Packers favored by at least seven points


The Lions and Packers have identical 11-4 records. Moreover, Detroit won the first 2014 regular-season meeting between the clubs by double digits.

Nevertheless, in the rematch, host Green Bay is a big favorite to knock off Detroit next Sunday and capture the NFC North for a fourth consecutive season.

Oddsmakers have made the Packers 7- to 7.5-point favorites over Detroit at Lambeau Field, where the Lions have not won since 1991.

Per, the Lions haven’t won as underdogs of seven points or more since upsetting Green Bay 7-3 on December 12, 2010.

The Packers, meanwhile, have not lost as favorites of seven or more since falling 27-20 to Chicago on November 4, 2013.

The common factor in both games? Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t finish the game because of injury.

Rodgers, of course, tweaked his calf in Sunday’s victory at Tampa Bay, but he played through it, and the Lions will likely need their best defensive effort to stop Green Bay’s powerful offense on its home turf.

51 responses to “Packers favored by at least seven points

  1. Two true actual NFL playoff bound teams should make for a great game. Embrace the suck purple trolls.

  2. Stafford has been up/down all season and looked shabby the past 2 weeks so he is due for an up game at Lambeau. That doesn’t necessarily mean a win for Detroit but it should be an entertaining show for the fans to conclude the regular season.

  3. the Lions are 11-4, and that has changed from our past seasons. Two things that will never change is how hateful and douchy packer fans are and how much the media will jump on every opportunity they get to vilify the Lions in some way.

  4. A touchdown? Lol really? In g.b? Lol!! 2 lions losses in a row is gonna be hilarious. Caldwell’s face will mimic when him and Peyton lost the s.b `:~{ lol the loins are chumps

  5. steelersarebeliebers says:
    Dec 21, 2014 11:19 PM

    the Lions are 11-4, and that has changed from our past seasons. Two things that will never change is how hateful and douchy packer fans are and how much the media will jump on every opportunity they get to vilify the Lions in some way.
    Which is it, Lions, Steelers, or Justin Bieber? Your loyalties are in question here.

  6. kidfootball says:
    Dec 21, 2014 11:31 PM

    I’ll tell you what’s, Lions fan will roll in to Green Bay eager to eat butt and take names.
    Eat butt? Kinky.

  7. kidfootball says:
    Dec 21, 2014 11:31 PM
    I’ll tell you what’s, Lions fan will roll in to Green Bay eager to eat butt and take names.

    Eat butt? Did the Lions just sign Mark Sanchez?

  8. kickinpuppies says:
    Dec 21, 2014 11:05 PM
    The Lions are the basically little brothers of the NCF North.
    Brandon Marshall said that 2 years ago, and the Bears have beat the Lions since.

  9. The Lions’ offense still seems out of sorts — it’s going to be tough to match up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packer’s offensive production at Lambeau.

  10. If the Lions field the same offensive strategy we’ve watched for the past month… it will be ugly.

    The recipe has been:
    Run for 3 yards
    Incomplete pass
    3rd and long
    Stafford locks in on 81 at all cost and starts slinging
    INT’s begin

    Lombardi’s offense is stagnant and one track, and Stafford’s reads and decisions are just bad.

  11. The ONLY good teams GB has beat all year was the Eagles and NE.

    This game will be easy for the Lions, on par with the rout the ‘Boys gave the Colts today.

  12. Throw the past out the window. No one has been ready for the Lions all year. Detroit and their fans are happy to fly all the way to the SuperBowl under the radar. The Lions have beaten the Bears 4 straight, the Packers and Vikings 2 straight. Anyone who’s watched Detroit knows they still haven’t played their best game. Not even close. It’s coming, and at the perfect time. Can’t sleep on em. The mighty Packers might be in for a surprise.

  13. Buffalo proved again that a strong enough defense (like the effort we saw from Detroit in their win against the Packers early in the season) can get the best of the Packers.

    The problem is the execution of the Offense. Which Matt Stafford are we going to get? The Packers will eat them alive if he turns the ball over like he did against the Bears. If the Lions could ever execute to their full potential they would be an amazing team.

    Regardless I hope they get this damn monkey off their back and win at Lambeau. It’s definitely time.

  14. My loyalty is in question? Since when has beliebing or being a justin beiber fan ever been a good thing??

    The only thing in question is why did Percy Harvin’s number 1 fan just address me about my name when yours is clearly about a man crush you can’t kick

  15. I do not like the Lions.

    I respected them briefly, a couple of years ago when they fought New England so hard on Thanksgiving Day, but since that time they have been reduced to a gang of hoodlums with an over-rated quarterback.

    I want to be happy for Lions fans in a surprising 11 win season, but that’s like being happy for ISIS.

    Detroit is a dirty, dirty team, and it’s impossible to like them or their season.

  16. Packer fans understand the game of football and I’m pretty sure most of them realize that Detroit actually matches up with the Packers better than most teams. I’m a Lions fan and in no way am I saying the Lions are going to win, but given the match ups, IF Detroit somehow manages to come up with a solid game without stupid mistakes, the Packers are going to have trouble. Point is–based on the match ups, the Lions could win since they have certain strengths that can negate what the Packers like to do.

