Joe Philbin knows Stephen Ross is disappointed, keeps focus on Vikings

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The Dolphins didn’t show up for the second half in New England on Sunday, dashing any remaining playoff hopes and leading to renewed speculation about a coaching change when the year comes to an end.

On Monday, coach Joe Philbin said that he was one of the members of the team’s hierarchy that spoke to owner Stephen Ross after Sunday’s loss and he confirmed that Ross is “disappointed” in his 7-7 team. Philbin said that he anticipated more conversations with Ross this week, but he’s otherwise borrowing a page from the coach who beat him in Week 15 and moving on to Minnesota.

“What my focus, and the team and the staff, is this week,” Philbin said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “What’s happened in the past at some point in time is relevant, but right now what’s relevant is getting our team to play up to their potential for 60 minutes against the Minnesota Vikings. That’s really all that’s important to me right now.”

Philbin doesn’t think he’ll have a problem motivating his players, something that should be true since they have future jobs to think about while playing the Vikings and Jets before Ross makes his call on Philbin’s future. After 46 games and a 22-24 record, though, it may be more relevant that Philbin hasn’t been able to summon consistent winning performances from his team over the past three years.

40 responses to “Joe Philbin knows Stephen Ross is disappointed, keeps focus on Vikings

  1. I expect Teddy to have a big game in his return to his hometown. Rhodes is from there too. Don’t be surprised if he has his first pick six.

  2. wax up the hearse……..he along with Ryan in NY are goners!!!! Heck…Buffalos got a new owner and may wanna get rid of Maronne too…Pat are set for another five years!!!!!

  3. Coming from a DIEHARD Miami fan, who has watched every single one of the games in which he has gone 22-24, I really hope this bum, albeit nice guy, gets canned. He’s just not HC material in my opinion, we need a guy with a pair of balls, and more importantly, a guy who doesn’t read locker room speeches off of cue cards…

  4. The Fins showed a little bit of spine this year at least. As opposed to the horrendous Minny team.

  5. Wow! He’s barely had time to clean up the damn mess that Ireland left behind who was arguably worse than AJ Smith from San Diego!

    He’s developed a rookie QB in to a decent NFL starter and it looks like they might get traction if they had stability.

    This is the most competitive the Phins have been since that fluky Wildcat crap!

  6. I like Philbin and wish the team would have played better. He seems like a nice enough guy but his leadership style is not suited for this team. Football players seem to need external motivation from their coaches and that is just not Philbin’s style. He has the knowledge but falls short on applying it during games. He is too conservative to be effective when it counts. He needed to adjust his schemes to the players strengths and just hasn’t done it. He also doesn’t like playing rookies unless forced to. I was a Philbin supporter but it is time to move on. A full overhaul is not required but a new HC is necessary.

  7. I’m not nearly as tuned in as some fans of the team but I’ll tell you what…if they win the next 2 home games against Minny and NYJ to finish 9-7 and can this guy after getting this team thru the Incognito garbage, Mike Sherman and an extremely limited QB I’d imagine it’ll be hard to explain to a majority of the fan base why it needed to happen.

    Especially if the new guy isn’t Harbaugh or another big confidence inducing name.

  8. I don’t think firing Philibin is the key just yet… I think he needs to bring in an Assistant head coach that overseas or gives insight in ways to finish games… Because there has been a step forward in the offense with Philbin and Lazor but it is the inability to put away games that’s hurt the Dolphins as well and also we had a lot of impactful key injuries… and I do believe with a few more extra players the Dolphins will get over the hump… Lets face it other than Miami fans no one really expected us to be about anything this year any way… But one thing that is a must Tannehill needs to keep taking shots down field…

  9. Philbin will never allow the junkyard type of guys that we need to move forward with. The type of guys that will bring a gun to a knife fight. He prefers manageable personalities as opposed to guys like what Baltimore has and we need.

  10. I would give Philbin one more year. Like many have stated already, Philbin has gotten this team to a respectable place and they are all starting to gel together as a team on both sides of the ball. Lazor has helped Tannehill make a noticeable improvement from year to year 3.

    Give Philbin and this staff one more year to get this right. Stability is key when creating a winner on the field.

  11. If he can’t win against a last place vikings team, then he should be fired.

    Winning as expected and he should retain his job.

    The Dolphins performed better this season and Coach Joe has shown great improvement.

    Dolphins 31, vikings 10.

  12. If we wanted a .500 coach we could have stuck with Sparano. At least he got fired up every so often. Philbin is a good guy, not a good head coach.

  13. I had no idea there were so many experts on here just from watching the games. Not a person on this site has a clue what goes on in meetings, practices, and other team functions. Philbin took control of a bad franchise and made it better each year he was the coach. Philbin has never been a head coach before so he is going to need more time than someone who has been a head coach previously.

