Report: Bears likely to fire Trestman

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The Marc Trestman experiment reportedly will be ending, soon.

According to Dan Bernstein of WSCR in Chicago, Bears ownership met in the wake of Monday night’s 31-15 home loss to the Saints. Per Bernstein, the team “likely” will fold the tents on the Trestman regime. It’s not known whether the Bears also will be parting ways with the man who hired Trestman, G.M. Phil Emery.

The Trestman hire was unconventional, to say the least. A long-time NFL assistant who was a candidate for head-coaching jobs but never hired eventually left the pro game after the 2004 season for N.C. State, where he served as offensive coordinator. After two years with the Wolfpack and a season out of football, Trestman became the head coach of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes.

After five years in Canada, Emery decided to give Trestman a try. His laid-back, professorial style hasn’t gotten the most out of his players, especially with the locker room devoid of vocal leaders.

While most General Managers get two chances to hire a head coach, Emery’s blunder becomes underscored by the fact that one of the other finalists for the job was Bruce Arians, who has compiled a record of 21-9 to date in Arizona. Trestman is 13-17, and it feels even worse than that.

Also working against Emery was the decision to make a real, multi-year commitment to quarterback Jay Cutler. At a time when more teams are using year-to-year deals that protect the franchise against a dramatic downturn in ability, Emery gave Cutler $54 million guaranteed over three years. To get out of the contract after one season, the Bears would have to watch $38 million walk out the door.

The alternative may not be any more palatable, since it could become harder to hire a new head coach if the new coach inherits a quarterback he may not want.

For more on the mess at Halas Hall, here’s John Mullin of appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live.

174 responses to “Report: Bears likely to fire Trestman

  1. Not a Bears fan but I knew it was a bad hiring. There is a certain look on the guy if he could win or not. Trestman sure does not have the look. Might as well clean the house, including Cutler, staff and GM if Bears want to get better.

  2. Emery also fired Lovie Smith, despite having a 10-6 record. That, the current state of dysfunction in the franchise (“the Redskins of the Midwest”), and the commitment to Mr. Interception himself, should cause Phil to get the boot.

  3. He seems like a good dude, but some guys are just meant to be coordinators, and he’s definitely one of them.

  4. What’s the over/under on the amount of coaches Culter will get fired in his career? Maybe, just maybe, they are firing the wrong guy. Of course some sort of defense could hurt either…

  5. Be foolish to fire anyone in the Bears organization. Everyone thought their offense would take them deep into the playoffs but it didn’t. Their line had problems and their defense can’t stop anybody.

    Regroup next year. Get rid of Mel Tucker (Del Rio loser). Draft for defensive depth, use FA to get an OL.

    Scrapping and panicking after a bad season is not what this group needs. Too many good vets on offense to learn a new system.

  6. Last season Trestman had me a little worried the bears found there coach of the future. Looked like he had things headed in up direction. How quickly things change from 1 season to the other.
    Go Pack Go!

  7. Heard about the Bears troubles but had not seen a game until last night. The miscues and poor play was undeniable and how anyone thought Cutler was worth that kind of money is beyond belief……

  8. The huge mistake wasn’t so much re-signing Cutler, as he’s still probably in the top half of QBs in the league (seriously, he’s probably the 16th best QB), but the way they overpaid for him. Cutler was coming off a season where he missed 5 games, was arguably outplayed by his journeyman backup, and once again lost an elimination game to GB at home – he wasn’t exactly wielding a leverage sledgehammer. The Bears should be paying him no more than $14million a year – if some other team, say Jacksonville, was willing to pay Cutler more than that, then let him pack up his life and move to Florida so he can throw passes to Cecil Shorts.

  9. Trestman is a good man and a good coach, but his team and his quarterback let him down. He deserved better. I give Trestman credit for not trying to change who he is by becoming a screamer when things went wrong. The fault for this season lies on the players and the dude who brought those players in.

  10. Cutler is a disgrace. The most overrated and overpaid jerk in sports–and that’s with Ray “Blood” Lewis still collecting large paychecks from ESPN.

