Larry Fitzgerald: We’ll be just fine with Ryan Lindley

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With Carson Palmer out for the season and Drew Stanton out right now, the Cardinals will turn to Ryan Lindley as their starting quarterback against the Seahawks on Sunday.

It’s a development that has a lot of people discounting the Cardinals’ chances of beating their divisional rivals and sewing up the NFC West after being in the top spot all season, but wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald isn’t on that list. Fitzgerald played with Lindley when Lindley was thrust into the starting lineup in 2012 and says that the quarterback will handle things come Sunday.

“He’s a really cerebral young man, he’s been in the league for over three [years] and he works hard, extremely hard in the offseason,” Fitzgerald said during an interview on NFL Network. “We actually train together and he’s a student of the game, really focused. … We really believe in Ryan, he can make all the throws. We just got to protect him, make some plays for him outside, run the ball. We’re going to be just fine.”

The Cardinals didn’t change the offense much when they made the move from Palmer to Stanton and the Cardinals’ general mantra in the face of injuries this season has been to keep on doing exactly what they did before, so there’s little reason to think they’ll alter things significantly with Lindley taking his turn at the helm. That might not work out for them, Lindley has thrown seven interceptions and no touchdowns in his career, but that risk is one Bruce Arians has looked comfortable with all year.

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  1. Arians and his staff puts all of their players in position to win. They will run an offense that caters to Lindley getting it out quickly, and a lot of running the ball.

    Look at the teams who have beat Seattle this year, they never let up on running the ball.

  2. “He’s a really cerebral young man”

    Fishing for compliments, I see. Lipstick, meet pig. There’s a reason he was the 3rd stringer….but this is his chance and he has a great team behind him. What 3rd stringer would not see this as a golden opportunity?

  3. Actually this is the future of football, 3 quarterback rotating committee. They do it in Washington. And they’re about to do it in Philly.

  4. Fitz is a pro’s pro but he doesn’t have block our pass rush.

    I don’t envy Lindley, but I am looking forward to picks and sacks!!!!!

    Go Hawks!

  5. Fitzgerald is a class act and don’t expect him to say anything more or less. That being said, this game doesn’t stack up well for Arizona, someone said run the ball and stick to it, the team doesn’t run block well and the dynamic running back is on the sidelines.

    If Arizona has a chance it in Seattle not picking up the blitz at all without Max Unger. There is always a free rusher or two coming at Wilson they will need to score of turnovers and win the field position and hope Lindley can move it enough for field goals. Not trying to talk smack but just give my honest assessment.

  6. The NFL needs Tebow, it has no likable or charismatic players.

    In the same way the jar of mayonaise in my fridge is likeable and charismatic. And it’s able to do well at it’s chosen profession too.

  7. It’s so easy for Hawks fans to talk smack when the Card’s third string QB is playing (stay classy Seattle). That being said, the Cards are 7-0 at home this year. We’ll see how this plays out…. They play the game between the lines, not on the PFT comment section.

  8. Seattle is going to struggle on offense just as much as Ryan Lindley will. Unger, nope. Okung, not playing either. 7 sacks for the cards last meeting plus lynch not even reaching 40 yards rushing…

    Go ahead and chalk it up as a win Seattle… Just don’t break your TV this sunday.

  9. People don’t seem to realize that Lindley was thrown into those games as an unprepared rookie by “The Wiz”. Something BA said he won’t do with Logan Thomas.

    I’m sure Lindley is at least a little better than he was almost 3 years ago. I know for sure his O-line is (EXPONENTIALLY!)

    PLEASE keep bringing up 58-0. It reminds me of how this is not the 2012 team.

  10. mwatts1 says:
    It’s so easy for Hawks fans to talk smack when the Card’s third string QB is playing (stay classy Seattle)
    4th string, if you want to get technical.

  11. It’s amusing to see just how many people forget that this is the NFL; These are the (approximately) 1700 best football players you can find. Yes, Lindley has no regular season touchdowns, but he still managed to impress enough people to hold a spot on the roster. So, don’t count anyone out. The phrase “any given Sunday” comes to mind…

    Divisional battles in December are NEVER easy. Even if the score says otherwise. I’m hoping for a competitive game between two great teams.

    Go Hawks!

  12. LOL! Cards play best when they are the underdog, sometimes they even shock the “experts” (as they did when they handed the Hawks their only home loss last season and stopped the Rams on Thursday night). This isn’t your granddaddy’s Cardinal team and Ryan Lindley isn’t the green rookie that was thrown into the remaining minutes of that game in 2012. Obviously, posters didn’t see a much improved 0-line against the Rams along with a killer defense. Plus, Fitz is back to match Richard Sherman. Should be the best game of the week…nothing like NFC West football!

  13. Love the passive-aggressive trolling by the so-called down-trodden Cardinals martyrs. Keep it up.

  14. Bottom line both teams are going to be playing like this is a must win game…………….. Because it is.

    It will come down to who has the most healthy talent on the field for this game and who has the better scheme.. I will give you a hint for this game it wont be the home team.

    Seattle 24
    Redbirds 12

    Dont worry I am sure we will be seeing each other in the playoffs again but right now Seattle is healthy and playing crazy with a goal in sight.

