Bears bench Jay Cutler, start Jimmy Clausen


The Bears’ collapse has reached epic proportions, as Jay Cutler has lost his job as Chicago’s starting quarterback.

Cutler has been benched and Jimmy Clausen will start on Sunday against the Lions, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

For Cutler to get benched after playing just 14 games into the enormous contract he signed this offseason demonstrates just how big the mess in Chicago is. That contract may cost both Bears G.M. Phil Emery and Bears coach Marc Trestman their jobs.

And Cutler’s play has already cost him his job. Whether Cutler has any future in Chicago or anywhere else in the NFL remains to be seen, and the Bears owe Cutler a guaranteed salary of $15.5 million next season whether he’s on their team or not.

But at the present, Cutler is out, and Clausen is the Bears’ starting quarterback.

233 responses to “Bears bench Jay Cutler, start Jimmy Clausen

  1. Best thing that could happen to Cutler. Get away from that train wreck. Maybe they release him and he can play for a real franchise.

  2. Jay Cutler is a disgrace. The most overpaid and overrated jerk in sports and that’s taking into account Ray “Stained White Suit” Lewis is getting a hefty paycheck from ESPN.

    I hope he never plays another down anywhere.

  3. When the dust settles in the end…….Cutlet will be a career back up QB the rest of his days.

  4. That has nothing to do with Trestmann. Cutler is not a winner plain and simple. Vande Denver and now Chicago. Who btw have NASSTTYY offensive weapons. Time to put ole smokin’ Jay in the ashtray. Don’t worry about putting it out…never was any fire to begin with.

  5. It’s taken a hundred years but the Lions have finally become the Bears and the Bears have become the Lions.

  6. Is this what teams other than my Lions do when they finish with a record between 5-11 and 7-9? We call that a stepping stone season! Building momentum for 2015!

  7. I defended this guy back when he first came to the Bears. He was getting his butt kicked week in and week out. Now this guy absolutely does not learn from mistakes. For all those out there that are always making fun of Aaron Rogers, I would take him on his worst week over what we have right now in Chicago.

  8. Jimmy Clausen.

    Old pickles is getting another shot.

    The whole organization should get fired for thinking Clausen should start. They should go with no QB before they with that guy.

  9. Dammit, was looking forward to beating down cutler! Suh always jacks him up. Oh well…. Gooooooooooooo lionssssssssssss!

  10. Lol jimmy clausen? I still have nightmares if him throwing the ball 40 yards into the stands on 3rd and long with Steve smith doing jumping jacks on the other side if the field wide open

  11. This has everything to do with Trestman, this is Trestman saying my system works look what McCown did in it now look what Clausen can do. Cutler is the problem.

  12. Oh how I love the misery unfolding day after day with this franchise. I called this by the way before the year started. So all bear fans who said I was wrong can suck it! Sweeeeeep back to back!

  13. The Bears defense has had more to do with the teams struggles this year, but with Cutler being the highest paid player in the NFL, and not acting as a leader or showing emotion I can see why it came to this.

    I still think the Bears should keep Cutler around, Packer fans enjoy watching him play.

  14. Surprising, but the “…or anywhere in the NFL” is such a lame sentence. I can think of a lot of teams that would sign him as an immediate starter and 31 other teams that would have him as a backup

    There’s already built in drama in the situation. You don’t need to manufacture even more. I don’t know how many times you’ve written that sentence btw

  15. Trestman just had a press conference earlier today. Not only did he fail to mention this, he said Gruden was wrong to suggest Claussen should have played on Monday night. Absolute train wreck.

  16. As long as the McClaskey family owns the Bears they will be mediocre – sometimes real good, sometimes real bad, average mediocre.

    I’m sure someone out there knows exactly how many starting QBs they have had since the Super Bowl Title in 1985, but it has to be at least 20.

    Whoever made the deal to get Cutler there from Denver, and whoever signed him to that ridiculous contract – they both should have their heads examined.


    Anybody catch what I meant there?

    FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan and I wince every time I think of the 1986 SB – The single greatest Football team I have ever seen in about 58 years of watching pro football.

    Bears fans deserve better – the Bears ARE pro football.

