Cardinals won’t release Fitzgerald

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When Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill hired G.M. Steve Keim and coach Bruce Arians, no one expected them to face so much adversity due to injury — or to have so much success with a collection of next men up.

Next year, they also could be dealing with a salary-cap problem.

Receiver Larry Fitzgerald has a cap number of $23.6 million for 2015.  It’s widely believed he’ll be cut.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, he won’t be.

He could be traded, he could restructure his deal, or he could elect to negotiate an extension.  But he won’t be released — even if it means carrying $23.6 million in cap space.

Few players other than quarterbacks have cap numbers even approaching $20 million.  For Fitzgerald, who remains a solid player but no longer dominant, that’s a huge commitment.  The Cardinals are willing to make it, if necessary.

38 responses to “Cardinals won’t release Fitzgerald

  1. Good for them if they do because they made the contract. Hopefully, they can get together and negotiate an extension for him to stay in Arizona without crippling their cap.

  2. Sad that the last 4 years of his career were totally wasted with horrible QBs. Imagine what he could have been. And next year isn’t looking so good either.

  3. Cap number is huge, but a lot of that has to do with him pushing money back again and again to help the team in years past. his actual salary is only 8 mil, much of the rest is bonus money from previous restructures. Even if they did release him, there would be a almost 15 million cap hit with dead money. So they’d only actually save about 8-9 million. The question becomes, do you think you can replace what he brings to that team for 8-9 million? I don’t think so (not a cards fan though)

    He’s not the beast he was in the past, but he’s still a very good WR, with amazing hands and a big body. Not to mention, as long as he’s been there, at times signing team friendly contracts, playing with Bob from the bar at QB, it would be nice to see a team return some loyalty for once. Fitz is a guy I couldn’t picture in another uniform, even if it were my teams. I’d like to see him finish up in Arizona

  4. If I was Fitzgerald I would look forward to being cut or released! Then he can pick a team of choice and be on a team with a great qb!

    This is topical card’s low balling players so they don’t have to pay higher salaries!

  5. dickshotdogs says:
    Dec 21, 2014 8:44 PM
    Ahem….. Did I say something wrong by suggesting that he could end up in New England?

    Careful! John “the walking dead” Mara is going to penalize you cap money for even thinking that.

  6. The Shehawks are know for their un disciplined play when it comes to penalties. NBC just showed the graphic. Most penalized team in the league while their opponents are least penalized.

  7. Bull cukka

    If he carries a $24million cap number next year then someone will be going to a mental hospital.

  8. He always talks about being a “Vikings fan for life”. Maybe they would trade him for Cordarrelle Patterson? I know Minnesota would accept that trade. Would love to hear from Cardinals fans.

  9. Sucks to be Fitz… all those years on horrible teams with bad coaches and QBs, and now when they’re finally putting things together under a real coach, the cap comes into play.

  10. And if you believe any team is going to carry a 23+ mil cap number for him I have a bridge to sell you.

    Not gonna happen. Entirely possible he’ll restructure and stay there, or possibly restructure for a trade to a team he desirers to go to. Not in AZ at 23 mil though.

  11. This is how goods teams get bad in a hurry..out of respect for his services over the years they will go ahead and eat his salary. .you know how many free agents that money could buy? Just turn on a Lakers game to see how this movie will end.

  12. One cannot say that he should force his way out in order to play for a contender, as Arizona is now a legitimate player in the NFC once the QB position has stabilized. The Cards have to find a way to keep him as they have re-opened a window of opportunity to truly go after a SB win by hiring the right coach.

  13. What a tacky time to make this announcement; it kinda set the tone for the evening!
    Larry has been the heart and soul of this team as long as he’s been here and has consistently agreed to team friendly negotiations in order to allow the Cards to pay other players which allowed them to get to this point. Quite frankly, I have been expecting this since Arians/Keim came in but have taken a “wait and see” stance refraining from pouring any money into merchandise, etc. as Keim has “given his word” that Fitz would be with the Cards at whatever the cost, with all the sincerity of a used car salesman desperate to make a sale! I personally would love to see Fitz wearing #11 for the Seahawks and playing with a team who appreciates and rewards their players rather than selling them off like livestock at a foreclosure.
    According to Pete Carroll and most analysts, Fitz is still a first round HOFer and one of the classiest players in the league. The NFL needs him more than he needs the NFL and perhaps he’ll choose to just move on to the next chapter of his life.

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