Just like old (sad) times: Buccaneers double-digit home underdogs vs. Packers

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Given the franchise’s many losing seasons, the Buccaneers being 12-point home underdogs to Green Bay on Sunday probably doesn’t rank as an all-time indignity for Tampa Bay.

That said, the Buccaneers haven’t often been home underdogs of this many points.

According to point spread records kept by Spreadapedia.com, the Buccaneers have only been home underdogs of 12-plus points on two other occasions since 1978. (The site’s records don’t go back any farther than ’78; it’s quite possible the ’76 and ’77 Bucs were major home underdogs at some point, too.)

In 1993, the Buccaneers were 14.5-point underdogs vs. visiting San Francisco, which shook off an early Tampa challenge to pull away for a 45-21 victory. And in 2009, the Patriots (-15.5) knocked off the Buccaneers 35-7 in London.

The 1993 Buccaneers were coached by Sam Wyche, who never had a winning record in his four seasons on the job (1992-1995). However, in his final year, the Buccaneers drafted Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks, cornerstones for the franchise’s most successful stretch in history.

The 2009 Bucs, meanwhile, were coached by Raheem Morris, who led the Buccaneers to a 10-6 record in his second season. But in Year Three, the Bucs fell apart, and Morris lost his job.

While the 2014 Bucs are 2-12, eight of their losses are by eight points or less. Improvement in Lovie Smith’s second year on the job wouldn’t be a surprise, especially with the Bucs’ NFC South competition having its own problems. Nevertheless, this has been a trying season for the Buccaneers, and Sunday’s point spread, in its own way, tells a little of that story.

28 responses to “Just like old (sad) times: Buccaneers double-digit home underdogs vs. Packers

  1. The Packers have only won once in Tampa since Raymond James Stadium was built, and the last time they played here the Bucs were 0-7, Rodgers threw 3 ints, Josh Freeman made his first career start, and the Bucs won 38-28.

  2. Let’s hear the classic John McKay comment when coaching the Buccaneers:

    In response to a question about his team’s execution – “I’m all in favor of it.”

  3. I think this one has the potential to be the biggest blowout of the year. Regardless of what has transpired in the past, this is the worst Buccaneer team in decades. The ones that pulled off upsets at least had good defenses. This one doesn’t, and the I am expecting the Packers to be pissed off and ready to start a playoff run. Look for them to beat the Bucs senseless in this one.

  4. The Packers did lose to Tampa, Freeman (is he in the NFL anymore?) was showing promise, but then he fell out of favor in Tampa it shows how short an NFL career can be, and that it takes more than one season to determine how good of Pro some of those guys can be.

  5. Or even farther back – when both teams were bad – they used to call this the Bay of Pigs game.

  6. bucrightoff says:
    Dec 19, 2014 2:58 PM
    Gonna be 40,000 or more Packer fans there so really the Bucs are the road team.

    – Bucs are clearly a better team on the road so let’s hope they mess up the #1 pick and win.

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

    Even throughout all the turmoil and many many many losing seasons, they still have more championships than the Vikings!

  8. We’re going to get slaughtered, and I’m OK with that, as long as we lose to the Saints in week 17. Suck for the Duck, guys.

    I’m just glad McCoy won’t have to be on the field for this one. Maybe Lavonte can get the flu and he can miss it as well.

  9. britishteeth says: Dec 19, 2014 3:10 PM

    The Bills provided the blueprint for shutting down Rodgers. Unfortunately for the Bucs they can’t get the blueprint out of the tube.

    The blueprint being….. make sure every Rodgers pass bounces off his receivers’ hands?

    Unless the Packers WRs/TEs really have permanently forgotten how to catch a ball, it’ll be pretty hard for other teams to replicate the Bills “blueprint” from that game.

  10. I can guarantee the Bucs will fight harder against the Pack than the Bears will against the Lions. Still should be a relatively easy win for Rodgers & Co though.

  11. If Lovie is there next year, the Bucs will be drafting # 1 again. He is just horrible. The team is worse than last year.

    2 of their high priced FA most likely won’t be back, Lovie gambled and lost, big time. That doesn’t even count the QB he installed as the starter.

    McKay was right, only this time, it should be the head coach.

  12. britishteeth says:
    Dec 19, 2014 3:10 PM
    The Bills provided the blueprint for shutting down Rodgers. Unfortunately for the Bucs they can’t get the blueprint out of the tube.
    That blueprint include getting away with blatant holding and hoping the Packer’s Wide outs drop every pass thrown their way?

  13. Now we know what the Bears figured out about Lovie…. Not a good HC at all… What little success he may have had has all been tarnished now… A 10 year HC making the simplest of mistake such as starting a center who never has snapped a ball is just 1 of many example as to why he does not deserve what he is getting paid… DISGRACEFUL!

    Losing w/Lovie continues!

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