Jared Cook: I didn’t make the best choice of words last Thursday


After the Rams lost to the Cardinals 12-6 at home last Thursday, tight end Jared Cook said that the team was out-played and out-coached by the NFC West leaders.

They seemed like reasonable sentiments given the circumstances, especially with the Cardinals turning to Ryan Lindley at quarterback during the game, but coach Jeff Fisher was quick to say the next day that he spoke to Cook and the tight end “wouldn’t have gone there from the ‘out-coached’ standpoint” if given the chance to make his comments again.

Cook spoke to the media on Tuesday and either agrees with Fisher or knows that it’s best not to rock the boat after Fisher weighed in on his post-game words. He said that he was frustrated by the loss, but players have a chance to “kind of cool off and get your words together” that he should have taken more advantage of last week.

“That was my fault for slipping up; it shouldn’t have been said,” Cook said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But I think everybody kind of knew what I was doing. [The Cardinals] were a better team than us that day. That’s all I was trying to say. It wasn’t the best choice of words, I must admit. But I’m only human, right?”

As far as we know, Cook is indeed human. One reason we’ve come to that conclusion is that it’s human to think that teams that lose games do so because their opponents play better and coach better than the opposition. Such things are said pretty much every week of the season, so it’s hard to figure out why Cook’s caused such a stir with the Rams in the first place but whatever fire raged appears to be fully doused now.

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  1. Just another example of how much of an over rated punk Jeff FIsher is. The same chicken-bleep who thought it was cool to kick the lowly Washington team down over how that trade looks now, doesn’t even want to hear about the possibility that someone might have out coached him.

    Well Fisher might have to get used to it. There have been a LOT of coaches that have out-coached him. Yet his head is so big, he can’t even admit it when it clearly happens. There was no way that with all his talent they should have lost, at home, to the injury ravaged Cardinals. CLEARLY he was out-coached…..again.

    Maybe Fisher ought to wait until the team he coaches managed to get to .500 before he gets so full of himself. Maybe he should remember that as a coach he hasn’t done anything significant since he lost to the Pats in the AFCCG…..back in 2003 (or 4) Maybe he should worry more about what HE’s doing, than what his players might be saying, What a PUNK!

  2. Then I’ll say it, St Louis has been out coached since Fisher was hired. All those picks and yet the Skins have a division title and ROY to show for it; not the Rams!

  3. Is Jeff Fisher that fragile? I didn’t think so but maybe I was wrong. I didn’t see anything wrong with his comments. That shoe fit.

  4. Sounds like Jeremy Shockey. Jeff Fisher isn’t going anywhere & TE’s like Cook are much easier to find. Cook may be looking for a new team come March…

  5. Fisher botched this. Player went off the reservation, but at that point?
    “We are on to Cincinnati”, or
    “He was right, we all stunk” would have ended it.
    Instead, player gets tossed under the bus.
    Now required to underbusify himself, thou shalt grovel.
    In attempting to appear strong, Fisher is made to look weak.

    Following up, does Fisher allow/include differences of opinion?
    Anyone aware of the inner dynamic?

    Coach since 94, six winning seasons.
    Maybe this is the flaw.
    Focus on football, not how your hair looks.

    Of course, that did work for Jimmy J.
    So maybe it is not the size of the hair that is at issue.

  6. Your words are okay, Jared.

    It is your coach who is not okay. Jeff Fisher may have found success in Tennessee, but he is not worth keeping moving forward. The reason is that he is too far removed from a Super Bowl for a team to get there and members of that buddy Ryan tree have never been Super Bowl winners as head coaches.

    Your objective should be to win a Super Bowl and with Fisher you never will.

    If Bill Parcells’ last Super Bowl appearance was 10 years before he retired, Mike Holmgren’s first and only Super Bowl appearance in Seattle was 8 years after his last one in Green Bay, Joe Gibbs’ last I’ve was in 1991, and Tom Flores, Hank Stram, George Seifert never went to Super Bowls with their second teams, Jeff Fisher isn’t worth retaining. Coaches age too because they run out of ideas and are too stubborn to adapt to modernization. Fisher is losing whatever touch he had and he’s only good for the defense, not the team.

  7. Also, Mike Shanahan went to an AFC championship in 2005 with Jake Plummer. He never went to the Super Bowl after the 1998 season. If that is true and people have talked about how Mike Shanahan was stubborn and was not open to change, how can Fisher be brought back when there are parallels between him and Shanahan?

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