Lions survive a scare in Chicago


It’s a good thing the Lions clinched a playoff berth yesterday, because they sure didn’t look like a playoff team today. But they managed to pull it out in the end.

Facing a Bears team that had benched Jay Cutler and all but given up on the season, the Lions looked lousy for much of the game but came back to earn a hard-fought 20-14 victory.

The win improves the Lions’ record to 11-4. They’ll travel to Green Bay next week, where the winner will win the NFC North and the loser will be a wild card.

Bears quarterback Jimmy Clausen completed 23 of 39 passes for 181 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception, and he played a lot better than his stats suggest: He routinely hit receivers in the hands only to have his passes dropped. Alshon Jeffery, in particular, had a miserable game. If Jeffery had caught all the passes he dropped, the Bears very well might have won.

Detroit’s special teams were a disaster: Jeremy Ross muffed a punt to set up the Bears’ first touchdown, a roughing the punter penalty set up the Bears’ second touchdown, and Matt Prater missed what should have been an easy field goal. And Lions center Dominic Raiola committed one of the dirtiest plays of the year when he stomped on Chicago’s Ego Ferguson.

And yet in the end, the Lions found a way to win. Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush and Joique Bell all played well, and the Lions can feel good about reaching the 11-win mark. They just have to play better next week if they expect to beat the Packers.

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  1. Detroit also saw 2 starters commit personal fouls that will likely earn one game suspensions next week.

  2. Hey a win is a win, and as a Lions Fan I will take it. BUT that Stomp was uncalled for and I suspect his wallet is going to be a good bit lighter, as it should be.

  3. Good job by Jimmy Clausen today. It looked to me like Alshon Jeffrey sandbagged this one in loyalty to his buddy Cutler. Those were some easy catches that were in his hands that “slipped” through. If I was Trestman I would bench Jeffrey next week as well- why not?

  4. You can’t get 4th down penalties and muff routine punts. Bears really scored 0 points today. Lions left at least 9 points on the field. Lions need to be muchore crisp next week to beat the Pack. That being said…

    A win is a win.

  5. Clausen is not the answer. He looked better than expected because expectations were below ground level. Under 5 yards per attempt just won’t get it done in the NFL. That’s a sign of not getting it down field and settling for check downs.

  6. i was checking some ” jay cutler quits in nfccg ” and found this comment
    thebigolddog says:
    Jan 24, 2011 7:21 AM
    When fellow and former players publicly call you out extemporaneously, you’ve got a major perception problem. Players know players.

    When you are constantly being shown on the sidelines, looking uninterested, uninjured, receiving no treatment (ice, etc,). You’ve got a big perception problem.

    LT’s career changed the day he sat on the sidelines with his helmet on, covered with a cape while his QB Rivers was on the field fighting his arse off with no ACL/MCL in the AFC championship game. After yesterday, so will Cutler’s.

    Life often comes down to a few key moments and how you respond comes to define who people think you are. People now think Cutler is a quitter. It will take a lot to overcome that perception now, if ever.

  7. This win is all that much more satisfying to me just because of how mad you all are. You’re making my day. Thank you

  8. How do you call the Lion’s a playoff team? They looke terrible! Good Luck against Green Bay, I don’t see the Lions doing anything in the post season. The Bears made them look weak and just plain BAD! Great win though…Good luck at Lambeau!

  9. Not a sharp win, but we’ll take the W. They need a lot of work between now and next Sunday. And as a Lions fan, I think they should suspend that embarrassment Raiola.

  10. Excited for the game next week it will be a tough, I think the Lions are sliding a bit, as they have been known to do in late in Dec, but have avoided losing vs. Min. and Chi.

    I think GB has a better chance of making the Lions pay when making those stupid penalties like they did in @ Chi.

    Good Luck next week.

  11. Wow, just wow, Lions just barely squeak out a win in Chicago. And now they go to Lambeau where they haven’t won sin 1991? Good thing Washington helped you get into the playoff, just wow.

  12. Those piling on Ansah aren’t very educated…since he was drafted, only been flagged for offside and neutral zone and 2 of those 6 are this season!! If he’s so dirty, he’s lacking the dirty player resume.

    Now Raiola is an established idiot, plain and simple.

  13. In case you didn’t notice, the Packers sucked today too. It was a one-score game against the Bucs in the 4th quarter.

    Should be a cruddy game next weekend.

  14. I get it, let’s try and get the “dirty players” tag back on the lions so when the refs start flagging for non-penalties everybody can just look around and shrug saying “It’s the Lions, they’re dirty…” Wanna suspend Raiola? Go for it. Most Lions fans know he’s scum. Ansah however was just tackling. I’m sure Packers fans will whine and petition the league to try to make sure Erin has an easy road to the playoffs..

  15. “Lions are getting excited about their upcoming wild card game in Dallas.”

    If it happens romo will choke, just like the last time the lions paid a visit to big D…..

  16. Remember when Brandon Marshall said Cutler would be the offensive MVP and that they have the best two receivers in the NFL? Chicago hasn’t beaten Detroit in over 2 years and they are now just getting into their 5 year rebuild mode.

  17. Ansah was airborn around the same time Clausen went into his slide. No problem with that play or the penalty. Also notice Ansah just stood there as Clausen popped up like a chihuahua wanting a piece of a great dane. Ansah= class act. Raiola=scumbag and needs to be gone. I don’t care, next week Swanson needs to be starting. No excuses. Do the right thing.

