds. All while Gruden has been a weekly game of musical QB. Jackson is easily our best skilled offensive player this year.

    Oh and by the way coach if this is a what have you done for me lately league then as a Skins fan I must ask…..what have you done for us lately?

    Even with all the dysfunction you’ve been underwhelming. How about you follow the Bill Belicheck rule of dealing with the press. Evidently RG3 isn’t the only one who loves the attention of a mic in his face.

  26. Gruden’s an idiot, been living WAY too long in his brother’s shadow…..can we get him traded to the Arena League for a hot dog, chips, and soda combo??????

  27. Prime example of the media trying to stir the pot with the whole “tampering” angle regarding a common everyday expression. This is exactly why the Redskins should refuse to speak with the media. Ridiculous!

  28. @goodjudgementprevails

    As long as the Redskins have Danny boy the Jets and Bears will always be less dysfunctional. Heck, even the Jets and Bears have had spurts of playoff success in this decade and it’s sad to see Dan Snyder make the Redskins go through what they go through.

    The guy turned into the biggest buffoon after firing Marty.

  29. Would Schneider be able to pull an Al Davis & Fire Jay with cause & not pay him the rest of his contract. It seems like he is intentionally destroying this team hoping he gets fired.

  30. The reporters on hand for this conference call must have been grinning from ear to ear as this was being said. They didn’t have to dig for controversy, it was gift-wrapped for them.

  31. Gruden’s in over his head. Some coordinators just aren’t cut out to be head coaches. Granted, Washington is a tough situation because of the owner’s influence over personnel, but Gruden looks lost, both on game day and when it comes to dealing with the media.

  32. Pretty clearly, Gruden’s just trying to motivate DeSean, or at least see how thick his skin is.

    What better way to do that than to heap tons of praise on the guy DeSean’s old team opted to keep in favor of jettisoning DeSean?

  33. Gruden’s comment reminds me of the year Buddy Ryan said ‘I’d like to cut them all, but I have to send somebody out on the field’ at the end of training camp. Jay knows he has a group of me-first guys and bums. They’re the worst organization in the league.

  34. my guess is gruden got desean foisted on him by allen and snyder. he wont block, takes plays off and loses interest.

    gruden also confirmed exactly what chip kelly said when he said teams didnt change coverages to account for jackson.

    ignoring the facts, however, the talking heads on all the channels will tell you the opposite.

  35. How many coaches are going to pass through Washington and leave saying the same thing? It is hard to get fired up over Gruden’s comments since these aren’t the first time we have heard them. I think the fans are more angry because they believed that guys like Jackson and Griffin would make a difference and Gruden is crushing those dreams. I guess Snyder can bring in a third coach and give this thing one final shot.

  36. Chubbs Gruden is growing really thin on me as a Redskins’ fan.

    Here is my list of people who should be sent packing after the end of the year….

    1. Ginger Rogers Griffin and his personal logo.
    2. Brian Hype-po. For fun we’ll give him a bag of millions of dollars of monopoly money as a parting gift.
    3. Leonard Hankersore. He is like a multiyear pregnancy – holds water and doesn’t deliver.
    4. Ryan Clark – Is there an old folks home for safeties?
    5. Santana Moss. If he were gay he could team up with Ryan and share a room at the home and Santana could smack Ryan around so he’ll remember how it feels to be a Pittsburgh Steeler.
    6. DeSean Jackson. Teenage boys are fast doing their thing. Apparently they last as long as DeSean on the playing field too. And they wear out their welcome as quickly.
    7. Anything on defense not named Kerrigan or Murphy that hasn’t been named personally. I don’t remember their names and they have as much impact on the field as well.
    8. Offensive line and all of its assorted pieces. This is a puzzle with no answer and nothing fits. Time to throw out the trash and to buy a new puzzle with pieces that are all there.
    9. Ginger Rogers Griffin – I called his name twice because that is what he expects.
    10. Chubbs Gruden – I didn’t list him last for any other reason in that crap after it travels downhill ends up in the valley – the bottom. If Chubbs were right about Ginger Rogers Griffin that would leave one stopped clock moment uncaptured. Sadly, I can’t think of another thing he’s been right about. Even Zim Jorn brought a 6-2 start and medium as a second. Does that make Chubbs a number two?

  37. If you don’t like Gruden as a coach,you just don’t get it. These aren’t high school kids go out do your job,keep your mouth shut and play football. It’s Grudens job to change the people, if not change the people not the coach.

  38. Jay was in over his head when he got hired…. Average OC at best but a better HC in arena ball… Name recognition worked well

    I can’t stand either Snyder or Gruden but what a marriage made in heaven for both these guys….I’m still pissed about the Marty Schottenheimer firing

  39. So when a player has injuries you throw him under the bus. Who on earth would want to play in Washington?

  40. it’s offical! this is exactly like Costanza trying to get canned by the yankees…What’s next he gonna do donuts in the parking lot with the lombardi tied to the back…

  41. davereckon, why would Snyder care if Gruden drug the Lombardis behind his car? It’s not as if Little Danny had anything to do with their acquisition.

  42. You HTTR idiots just don’t get it. We told you Jackson is a cancer. He is despised by everyone except his homeboy McCoy, who is another idiot. How did you like McNabb? You don’t just let go a guy with his production. There are reasons behind it. Enjoy watching the Eagles and Maclin in the playoffs

  43. People, the skins o line is terrible. Rodgers or Brady or Peyton would get killed back there too. Our defense is sad outside of Robinson, Kerrigan, and sometimes breeland. It is not all RGIII’s fault.

  44. Man, this guy is really a piece of work; and what is your record as a head coach? Remember your name is Jay not Jon. You’re resume just got worse.

  45. Is that why desean was seen singing along to the Eagles fight song after they scored and stopped once he realized he was on the jumbo tron? I might even be in the majority here but as an Eagles fan, If they cut him…I’ll drive down 95 myself to bring him back

  46. After seeing his bro get that big $$$ extension from ESPN he must be thinking there’s a network out there that might pay him to say crazy things. So he’s practicing on the media.

  47. As an Eagles fan i can relate. Ever season Desean put up great stats half the season and loafed the other half. You can look it up. This guy obviously though he trying to get himself fired. His comments about Maclin is tampering and i’m sure he knows that. Well done, getting yourself a free ride out of Washington

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