Eddie Lacy can’t see himself wearing goggles

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Eddie Lacy can’t really see. But he can’t see himself looking like Eric Dickerson either.

The Packers running back is having problems with his contact lenses, and was limited in practice the last two days because of an irritated eye.

Lacy’s eye started bothering him when he wore his contacts past their normal 30-day shelf life, and now he said he can’t read nameplates across the locker room if he closes his right eye. He’s getting glasses soon, but said he didn’t want to have to wear goggles this week.

Otherwise, could goggles be an option?

I refuse,” Lacy said, via Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I don’t want to say I refuse because I might because I think it will be better than wearing contacts, but that’s kind of old-fashioned.”

He said he plans to put his contacts back in this weekend, and coach Mike McCarthy said he didn’t think it would otherwise impact Lacy’s availability for this week’s game.

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  1. Dreadlocks, scruffy unkempt facial hair, and tattoos are the norm today, and he’s worried about how goggles will look?

    They’ll look pretty damn good if he’s racking up yardage and getting wins.

  2. Old fashioned? Get over it, Lacy. You are out there to win, not look good.

    I always laugh about players’ worries over fashion. There have been some helmet prototypes that are better at preventing concussions, but players would not wear them because they “look funny”. Is that ever taken into account in concussion lawsuits I wonder?

  3. You know what I heard.

    “I put myself before the team, I refuse to wear goggles that will help me on the field because I may look funny. ”

    Eddie Lacy is a selfish punk who by his own words refused to put the team above himself. He should be willing to wear the stupid goofiest looking goggles of all time if it would help his team win games. Eddie Lacy is not welcome on my team.

  4. Most of you guys and girls dont remember Dickerson…..Lacy can wear goggles ……just dont have a poor attitude like Dickerson…….he was great player…if he only carried himself like one…….

  5. whats wrong with plain old glasses instead of goggles,he wears a face shield for protection now so glasses would work inside the shield.it amazing with all the jarring hits that his contacts dont fly out more often.

  6. 5/29/2013: Signed a four-year, $3.392 million contract. The deal included an $847,208 signing bonus. 2014: $559,201, 2015: $713,401, 2016: $867,602, 2017: Free Agent

    Since the government takes half or maybe even more than half of the $3.4 that leaves about $1.7-1.8M and he hasn’t even been paid all of that yet.

    I’m not saying he’s poor, but maybe he’s beeing responsible having seen what veteran backs go for these days… and having had some brushes with concussions…

  7. I don’t know why anyone would voluntarily have their vital sight organs blasted away by laser energy directed weapon.

    Once gone, you can never replace your eyeball material. The eyes are always changing over time. There is no permanent solution in blasting away precious parts of your eyeballs.

    Follow the directions on the contact lens packaging, Eddy.

  8. Obviously he’s kidding. If it came down to playing at 100% or not looking stupid he’s going to throw on the goggles. He doesn’t want to look goofy but he would never let that keep him off the field.

    All these comments about his lack of professionalism/heart/dedication….SMH.

    Y’all need to R-E-L-A-X.

  9. The same Eddie Lacy that leads the NFC north in rushing?

    The same Eddie Lacy that is a top 10 back in the league?

    The same Eddie Lacy that doesn’t beat defenseless 4 year olds?

    THAT Eddie Lacy?

    I don’t care if he wears goggles. He’s better than most team’s running backs.

    Better athlete. Better person.

  10. hunternuts says: Dec 19, 2014 8:43 AM

    Dude makes millions of dollars a year and doesn’t get Lasik surgery?

    Eddie will make $771,000 this year. I get your point but most NFL players don’t earn millions a year.

  11. jwcarlson says:
    Dec 19, 2014 9:08 AM

    5/29/2013: Signed a four-year, $3.392 million contract. The deal included an $847,208 signing bonus. 2014: $559,201, 2015: $713,401, 2016: $867,602, 2017: Free Agent

    Since the government takes half or maybe even more than half of the $3.4 that leaves about $1.7-1.8M and he hasn’t even been paid all of that yet.