  11. Damn … that’s a quick hook. No punishment for Cutler? ‘Cause it’s not like that dude wasn’t a factor.

  12. By the way, I actually like The Bears and Trestman. and I agree with the guy that said he should be an offensive coordinator. My post wasn’t meant to offend the good people of Chicago and their fans. And I LOVE that city!

    Patriots fan

  13. And the next Bears’ head coach is……

    (drum roll)

    Rex Ryan.

    The defense will get better next season, the offense will get worse, and no one’s feet will be safe.

  14. I almost gagged when I read about the Cutler contract last year. This news does not surprise me, and yes, Emery should be shown the door along with Trestman.

  15. This guy will definitely catch on as a solid OC somewhere. No doubt his team seemed to have given up on him though, and not to mention, looked to be the softest bunch in the NFL by far. Change is needed.

  16. The Bears will enter the race for Harbaugh. Jim will….. uh….. convince Cutler to retire early if he ended up in Chicago. Heck, he might even try to bring Kaepernick with him. This would be good for the Bears and bad for the Niners and Packers.

  17. Confusion of blocking assignments, false starts, poor route running. All of those point to poor coaching. It is no different than the excessive penalties the Lions D had before they made a change and this year they are much better.

    Something’s going on either with the GM or above. There’s a reason nobody but Martz took the OC job during Lovie’s last two years, and I doubt it had anything to do with the HC.

  18. Emery gave Cutler $54 million guaranteed over three years.

    Ouch, that hurts even worse when you see it on the screen like that, lol. Yeah, that guy’s got to go, too.

  19. The Bears looked disinterested last night and Cutler led the disinterest…….. long way down since defeating the 49ers.

  20. No one is ever going to win with Cutler.

    The guy has no leadership skills–he simply can’t be bothered. People talk about his body language for a reason–the guy simply looks like he doesn’t like football–approaches the game with all the enthusiasm of somebody punching a clock.

    Every time he saunters to the line of scrimmage, he acts like what-the-hey, he’s already got his $50 million and that’s not going anywhere, so win or lose really doesn’t mean much in his scheme of things.

    He’s a loser.

  21. Look, I am okay with this current head coaching staff being entirely removed; however stop mentioning how the Chicago Bears could have hired Bruce Arians!!!

    Everyone could have!!!! Why aren’t Jacksonville, New York Jets, San Diego, Oakland, Tampa Bay, or other losers being told that???

  22. If the NFL network report about Jay Cutler being able to be traded to where the Bears do not have a salary cap hit, but the bears should do it in a heartbeat. Who cares if it is for a 3015 seventh round pick. Get rid of this guy. He’s a cancer!!!

  23. As I’m here in Chicago, I’ll be happy to drive him to O’Hare…with Emery in the backseat.

  24. As a Packers fan, we need to keep this loser around. Please reconsider firing the Nutty Professor for the good of Packer Nation.

    In all seriousness, this guy is so weird and dull, the GM should be canned along with him. And the 38 million they flush down the toilet when they out the “cut” in Cutler.

  25. The graphic they showed during the Monday night game illustrated that statistically, Jay Cutler is an average NFL quarterback. Passer rating, completion percentage: he’s right on the average. Unfortunately for the Bears, Cutler’s salary is well above average.

  26. Not sure if Trestman should go, BUT if it is not obvious now that Cutler will never win a championship it never will be. (See Jeff George) Drafting the best QB available is not a bad idea. Also, bring in Rex Ryan to fix the D!!!!

  27. IF the Raiders hire CHUCKIE , Trestman maybe his OC and Rich Gannon the QB coach. Trestman is a good coach . JAY CUTLER SUCKS ! If The Bears fire him they will go after Harbaugh HARD .

  28. im not a bears fan, but didn’t they set some sort of offensive records last year as a team?

    tbh, from the outside looking in, i’d say this has a lot more to do with a bad GM and QB play, than a 2nd year head coach

  29. this is what you get for being impatient and firing a coach who consistently had you in the playoff picture and took your team to a superbowl with rex grossman at QB.