  14. The Vikes are a team coming into their own. Next year should be a pivital year with Teddy having experience and them getting draft picks for Pederson and one of their three quarterbacks plus there own picks. They should be stocked and loaded for a playoff run and division title next year.

  15. If the Pats are set for another five years of being the afc champs beating 1st time head coach guys with such weak teams that’s not really saying much. Not winning the big game over the past 10 years and still talking trash is saying much more.

  16. I think the Dolphins are more talented than their record. As an outsider, it just seems like Philbin’s tenure has been weird as hell — and that much of that wierdness seems to relate back to him and the coaching staff/culture he established.

  17. Poor Stephen Ross. The taxpayers of Miami-Dade county should make him feel better by giving him that nice shiny and brand new stadium he so coveted. He’s been such a good boy. Come on, Miami. Give up your hard earned tax dollars to little Stevie for his new toy!

  18. 16, 2014 10:32 AM

    I would give Philbin one more year. Like many have stated already, Philbin has gotten this team to a respectable place and they are all starting to gel together as a team on both sides of the ball. Lazor has helped Tannehill make a noticeable improvement from year to year 3.

    Give Philbin and this staff one more year to get this right. Stability is key when creating a winner


  19. NO BALLS PHILBIN MUST BE FIRED!!! Should have been CANNED when Ireland was FINALLY canned started fresh all over the place!!! Inside the 10 ALWAYS GO FOR IT!!! Settle for 3 Sparano still lives here!!! We need a coach that has the nuts to go for it & Philbin is NOT that guy!!!

  20. “Next year should be a pivital year with Teddy having experience and them getting draft picks for Pederson”

    Why do you think the Vikes are getting a draft pick for Peterson ? No way the Vikes are going to pay him what he’s due next year, and unless he takes a massive pay reduction the team will cut him.

    The entire rest of the league knows he’s going to be cut, so no team will trade for him. If he’s cut you don’t get a compensatory pick for him either.

  21. As bad as the Fins have been I would never trade them for the JETS. I like the Fins future, they have a high quality D and the potential of a decent O. Wishing for guys like Ryan or Harbaugh would not help. Maybe Philbin needs another year?? Just a point to consider.

  22. Philbin is a nice guy, but the facts are:.
    – We have key injuries – Hickey will address this with another good draft.
    – We’re 24-24 (at best) after 3 years
    – if we lose both final games we went 2-6 for the 2nd half of 2014
    – Consistency is key to building a winning franchise, not just a season
    – Philbin has weathered personal, personnel and injuries but stayed consistent
    – The Phins showed flashes the ability to battle anyone, but still need to grow
    – Lazor has done a nice job and should stay as OC
    – Coyle’s defense has gone downhill, due to injuries & coaching, he needs to go
    – Coaches searches and round ups hardly work, find a candidate and get him
    – Gruden isn’t leaving ESPN
    – Best bets for a Philbin replacement are
    Todd Bowles (DC@AZ) and Dan Quinn (DC@SEA) both are defensive minded from winning teams & well respected, Both have ties to Miami with Bowles being an interim HC. Both would keep Lazor most likely.

  23. queen bay fans on a Miami story to troll viking fans. Go lick your wounds after the Bills pushed your soft team around last Sunday. Bobnelsonjr – Vikings aren’t in last place.

  24. It’s easy to blame Philbin. djscottyb lays it out nicely. It’s not just Philbin, but he’s not free of blame. Jason Garrett and Dallas have gone down a similar path, and suddenly with solid o line play they are a VG team that no one wants to play.

    True that phin fans had high expectations, but that is more to do with losing the past few decades than reality. 5 new starters in every position on the o line – the Albert gets hurt and a rookie RT moves to LT, a position he didn’t even play in college. Power running game gone in game two when Moreno goes down. Key injuries at CB, S, and LB have hurt as well.

    No excuse, but those are legit things that hurt the progress of this team. Anyone that watched the Dolphins play this year saw the improvement, this team was a tough out, much tougher than prior years. At the end of the day they did not finish, but this is not a complete blow up and rebuild like many. If you’re changing HC then bring in someone that will leave much of what has been done intact.

    Patriot fans know as well as anyone what a team looks like with poor oline play. They were running Brady out of town after 4 weeks. When the phins oline played well they won games, unfortunately the inconsistency of that unit cost them a lot of games this year.

  25. He’s a nice guy??!! I’m SICK of nice guys….this is the NFL…get me some ANIMALS who’ll go through walls to win!!!! I’m a nice Dolphins fan but I have more desire than most of these guys…..nice guy my A$$

  26. The Dolphins are clearly not able to win games when going for a playoff spot. This must concern Ross big time. Opposing teams game plan to shut down the Dolphins offense. The last game against the Patriots is an example and so was last season against the Jets and Bills. Ross must question; Is this due to the coach or does it have to do with Ryan Tannehill’s limitations? I believe Dan Marino was hired to answer that question and any other questions the owner has about why the team can’t get into the playoffs.