  17. Devil’s advocate. 66% completions vs. 61% career avg. 28 TD’s vs. 18 picks. 89.5 qb rating highest of his career and 4 points above his career average. And NOW you bench him? The bears are starting to sound like Cleveland. We’ll take him in DC, trade you straight up for RGIII. And twice on Sunday.

  18. Cutler may not be worth all the money in that contract, but this strikes me more as a move made by the coaching staff out of desperation than anything. The guy isn’t playing defense. Maybe Clausen will prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

  19. As bad as Cutler has been, at least 10 teams would LOVE to have him.

    I think he would be a GREAT FIT in Arizona. Swallow the Palmer deal and send Chicago a 3rd for him.

    I guarantee Arians could fix him.

  20. Clausen tore the Packers up last year. He’s a good QB, and probably anxious to show what he can do.

  21. Denver should be ecstatic that Josh McDaniels came in and ran this guy out of town. Look at who you have now compared to who you could have been stuck with.

  22. Denver should be ecstatic that Josh McDaniels came in and ran this guy out of town. Look at who you have now compared to who you could have been stuck with.

  23. @1historian – The Giants would have beaten the Pats for their first of three SBs in 1985 if Landeta doesn’t whiff that punt vs. Chi in the divisional playoff.

    – – paraphrased quote from Parcells

  24. Cutler is the reincarnation of Jeff George.
    All the talent in the world and a great arm, but nothing upstairs.

    How smart do the Broncos seem now for getting rid of Cutler??

  25. I’ve been of the opinion, for as long as Cutler has been around, that he seemed to be his generation’s version of Jeff George.

    Bold prediction: Cutler gets cut within the next two seasons, and will play for at least three maybe four other franchises before hanging it up. One of those franchises will be the Redskins.

  26. My bet is that Cutler threw a little baby hissy fit at practice today that was finally the last straw.

  27. In the last Bears game they put up a chart of some main QB stats from 2006 to 2014 and they compared Jay Cutler’s numbers and they were basically the same as the league average QB stats during that same time period. Uh, that’s the period that Jay has been in the league of course.

    Yet, while his play is average, his pay is a lot more than average.

    His play does not come close to matching what he is being paid.

  28. Cutler is garbage. He’s not much better than Grossman. Another turnover machine. He can’t read defenses. He’s too reliant on arm strength.

    This move isn’t saying Clausen is the answer, it’s saying Cutler isn’t the answer. We know what he is.

    It pains me to say that the Packers fans were right about him, but the evidence is undeniable.

    If he was going to be good, he would be good. The verdict is in.

    Trade him if possible, but he must go.

  29. This looks to be ownership taking one last look at Trestman. They know what they have in Cutler by now and he made McCown look damn near like a pro bowler last year. If can actually look like a qb then Cutler’s days are definitely done.

  30. Not a Bears fan, but have followed this saga… It feels like Trestman figures the only way he can save his job is to show that his system is good and it works. It’s so great that even a Jimmy Clausen can do it. If he’s right, GM gets whacked for the Cutler contract and Cutler is backup for a year, then is released. It’s the only bullet left in his holster. The ultimate Hail Mary.. As a Ravens fan, figuring Kubiak ends up in S.F. so we’ll take Trestman as O.C in 2015.

  31. Um, no. Cutler isn’t going anywhere unless the franchise wants to eat $31.5 million in guaranteed salary for the next two seasons. This is likely a move to minimize injury risk now and start all over again with Cutler in the offseason. Agreed that he has been subpar but the contract is on management….too much guaranteed money. The franchise is locked in with Cutler at this point.

  32. This one’s simple folks…you can’t trade Cutler if he’s laid up with an ACL or another Injury.

    I guarantee you there’s an OC out there who thinks he fix this goof….

  33. From a 25 year Lions fan (ya, it’s sucked , no point in letting me know anymore), thanks for the even easier win. I know Cutler is playing bad, but honestly….Jimmy Clausen?!!! That kid is going to get killed on Sunday.

    Until now I was saying “please just don’t have a letdown” to the Lions… Now, honestly, I’m simply saying “leave the Bears alone…no need for 10 sacks and 60 points”.

