Odell Beckham adds to his highlight reel


Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham was in the spotlight often during the first half of Sunday’s game, usually because he and members of the Rams were jawing and taunting one another during a chippy and flag-filled first half.

Beckham remains in the spotlight in the second half, but the reasons are football-related this time. Beckham hauled in an 80-yard touchdown catch to continue his remarkable rookie season. Beckham’s score pushed the Giants to a 34-20 lead through three quarters and pushed him over 90 receiving yards for the eighth straight game. If Beckham closes out the year by topping 90 again next week, he’ll tie an NFL record.

He can put that record alongside the one that makes him the first player to catch 75 passes in his first 11 NFL games. Beckham, who went over 1,000 receiving yards for the year on Sunday, also caught a touchdown in the first half to give him 11 on the season.

It’s not enough to save the Giants season, but Beckham’s exploits certainly make it easier for Giants fans to look toward 2015 on the heels of a third straight season in the NFL wilderness.

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  1. Dude came back from being injured early in they year, and just took over with the ROY competition. Now, the Giants need to fix that offensive line and retool the defense, especially the LBs. However, I think Coughlin should get the chance to coach them if he wants.

  2. @kd 75. You must be seriously off your meds. The best WR in the NFL is Antonio Brown…Beckham is good but it’s not even close.

  3. Worst reeturn on investment, Rams for sure. About $1 mil a win since Fisher’s been there, lol. Maybe instead of worrying about poking fun at Washington fans with the captains at midfield, he should worry about why his team’s out of the playoffs with another 7-9 or 8-8 type record, again. And don’t give me the injury excuse because the 49ers and Cardinals have had more to much more important players to their teams. If they were going to make a move for the playoffs, it was certainly just as much in their capability to do so, just as much as it was for the Cardinals. But let’s go to another media member to tell us how good of an HC Jeff Fisher is. Fisher and Shanahan, the two most mediocre coaches with the best friends in the media to keep serving up the propaganda for them.

  4. I’ve actually been ok with Fisher. The Rams were so bad for so long, it was always going to take years (plural) to turn it around. The turnaround has started. If the offense can ever catch up with the defense, the Rams will be lethal. That’s a big if, but they’re a young team. I’m not here to say that they’re going to be the best team in the league, but if you can’t see a dramatic improvement over 3-4 years ago, you clearly don’t watch a lot of Rams games.

  5. manzoa, thank you for bringing some sensibility to this. A Brown is a continual highlight, and I have no doubt that if the stars align just right and he has a chance to make a one-handed, falling back grab, A Brown would catch it with 2 fingers.

  6. When the 49ers fire Harbaugh and the Jets fire Rex Ryan. The Rams can get a real HC and fire that POS Jeff Fisher. And then fire that other POS Gregg Williams and hire a real DC and honorable man in Rex Ryan!

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