    As a football fan the bears play on the field offends me. It’s a wonder they’ve won five games. They don’t deserve them. I feel sorry for the players because there are obviously problems at the top that never gave them a chance.

  30. I’m actually kind of excited to see things get blown up and finally have some really high draft picks. I think the Bears brass has finally woken up and realized it’s time to get a real football mind in charge of operations. The Bears are the charter franchise in the NFL, any elite football mind would gush at the fact they get to turn around this team.

  31. “Emery also fired Lovie Smith, despite having a 10-6 record.”

    After 5 of previous 6 seasons NOT in the playoffs? Yeah, that’s a track record of success.

  32. The best coach for the Bears next year would be Rex Ryan in a landslide. Rex is a guy that can get the best out of a bad team and his Defensive schemes has vexed the likes of Tom Brady and Arron Rogers. He could bring the Bears back to their roots…tough, hard nosed skin you alive defense that sends fear to the hearts of Dragons!

    He is easily the most likable coach in football due to his honesty and gregarious personality, but unfortunately he was surrounded by the most obtuse tandem of Owner and GM in in football with Woody and Idzick calling the shots. They wanted him gone so they gave him guys off the street to play on the team and Rex has no clue how to run a modern offense. Rex is a run the football guy but if you are stuck with Cutler… thats not a bad strategy. You hire Rex and a good OC while fixing your OL and focusing on low risk sideline throws and more check downs to Forte to minimize ints and try to renegotiate that terrible contract with Cutler to bring in more target and you might get over the hump.

  33. Trestman inherited an aging defense and a psychotic QB. Not that he is the best coach in football, but he really never had much of a chance.

  34. You really can’t be that bright if you think Lovie would have done any better.

    Lovie’s pathetic record of developing players and signing free agents speaks for itself.

    They need to hire someone who actually knows football instead of Ted Phillips the bean-counting president.

    The organization is a mess

  35. for all of you throwing coaching names out there
    name a head coach that the Bears hired that had previous NFL head coaching experience

  36. Its $38 guaranteed..his 2014 and 2015 salaries…$10M of his 2016 salry becomes guaranteed if hes on the roster on the 3rd day of the 2015 league year…the remaining $6M of his 2016 salary becomes guaranteed on the 3rd day of the 2016 if hes on the roster…so if they cut him before the third day of the 2015 league year the total guarantee would be $38M…

  37. Take a look at the GM who put the team together. He invested in the wrong positions, hasn’t drafted well overall, keeps signing past-prime free agents and hasn’t developed a philosophy for the team. The team needs to stop living off of the 85 team and move on. GB, Detroit have drafted well and been selective about FAs, even the Vikes are moving in the right direction by drafting smart and shipping off aged players. Time to reboot Chicago. And sorry, the talent level in AZ and Indy is far superior to that in Chicago, so even Arians being the coach there wouldn’t have helped.

  38. Emery hired Trestman over Arians. Drafted Shea McClellin over Chandler Jones. Signed Cutler to a long term big money contract. Emery has set the Bears franchise back years by making those moves. A head coach, a legit defensive end, & the quarterback, that’s probably the 3 most important positions on the team.

    Emery needs to get canned along with Trestman. Hire a legit GM and have him pick the next coach. The McCaskeys has got to realize this and know that Emery cannot be trusted to make another important decision for this franchise.

  39. The lasting image I have from last night’s game is Jimmy Graham catching a pass about 7 yards downfield and being surrounded by a bunch of midgets.

    I wonder if the Bears have a defensive back taller than 5’10”.

    The dysfunction runs so broad and deep it is incredible, from the aging or undersized defense, the extremely talented but disinterested quarterback, lack of team leadership, etc.

    Where do you even start?

