Jimmy Clausen unimpressive early in Chicago


Early on in Chicago, Bears quarterback Jimmy Clausen is looking about the way you’d expect a backup to look against a good defense like Detroit’s.

The Bears have gone three-and-out on each of their first two offensive drives. Coach Marc Trestman is playing it very safe on the play-calling, not asking Clausen to do anything fancy and not accomplishing much. The Bears even ran the ball on third-and-9 on their first possession, suggesting that they don’t have a lot of faith in Clausen’s ability to make plays.

The good news is that Clausen doesn’t have any turnovers, and the Bears’ defense forced the Lions to punt on their first drive. Perhaps the Bears can at least keep this close with Clausen at the helm.

19 responses to “Jimmy Clausen unimpressive early in Chicago

  1. Since the great one handed catch by giants receiver Odell Beckham, I have watched Bears receivers, Marshall and Jeffery try to make great one handed catch on at least 3 occasions. Both times their second was free to use….USE IT !!!!

    What the heck do you have it for ?!?!
    You’re hurting your team by not using it.


  2. Mark Trestman is a genius! 4th and goal at the 1 and you call a qb roll out with a backup offensive lineman as your primary pass catcher. Bravo Mark

    Go Lions

  3. Clearly the reason that Clausen was put in was to preserve Cutler from any injury——to set him up to be traded where Chi will have to bite some of his salary.

  4. Yanking Cutler for Clausen should have been a fireable offense. Listen, Jay isn’t the best QB in the world but the guy has had no offensive line since day one in Chicago, and crappy play callers to go with it.

    Give him a line and he’ll get you into the playoffs. I can’t see him winning a Superbowl, but I can see him winning 10 games a year consistently. The guy is shell shocked beyond belief.

  5. Clausen has looked solid. He’s played within himself, has been reading the defenses and shown some solid accuracy.

    I’m still hoping the Bears lose to get that higher draft pick but Clausen hasn’t been half bad.

  6. Not watching the game, but I bet they’ve had at least 10 TV sideline shots of Cutler in the first half.

  7. “Solid accuracy”? He’s under 5 yards per attempt. You should be pretty accurate throwing to the check down guy standing a couple yards away.

  8. Whats wrong wit you guys cutler has never been good to us n da bears yea he got 28 td and 3600 yards dis year its his first time wit those kind of stats but he all ways turn da ball over its nothing new to me and im tired of him get him out of chicago clausen can be a average QB and get back to bears monster defence we will be alright

  9. Thank God the Bear receivers have butterfingers or Emery would have signed Clausen to a 70 million – 25 guaranteed contract this Monday.

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