Jaguars players wear “I can’t breathe” shirts in pregame warm ups

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Several members of the Jacksonville Jaguars joined the growing numbers of athletes making statements with their attire in pregame warm ups prior to Thursday night’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

According to Mike DiRocco of, defensive end Ryan Davis and receivers Cecil Shorts III, Marqise Lee, Ace Sanders and Allen Hurns all donned T-shirts with “I can’t breathe” written on them.

The message was in support of Eric Garner, a New Yorker who died after being put in a chokehold by police officers than attempted to subdue him in July.

Similar gestures have been made by Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and others in recent weeks.

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  1. I think what is incredible is that everyone one of these guys that wear the “I can’t breath” shirt is essentially supporting resisting arrest…if he didn’t pull away more than once he would’nt have been choked out. If your placed under arrest, you 1. Shut up, 2. Cuff up 3. Ask to speak with an attorney, 4. Request a bail hearing ASAP and 5. Make bail….no charge for the legal advise…maybe some of these fools wearing these shirt can benefit from it.

  2. They’re gladiators, not scholars. If one can state, “I can’t breathe,” wouldn’t that indicate they actually can breathe?

  3. Contrary to popular opinion if you CAN’T breath, you can’t talk. What killed Garner was a heart attack from being obese. Yes it’s tragic and the crime petty, but all he had to do was sign his ticket. Sadly these players and a lot of America are buying into the media’s hyping of the two high profile cases without checking the facts. Yes there’s a disconnect between law enforcement and some communities, but using two individuals who would be alive today had they not committed crimes and resisted is stupid.

  4. So what would happen if some players came out in shirts supporting the police? Would they be applauded for standing up and free speech, or would there be riots?

  5. Again I point to rule 4 section 5 article 8 of the CBA. In short, players CANNOT wear anything with personal messages during game day from arriving at the stadium til exit post game, including warm ups.

    So where’s the fines Goodell??

  6. They’re all irrelevant players looking for their 15 minutes if fame and they’ll never find it on the field

  7. The fact that he said he can’t breathe is irrelevant because that is what everybody says when they are being held down and him being able to talk actually means yes you can breathe. Should the officer have used a choke hold, probably not but people focus in on the dumbest things

  8. You know, kids in school are asked to go home for wearing American flags on their shirts during Cinco de Mayo because it may be insensitive to other children. The NFL allows this to go on even though this is insensitive to others. I am growing increasingly tired of the NFL.

  9. Don’t assault and rob innocent store owners, charge a cop to take his gun, or resist arrest when you have a rap-sheet as long as your arm and you will be able to not only breathe just fine-but you’ll most like stay living!

  10. To those supporting the cop, I guess you’d be ok with the police killing you if they said you were jay-walking (a non-violent crime, like Garner’s) but you denied it. Of course you would!

  11. Who cares??? These ‘political’ statements have turned into a glorified sports trend, akin to a new name brand shoe or the latest popular pre-game accessory. If they want to bring attention to something, use their platform to raise money or awareness to help the family of a victim who is left with hurt & bills. Stop using tragedies to bring attention to yourself.

  12. MossMoon2Packers:
    They wont kill u for jaywalking, they will kill u for jaywalking if u resist an arrest. You’ll have your time to fight it in court, but you’ll never win on the street. Stop fighting cops and you’ll be just fine. I dont know what is so hard to comprehend about that.

  13. I do support the cop. The guy died of a heart attack. Was it brought on by the choke hold. MAYBE. But the fact remains if he would have not resisted arrest there would be no choke hold.

    These guys need to be fined. What about setting an example. These guys are openly breaking the rules. Lose the attitude and you so called “innoccent people” wont get hurt. Try using some respect. It goes a long way.

  14. Congratulations. Those of you supporting the cop are de facto supporting the soon-to-come American police state. It’s designed to protect the corporate class, when the masses finally realize they’ve been robbed, poisoned and enslaved, and then revolt. The cops will be militarized and not held accountable for anything, just like what’s happening now.

  15. MossMoon2Packers – Please stop being the racist here. You only care about Eric Garner because he was black. When is the last time you marched for a white person?

    Nobody was killed for selling loosies. Garner resisted arrest, and the officer did what they are trained to do – take him to the ground. His arm didn’t go fully around the neck until Garner started twisting around and the officer became concerned about being pushed through the plate glass window by a 400-pound man. The officer didn’t know Garner was going to die, and didn’t intend for it to happen. Why do you think the BLACK sergeant supervising the arrest didn’t intervene?

  16. Celebrating cops killing citizens. Not only that but being ok with public execution without trial.

    You conservatives are a special lot.

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