  17. The Lions face a significant challenge on Sunday – Rogers and the Pack are playing great, while Stafford and the offence are still trying to get on the same page.
    As for the Lions’ losing streak at Lambeau, chalk one up for the NFL schedule writers: since 1990, the Lions have had to play in Green Bay 12 times after December 1st and 18 times after November 1st. The Packers have been fortunate to have two HOF QBs over most of that stretch (Favre started in 92) but the NFL scheduling a dome-field team (Lions) to play on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field 18 times in the past 24 years has given the Packers some advantage. The Lions have also lost to the Packers in the other six games played earlier in the season. The Packers have beaten the Lions for all these years because they put a better team on the field – with some help from the field itself.

  18. Very good season by the lions. A loss at lambeau would not be surprising as the packers are tough at home, but average on the road. The lions defense could keep it close, and bush an bell are starting rev it up.

  19. Not surprised – Packers play much better at home, plus even in two straight wins against inferior opponents (Vikings, Bears), the Lions offense has been erratic. Matt Stafford continues to make bad mistakes.

  20. It’s funny how many Nostradamuses we have amongst PFT commentors who already know what’s going to happen in this game. Shouldn’t you guys be out buying lottery tickets or working for Miss Cleo or something?
    Does your hate stem from the fact that your team isn’t playing for the NFC North championship and even if they lose they’re still in the playoffs?
    Because that’s the situation we’re in. It feels good too.

  21. As a Lion’s fan, I can’t feel good about trash-talking. We’re not exactly running over opponents we’re supposed to be beating, but neither is GB the last 5 games.

  22. There are a lot of ways that the Lions could win: Stafford plays lights-out, Bush has a game like those in his prime, D-line double-checks Rodgers’ leg. But under any scenario, the Lions will have to play mistake-free football. And while Caldwell is certainly better than his recent predecessors, he hasn’t cleaned up the mistakes that have nothing to do with talent.

    If Caldwell could impose discipline, that game would have been a shutout yesterday. With a 7-0 lead near the end of the half, you don’t come within 20 yards of trying to field a punt. With a 13-10 lead, you don’t try to block a punt. And hello, you can’t have a guy who snapped the ball to Charlie Batch intentionally injuring people.

    The Lions don’t have to be flawless, but they can’t extend drives for the Packers with undisciplined B.S. And if they don’t have that fixed by now, they never will.

  23. There were some stupid Lion’s penalties yesterday, but the Lion’s HAVE improved a lot areas this season. The game is winnable, but the Lions have to be better than most of the games they’ve played this season.

  24. With the exception of the Buffalo game where the entire Packer team was off, the Packers have played tough and consistent football both offensively and defensively. The Lions, on the other hand, may have won games but have done it by squeaking out wins through sloppy football. I don’t think that’s going to cut it in week 17 or in the playoffs. They maybe say that defenses win championships but you still need a solid offense when you’re facing the best of the best. This is where I believe the Lions will falter.. Caldwell has done wonders with this team but his “I”m not going to apologize for sloppy wins” attitude is going to be the reason the Lions may very well be done winning games this season.

  25. “I’m not going to apologize for sloppy wins”

    I don’t want you to apologize for sloppy wins. I want you to apologize for taking stupid chances on special teams when you’re much better than your opposition on offense and defense.

  26. All season long the Lions seem to play to the level of the competition. I feel they could just barely get a victory against our local pre-wee team.
    Good teams such as Arizona and New England beat us soundly.
    I am afraid to watch this Lions Team in Lambou Field.
    Roger’s comment telling his team and the fans to relax after an early season loss to Detroit was proven correct the rest the season.
    I don’t believe the Packers can do more damage to us than we can do for ourselves.
    Relax Lions fans. It will soon be over and we can look forward to another rebuild.
    Bye Suh, so long Raiola. Hello rebuilding offensive line and defense just in time to see Stafford and Johnson retire or get traded. Hello new Defensive coordinator and other coaches.
    Win or lose Sunday (and playoffs) this will not be next year’s Lion’s team.

  27. Lion’s are G@rbage, Clausen made the Lion’s D look like cr@p. Terrible cupcake schedule football team, almost lost to the Bears, LMAO!

  28. kidfootball says:
    Dec 21, 2014 11:31 PM

    I’ll tell you what’s, Lions fan will roll in to Green Bay eager to eat butt and take names.
    We all knew the lions are a dirty team, but I don’t think any of us thought that they were that dirty.

  29. The statement “Moreover, Detroit won the first 2014 regular-season meeting between the clubs by double digits.” from above is very misleading. It almost makes it sound like the Lions demolished the Packers when, in fact, two of those 19 points came off a safety and the Lions’ defense scored another 7. Their offense only scored 10 points to the Packers’ 7 points. Still a win, I know. However, since that week the Packers offense has kicked off in a big way and Lions’ has not. Unless the Lions do something different on Sunday, they’re in for another disappointment

  30. A lot at stake here – including, for Detroit, self-respect.

    That could tip the scales.

    Go Pack Go!

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