    Lions could win this resting their starters for Green Bay now.. Maybe the Bears really do want to give Detroit the best chance to beat the Packers….

    Wow doesn’t even explain it.

  34. @stellarperformance:

    “Clausen tore the Packers up last year. He’s a good QB, and probably anxious to show what he can do.”

    Come on…. he was playing a team without Rodgers. And, anybody could have tore up that Green Bay defense.

  35. hey gang. look up smoking jay cutler and you will laugh your butts off. Lovie Smith sounds real good about now.

  36. It was quite obvious last year, who should have been the Bears starting QB this season, instead they make Cutler the highest paid player in the league.

  37. The last good Bears’ game I saw was last year’s week 14 matchup with the Cowboys on MNF. It was a very cold and windy night and everyone was thinking it would be a low scoring, short pass and run game. The Bears won, 45-28, on the strength of 348 yds passing, 4 TDs, -0- INTs and even a TD run by the QB, Josh McCown, who had taken over the QB reign for the injured Cutler a few weeks prior. Cutler returned week 15 and they have not been the same since.

  38. I’ve said all along that Cutler is a back up qb at best. He doesn’t have the it to win big in this league period. Bad body language, what a clown. Good for the Bears but they still need a real qb. Ponder is available for 2 first round picks.

  39. Big Ant TV says:

    so now the NY Jets,Cleveland,Houston and maybe even Tampa Bay are now in the Cutler Sweepstakes lol

    HA! Cutler is a bust because he has no Heart… I speak for all JETS fans when I say no thanks… We already have a Turnover machine but at least he is not a hole in our cap space.

  40. What people don’t fully understand is that Cutler has a 5 year $125.6M contract with $54M guaranteed – repeat guaranteed.
    This is salary cap hell for the next 4 – 5 years unless Cutler suddenly comes good. This is a fail of epic proportions and Emery the GM, is fully responsible.

  41. tokyosandblaster says:
    Dec 17, 2014 7:12 PM
    Cool. Just lay down for the lions.



    Why not? They lay down for the Packers every time they play them!

  42. Whats the point? Do you plan to having Jimmy Clausen be your starter next year? That’s the only feasible reason for this move, to see if Clausen is starter-worthy. But the problem is 2 games are not enough to determine whether or not a guy is worth sticking to instead of drafting a QB or picking one up in March. However, since everyone already knows Clausen isn’t starter-worthy, that solves that problem.

    But not the Bears’.

  43. I think the idea here is to prove whether or not Trestman’s offense is the problem, or if the issue is Cutler’s decision-making. If Clausen comes in and pulls a 2013 McCown, then Trestman’s job might be saved.

  44. The most hilarious part about all this as a Vikings fan, is the majority of the chicago media, bears fans i’ve talked to, and Bears’ commenters on this site, is that they just don’t get it. They don’t get that Cutler and Trestman are not even close to the biggest problem, and getting rid of them like this isn’t going to make them a better team.

  45. Just remember.. there is a reason why the Panthers Drafted Newton #1 in 2011, the year after they took CLausen with their top pick in 2010……

  46. I think the Bears have to get rid of Cutler. What coach with a pedigree is going there next year if they are stuck with Cutler as the quarterback?

  47. It’s taken a hundred years but the Lions have finally become the Bears and the Bears have become the Lions.
    And for those hundred years, they both have finished behind the Packers in the division.

    As a side note, the game last hear against GB in which Rogers was injured, was quarterbacked by McCown, not Claussen.

  48. Do they cut Jay – I mean – What else is out there – Hoyer – Ponder – Smith – Weedon etc? Trade him with that cap hit? Bring in Harbaugh – beat the Michigan offer 6/48M – Try Shanahan with Cutler?

    It just seems limited… College coach – draft a QB? NFL should be developing QB’s at the age of 12 – prep for high school – then college – better talent pool for pros… Limited options. WOW…

  49. Clausen is no improvement over Cutler and he has not started a game since 2010 in the regular season and he was painful to watch even then. Just ask the Carolina Panthers. The Bears are asking for more trouble here.

