Hot stove alert: Free agency begins March 10


Dislike your favorite team’s roster? Take heart: By St. Patrick’s Day, it could be much, much different.

The 2015 NFL league year will begin Tuesday, March 10, the NFL disclosed Wednesday as it released the opening portion of its annual calendar.

With the new league year comes the start of unrestricted free agency, one of the primary ways for clubs to procure talent. Even then, at the outset, the market will be somewhat thinned; teams must declare their transition and franchise free agents by Monday, March 2. The fight for the remaining free agents will begin in earnest on Saturday, March 7, with teams allowed to begin negotiating with agents.

Then, at 4 p.m. Eastern on the 10th, the market will open, and deals will quickly be announced.

By March 17 — three months from today — things will have cooled down. Some deals will remain undone, but the big ones will be in the books. A nation of football fans will wear more green than usual and ponder which of the pre-draft chatter is legit and which is junk.

About the 2015 NFL Draft: it kicks off Thursday, April 30 in Chicago. By the time it wraps up on Saturday, May 2, we will have a very good idea of where these teams stand.

At least we’ll think we know. The good news? Rookie minicamps begin the next week. Already you will be tired of the offseason, and the sight of 7-on-7 drills will take your mind off the fact you’re wearing more pastels than usual this spring.

13 responses to “Hot stove alert: Free agency begins March 10

  1. We will talk about who “won” free agency and the draft and then the season will start and we will realize nobody really knows what they are talking about.

  2. Thanks for posting this, mike. Should give those ornery vikings fans something to look forward to so they quit trying to drag down every other teams’ posts.

  3. They might have to pay people to sit in the seats in Chicago….after this Season there won’t be a whole lot to look forward too….UNLESS the McCaskey’s do the right thing and implode this mess!!!

  4. Generally speaking, free agency hurts more than it helps and buyer beware is a better way to look at signing and overpaying the players.

    But for some teams like the Vikings, free agency gives their fan base the same feeling as peeing in your wet suit, nice and warm but no closer to achieving your end objective. The end objective is to win a Superbowl, something that the Vikings have never done. Not once, zilch, zip, Nada.

  5. Hopefully my Raiders can attract some free agents who
    DON’T need to use “Just for Men!”

    Any hope on the horizon?? Any?? Buehler??

  6. At least we don’t have to wait till May this year. That was terrible and led to everybody way over thinking it last year. Also what’s with all the Vikings haters out in full forcd today? Most Vikings fans are pretty happy with the season considering. Zimmer fixed the defense and is light years ahead of our last several coaches already, Bridgewater is progressing every week, and Barr is a stud. Things are looking up here in MN. Just glad I’m not a Bears or Skins fan.

  7. The only thing we know for sure is that Martin Mayhew will continue his reign at the top in FA signings. Dude is batting a thousand in this category while other teams will continue to strike out. To recap this year: Golden Tate, Glover Quinn, James Ihedigbo, Joique Bell to name a few. 2013 aside(nobody had a better draft), he may not make the best draft decisions but his FA signings have completely turned that team around and made them Super Bowl contenders for the first time ever. If only he hired the right coach earlier they may have been contending the last four years. Nobody has ever accused the team of lacking talent, they just haven’t had the right man in charge to put it all together

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