    Go Lions

  18. Also it should be noted that the Patriots struggled mightily to beat their division rival Jets today too. By using your guys dumb fan logic Matthew Stafford is Tom Brady and the Lions are the Patriots of the NFC! Has no one figured out that all bets are off when it comes to divisional opponents home or on the road? Win’s a win. Lions 11-4 and it feels good.

    Go Lions

  19. hazelmn says:
    Dec 21, 2014 4:43 PM

    In case you didn’t notice, the Packers sucked today too. It was a one-score game against the Bucs in the 4th quarter.
    It was because the refs stole a touchdown from Eddie Lacy, which allowed Tampa Bay to make a goal line stand. Score should’ve been 17-3 at the beginning of the 4th quarter, and 27-3 at the end.

  20. “Lions are the dorky little brother of the NFC North.”


    Funny, how you left out the part “who just happened to stomp GB in their first meeting!”

  21. “How many NFC North Divisions titles have they won in that period?”

    How many have the bears and vikings won? I can admit that the packers have pretty much owned the division recently, but the can and will change quick……at least save the s*talk for after week 17…..

  22. Clausen is not the answer. The answer is fire Trestman and his merry band of coaches.

    As for Detroit they won’t last long in the playoffs.

  23. ionlyrootforthewinningteam says:
    Dec 21, 2014 4:17 PM
    How do you call the Lion’s a playoff team? ………..


    Because they are 11-4, in the playoffs, and playing for the division next week, that’s how.

  24. “How many NFC North Divisions titles have they won in that period?”
    How many have the bears and vikings won? I can admit that the packers have pretty much owned the division recently, but the can and will change quick……at least save the s*talk for after week 17…..

    responded to s*talk i.e. poster who said the Lions have gone 9-2 in Division.

  25. I hate having to apologize for my team. Thought Dom had more class than that. No doubt there was other stuff going on. Life in the trenches is brutal. No excuses. That was uncalled for.
    I’m sorry…

  26. Has no one figured out that all bets are off when it comes to divisional opponents home or on the road?
    Ummmm there is an exception to every rule.

    A 22-game stretch without a win in the state of the Wisconsin, where the Green Bay Packers have set an NFL record for the longest home winning streak against a single opponent.

  27. Its nice to see the NFC North become competitive again. The Lions played well enough to earn a shot at the division title next week at Lambeau. The Vikings are improving and well – the Bears still suck. Go Pack Go.

  28. leatherface2012 says:
    Dec 21, 2014 5:03 PM

    terrible seeing rodgers limping around. also he had a cold? our vets have lost limbs in iraq and dont whine like rodgers does
    They also don’t play the Quaterback position as well as he does. In fact, he has the highest QB rating of any quarterback in NFL history (including Bridgewater).

  29. Stafford is holding this team back. Yeah he throws for a bunch of yards but they don’t score points equal to those yards. The 2 red zone picks today were terrible decisions and even worse throws

  30. Stafford will cost us any serious run in the playoffs. He is no different than the guy benched in Chicago.

  31. Wonzerobowls,

    No doubt Lamborghini field has not been friendly to the Lions. But they have played well enough to give themselves a chance and that’s all you need. To illustrate my point the 0-15 2008 Lions had the Pack 24-24 in the 4th quarter at Lamborghini field. Obviously they went on to lose 31-24 but I’m sure Pack fan’s thought they’d steamroll them just like many Lions fans thought today would be easy.

  32. one thing was clear watching the bears game today and that is the complete anti Cutler bias that was broadcast all day. you would think clausen was the second coming of Joe Montana the way they gushed about him, completely ignoring the fact the only reason the bears were even in the game was because of lions mistakes. stafford seemed seemed to be doing his best to keep the bears in the game and the botched punt was a gift. clausen did nothing to make people forget he was on the bench for a reason in Carolina. love the dropped passes excuse for his numbers as if they did not drop any for Cutler. if the bears keep him and trestman it would be enough to make this life long bears fans to start rooting for the colts.

  33. On the plus side (for Bears fans), the Bears looked the closest to a competitive, competent football team since they beat the Falcons half a season ago. Especially on offense, and if the Bears WRs had done their job Clausen would have had a much better stat line.

    On the down side… too much of the same old Bears to even consider giving Trestman and his staff a stay of execution. Especially the pathetic fundamentals of the D on the Bell TD run.

    Clausen definitely earned the right to start in the season closer and seems to have enough stuff to stick as at least a solid #2.

  34. Clausen isn’t the answer, nobody is saying he is!

    Cutler isn’t the answer and a very costly mistake.

    Clausen put up “decent” numbers considering he’s missing a pro bowl Long and Ashlon is helping out Marshall’s buddy.

    Keep in mind Clausen hasn’t played in 3 years, he played against the second best defense on a short week. Cutler threw 3 picks against the second worse defense.

    Should’ve franchised Cutler, signed McCown.

  35. If Alshon really did whiff passes to make Clausen look bad (as some are proposing), then either he’s a raving idiot, or he already knows Cutler is going to be not only a Bear next season, but the starter under a new HC.

    Personally I think he just had a bad game and he may also have had a problem adjusting to passes that were actually thrown on target and in stride, since he has seen so few of those this season up till now.

  36. Must start playing better starting next week otherwise it will be one and done in the playoffs. Get it together Lombardi.

  37. Thank God the Bear receivers have butterfingers or Emery would have signed Clausen to a 70 million – 25 guaranteed contract this Monday.

  38. Didn’t get to watch the game, but Stafford cost me 2 fantasy football championships today. Two redzone picks when we should have had at least 1 TD killed me. Thanks Matt. Hope he has a better game next week or we have no shot in GB.

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