  50. I can understand the desire to bench Cutler but if your 2nd string QB is Jimmy Clausen, you just can’t throw in the towel like that, its unheard of.

    Clausen is so bad that even the Vikings didn’t want him and the Vikings know next to nothing about QB’s. That is how truly bad he is.

  51. Lets get this right, Cutler left Denver because he had a bad attitude and didn’t want to work with a new coach. Cutler has historically had a bad attitude, it’s just how he is and I’m surprised Chicago fans are just now learning this.

    If he wasn’t so arrogant and lost the I don’t care attitude he probably could’ve done something in this league. It’s too late now.

  52. Smart move really.

    Season is lost, so team needs to focus on next year.

    If Cutler stays – then benching him now prevents possible injury and makes sure he is available all of the off season and training camp.

    If Cutler is traded, then avoiding injury always makes the player more attractive to potential suitors.

    I wonder if any more of Cutler’s contract is guaranteed for injury only? If so, then it may be the Bears are looking to move on.

  53. Been a Bears fan for 40+ years, and never have I been more embarrassed to say so. The entire season has been pitiful. A total cluster___.

  54. When a team that has given up the most points in the league changes QBs you know that the people running the team are not living in the real world.

    This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Bears and it is not even close to being Jay Cutler.

  55. linemanguy74 says:Dec 17, 2014 8:02 PM

    Cutler had better game than Rogers

    Ginger Rogers maybe

  56. teams that would sign him as an immediate starter and 31 other teams that would have him as a backup

    That you, Jay?

  57. I feel like Clausen will be worse than Cutler, but why not? Maybe Trestman can make Clausen look like McCown looked last year. Cutler will obviously be a big baby about the situation (see 2009 Denver Broncos), but this team never was yours and you don’t deserve to start for them. The defense also needs alot of fixing too btw.

  58. I wonder if the Lions are happy about this news or disappointed by it. For all the Cutler apologists on these sites the last few years, you should’ve listened to Packer fans, the most knowledgeable in all of football. We’ll be really sad if Cutler is not the Bears starting QB any more.

  59. Jimmy Clausen?

    The guy who has a noodle arm and threw his teammates under the bus on Gruden’s QB show?

    Yeah because what the Windy City needs is a noodle arm QB with leadership issues.

    Currently they have a QB with only 1 of those bad traits, Jay Cutler, somehow I think having a QB with both of them, Jimmy Clausen, is a massive downgrade.

    We’ll see though, we’ll see.

  60. Wow — when Cutler leaves, the Bears will have to retire his number.

    It is permanently stained. No future Bears QB will want it.

  61. I cannot believe the train wreck this season has become. Every day brings a new level of embarrassment to this franchise. This move has absolutely no purpose short of possibly trying to let Cutler know he is not safe– for next year–set him up for a QB competition next year. They will not throw away his guaranteed money for next year. This lifelong Bears fan is as low as I have been in years–I would be happy with Abe Gibron marching the sidelines over Trestman!! BDCB!!!

  62. Jay, you could start by using some of your $$$ to get some plastic surgery to fix that dozy, sleepy, dopey look you have on your face.

    Makes it seem like you really don’t know or care what’s going on around you.

  63. @stellerperformance,

    If you actually watched games last year, you would know that Clauson didn’t play against the Packers when Rodgers was hurt. It was McCown who is now in Tampa.

    Get your facts straight.

  64. Yeah… Still on last year and McNown
    Yep he has really been outstanding leading Tampa..
    How bout we just bench the freaken defense.. The real main problem.

  65. Trestman and Kromer are going to try to blow up Cutler’s career ala Jay Gruden on their way out the door.

    Clauson as starter is silly… But obviously can’t try Fales.

    Sad part is… Bears will be paying a good chunk of Cutler’s salary next year when he’s on the Texans or Cards (no way Titans take him over Mariota).

  66. He may suck, but I’m willing to bet that Clausen will lift his head at least once during the game.

    I’ve never seen anyone else play the entire game with their chin touching their chest.

    Cutler is brutal….

