Gruden, Griffin will indeed be back

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When Washington coach Jay Gruden benched quarterback Robert Griffin III more than three weeks ago, the initial impression was that Gruden wanted to bench Griffin for good.  The truth, however, was that Gruden hoped to build Griffin up by tearing him down, ending the coddling and ultimately building a better team around him.

Reports emerging locally from D.C. painted a far different picture, with Gruden wanting to get rid of Griffin.  Coupled with the franchise’s silence on the matter, the issue took on a life of its own, with every word from Gruden scrutinized and, recently, unfairly twisted.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s back-to-the-future-style win over the Eagles, the local reports are dramatically different.  Jason Reid of the Washington Post, who wrote 17 days ago that “Gruden is now done with [Griffin], according to people within the organization,” leads his column with this admission:  “Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin III are expected to return next season.”

Yes, they are.  It’s not a recent development; the organization has been on the same page throughout this process.  The franchise hopes to make Griffin into a franchise quarterback by:  (1) making him better; and (2) putting better players around him in the offseason.

So, despite all the reports suggesting the end was coming for Griffin, the Post finally realizes he’s not going anywhere.  He never was.

“Let’s finish this season out on a high note against Dallas when they come here,” Gruden told reporters after Saturday’s win. “Then after the season we will make all the necessary adjustments. It’s a great opportunity for Robert to reestablish himself as the leader of this football team – hoping he does it.”

There’s nothing to twist in that or anything else Gruden said Saturday.  The team and the coach are sticking with Griffin at least for 2015.

Which means that the only remaining question is whether they pick up his eight-figure option for 2016 by May 3.  If the goal is to support him, they either need to exercise the option or extend his contract.

45 responses to “Gruden, Griffin will indeed be back

  1. ‘Hoped to build him by tearing him down’ lets not give jay too much credit, if colt hadn’t been hurt rg3 wouldn’t be playing

  2. Too bad for Skins fans. I suspect same will be the case with Cutler in Chicago although his odds of having a new HC there next season seem pretty high.

  3. The nightmare continues for the Washington fans.

    The comedy continues for the rest of the league.

  4. Bottom line: As long as Snyder owns this team, the Super Bowl odds for the other 31 teams may ever be in their favor.

    (Well, save for Raiders, Jags, Browns, etc.)

  5. This will ultimately fail. Too much harbored resentment by RGIII. You don’t publicly shame a player and expect to be respected by other players.

  6. Oh, good! With Sexy Rexy likely to be fired from the Jests, my fear was no more crazy circuses to be entertained by. Good to know the clowns are still running the Skins circus! (pops more popcorn)

  7. Thank You Mike for a great article! You hit it right on the head about all the ” reports” from this Washington tabloid media. It’s sad the extent some of these reporters go with their” unidentified sources” or ” sources within the organization” and don’t seem to care about truth or what damage it does. Just a couple weeks ago one Redskin reporter on the radio who claims he has inside sources said Jay HATES Robert and wants him gone. And Jason Reid has been doing the same thing. Truth is they just want to create drama so they can get someone to pay attention to them. Thanks again Mike for writing the truth about these reports!

  8. Wow is this strategy delusional…..

    Get ready for another year where RG3 either
    A- can only win about 5 games or
    B- misses at least 5 games due to not playing like a franchise guy

  9. This is good spin if the Redskins are looking to trade RG3. You always want to clean up something before you sell it. They’re hard to find now, but there are a lot of GMs and scouts out there that had RG3 rated ahead of Andrew Luck. And everyone knows that it’s tough to look good in Washington, whether you’re a player or a coach.

  10. Give RG3 some credit for he threw one of the longest interceptions of his career Saturday.

  11. Trent Williams played with one arm last night.
    The depth is not there for this team.

    Gutsy win, that’s for sure…

  12. Griffin coming back. Early Xmas present for me. I was really worried the DC Football Club was going in another direction. Thankfully they are still clueless.

  13. Bob’s the man even tough he stares down receivers and can only go to one receiver or check down. He needs work.

  14. Where were all the trash talkers his rookie year when RG3 blew his knee out for his team? It’s always head scratching to read critics who expect the world of every player as if they’re inhuman. The guy’s still trying to recover from his injury. I say give him a break already.

  15. I’m sure you guys are counting down the days until the offseason so you can start stirring the pot about the skins’ name change. My over under is that March will be “Al sharpton calls for Washington team name change”.

  16. Whoa whoa whoa… Did you guys watch the same game I saw? RG3 has the opposite of a fast release. He needs to wind up before he can throw an accurate pass. He was late on almost all his throws. His style of slow throwing makes many modern west coast plays unmake able. For example, he can never make the quick slant across the middle, which is the staple of the west coast offense. Also, he takes too long to spot the open receiver. If it wasn’t for DJax excellent play and Philly’s implosion that game would have ended much differently.

  17. It?s been a tough year for fans too and we have a choice to make. We can Try to stay hopeful that it can get turned around. Or we can piss and moan to infinity, which if you have ever noticed seems to change ions or something and makes bad juju happen. I am going to choose to try to be guardedly positive. I mean remember how bad the Giants and Eli were before he won his first Superbowl? Maybe Dan can spend lots of money on some quarterback guru to work magic on RG and throw a top notch sports psychologist in the mix too to work on the chemistry between RG and Gruden. Fire Haslet and let Allen lead cheers, get in some good scouts to really do great shopping in the draft for O-line and secondary fellas. And who knows maybe we could end the year with a win over Dallas. We can all get behind asking Santa for that.

  18. how many “slants” did Joe Gibbs ever call? this is the NFC East we don’t need to run a west coast offense. Norv Turner still runs first as does Dallas and many other teams. Eli is struggling in New York because they want him to run a west coast offense. if you cant fit a square peg into a round hole break out the saw and fix the hole. HTTR!!!!!

  19. floratiotime says:
    Dec 21, 2014 8:59 AM
    “Hooray !!!”

    Signed, the rest of the NFC East teams.

    I think the Cowboys and Eagles aren’t too keen on that idea #HTTR

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