  40. Mike Ditka was awesome. He was good enough to win a Super Bowl with a very unconventional style. Da Bears went 18-1. He was “Iron Mike”. But he had a great personnel guy and tons of talent. Then Ditka went to New Orleans. He was a dud because he didn’t have the talent. Then he was just “Dummy Ditka”. A Laughing stock. He was run out of town. Trestman could go 18-1 with a great personnel guy. Any GM that would go out and get Jay Cutler is a complete idiot. To think that the coach is made the scapegoat is just beyond idiotic. George Seifert took over from Bill Walsh and won 2 super bowls in San Francisco. He actually had a much better win-loss record than Walsh. He was better than the genius. Then he went to Carolina and got fired. Bill Belichick got fired in Cleveland. Then he stumbled into Tom Brady and he’s a genius. Mike Shanahan walked on water in Denver (with Elway). Then he got fired in Washington with RG3.

  41. Lovie may look good in the rear view mirror but only because of how far the Bears have fallen. Truth is a lot of this is Lovie’s fault. He sacrificed the Bears future letting the defense get old while he poured everything into a win now focus on offense.

  42. its funny how the NFL works.

    Cutler throws picks all day and makes 100 mill and durring that proses his coach gets fired. lol ass backwards.

  43. Funny, I kinda laugh a lot of you guys here on PFT:

    Trestman came in with tons of hype because the Bears offense has been ran around who?: FORTE

    Lets see:

    Trestman is known to be a running back genius, who bases his offensive scheme around the running game. You have Marshall and Jeffrey out periodically throughout the season, yet, how is Forte doing??

    Wait for it… So, Cutler is to blame because the Bears sign him to a deal that any NFL QB would take in a heartbeat, but in reality the offense has been around Forte his whole career??

    Point: Lets stop talking about Cutler and Marshall….. Lets talk about Trestman being an RB/running game genius, and doing squat with a perennial top 5 NFL RB since he has come into the NFL.


    Pats Fan.

  44. To all that say dump Cutler (and I agree) here’s the immediate follow up question: replace him with whom? Can the Bears use coupons at Target? Basically, they can’t dump him AND all the money they’d owe him without another desirable QB lined up.

  45. The Coach and whoever gave all that money to Cutler should be fired. Cutler has been horrible this year, and has a dreadful attitude. This team is a complete mess, and needs a serious overhaul.
    How in heavens name could Cutler be the highest paid QB, he is ghastly? Someone must have been looking in a crystal ball to do this.

  46. 1. Marc Trestman was the guy that allowed
    the inmates to run the asylum!
    2. Trestman forgot more about football than
    most coaches EVER knew, but there lies the
    problem. Same thing happened in Dallas with
    another genius named Tom Landry. In the beginning Landry was so smart, and his plays
    so complicated that when he realized this, he
    completely simplified his system and then flourished.
    3. We all heard that Trestman was a QB whisperer. That may have been the case but
    this wasn’t what Jay Cutler needed. With Jays
    obvious talent, the only thing missing, was a
    coach who would give Jay a SWIFT KICK in
    his flipping A$$ and spell out, that Jay would
    NOT be doing things his own way! This was
    exactly what Mike Holmgren did to Brett Favre
    in Green bay when Favre was playing just like
    Cutler. Remember, Favre was a turn over machine and Holmgren made this guy tow the line.
    4. There is only one no nonsense coach, who will
    be available to give Cutler that swift kick in the
    A$$ and that is Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh also
    worked in his first assistant coaching job, with Marc Trestman, but has the perfect tough temperament to kick some A$$ and take no prisoners! Get after him! Go Bears!

  47. Two years and he gets the axe? Not a fan of that move. Guy is very well respected in the NFL Hate to see him go.

  48. Highlight of the season for Bears fans if this comes true, but the team still has a huge problem and he wears #6. They are gonna have to get rid of him if they want any HC of quality to even take their call. He is straight poison and everyone in the league knows it by now.

  49. I’d like to see Rex Ryan return to the scene of Buddy Ryan’s glory. He’d have to kick two or three quarterbacks to the curb, but the rest of the team would start playing like the game means something to them.

  50. Stop talking about bringing a head coach in that will work well with Cutler. He’s proven to be a flash player that lacks accuracy and ball protection.

    Someone needs to set up a meeting between Rocky Wirtz and George McCaskey, followed by a meeting between Theo Epstein and George McCaskey. It has to start at the top and George needs to carefully build the club from president on down.