  67. I just looked up this cat Clausen…

    he did not even play football in 2013…

    I heard JIM HARBAUGH is looking for a job… maybe he will make a triumphant return to Chicago to be your QB…. haha

  68. A real Head coach & QB coach tandem can save Cutler and make a starter out of him again. Watch.

  69. I was at the Bears vs Panthers game in Charlotte in 2010 and saw Clausen play for the Panthers. A few good throws but I really wasn’t impressed.

    During this year’s preseason, I liked Jordan Palmer much more. Too bad Bears didn’t keep him.

  70. So… Cutler is sitting… but… the offensive line still gets to play?!?

    How did they earn that privilege?!?

  71. Despite this announcement, given the massive contract he got, well, one option to consider next year is to bring a QB in like Hoyer or Sanchez to compete for the starting job. When McCown was on the roster last year and with the starting job on the line, Cutler played more flawless than Rodgers in last year’s NFC North division “championship game” against the Packers.

    I know this idea is hard to swallow, but it’s something I’m throwing out, like I said, considering how hard it would be to kick him out.

  72. He’s a cancer with no upside. An all pro in his own mind, with the skills of a back up, and completely uncoachable. It took way longer for him to be recognized as a failure than it should have, but better late than never, so enjoy Josh. Enjoy.

  73. sosuhme says:
    Dec 17, 2014 7:03 PM
    My bet is that Cutler threw a little baby hissy fit at practice today that was finally the last


    Agreed. Coach made no mention of this during his presser earlier, something definitely went down.

  74. A lot of people are predicting Cutler will be a backup for some other team. I just think he’ll take his 38 or 54 million and retire happily ever after with his hot wife and live a healthy and productive life with his charities. He just doesn’t have the fire in his belly to succeed in the NFL, so there’s no reason to believe he’ll be happy being a backup for the last 1/3 or 1/2 of his career.

  75. It’s called saving your QB … the Lions will kill Cutler behind that line and besides the Bears want a higher pick in the draft.

  76. what a pathetic attempt by trestman to save his job. if he really believed Cutler was the problem then why wait till now to bench him? another example of what a wuss and horrible coach this clown is. wonder if he will call the same 2 plays he has done all year with Cutler? and if they lose you can bet Cutler will still get the blame.

  77. This debacle SHOULD reverberate throughout the entire Bears front office and not just Emery and Trestman! The McCaskey’s little toy is all broken now and they wonder how it all happened. If CEO//President (and McCaskey family pet) Ted Phillips survives this sunami and keeps his job, I’m officially terminating my 40 year term with this travesty of an organization!

  78. I’m hoping by the Bears activating David Fales this week we might get a chance to see him vs the Vikings. Why not, I’m sure Clausen isn’t the long term answer.

  79. Cutler could be cut and picked up by the queens and be a 100% improvement than any qb on their roster.

  80. When Cutler was available to be signed by the Bears I really wanted my QB in need team to sign him. Glad we did not sign him.

    What team is going to take that contract? Oakland? Jets?

  81. I’d prefer to have David Fales start over Clausen to see if maybe Fales has something you can build on. You already know what Clausen is but Cutler had to be held accountable at some point.

  82. I’d start Fales. We already know the other 2 QB’s that are on the roster suck in NFL, lets see what this kid can do or start preparing to draft a QB high in draft.

  83. Really bad move and i’m Vikings fan. He’s a good quarterback on a bad team with rotten coaches and horrible GM. How can people be so stupid to always blame the wrong people??

  84. I dont know why it comes as a surpsise to anyone. He has always sucked and been average. Like a Stafford. All the talent and arm strength in the world, but just is consistent.

  85. Ok so here’s the deal with lil Jimmy. When he was in Carolina, he was young, immature, and nowhere near physically, and mentally ready to be the starting QB of an NFL team. Fast forward a couple of years, and he’s matured. A bit. Had he not progressed, he would be doing bad TV spots with Brady Quinn. There’s a reason Brady Quinn is on TV, and Jimmy is still playing. Now if im a GM, I would have had Clausen out, and Quinn playing, but obviously they know better than I do. Whether or not Cutler actually gives a crap remains to be seen but perception is everything and he never gave the impression that he cared about anything beyond a good wake and bake. I’ll hold off on saying Jimmy sucks until I can see what’s he’s capable of now not 4 years ago.

