Cowboys won’t rest starters this week


The Cowboys have clinched the NFC East and they still have a shot at grabbing a first-round bye.

They’ll need to get some help from the 49ers and Rams (or a Lions-Packers tie) to make that happen, but even getting those results in the NFC West won’t help if they don’t beat Washington. If they were to win and get all three games to break their way, they’d wind up as the top seed in the conference.

On Monday, coach Jason Garrett said that the Cowboys will do their best to take care of what they control. With all three other games with bearing on their possible slot in the playoffs kicking off later in the day, the Cowboys won’t have the option of altering their lineup based on scoreboard watching and Garrett said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, that the Cowboys would play their starters their usual amount in Week 17.

We’ll see if that holds come Sunday for running back DeMarco Murray and other players with current injury concerns, but the Cowboys have every reason to play anyone without such worries because of the benefits that would come with getting the bye.

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  1. Wrong move here. Barring a Green Bay / Detroit tie, the only way the Cowboys move into the #2 seed is with a loss by Seattle and Arizona. The outcome of the Cowboys game (win or loss) is irrelevant. There is no reason to play Romo, McClain, Murray, Free, or Martin. Let them rest and get ready for week 1 of the playoffs. Or a miracle and we get a week off. Either way, no reason to risk injuries.

  2. Funny how quiet it is from those Cowboy haters that incessantly stated how they would finish 8-8, how Romo would choke in December, and how the Defense would be the worst in the league. Some writers on here were chiming the same tune – they know who they are.

    The silence is deafening……

  3. Scared…. No worries, I can’t see it happening…plus the Redskins gain nothing and move down in the draft order- they should WANT to lose…. Sickening, but this is the NFL- everybody does it now and then.

  4. The risk of injury is always present. The truth of the matter is that the Cowboys, while playing well, aren’t good enough to “turn it off” and then “turn it back on”. In the words of Crash Davis, don’t “f” with a streak. If you’re playing well, keep on playing. Tom Brady and the Patriots could think about it, not the Cowboys.

  5. Mixed feelings. I know about momentum and all, but Romo has a bad back and Murray needs to heal up some. They probably won’t play the whole game though. If they do, I’d be shocked.

  6. I still think it’s a mistake. They showed how much better they played against Philly when they had more time to rest. They looked fresh. I think that the same thing can be gained against Detroit or Green Bay. Plus if they do get the bye, then the whole idea of “momentum” goes out the window with a two week layoff. Once again risking injury for a meaningless game isn’t a recipe for success. At minimum, they should let McClain, Murray, and Free have an extra week. I would sit Romo and Martin too, but the other three for sure.

  7. Romo avoiding a choke this year is a fluke. This is the only year he hasn’t choked in December. But the good news is he has another opportunity to choke in the wildcard game.

  8. Wowboyinphilly, I certainly understand where you’re coming from. After all, it was the Redskins who put Romo out earlier this season. I suppose I fear them not being to get it back going more than I fear another untimely injury. Hell, anyone could get injured the very first play of the the playoff game. I say go after it unless / until it gets out of hand one way or the other.

  9. gixrider,
    Patriots didn’t exactly look unbeatable Sunday.
    Also if people think the “got nothing to lose” Ram and the niners could win those division games, then you do not no much about football. It’s their SB and against a rival…

  10. This is how I see it:

    Seahawks win #1 seed
    Packers win for #2 seed
    Cowboys #3, can see Skins coming up with another upset and I can see Dallas pulling it out, regardless Cowboys stay as #3.
    Panthers #4
    Arizona #5
    Lions #6

    Wildcard round is open where any team can win it. But ARIZONA has no QB so I see Panthers winning that and Cowboys-Lions being a good matchup where it can go either way.

  11. Haters hating to the bitter end. The Romo choking thing has been beat to death. Let it go. All you’re doing now is just wishing it will happen. Bottom line is that the Cowboys are the ONLY team in the NFC to clinch their division in week 16. Not bad for a team projected to go 4-12. All they do is keep proving everyone wrong. Just get into the playoffs healthy and continue to roll. Go Cowboys!!!!!!

  12. Nice, just will make it that much sweeter when the Redskins send them into the playoffs on a sour note.

  13. You say one and done cuz that’s all you CAN say now. December record 3-0, Romo playing lights out, Division champs…..ok, lets say 1 and done. Please!

  14. As much as it annoys me to see haters posting one and done I love knowing how much it still kills em that “one and done” is all they can say now since their “8-8” posts from earlier this season were wrong. So keep predicting things for Dallas cause its working out great for us.

  15. You know who has the most 4th quarter comebacks in all the NFL since 2006? Tony Romo. You know who is the highest rated QB of all time in the 4th quarter? Tony Romo. But, to all you “real” football experts, he is a choke artist. They should make you all wear pink bonnets or something in sports bars, so the rest of us would know who to stay the hell away from. It’s getting very tiresome and boring ladies. It really is.

  16. @yetimonster

    “Romo avoiding a choke this year is a fluke. This is the only year he hasn’t choked in December. But the good news is he has another opportunity to choke in the wildcard game”.

    What a pathetic hater statement. Give credit where it is due, and Romo and the D are due some credit. The haters predicted the “worst D in NFL history”. They have been decent, at worst. Romo has been stellar. Murray has been stellar.

    You must be a Philly Fan. Talk about your chokers.

  17. realitycheckbaby says:
    Dec 22, 2014 10:45 PM

    They dumped the bucket for making the playoffs?



    Yes, they dumped the bucket for winning the division when every expert (probably including you) said they would probably go 4-12 this season and Romo chokes would happen and can’t win in December… Reality check there home boy, it’s what teams do when they hit a goal. The first was win the division, done.

  18. They dumped the bucket because they can. Just another hater hating. So I guess they should stop celebrating in baseball to when they clinch their divison to get into the playoffs. Sounds like jealousy to me.

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