    Your family is unlikely to give you more than one mulligan, George.

  51. So Emery’s got Arians in the building, reigning Coach of the Year (how often does THAT guy become available?), and blows it in 2 ways – one, he tells Bruce that he has to keep some of the current staff, presumably because the owners are cheap, and two, they asked Bruce to do a “mock press conference” as part of the interview process. What genius came up with THAT idea? Really turned Bruce off. I mean did they forget that he’d just finished coaching the Colts for most of the season while Pagano was out, doing a press conference each week? Were those collectively not enough of an “audition”? If I were a Bears fan I’d be furious. But my team landed Arians, so I’m pretty happy with Emery and Bears ownership. Carry on!

  52. Let’s face it, Jay Cutler is living the American Dream.

    He’s a guy who came out of Vanderbilt, which went 11-35 during his stay, who probably spent his free time watching Kristin Cavallari on “Laguna Beach” which was on at the same time.

    He’s parlayed a mediocre and lackluster NFL career into a guaranteed $50-mil + payday, plus he got the girl !

    And I thought Kevin Kolb was a good flimflam man.
    Cutler is an arTIST.

  53. two coaches will be quickly looked at here…one of them is Rex Ryan (the son of the guy who helped create a stud Bears defense) and of course Mike Shanahan (Cutler’s and Marshall’s ex coach). my prediction is Shanahan if he doesn’t go to Michigan and if he goes to the Bears, if i were him, i would bring Rob Ryan to Chicago with me.

  54. Emery keeps making bad coaching hires and made a bad decision in keeping Cutler. His free agents haven’t been bad, his drafting needs work but not terrible.

    The defense isn’t good. But with proper coaching from next year it has been modelled to an extent. Especially when you use the money given to Tillman, Conte and Briggs on 3 guys who actually play more than 5 games a season and the Peppers dead money comes off the books. The run defense was largely fixed in one year. The pass defense can improve to ok pretty quickly.

    The offense problems are deeper. The inability to get consistent play from the O line is just terrible. But a new coach who at least understands the running game would help.

    The QB situation is a big problem. But criticising the contract is wrong. The 3 year deal made a lot more sense than a big signing bonus that handicaps the franchise way after Cutler is gone. 2 years more left. Maybe a team trades for him and takes a chance knowing they only have him for 1 or 2 years.

    As bad as Emery has been with some decisions he seems committed to recognising and fixing mistakes. It’s just every time he fixes one mistake another pops up. That comes from not having a franchise QB to rely on and not having a team identity.

  55. You see this cracks me up beyond belief.

    I guess Lovie Smith wasn’t so bad now was he?

    Little of this is Trestman’s fault. The Bears haven’t drafted well and the defense have never recovered from the loss of Brian Urlacher.

    It doesn’t matter who you hire. Either you have an elite QB or you don’t.

    And I think we can all agree, Jay Culter isn’t in that conversation.

    The road is long and wide of franchises (Cleveland, Oakland, Jacksonville, etc) who hire coach after coach thinking this is the one that will put them over the top, and all the do is keep losing.

    With Teddy Bridgewater showing plenty of promise in Minnesota, if the Bears don’t do something they’ll be enjoying the view from the cellar. But the problems run deeper than the head coach.

  56. And here I was getting really excited for 2 guaranteed Packers wins every season.
    Please keep him Bears so that we can have those two guaranteed wins every season.

  57. Dumb idea. We said the same thing about Jason Garrett but look what he was able to do. He had to clean up wade Phillips mess and this guy has to clean up lovie’s. You give these guys 3-4 years to get in their principles and their guys. If after that you don’t see growth or progress it’s time to start over . I don’t know his pedigree but if I am correct jimmy Johnson vouched for this guy, among others. Give him a year to get to the dreaded 8-8 at least. Garrett rebuilt without rebuilding, Which speaks volumes in itself. I don’t think they can do that in Chicago. I Think this is bottoming out, but he needed to do that and needs to get rid of lovie players and anyone else not onboard. Just saying

  58. Timing is perfect. Players will rally around him and beat the Lions this week! (written with hope but very little confidence by an Eagles fan).