  86. Big deal……..Jay did not want to play anyway. He has not wanted to play since he got the $$$$$$. He can now get cut and never have to work a day in his life……meanwhile we can head off to our jobs.

  87. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This will kill Forte in my fantasy football Finals! Other than that, Cutler deserves to be benched..but Clausen? This also hurts my Eagles who need the Lions to lose.

  88. Great move. Eliminates chance of bozo getting hurt. Wrap him up with one of those nice Lexus Xmas bows and find a buyer for that rediculous contract Emery worked out. Clown college wraps up in 2 weeks….everyone failed.

  89. Some idiot pays Cutler $18 million per year after we’ve had a decade to see that he can’t play. Then I hear talking heads on the radio who are supposed to be experts saying the Titans should trade for him. Pay $18 million for a guy that you know can’t play instead of giving a young QB a chance to see if he actually can play. Cutler isn’t the only one stealing money. The commentary from the media is about as poor as Cutler’s quarterbacking, if not worse. Just because a guy has a strong arm doesn’t make him a QB. There are guys at the driving range that can out drive anyone on the PGA tour but they can’t play golf.

  90. “Two words Lions fans: Matt Flynn”

    Except the 2011 Lions playoff team had an incredible offense and a 2014 Bears-like defense. The 2014 Lions have an anemic offense and a 2013 Seattle-like defense. Absolutely no chance that scenario plays out with JC against that defense. The Lions should wrap this one up with Matt Prater’s first FG

  91. This is Emery trying to save his own job. Nothing more. Yes, Cutler is part of the problem, but no QB can win if the defense can’t stop anyone. No QB can win when he’s lying on his back. Don’t blame him for taking the check. The team sucks from top to bottom and likely nothing will change until the McCaskeys sell the team.

  92. If my memory serves, Cutler has health issues and a disorder that causes him to appear to be indifferent. This disorder is compounded by the health medication interactions. Add to that the offensive line seems to want him to get hit which ripples to defense having to hold teams till 4th qtr (ala Dolphins). Cutler does have decision making issues but its a chicken-egg question: OL play or QB play? Clearly OL’s play this year has been less than stellar. If he had GB’s or SEA’s OL, he’d probably be a to 10 QB this season.
    So, contract notwithstanding, I’d cut the guy some slack.

  93. I’m a fan of Jimmy Clausen’s because he never got two solid years of starting to show what he could do. I doubt it’ll happen but I hope he lights it up these last two games so that SOMEONE will give him a chance to at least compete for a starting job. I would love to see him backing up Drew Brees.

  94. the Cutler deal confused me. it also made me realize the NFL has a money problem. the day he is worth half that, is a day they have a money problem. Cutler is not the leader you want, he is a turnover machine, and not even the fans really like him that much because of his “I don’t care” attitude and his “I don’t care” face.

    he really is Jeff George 2.0, and its not that George was a bad QB, Cutler is not a bad QB either. but he sure as heck is not worth what they paid him.

    the scary thing to me is how quickly this happens. you go from getting paid like a top 8 QB, to getting benched in week 14? how does that turnaround happen so quickly? one would think he could at least hold down the job until next season.

  95. The Bears Management should be made to wear Tee shirts that say “I SPENT $40 MILLION AND ALL I GOT IN RETURN IS THIS LOUSY QUARTERBACK!”

  96. Every contract should limit guaranteed money and tie it all to performance. A QB who is paid top money should have to perform at least as well as an average QB. Sure, the NFLPA would never go for that. So much the “QB whisperer.” When Josh McCown came to Tampa Bay, that’s all we heard is how being away from Trestman…he would be terrible. Well, looks like all the Bears QBs are substandard, and I wouldn’t expect anything out of Jimmy Clausen. All three should go to the Browns.

  97. What a gift Detroit.

    They bench the guy from Santa Claus and give you a Jimmy Claussen.

    Merry Christmas!

    Jay should also be fined by the League for his MNF mutiny.
    His team mates deserved better.
    As did his fans and everyone associated with the Bears.