    The Miami Dolphins not getting into the playoffs may have to do with how the offense is shut down and why when big games are on the line and not just Coach Joe Philbin.

  27. Huge Dolphins fan here who hasn’t missed a snap in 15 years. I think it is time to think outside the box a little bit in regards to how the leadership of this team can improve. I think Philbin is a very intelligent guy and would be remiss to not point out that he was a rookie head coach when he took over the Dolphins. I think there were several problems he had in year one that he addressed and improved upon in year 2. I think he mismanaged several games this year and that was very costly and as a head coach agree he has take accountability for the final result and a lot of the blame will fall on both he and Tannehill. My point is, I think Philbin will continue to get better and I really think that we are at a lack of better options out there. Harbaugh has no interest in coming to Miami nor do any of the other head coaches such as Gruden or Cowher that everybody is calling for. I can really appreciate Marino coming in and would be pleased to see his role expand as he gains a little more experience. I think Ross should not give in to the media and Keep Philbin but also bring in a motivator and somebody who can really light a fire under their ass. If we had rex Ryan as a head coach you think he would let our defense lay down late in games? In addition to adding some fire to the staff I would like to see some of the leaders of this team step up and maybe a veteran Free agent or two could really help. As aforementioned the QB and coach will always be held accountable but the teams performance also has a lot to do with them. I find it amusing that when Gruden or Harbaugh get there teams so far early on everybody says they inherited a great team implying that the coaching is not a huge factor, yet when teams are unsuccessful it’s all on the coach. The fact is there was a lot of rough breaks. A blocked kick for a touchdown after a great opening drive, two picks off a deflection and another from a miscue… That can steal the energy from a team really fast but a motivator can fix that. I love Bill Lazor and think Tanny after another year with him is going to be a huge difference to the finished product. The leaders of this very young team need to step up. We are not as far off as everyone thinks. I am not blind or stubborn and my expectation is as high as any other lifelong Dol-fan but there are not a lot of better options out there. We will definitely use a mid-late round pick on a QB to bring in some competition but Tanny is a stud. Hickey also gets the nod from me and after another year of additions I think we are a serious contender.

  28. We did not play one game with all our starters!! We did play one game with only one or two starters out and what did we do? We dominated a very good football team 37-0!! Yes Philbin miss managed a couple games GB and the Lions and we missed the playoffs again but these past two years we have been real close!! This year we got a new OC with a new system that was hampered by injuries on the O-line mainly!! Miller really stepped up his game this year and proved himself that he can be a featured back. This gives us room to bring Moreno back and ease him back into the game so late in the year we have a dual threat at running back!! Juan James did an excellent job at LG which means we can bring Albert back and ease him back into the game. The O-line is the only thing we need to draft or FA pick up for the offense. Thomas and Satele need to go. As for the defense we need to get rid of Wilson, Wheeler and Ellerbe. WE have a great core just need a couple more pieces in the starting roll on o-line and Lb and build for depth in other positions and we can also just go for the big playmaker in any position if we want. We have a lot of options for next year!! so I say keep Philbin because if we do not then we will probably have to start over because a new coach will want to bring in his own coorindators and new systems which will put us back another 3-5 years and we have done that for years now!! Keep Philbin keep the system that’s in place now. The only thing that really hurt us this year was all the injuries and look how competitive we were. If we cut the injuries in half we go 13-3 at best 11-5 at worst.

  29. There are as many constructive comments as there are true fans with thoughtful ideas. Dolfans care about winning no building for the future. Every organization assumes the persona of those in charge. Bad owners spawn loosing teams and visa verse.

    Steven Ross impresses me as a guy who will spend millions on a college in Michigan and then ask the taxpayers of Miami to pay for it. Dawn Apponte keeps the total roster salary low, which translates to an untalented bench composed of desperate journeymen. In December the thin roster results in sub-par replacements for our injured starters. Our failing special teams clearly illustrates this underachieving groups talent level all season.

    Coach Philbin impresses me as a guy who can’t master game time-management and has a propensity for getting off of the field rather than scoring. He has cost us at least two losses this year. I watch him on the sideline with his mouth open looking lost. My guess is that he directs his subordinates to go conservative at the wrong times; generally opting for the safe way, attempting to avoid mistakes. The Dolphins will never be a playoff team if the players are worrying about making mistakes and failing to concentrate of the bold aggressive play that wins those close tough games.

    The biggest problem is the simple fact that the cheap owner will keep the coach with a year left on his contract while he contributes to Michigan’s war chest, which will be used to lure someone like Harbough to Michigan. Ross will assume that the dwindling fan base in Miami will buy those Dolphin tickets and support his mediocre team regardless of their December performance. We must win the next two games but I doubt if we can.

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