  59. “With the first pick in the 2016 NFL draft, the Bears select Connor Cook, QB from Michigan State”

  60. Not that it isn’t going to happen…but the last thing I’d EVER do is quote Dan Bernstein….you’ll delete my post if I told you what I thought of him!!!

  61. This will solve everything…. NOT! They need to axe more than Trestman. Trestman didn’t hire himself 😉.
    Emery……Gone! Ted Phillips….Gone! The McCaskey’s…..Gone!!

  62. As a Packer fan I can honestly say that it’s a little sad seeing how far the Bears have fallen in recent years. I think the NFL as a whole is better when they are competing for a division title. Plus it makes the rivalry with Green Bay that much better. I know a lot of people are saying they need to get rid of Cutler but when you look at what’s available at the position it’s hard to imagine they can get much better than what they already have. In my opinion they need to bring in a defensive minded coach to sure up that side of the ball. They have a few good players on defense that they can build around.

  63. It’s hilarious they passed on Arians, who knows what he could’ve done with Cutler after watching him navigate Luck’s rookie season and coaching Stanton well in Arizona.

  64. I think the bears should trade Cutler, and that big price tag he has, to the Bucs… For Lovie, and McCown… Would be a good trade for the Bears, and Tampa would have their “franchise” QB… They could use their high draft pick on something else of need. Bears could keep Trestman around as their OC since McCown seemed to play pretty good in that system last year. And Lovie could bring back the Bear D that’s been so tough over the years.

  65. If the self-righteous know-it-all Dan Bernstein says it, it must be true. That obnoxious pontificater has never been wrong about anything.

  66. If Trestman had a real defensive coordinator, he would have been in the playoffs last season, and in the thick of the race this year. We’d be hearing about his unflappable demeanor in a positive way.

    I’m sure they will chase after Todd Bowles. He’s a terrific coach, who should steer clear of this chronically incompetent franchise.

  67. Thank God! Now if they just bench that miserable waste of cap space Cutler, so the city of Chicago doesn’t have to see that perpetual stupid face he makes, maybe I will watch and root for da Bears again.

  68. As a long-time Bears fan, I’m against getting rid of Cutler. He can play competitive football and his demeanor is fine. Trestman has to go, yes. Don’t you people have memories? The Bears had about 20 different QBs during the Favre era. Do you want to go back to that?? Jim Miller, Chad Hutchinson, Cade McNoun, Todd Collins and the other 16. Cutler’s not perfect but let’s roll with him. If you get rid of Cutler, the guy who replaces him very well could be worse.

  69. Enough with the Bruce Arians talk, the guy was smart enough not to take the Chicago job, and this lousy defense would still be a problem for the Bears.

  70. Crazy though. A year ago people were praising Trestman and saying what a good job hes done with the offense and Cutler.

    One year later and its the opposite. Think some coaches need a bit more time.

  71. In defense of Cutler (not a big fan either) HE HAS NO DEFENSE!!! (based on the few Bears games I actually had the patience to watch) It would be hard for any QB to know that you HAVE to put up numbers every time your team has possession of the ball. He is a gunslinger and will always put up more Int.’s than most, but it looks like he is trying to force every pass at this point. The Bears D is so bad that every offensive possession must feel like a “must score” situation. Also, his O-line needs work!!!

    For those of you looking for Rex Ryan to come in and save the day, I hate to break the bad news to you, but Rex is heading to Atlanta. If he has learned anything it’s that HE NEEDS a franchise QB. He cannot compete in Chicago with Cutler against the Lions Defense or Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Matty Ice Ryan is a franchise QB with stud receivers. They are a running back and tweaking on Defense away from being contenders every year. Not a big fan of his brother but do not be surprised to see 3 Ryans in Atlanta next year.

  72. yep, lets blame the coach not the worst attitude QB in the NFL. Your QB needs to be the leader of your team not the whiner of your team.

    Go Hawks

  73. How the hell does Emery still have a job as GM? He has effectively walked the team off a cliff by signing the Cutler contract of 5 years $126M with $54M guaranteed.
    This will take Chicago 4 to 5 years to extricate the team from salary cap hell and they still have to find a QB.
    This is potentially a JaMarcus Russell type disaster in terms of salary cap management.