    I’m not saying he’s poor, but maybe he’s beeing responsible having seen what veteran backs go for these days… and having had some brushes with concussions

    Lasik surgery costs between 4-6k on average and is tax deductible. Possible better vision could lead to him seeing the field better which could lead to better production which could lead to a bigger future contract. Sounds like a wise investment to me.

  12. Viking fans are jumping all over this one, as expected.

    But since they’re so bitter, angry, and jealous of their neighbors to the east, I guess they have to grasp at any tiny, insignificant story they think makes the Packers look bad.

    Let’s concentrate on the only thing that matters:
    Green Bay Packers: Looking to get the best playoff spot – again.
    Minnesota Vikings: Looking to get the best draft position – again.

  13. So your telling me that he can’t afford $4000.00 for lasik eye surgey. When it actuallys saves you money vs having contacts for life.

  14. What? He can’t afford new contacts. They come in 6-month packs, each for 30 days–I wear them.

    Oh, and BTW, lasik does not cure all eye issues and it not an option for everyone. If you don’t meet certain criteria and have certain conditions, they will not do lasik–I know personally.

  15. tokyofilthblaster says:Dec 19, 2014 9:45 AM

    Why is Eric Dickerson posing like Michael Jackson on the Thriller album cover?



    because Dickerson thought he was bigger then the game ………AND LEARNED THE HARD WAY HES NOT!!!!

    Report comment

  16. Can someone please explain what Playoffs are to us Viking fans? We’re unfamiliar with the concept of football beyond December!!

  17. The Packers are playing at the Buccaneers (without Gerald McCoy) this weekend. Stevie Wonder would be able to see the gaping running lanes, so I think Eddie will be fine going without contacts or glasses…

  18. ariani1985 says:
    Dec 19, 2014 9:44 AM
    Why does eddy lose every playoff game he plays in?

    He didn’t lose either of the Minnesota Viking SuperBowls this year, one on 10/2/14, the second on 11/23/14.

  19. Get your priorities straight. Fashion, who gives a rip, when you are making bank and scoring touchdowns on national television. He should be sporting brand new contacts for each game for safety alone, or get lasik if his eyes allow for it, or personally I’d rock the throw bad goggles and look like a bada$$.

  20. So according to the usual MN “fans” that can’t stay away from packer threads, Lacy is a fumble prone, me first player who can’t win playoff games (hilarious considering its his 2nd year) and is also made of glass. In reality he’s been kicking butt all year while your number one back gets paid not to play and your number 2 sits on IR. Talk about irony.

  21. Every time I see Eric Dickerson, I’m reminded of the time the Packers heroically preserved his rushing record against that child beater in purple, and his degenerate fans.

  22. If Eddie were Minnesotan, it would be an easy fix. They would just have to announce on the local news that, “Googles make you more elite and sophisticated than Wisconsin. In fact, they don’t even have goggles, glasses or contact lenses in Wisconsin and everyone there is fat. So don’t ever go there. Please. We are better and more sophisticated and elite and we have Mall of America.”

    The entire populace would be wearing goggles the next day, so Eddie wouldn’t feel left out.

  23. Well by the end of this season Eddie Lacy will have more superbowl rings than every player in the history of the Minnesota Vikings combined. So I don’t see a problem.

  24. To answer a few folk’s suggestion, prescription face shields are not possible for a variety of reasons. The prescription needs to be centred to each eye, which is not possible in a single piece lens. Secondly, assuming his prescription is high enough for this to be an issue, and probably myopic, the size of a face shield would make it extremely thick and probably unsafe for wear.

    I’d imagine Eddy has some sort of ulcer, in future he should stick to daily disposable contacts! Most sportsmen I know go with them.

    Source- Eye Doctor

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