Saints fan charged after shoving Bears chairman


Don’t worry Jay Cutler, the Bears can’t protect the owner either.

On the other hand, there’s at least one fan who might help their defense.

According to Jordan Owen of the Chicago Sun-Times, a Saints fan is facing a misdemeanor battery charge after pushing Bears chairman George McCaskey.

The report said 58-year-old Robert Kohnke of New Orleans was charged following an incident at Soldier Field last night. McCaskey found the man sitting in his seats, and a “brief conversation” ensued.

When McCaskey went to get security, the Saints fan pushed him in the back.

A Bears fan then came to the owner’s defense and tackled Kohnke.

McCaskey did not require medical attention.

55 responses to “Saints fan charged after shoving Bears chairman

  1. Surprised the Bears fan didn’t help the Saints fan give McCaskey a beating given the way the Bears have been playing.

  2. Don’t NFL owners sit in a private box? Oh yeah, the cheap McCaskeys probably scalp their box seats on Stub Hub. They’ve got to come up with that $126 million to pay Jay Cutler somehow.

  3. That was the most action by anybody connected with the Bears. They should sign the Bears fan immediately. He actually tackled someone.

  4. George… a Bears fan did you a solid. Please pay him (and the rest of us) back by cleaning house at the end of this awful season.

  5. Well we know nothing happened on the field so I guess the only excitement was in the stands.

  6. WOW! What are the odds of an opposing fan getting in a fight with the owner of the team for stealing his seat! LOL

  7. Right after Katrina when the bodies of the disaster victims were still fresh and being mourned by their families the Bears allowed a sign reading “Bears finishing what Katrina started” to be openly displayed in their stadium for their playoff game against the Saints. The Bears chairman got what he deserved.

  8. To be fair, the Saints looked like they owned the Bears more than McCaskey did last night. I don’t think a lot of Saints fans have forgotten that “Bears finish what Katrina started,” sign from waaaaaaaay back in ’06 either…and I know Saints fans will never forgive Chicago for sending Ditka to New Orleans.

  9. Now if that was one fan pushing another fan I doubt very much anyone would be arrested…..the laws for rich people are clearly different than for regular folks…..

  10. I would have figured this the other way around. The Bears fan attacking him, with the saints fan coming to the rescue.

  11. What an idiot. First, sit in your assigned seat, and when the owner of the seats happens to be a chairman (or anyone else) they go to your own seat. And you never know who people are. For example, in Detroit last week for Bucs-Lions, I sat next to Lovie Smith’s bride.

  12. this incident pretty much sums up the bears’ season. what a train wreck. wash is a train wreck too, but the big difference is gruden cuts or trades rg3 and the train is instantly unwrecked. with the bears, trestman and cutler and the responsible conductors but aren’t going anywhere.

  13. McCaskey found the man sitting in his seats, and a “brief conversation” ensued.
    This is low, even for the Bears

  14. They should have arrested George McKaskey for fraud and false advertising. He sold 70,000 tickets for a pro football game and only the Saints showed up.

    How about a refund for that inferior product called the Bears?

  15. So why wasn’t the Bears fan charged with assault. He butted in between two non-affiliated people and wasn’t defending himself or a family member. Also, bunch of middle aged fat guys “fighting”. LOL

  16. Misdemeanor Assault?…. For one shove in the back?….. And just think…. Adrian Peterson got a Misdemeanor for beating his kid.


  17. Jay Cutler watched the whole thing happen from the sideline, while very slowly eating a giant bag of gumdrops.

  18. So glad the Saints fan didn’t boo McCaskey or throw a snowball at him – now that would have been just awful! (sarcasm)

  19. It’s pretty clear by now that the Bears players are trying to get all the coaches fired, as well as the GM.

    The only thing is that if the GM goes – which he needs to – a good number of the guys he brought in may get shipped out with him.

  20. I’m surprised this was an issue, as it looked like there were plenty of open seats by halftime.

  21. Pushing people in your own tax bracket usually results in very little.

    That said, this is the second incident where a Saints fan was acting like a jerk in just a few weeks. Recall the Bengals fan.

    Saints fans are great fans. People always sing praises when they visit New Orleans for events whether the Saints are involved or not. This is a bunch of crap.

    As a Saints fan, I’m disappointed in how some have acted recently. We don’t need to turn into Philly fans treating outsiders like trash. But I suppose Philly fans are much better than bay area dudes who stab on a whim.

    New Orleans is a happy place. Let’s act like it always.

  22. Does this surprise anyone?? Stealing balls from women, supporting their cheating coaches, a QB that cries about anything. A TAINTED title. Classless!!

  23. More Saints fans should’ve shoved all the Bears fans for their actions a few years back. All 10 of them that stayed after the 3rd quarter. They wonder why the Saints have owned them since that miserable display of sportsmanship in 06. It’s called Karma.

  24. Dumb on him to put hands on another person… But since it was a super rich guy he gets a misdemeanor charge like AP. A push to the back no less. Guess the Bears are soft from the top down

  25. “A Bears fan then came to the owner’s defense and tackled Kohnke.”

    Now THAT part is awesome. I would have assisted on that play had I been there. True Bears fan there…..

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