William Gay is one away from pick-6 record


Steelers cornerback William Gay intercepted a Matt Ryan pass in Atlanta on Sunday and ran it back 52 yards for a touchdown, putting him within reach of an NFL record.

That interception return for a touchdown was Gay’s third of the season. The all-time single-season record is four, a record shared by Ken Houston of the 1971 Oilers, Jim Kearney of the 1972 Chiefs and Eric Allen of the 1993 Eagles.

Gay’s three touchdowns came on his only three interceptions of the season. He previously had a pick-six against the Colts in Week Eight and a pick-six against the Titans in Week 11.

Whether Gay breaks the record or not will be as much about luck as anything else: A pick-six is a great play, but it’s a play that’s dependent on so many variables beyond the player’s control that there’s no way to predict when it will happen. But Gay has gotten himself within striking distance of having his name added to the NFL record book.

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  1. I believe his last 4 INTs including one last year are PICK 6s…now that has to be a record for consecutive ones resulting in a touchdown?

  2. I remember when Ike Taylor was our best corner and William Gay couldnt cover an ant with a king sized comforter. my how times have changed
    as someone who used to bash his ineptitude mercilessly, i’m glad to see him finally having a good season. say what you will about how good he is, dramatic improvement in an understatement at best.

  3. Haters, get a life.

    William Gay is a great player on and off the field.

    Love you bro. Keep it up. Hope you get that 4th pick-6 against the Bengals at Heinz to win the Division.

    Here we go Steelers…. Here We Go!!!!!!!!!

  4. Frankly I hope he gets 2 to break the record. It is really something when a record stands for over 40 years.

  5. Like most steelers fans, I used to curse his name 2-3 times a game as he gave up a big play, and I was not happy to see him come back from Arizona. However, he’s been their best DB by far this year, even pick sixes aside. Their pitiful secondary would be outrageously bad, like Falcons bad, without him.

  6. tomthebombtracy says:
    Dec 16, 2014 5:00 PM
    I believe his last 4 INTs including one last year are PICK 6s…now that has to be a record for consecutive ones resulting in a touchdown?
    I think Charles Tillman had 4 between 2011 and 2012. But Im cheering for Gay to get at least one more.

  7. This is another idiotic STAT……like the one out there about some WR who has caught 5 passes & 50 yds. In 30someodd games. REALLY? Who cares? 5 catches & 50 yds in consecutive games.
    Steeler fans eat this crap up though…. They live for STATS & past records. It’s all they know, considering the current tram hasn’t smelled the Playoffs in 3 yrs. SMH!
    What a shame this franchise has become!

  8. The last time the steelers made the playoffs they were TEBOWED! I’m hoping the steelers make it to Foxborough in the playoffs. Brady will humiliate that defense, and BB will give Tomlin a crash course on how to coach. Disappointment is inevitable yinzers!

  9. The last time the Steelers were in the playoffs…..Andrew Luck was in college & Johnny Football was in HS!
    -I can do this silly game all day too Stealer fans.
    Please come up with better material

  10. bengalguy, for starters, your wrong. They missed the playoffs the last 2 years. They were also in contention till week 15 2 years ago and till week 17 last year, had it not been for 3 blown calls in the SD-KC game they would’ve been the 6th seed. This year going into week 16 they control their own destiny, win this week they have a playoff berth, win the last 2 they win the North.

    Want to talk about current teams and not the past? All 4 Bengals losses were blow outs. The Bengals are 2-3 against winning teams. They are 0-1 against the Steelers this year. Last point, how did the 3 straight playoff trips treat ya?

  11. ‘Big Play’ Willie Gay may not be a shutdown corner, but he is a good corner, a
    great team player, and an even better person and story. It’s wonderful to see
    his hard work paying off, and him finding success. I hope double-deuce snags
    another and takes it to the house, it would be well deserved.