  98. This feels like either a Trestman decision intended to shame Cutler (and indirectly, GM Phil Emery), or a management decision intended to shame Trestman and/or protect Cutler from injury or further bad play that could harm whatever trade value he may have left. I don’t think Trestman has too much say over anything that’s going on there right now so my money s on the second option.

    Either way, given the Bears lack of talent on D, special teams and the OL, I don’t see this making a hill of beans difference in Sunday’s outcome but it might get a few more people to tune in to the game.

  99. Iam serious I would take Tim Tebow over Cutler ! Tebow is a football player Cutler isn’t !

  100. Romo’s contract doesn’t look so bad now does it?
    He’s earning his money with a pro bowl year
    18tds 1 int on the road this year….WOW

  101. That hurts….the thing is, the new coach next year would (will) probably do the same thing.

    Jimmy Clausen? Sounds like the Bears might be entering the QB draft derby next year.

  102. I have been saying this, why are people suprised about cutler? we are talking about a guy that literally got traded because he wouldn’t answer his phone when the owner ( guy who signs his million dollar checks) called.

  103. Maybe Cutler will leave and then Marshall will be reunited with him……and then all the pundits can talk about how they will be unstoppable and a guaranteed SB winner….then….

    wait, that already happened……never mind

  104. Lets see now,where can he go and succeed? Cleveland,Jets,Jacksonville,Tenn, Oakland all come to mind.

  105. Shanahan made pro bowl players out of Cutler,Griese,Plummer,and RGMe. Any QB who has started 2 years for Shanahan have been to the Pro bowl at least once. Elway and Young numerous times plus MVP’s. Get a guy that can coach him. After that, get a defense!!!

  106. Jay just looks like he’s pouting all the time. I guess that’s sometimes expected from a 12 year old but not from guy in his position. People all over would give anything to be a qb in Chicago and you have just about blown that opportunity out the water…Pathetic.

  107. Punishment for tanking the careers of Tressman and Kromer?

    That’s about the only rational way I can view this move because Clausen definitely does NOT give them a better chance to win despite how many turnovers Cutler is coughing up.

    The problem Chicago and every coach they have had since Cutler has arrived is their livelihood is entirely dependent on the success or failure of Cutler. Find the right offense to make Jay a consistent winning QB and you are a hero. Fail to do that and you get fired.

    For as terrible as he can look at times, he still has potential. What they need to do though IMO if you can’t trade him is push him. Take your 1st or 2nd rd. draft pick and use it on a QB. Give him a REAL competition for his spot. If that can’t motivate him and he can’t win the job then cut your losses.

  108. Since Trestman did not mention this at his presser, I am guessing this move came down from the top. Told the coach not to play Cutler as he might get hurt, making him untradeable.

  109. Cutler = Jeff George 2.0

    That’s why its a cinch that Danny Snyder will sign him as soon as he can. Snyder is a sucker for overpaying declining-years, cannon-armed jerks who alienate the lockerroom and couldn’t game-manage their way out of a wet paper bag.

    Washingtons loss is Chicago’s gain, and the circus is ALWAYS in town.

  110. I could see from my couch that signing him to that contract was a bad idea. And I’m on nobody’s short list for GM

  111. The Green Bay Pack….oh wait. They’re the very last team in the NFL who would be trading for a QB right now.

  112. If they’re benching him purely for his attitude then fine. But despite having 18 interceptions, he still does have 28 TDs. I don’t see any chance Clausen gives them that sort of production.

  113. I was big Cutler supporter but his time in Chicago is done. The guy isn’t a leader. Shows no heart. He’s tough as nails based on how much he gets hit and keeps getting up but he just has i dont care attitude. Your QB who makes over 20M a year should be the one who fires up your team and has energy and passion. Cutler doesn’t display that. He just goes out and tries to do his job. Hasn’t done his job well this year. If I’m Emry or if Emry is gonna get fired then whoever is running the Bears, I trade everything I can to get Mariota. Lovie Smith is dumb enough on offense where you might be able to trick him for the number 1 pick by sending over Cutler and some of the defense players he likes (Tillman, Briggs, Jennings, etc…)

    Mariota is the only thing that can help Chicago at this point. Rg3 would bring in a different type of mess than Cutler so I wouldn’t want that trade. Otherwise we will be stuck with guys like Schaub, Fitzpatrick, Orton or whoever else is out there thats backup level. Chicago needs a franchise QB. A real one. They tried with Cutler but it just hasn’t worked out. Gotta start from scratch now.

