Lions favored by around a touchdown at Chicago


If Sunday is indeed Marc Trestman’s last home game as Bears coach, he’ll have something in common with several of his recent predecessors in Chicago.

The Bears, lackluster in a 31-15 defeat to New Orleans on Monday night, are underdogs of as many as seven points to NFC North co-leader Detroit on Sunday.

Per the Spreadapedia database, the Bears have only been home underdogs to Detroit on six other occasions since 1980 — and never by more than 3.5 points.

The Bears are 0-3 vs. Detroit under Trestman. The Lions won the first 2014 matchup between the clubs, pulling away to a 34-17 win over visiting Chicago.

Two years ago, the Bears were three-point home underdogs to Green Bay in Lovie Smith’s final game in Chicago, falling 21-13. Chicago was also an underdog in Dave Wannstedt’s final game in 1998, when Packers fans made themselves heard at Soldier Field as Green Bay (-7) grinded out a 16-13 win.

Not all home finales for recent Bears coaches have gone poorly. The 2003 Bears (-4.5) knocked off Washington 27-24 in Dick Jauron’s penultimate game. Also, the 1992 Bears (+3) routed favored Pittsburgh 30-6 in the final Soldier Field game for Mike Ditka and the retiring Mike Singletary.

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  1. I’ve been watching the NFL for over 50 years and I seriously cannot recall a time when there were so many absolutely horrible, uncompetitive and downright hopeless teams as there are right now. It’s mind boggling, maybe the league just expanded too much and a couple of teams need to be folded. What’s going to kill the NFL is this ruining of the brand – look at how many no-shows were at CHICAGO last night!! Who would have expected that of the Bears?

  2. Only favored by 7? That bears D is devoid of talent and without Marshall their offense isnt scary at all. I know they have Forte but hes only one guy and the Lions D line should neutralize him. Seems like a decent bet.

  3. Really all the Lions have to do is show up with enough players to avoid a forfeit and stand around onfield while the Bears somehow manage to score 6 for the Lions.

    If they bring the kicker and allow him to do the extra point, then the Lions cover the spread.

  4. If it is is last game it won’t feel like a morgue….It’s really a shame he was even given the job, although now he knows what he WAS NOT meant to do. He’s a well meaning guy, just not an NFL Head Coach.

  5. I’ve been watching the NFL for over 50 years and I seriously cannot recall a time when there were so many absolutely horrible, uncompetitive and downright hopeless teams as there are right now.

    I don’t know if that’s true but it certainly seems that way. If it is true, I suspect it’s partially because the rule and enforcement changes have caused the league to be pass-heavy. That means more than ever, whoever has the best QB wins. And given that the QB is the most durable position (other than kickers/punters/long-snappers), you find a great QB, you’re a playoff contender for the next fifteen years.

    If winning in the NFL were about which team could run the ball best, you’d see more turnover in dynasties. Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders both had relatively long primes, but not compared to Brady or Manning.

  6. “NFC co-leader Detroit”?

    Hardly. The NFL thinks that with Detroit’s better division AND conference records they are in sole possession of first place.

    More Detroit hate from you guys, as usual.

    Been a fan for 40 years, and I know that Green Bay is more than capable of taking the division from us. But as of this moment? There is no tie for first in the NFC North. Get it right, guys.

  7. If the Bears put Ditka on the field by himself against the entire Lions roster (all on the field at the same time), Ditka would be favored by 40 points. And he would beat the spread.

    Just sayin’ … where are the Bears super fans when we need them?

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