  74. Cutler ranks 9th in passing yards, 7th in passing TDs. 12th in first down throws. Tied 8th for passes over 40 yards. Has a better completion percentage than Brady, Flacco, Rodgers, and Luck. Anybody ever stop to think that maybe the terrible o-line and bad coaching combined with dysfunction are more part of the problem than Cutler?

  75. Whoever signed Cutler to the long term contract should be drawn and quartered. Firing Trestman won’t solve anything on this team. Management has released/traded/mismanaged the defense.

    Feel bad for the windy City !

  76. As a Viking fan. I remember the Bears firing Lovie Smith after the Vikings knocked them out of the playoffs in 2012 by defeating the Packers on the last day of the regular season.

    While I was surprised Smith was fired, I honestly thought the Trestman hire when it was made was a brilliant move, given Trestman’s penchant for building potent offenses. I never saw this disaster coming. Trestman hasn’t been able to elevate the play of Jay Cutler, and in the meantime has lost the locker room.

    Two years ago, I thought this hire meant that the Bears would be legitimately challenging the Packers for the top of the division. Now, either Trestman or Cutler can’t go soon enough, and with that fat contract Cutler recently signed, he’s not going anywhere.

  77. Not a Bears fan but I knew it was a bad hiring. There is a certain look on the guy if he could win or not. Trestman sure does not have the look. Might as well clean the house, including Cutler, staff and GM if Bears want to get better.


    If anyone could predict a winning coach by their look, hiring would sure be a lot easier.

  78. Cutler needs to get some mental health attention.. rather ironic being that Brandon Marshall is on the team and could likely help him find doctors through his foundation.

    He needs serious help before he does something really bad to himself, physically.

  79. Al Davis must’ve saw this coming, he had this guy in the building for years, never promoted him or brought him back to coach. I kinda wondered why, seemed like a good coach. Now we know

  80. The NFC North wants Trestman and Cutler to stay. As long as both don’t go, the NFC North is safe.

  81. Let’s see who did Cutler have when he came to chicago, Turner was his coordinator, than we get Martz next is Tice and now Kromer wow he’s suspose to overcome those liabilities along with no offensive line and up until last year no wide receivers. Let’s not mention the fact Chicago has no Defensive , along with a non existent special teams group. Everyone knows they can’t run the ball and they have no speed recievers, guess what the opposing Defence is waiting on. This isn’t rocket science folks. Nobody could succeed with what he has. Of course it’s just my opinion a sad Bears fan.

  82. Trestman biggest mistake was last season when Josh McCown was rolling, to bench him for Jay Cutler. I think he lost the players then and then the GM invested in the wrong QB. Enough said…

  83. The Bears suck! It isn’t trestman, he is a good coach! Pathetic GM and some bad and old players!

    Plus you don’t sign cutler to a super premium contract like Rogers, and manning! Not even close to those guys!

    One thing Vikings, Lions and Packers fans have in common- BEARS REALLY SUCK!

  84. Trestman needs to go but someone posted that the Bears only have two 2006-2011 draft choices still on the team. that’s not a Trestman issue nor is the Cutler contract size when he could have bee franchise tagged instead.

  85. chargrz says:
    Dec 16, 2014 7:36 PM
    Lombardi could not win with a QB like Cutler.

    Lombardi could not win with a defense like the Bears put on the field week after week.

  86. This is such a mess. Cutler could be a fine quarterback, but I don’t get the impression that he cares. No passion. The defense is not a typical Bears defense. The offense is not a typical Bears, run first, offense. I am left completely confused. I think the GM has to go.

  87. Once again, is there any truth to the rumor /scuttlebutt that da bears are interested in cam newton?? please for the love of everything holy somebody say yes!!!

  88. Well, if the rumor is true, any deals the Bears might make for Newton would be contingent on a doctor’s exam to be sure he’s sufficiently recovered from his car crash injuries to be able to play in 2015.

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