  114. If this decision is, infact, Trestman’s, it further indicts his poor evaluation of Cutler last season before he was resigned. It also indicts Phil Emery because Emery hired Trestman. It also indicts the Bears brass, Ted Phillips because he hired Phil Emery. Fire them all, they deserve it!!!

  115. A competent GM would step in and fire Trestman now to stem the negative PR here. But, oh, the GM hired Trestman?

    Trestman has to go. And so does Emery.

  116. During the game on Sunday I noticed that both Sean Peyton and Jay Cutler have the pouty lips Zoolander look. But people seem to like Peyton and despise Cutler. There must be more to it. Probably it’s that Cutler sucks.

  117. What’s crazy is if the Bears defense was just half way decent instead of being utterly garbage, none of this talk would be going on right now. I think jay is just trying to do to much right now

  118. Cutler is the most over paid QB in the league but he doesn’t play defense and the Bears defense is just as bad as Cutler.

  119. So many people on here, who all think you’re so smart. “See, I told you! I told you!”

    Oh, you called it, did you Captain Hindsight? Give yourselves a cookie, smarty pants.

    In truth, there are only 2-3 commenters in this entire thread who actually GET IT.

    On the scale of Bears woes, Cutler is closer to the bottom than the top. You people fail to recognize the brutal reality that the Bears have fielded the league’s WORST defense for two consecutive seasons. As in, ranking: 32nd.

    And this year, their Special Teams unit went in the tank, too.

    But that’s Cutler’s fault, too, right?

    To people who actually watch the Bears play every week – we see a team that is confused, outcoached, predictable, uncertain, ill-prepared and slow to start, unmotivated, out of position, lacking passion, toughness, creativity, heart, consistency, cohesion, or leadership. They (and by “they”, I mean Trestman) quit at the end of every half, with nearly a minute on the clock and multiple time-outs. Spineless. Cowardly. Wasteful. The coaches lost this team after the first GB game. Total failure.

    And let me remind all you 20/20 hindsighters that Cutler, meanwhile, lead the league’s #2 ranked offense in the entire LEAGUE last year. Everyone now seems to conveniently forget that.

    So this season he loses his half his defense, his #1 WR, BFF, and the team’s emotional leader, his other WR is hobbled, the coaches have started scapegoating him, the media nitpicks him to death, the o-line has stopped blocking for him altogether so he’s pressured or hit on EVERY play – and meanwhile he’s got to play the game with his OWN OC’s knife sticking right out of his back.

    And all of this with the WORST defense in the entire league constantly putting him in near hopeless holes to dig out of.

    And with the WORST coaching staff in the league calling the shots! Our DC came off of Jacksonville’s TRASH heap, for crying out loud!

    But all you sheep can do is say it’s about Cutler, Cutler, Cutler. Money money money. Pouty face, body language, blah blah. Trent Dilfer doesn’t like him, so neither do I – nanny nanny boo boo.
    Do you know how stupid you all sound?

    No – Cutler’s erratic play is only one small outward symptom of a much, much bigger internal disease that’s infected the Bears organization – and it starts at ownership, spreads through the drafts, permeates ALL the coaches, and goes straight down to the players. Cutler is only an effect of the real problem, he is not the cause.

    The majority of you are fools who don’t understand the game of football, and can only parrot whatever your favorite talking heads in the media have told you. Meanwhile, I’ve never been more disgusted or ashamed of the Bears as a franchise in my entire 30+ years of fandom, and Cutler is one of the few parts of the franchise I’m NOT completely disgusted with – if anything, he gets my sympathy.

  120. comment 282. Clausen out – Cutler in. The worm turns. As if it will matter. 2015 looks even worse than 2014 for Bear fans as the Bucs seem to have draft #1 locked up.

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