  12. Patriots have done nothing but lose in the playoffs the last 10 years and that will once again happen this year. At least the steelers have 2 superbowls to show for in the last decade.
    Steelers>Patty cakes

  13. Crown,

    Same could be said for all 6 of The stealers. Prove me wrong!


    At least the patriots get in the dance every year, same can’t be said for the stealers under superben. You wanna talk rings, Brady has 3, Babyben has 2 and it’s highly doubtful he gets another unless the defense carries him again or the refs decide to hand him another.

  14. it’s highly doubtful Brady gets another unless the defense carries him again or Bill decides to hand him the other team’s playbook.

  15. Say what you want but we both know what Brady would do to yinz’s secondary. He wouldn’t need a playbook or even game film to beat that sorry bunch. The truth hurts, but let’s be honest here homer.

  16. Le’s not forget about the juiced-up steroid stealers of the 70’s. Do you think they had an advantage? Nevertheless, Gay would be on the pats practice squad if they employed him.

  17. petersteelesghost, blaming the refs? Steelers had nothing to do with what refs do, it’s not like the refs are 100% right. Refs were horrid the whole game for both sides.

    Blaming roids? For starters you point to a team who siding use them and I will call you a liar. In addition they were legal in the 70’s so again it’s not cheating.

    Even if you want to ignore facts and claim the first 5 SBs were due to cheating, they still won one since being “caught cheating”. The 3 SBs for the Pats was during the spygate duration, since being caught they haven’t won since.

  18. Steelerswontbefine,

    Keep telling yourself that, you’ll eventually believe it. Every team videotaped and that is the bottom line. Do you realize they went 16-0 after this horrid spygate scandal and lost a fluke SB. What happened to these so called videos, us fans never saw evidence of them. I’m sure the stealers had or still have their share of opponents practices.

  19. petersteelesghost, I don’t care if a team goes 16-0 every year, with out a SB title it means very little. So I guess both Giant wins in the SB were flukes. Saying the Steelers and the other 30 teams did the same thing as the Patriots is just hearsay. I can’t say they didn’t and you can’t say they did with 100% certainty, but we can say with 100% certainty that the Patriots did. So keep drinking the koolaid, your franchise was a sub .500 team before Brady and spygate and will quickly find their way back there after Brady.

  20. The refs were not horrid if you were a stealer fan. Bill Leavy had many sleepless nights after that one-sided display. All for Bettis who was in his hometown at the SB in his last game of his career, and Cowher finally gets a ring. It was predetermined and was such a story book ending!

  21. ghost

    thats exactly what the pats will be doing disappearing in about a month. The patriots do get to the dance and then they lose. Lets not talk about what they did more then a decade ago. Since Big Bens been with the steelers he has a 2-1 superbowl win edge over brady in the big game. I dont see that changing unless Big Ben adds to this trophy bag. The pats would never every bit of home field advantage to beat the steelers.

  22. They went 16-0 and reached 2 SB’s without taping, right? The 2 SB’s were flukes, the better team lost. Any given Sunday anything can happen, yet the pats have been the most consistent team since Brady has been under center. It’s not tapes or cheating, it’s a great coach with an excellent QB who knows how to be a leader. Football is the ultimate team game,but Brady is definitely the oil in this machine. How’s the steelers gonna look when Babyben hangs em up? Probably not as good as the pats unless you hire a real head coach and gm!

  23. Steelers were never fined $500,000 and a draft pick by the league for shady business practices. NE was – there’s your proof.

  24. It was predetermined and was such a story book ending!
    “Ok guys, when you see Faneca pulling and Fast Willie hit the hole, take a bad angle so he can sprint for a 75-yd touchdown. Ok, break!”

  25. Curtainn,

    I’ll not talk about what the pats did ten years ago, if you promise not to talk about the 4 tainted rings of the 70’s. Can’t have it both ways fanboy! Brady has 3 SB rings, balloon ball Ben has 2, nothing you post will change that fact.

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