DeMarco Murray is determined to play


Officially listed as questionable, unofficially Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is determined to play on Sunday against the Colts.

Murray, per a source with knowledge of the situation, declared even before having surgery to repair a broken bone in his hand on Monday that he will play in Week 16.  At this point, it’s believed to be primarily a matter of pain tolerance and management.

Sure, there’s risk.  But Murray is willing to accept it — and he wants to prove that he can play in every game of an NFL regular season for the first time in his career.

He’s also chasing a new contract and 2,000 yards rushing.  So the stakes are high and Murray fully intends to play.

37 responses to “DeMarco Murray is determined to play

  1. I hope he does and repeatedly fumbles. Of more concern to me is TY Hilton possibly not playing, as I am an Eagles fan. Of course, the Cowboys have two offensive lineman banged up who may not play.

  2. The Dallas Cowboys have overtaken the Yaankees as the most valuable sports team in America. Hence, America’s Team. They will win the Super Bowl this season, I bet anyone here one million dollars.

  3. It’s the difference of “he’s coming off his best season of 2,000 yards and started all 16 games” vs “he may not have played in all 16 games yet and will this upcoming year after you back the money truck up”

  4. The Dallas Cowboys have overtaken the Yaankees as the most valuable sports team in America. Hence, America’s Team. They will win the Super Bowl this season, I bet anyone here one million dollars.


    I didn’t laugh today until I read this

  5. Why does everyone hate D Murray?

    Oh thats right, because he’s the RB for the Cowboys and doing well.

    Haters Gonna Hate….Hes just gonna shake it off, shake it off to the tune of 2,000 yds.


  6. He’ll be active. Start. Then head to the sidelines after taking 11 helmet hits to his left hand when he carries the ball and fumbles.

    Thousands of angry fantasy football championship game losers curse him until the day he dies.

    Meanwhile, the game falls on Tony Romo’s shoulders in December. Down at least one (Free), and possibly two (Martin) of his lineman.

    Be careful walking the streets of Dallas as you may get hit by falling Cowboys. Meanwhile, Dr. Jones laughs all the way to the bank.


  7. bert1913 says:

    Once the cowboys are in the playoffs, romo will choke away the game

    The Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable sports franshise in America, aka AMERICA’S TEAM, are going to destroy every team they play the rest of the season all the way to their 6th Lombardi. They will be the only team with 6 Lombardi’s and no “*” next to any of them. The Lombardi trophy should be named the Landry trophy. Vince Lombardi was overrated, he won by running the same simple play over and over. Tom Landry, the son of God, was an innovator and modernized the game.

  8. I am not concerned about him fumbling because he isn’t left handed, and most of his plays go to the right, so ball is in right hand, which isn’t injured. What concerns me is pass protection. If he can’t block the Mike, then we are gonna be hurting and we don’t have Free or Martin yet. That is the real concern, because we can exploit Indy’s pass defense, if we can block.

  9. I don’t think its so much the run for the $$. I think its more about playing 16 games. And if he can prove he can play a full season, then he’ll get his $$. If its in Dallas or not.

  10. Ok I love my cowboys and I respect the colts and Andrew luck but while he can make moves on the outside. He is also pretty turnover prone and tends to get the team down and then plays comeback. This is going to be a good game but with Ty Hilton either out or playing sore and Reggie Wayne playing hurt as well as members of the O line I see this being a 31-17 final game with weeden coming in the 4th quarter throwing a pick and getting the colts last points of the game. And I do see Murray playing if nothing else for morale sake.

  11. Dallas will win the division but will not last in the playoffs. They in no way be able to beat The Seahawks, Packers or Cardinals. Sorry Cowboys will be on the couch with the rest of the East for the Super Bowl…Truth Hurts

  12. Cowboy fans..get a grip.The defense they put on the field is all smoke and mirrors.They have no pass rush and corners who cant cover.How far will that take you in the playoffs?

  13. This is not going to end well. I can see his fumbling being the difference in the game and the Cowboys missing the playoffs because of it.

  14. I’m a boys fan but I’m also live in reality.cowboys do have potential to win the big one but that’s not here yet let’s worry about the colts and move from there.btw the Cowboys alredy beat the sea chickens.go boys

  15. @ bigjd,

    “The cowboys lost to the Redskins. THE REDSKINS!”

    And your point is? Division games are anything but predictable.

    And the Cowboys beat the Saints, Seahawks, and Eagles, and are in first place in their division. I will ask again – your point is?

    If you are going to hate, at least bring something to the table worth discussing. Ineptitude isn’t a valid excuse, bro.

  16. It’s a playoff game for Dallas essentially. Don’t beat the Colts and their post season hopes become shaky at best. Been a heck of a year for Murray and if he can play at all, he will give it a try. There is a lot at stake for him and the whole team.

  17. It won’t matter with Gomer Pyle as your QB.

    He’ll be lost and crumble as always.

    I look forward to seeing the Crypt Keeper in the press box, trying to frown, but unable to from all the plastic surgery.

  18. Murray fumbles? Nah, just setting records…

    Defense all smoke and mirrors? Yeah, sure looked like it tonight shutting out Luck… or are you going to now say Luck isn’t that good? Keep hating.

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