  15. Keep hating…Cards keep winning!
    How’s that been working out for ya?
    Rams were favored with a 6-7 record vs. 10-3 LOL
    Cards keep winning…some people never learn.

  16. jeffnfl says: Dec 16, 2014 11:47 AM

    Arians and his staff puts all of their players in position to win. They will run an offense that caters to Lindley getting it out quickly, and a lot of running the ball.

    Look at the teams who have beat Seattle this year, they never let up on running the ball.
    2 of the 4 teams that beat Seattle only managed 100 yards in team rushing.

    When Seattle has lost, it has not been strictly because of a solid rushing attack. It has been a combination of injuries on both sides of the ball that have reduced their effectiveness.

    The last time that Seattle and Arizona met, Seattle had 2 starting O linemen out and another at less than 100%. This game, it is looking like the same combination. The difference will be on the defensive side of the ball, where all of Seattle’s starters and rotational players will be healthy whereas Arizona has some key injuries.

    I’m not saying that this game is an automatic win for Seattle because I have a lot of respect for what Arizona has done this year, but I think the odds are definitely in Seattle’s favor.

    Over the last 4 games, Seattle has held opponents to 64, 64, 57, and 140 team rushing yards.

  17. Heard a little from Larry on Mike&Mike today
    but it was a bad phone, so I think they decide to
    “Punt,” the phone call and us AZ Cardinals fans
    just hope the defense keeps up their solid work
    and we just win this by 1 point!

    D.R. Blood

  18. Two great, yet different defenses… that will very likely shut down the offense on both sides. That’s the story of this game.

    It’s a cliché, but this one is going to come down to special teams and turnovers… whoever wins those two pieces, and controls field position, will win this game.

    Go Hawks!!!

  19. The Cardinals gimmicky blitz on every play defense can only work so long. Seattle will beat you down and wear you down, just like they did a few weeks ago. The cardinals only hope is to score some TDs on flukes and special teams. It won’t happen.

    Seahawks, 17-3.

  20. Cute story bro, but come on — remember when everyone was buying into the Drew Stanton hype too? And at least Stanton had at least a couple of highlights to his name at that point…

    I’m not saying it’s a lost cause, but if the Cardinals win, it’ll be because of their defense, special teams, and running game, not because of the Ryan Lindley throwing the ball.

  21. Seattle is going to absolutely crush and humiliate the Cards on Sunday. You can hear it in their voices. The ‘Hawks are jacked up for this game, they see an opportunity to grab the #1 seed and nobody is stopping this team from heading back to the Superbowl.

    Especially our healthy, physical, young defense. They’re going to be playing all-out. How will AZ possibly counter that? With their run game? LOL, ok dude. Seattle will be totally focused on stopping the run and challenging Lindley to throw the ball. The Seahawks have the #1 run defense in the NFL, and AZ has what at RB? Some backup scrubs. Did you even see what Seattle did last week to Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde? They didn’t even escape the game with their health. If I was AZ, I’d be looking for a used dumptruck and drive that out on the field because that’s the only way you’re going to move the ball against this defense.

    I’m just praying that the Cardinals can escape this game without a half dozen injuries, like the 49ers just got. Seattle ain’t here to mess around. We’re going to come in throwing punches and we’re going to keep throwing them all 4 quarters.

    Whatever these confident Cards fan are smoking, I want some. Oh, you beat the Rams so that means you can beat Seattle. OK then. LOL. Y’all better just stay home Sunday because you don’t want to see this beatdown.

  22. If only every player were like Fitz…you bet’chum…and if the Cardinals lose on Sunday, you won’t hear an excuse from Fitzgerald, unlike other superstars…

  23. I’ve watched enough football to see that you can manage games around defense and special teams and stay conservative on offense in the regular season.

    That doesn’t work in the playoffs though; your QB will have to convert multiple times on third down and in the red zone. Both teams’ defenses and special teams will be average-to-good as well.

    Having to use a backup will cost Arizona eventually, either this weekend or further down the line; Lindley doesn’t strike me as the next coming of Kurt Warner.

  24. …”he’s a celebral young man…”.

    Seattle opened as a 7 point road favorite in several Las Vegas books. That soon went to 7.5. They are 9 point road favorites in other books.

    Think about that.

  25. Bruce Arians also said there will be some plays for Logan Thomas. Nobody noticed that, i’m sure Seattle coaching staff is preparing something for that. If not, they will end up in one of those highlight reels of a 65-yard bomb(not including YAC).

  26. Austin Davis did surprisingly well against Seattle earlier this season, so I think Lindley and the Cardinals will look closely at that game. Of course, the Seahawks look much better defensively now than they did against St. Louis, and have learned to take away those intermediate routes that served the Rams so well in that game. The Cardinals best hope is to create turnovers and hope they can win this one in a slugfest.

  27. I like the Cardinal organization. They did just fine this year and will make the playoffs despite key injuries. However, Week 16 is Seahawk time and Arizona better have another quarterback on the bench because Seattle’s Defense is out to win another Super Bowl.
    Seahawks 43 Cardinals 10

  28. Anyone remember the time Houston had the Bills down by about 30 points and Buffalo’s back-up QB came in for the 2nd half and led his team to victory? Remember back-up QB, Earl Morrell, stepping in for Unitas and leading the Colts to victory? Stuff happens.

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