Dolphins owner says he never considered Jim Harbaugh (this time)

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross cleared the schedule for Miami reporters by declaring there would be no coaching search this year.

Of course, Ross has gone looking for coaches when he had one before, but as he retained Joe Philbin, he said that wasn’t the case this time.

I didn’t put out any feelers,” Ross said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “I did not talk to Harbaugh.”

That would be soon-to-be available Jim Harbaugh, whom Ross once wooed while Tony Sparano was still under contract.

But the Ross stood firm behind Philbin, saying he like the direction of his team even before yesterday’s comeback win.

“I believe in this team, I believe in the coach, we are building something,” Ross said. “I have looked at the whole situation, as I have been looking at it all year. I think the coach has a year on his contract, we are bringing him back and, you know, what else can I tell you? I think we are building something great here. He is the right guy for this team, and we are building something.”

Of course, even as Ross made it clear he was keeping Philbin, that comes with conditions.

“Patience is a virtue, you know,” Ross said, “but I’m expecting big things next year, I’ll tell you that.”

Leaving things as they are is a hard lesson for owners to learn, but Ross is taking an important step, by refusing to play with the shiniest toy of the offseason.

20 responses to “Dolphins owner says he never considered Jim Harbaugh (this time)

  1. Yes he did. It’s just that Philbin got off the schneid at the same time that Harbaugh fell flat on his face.

  2. It’s nice to see an owner that doesn’t waste away good pay and contract time that has already been signed up for. If a coach is good enough to hire for the deal you signed them up for, then they are good enough to see the deal through. This is the coach he wanted at the time of signing, and this is the coach he shall have, and this is a coach that can win big next year if they have a great offseason and make the right moves. Some combination of choices exists that puts this team on top next year. Now they just have to figure out what those choices are.

  3. As a Fins fan, I’m ok with this. There is just enough progress to keep you optimistic, but need some important pieces to fill in the holes during the offseason.

    Glad Ross didn’t drag out his decision.

  4. “I believe in this team, I believe in the coach, we are building something,” Ross said

    so this is the 3rd year with Tanny / Philbin without even a one and done wildcard spot

    Philbin is another in a long line of uninspiring head coach hires. He still makes critical strategy errors in the second half of the game blowing leads. If not for a fluke safety last night it would have been yet another 2nd half meltdown.

    Tannehill is another in a long line of QBs who we all really can see are not becoming franchise guys. He still misses on almost all his 15 yard plus throws, takes sacks he shouldn’t, makes critical decision errors, etc.

    how long are the Phins going to continue to ride this losing combination? 4 years at least I guess. 5? 6?

  5. I’m not the biggest Ross fan but by no stretch of the imagination is he the worst owner in sports, that title goes to team just south of him playing baseball. This guy is from Miami Beach, made his money , and came back to his hometown to buy his favorite team, which is every fan’s dream. He was out of his comfort zone at first but he’s learning it appears.

  6. I wasn’t sold on Harbaugh in the first place, and if he was “torn” about going back to college or staying in the NFL, well, frankly I don’t want another guy who might continually look over his shoulder at the college game. Thank you Nick Saban.

    That said, Tannehill hit a strong mark in passing yards this weekend, had his best game as a Dolphin, and the team is well positioned to end 9-7, which even if only incremental improvement, is still improvement.

    Yes, they had a chance to get to the playoffs again and did not, but this year’s roulette was way harder to win than last year’s, so…I kind of can’t blame them too hard.

    Besides, I have grown to become a fan of what GM Dennis Hickey and OC Bill Lazor have brought to the team. Firing Philbin would have probably blown the whole thing up.

    It will be all hands on deck next year, with the coach in a contract year, and 99% certainty needing a playoff berth to stick around. The impetus to win won’t be any stronger, so, it’s time to get everything you can out of a roster that is talented, because if you can’t, you’re probably going to blow it all up the year after, so.

    I look forward to the offseason, even though it’s not where I wanted the Dolphins to be this year.

  7. Ross is an idiot, but it’s true he cant hire anyone better, so my only hope is that Philbin will grow a pair next year & put it to everyone in the AFC especially our own division!!! Then again they can’t take our dreams away yet, but I’m sure Goodell is working on that right now!!! GO FINS… next year!!!

  8. At least we did take 1 from the patsies, just a crying shame Philbin can’t prepare the team to show up for the next meeting!!! Like I say every year…. Maybe next year… GO FINS!!!

  9. They’ve certainly established rock solid mediocrity. Well done. Which in all fairness, is an improvement over the septic tank status the team had a few years ago. So, there’s that.

    They won yesterday by a fluke after consecutive blowout losses that ended their playoff chances (while they determined their own destiny) and Ross comes out after the game and says “we’re building something.”

    Every decision Ross has made and everything he’s said since he’s owned the team has proven to the exact opposite of anything a winning organization would do. Why anyone would support that team while that schmuck owns it is unbelievable.

  10. So, the same group of “fans” that think Ross is a terrible owner and is making poor decisions for the franchise, would ” like to see the dc gone I guess” do you realize this is a top 10 defense? Who do you suggest they bring in to replace him? Rex Ryan? Besides the fact that Rex should be a head coach somewhere next year, I really don’t see him coming in here and gelling with the rest of the coaching staff.

  11. Stephen Ross AKA “THE GRINCH WHO STOLE MIAMI’S CHRISTMAS!” Mark my words. By this time next year, we’ll be asking why Stephen LOSS didn’t get off the schneid earlier!

  12. @randomguy9999

    How do you throw for almost 400 yards when you miss on your 15+ yard throws?

    Oh and Miami was losing 17-7 at halftime. How would a loss be a 2nd half meltdown?

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