Phil Emery allowed Marc Trestman to make Aaron Kromer decision


As unsightly as the Bears were on the field last night, they behind-the-scenes Bears might be even worse.

During the pre-game show on the team’s flagship radio station, Bears General Manager Phil Emery said he was very upset by last week’s comments by offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer, which became a thing when Kromer admitted to being an unnamed source critical of quarterback Jay Cutler.

“Not uncommon, what Aaron did, in this league,” Emery said, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. “Obviously, there’s a whole industry in the NFL in terms of sourcing — coaches, players, staff members. That’s what makes it turn a little bit in terms of the news and the blogs and the information circuit of the NFL. Obviously some of that has been very positive and helps our game grow. And sometimes it has a negative impact on the team, which it did ours this week.

“The venting by a coach and the way it was brought about and the apology was — surprising. And, again, that brought a lot of anger. However, we have a lot of system in place to deal with adversity. I trust our system. It’s a system in which we let emotions subside and we work through the decision process or all the details that anything would entail, in terms of an issue. It also allows us to treat everybody with respect.”

Emery went on to make it very clear that the decision to retain Kromer was “Marc’s decision,” putting the onus on coach Marc Trestman.

“It is that way contractually,” Emery said. “It is also that way in terms of how we’re set up. We’re set up in a top-down, very much a military fashion. We always want to deal with problems as they come at the lowest level possible before we involve other people, which is did in this context.

“There’s no Alexander Haig moves pulled during this situation. For our fans that don’t remember the situation with President Reagan was shot, that Alexander stepped in and said, ‘I’m in control,’ when in fact he wasn’t. So, you know, this was Marc’s decision because that’s the way we were set up.

Emery gets credit for a solid Al Haig reference, but made it clear he didn’t like the actions of Kromer, but was willing to move on (for now).

Defending an assistant coach is something a lot of coaches will do (until it’s expedient to can them), but it usually helps if the coach is on solid ground.

With the Bears officially a mess, it will be interesting to see if the current staff and Cutler will be able to co-exist in the future.

15 responses to “Phil Emery allowed Marc Trestman to make Aaron Kromer decision

  1. Coexistence isn’t an option and things will change after this season is (mercifully) over. Look for Kromer, Tucker and DeCamillis to be shown the door with yet another offensive “guru” brought in to teach Jay his umpteenth scheme in so many years that I’ve lost count. Too many problems to fix in just one year; the team is officially rebuilding.

  2. Sounds to me like Kromer had no choice but to go to the press. His job and reputation is on the line and he’s stuck with a terrible qb because Emery messed up. What else could he of done? Cutler has proven in the past he can’t take negative feedback. He obviously isn’t taking any coach’s advice or listening to them. Trestman doesn’t have the balls to make Emery look even worse by benching Cutler and admitting the Bears wasted 56m guaranteed. I blame Emery completely for this debacle. Any scout worth a damn could see Cutler has tunnel vision, eyes his primary target from the start and never looks off safety’s. Gruden was even pointing it out all night. No qb will ever have sustained success playing like that. That’s why Cutler never has in his career.

  3. Military configuration, reference to President Reagan, bewildered coaching staff… I cannot imagine there’s a single person in the Bears organization that is happy about anything.

  4. To bad our gm and coach doesn’t have the balls to admit a mistake, move on, and try a different qb. Washington did it. Look at least year. Imagine Cutler was this awful last year and didn’t get hurt. Would we of had a better shot to win with giving McCown a chance? Yes! What if Clausen was this year’s McCown? We won’t know I guess. We’re to busy watching Cutler go for 30+ turnovers. Sometimes all it takes is a player like McCown to listen to the coaches and behave a west coast style mentality. Cutler is not a west coast qb.

  5. Before everyone does the list of names that have to go from Halas Hall I’ll start with the Chicago fans. After so many seasons of mediocrity that in that crummy weather Soldier’s Field was full is a testament to “you get what you pay for” as the owners run it as a cash cow and if Chicago fans will continue to pay for same at such a level that is what they will get. Chicago can give the Raiders, the Jags and the Bucs a run for their money after last night and run the table to go 5 and 11. At least Trestman seems to get that in the NFL if you are going to be bad you are better off being truly bad rather than just indifferent.

  6. Trestman and staff are done after the season. I was pulling for him, being a CFL coach and all, but he appears to be in way over his head.

  7. Talk about being over his head….the GM put the mess together and hes not??????? Clean house time and de bugg the office….

  8. As nothing more than a fan watching from the outside, even I know they can’t keep this coaching staff. It started during the preseason when Briggs was allowed to go open a restaurant, letting Marshall do Inside The NFL, and has been a train wreck since. All the coordinators and Trestman look overmatched, confused, and outcoached ever week. Emery should be shown the door as well since he put this mess together. The best thing possible would be for the Bears to hire a REAL football guy for the front office, and start from scratch. Blow this whole thing up!

  9. @ shamrock6699 Kromer had PLENTY of choice. Cutler didn’t go to he media and whine about Kromer’s poor playcalling or bad game planning , did he ? Kromer needed to stay ” in house ” and not be a backstabbing coward with the anonymous source quote. Trestman should have manned up and fired Kromer on the spot , instead he in essence told his team there is no reason to trust the coaches at all. Everybody saw how the Bears responded, Trestman screwed it up and needs to be fired , along with ALL the coaching staff. Kromer, instead of “saving” his reputation, screwed it over

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