Report: Philip Rivers has significant back injury

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For several weeks, questions have swirled regarding whether and to what extent Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is playing with injuries.  He could be playing with an injury that is bad enough that perhaps he shouldn’t be playing.

The Chargers recently acknowledged that Rivers has a back injury.  He missed practice Tuesday and Wednesday, critical sessions before a Saturday game against the 49ers, due to the injury.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the back injury is “more severe than the team has acknowledged.”

Technically, teams aren’t required to acknowledge the severity of any injury.  Teams simply must disclose on the thrice-weekly practice reports whether the player didn’t practice, practiced on a limited basis, or practiced fully with one or more injuries.  Once per week, the team must apply a label reflecting the player’s anticipated availability for the game.

In Rivers’ case, the fact that he actually missed practice due to the back injury suggests that it’s significant, given that he had missed no practices due to what teammate Antonio Gates told reporters was a “severe rib injury.”  (Gates later backtracked, predictably; the team eventually disclosed that Rivers has a chest injury.)

Rivers said Wednesday that he’ll play on Saturday.  Thursday’s final injury report before the Saturday night game will reveal plenty about whether Rivers will indeed be able to go.

Given that the guy once played a postseason game with a torn ACL and presumably has battled through plenty of other injuries to do his job, don’t be surprised to see him play.

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  1. While I applaud River’s work ethic some one needs to intervene and make him sit out. These players don’t always make good decisions when it comes to playing vs not playing and if he is in that much pain he shouldn’t be playing.

  2. Eli Manning has 165 consecutive starts … and two Superbowl MVP trophies. What a great trade that was. Thanks Chargers.

  3. Chest, ribs, back. They’re all above the waist and below the neck. Hey, what’s the diff?

    He is a fun player to watch. Love his animation (that and the classic powder blue unis). If he’s not playing, a real blow to the Chargers.

  4. “Given that Rivers once played a postseason game with a torn ACL and presumably has battled through plenty of other injuries to do his job, don’t be surprised to see him play.”

    I don’t care for Philip Rivers myself, but I have to give him this … the dude is tough. In that regard, he’s probably the only QB remotely resembling Steve McNair in today’s game. And yes, I did say remotely.

  5. Not only is he a Tough SOB (Stone Cold Steve Austin voice) but one of the nicest you’ll meet. I seen him at the grocery store during the preseason with his football team (6 kids) and said what’s up to him and wished him good luck in the season and talked for about a minute about how excited he is with the new season and some of the new players on the team. Down to earth.

  6. As other Charger fans know, Rivers gets hit way too much for a QB who makes as quick of decisions because the offensive line is terrible and loses the battle every week. Unfortunately the Chargers dont have the guys in the trenches to contend for a superbowl and RIvers carries the team as much as any player in the NFL if not more. They can’t afford to severely injure him when the team isn’t good enough to beat teams like Denver and NE in the playoffs

  7. I’ve always liked Philip, but I would like him to playa few more years…
    He’s a country boy, of course he’ll play hurt.. He’s no wuss BUT this year is not the year for bravery… Take some time and heal up…
    Whatever the choice he makes, the dude is still awesome in my book!!!!GO HAWKS!

  8. I really hope management opens their wallets to beef up that offensive line. It’s going to take a combination of free agents (not journeymen) and draft to fix that disaster. He has no time back there.

  9. As most posters have said ,it will not surprise me in the least if he plays on Saturday. If he has been playing thru a lot of pain so far this season, does anyone else think that just might explain some of the losses the Chargers had this season ? Do not get me wrong, I am not blaming Rivers for any of the losses, I am just curious and also wondering if some of those games may or may not have turned out differently if River’s had been healthy ? If Rivers would have had (what the NFL refers to as a average or decent) good “O” line, I am very sure of 2 things, (1) Rivers would not have the injuries that he has now. (2) the Chargers would have more games in the win column than they do have at this point of the season. Do you agree or disagree ? That being said, I will continue to ask this same question that I have asked for the last 5-7 years. I just believe and continue to have that feeling, that it is not just a coincidence that every season the Chargers seem to lose more (key) main players to injuries on both sides of the line, than any of the other 31 teams and why is that ? Every season it is the same old, same old, ( I will admit that it is not always the same players every season), but just think about this, just how often in Mathews on the IR list every season, just to name one player, so just how many other (key ) players can anyone else name, that hurts the team when they do not play ? I believe that if Rivers does not play in the next game, I believe the Chargers will be out of the play offs. At the same time, i do not wish to see Rivers get hurt or injured anymore or any worse than he already is. Just like someone else commented earlier, I believe that he should rest at least this one game, and then see how things go and just how he feels next week about playing KC. I would just like to take a moment and to wish everyone reading this, a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful and HAPPY NEW YEAR’S. That especially holes true for ALL of the servicemen and women past and present and their families where ever that they may be for the holiday’s.

  10. He hasn’t been the same QB in well over a month. When the losing started anybody who had Eyes to See could See they were attempting to hide something about Phillip’s health on the field. But as we could See he just was NOT the same guy managing his performance as if he were an Impostor of his former self. Yes he’s got guts but guts DON’T win us games PERFORMANCE does and that’s why you “MUST” have a coach that’s NOT allowing this firebrand to dictate the who’s running the Team. Looking back with 20/20 vision are you telling me we didn’t have a backup that could of continued Phillip’s successes early on so we could have allowed him to heal properly and then taking over possibly leading the Chargers to the STUPID I mean “Super Bowl” as per the Arizona Cardinal’s with all their QB injuries???

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