Marc Trestman: We’ll talk about whether Jimmy Clausen starts again


The Bears lost 20-14 to the Lions on Sunday in quarterback Jimmy Clausen’s first start with the team, leaving them with just one more week until a dismal season can be put to rest.

Clausen went 22-of-39 for 181 yards, two touchdowns and an interception during the contest, which marked his first start since his rookie year with the Panthers in 2010. On Monday, coach Marc Trestman wasn’t ready to say whether Clausen will have a shorter wait before his next start.

“We’ll talk about it today,” Trestman said on WBBM Newsradio 780. “I thought he had a good performance. He needed some help. He didn’t get it — had a few drops along the way, had a couple missed assignments up front in the running game, where we could’ve had a little bit more yardage. But I thought he handled himself [well], for two practices and having not played [much] for four years. It was certainly a good performance.”

Based on that final assessment, it would seem likely that Clausen will be back in the lineup against the Vikings in Week 17. The issues that caused Trestman to turn away from Jay Cutler aren’t going to disappear in a week and Trestman said he has no regrets about the change, so going back to Cutler would be odd. Giving rookie David Fales some playing time might be an idea, but the Bears didn’t even dress him against the Lions and that points toward a visit from Clausen after Santa Claus visits this week.

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  1. It’s hard not to root for someone like Jimmy Clausen considering the path he took to get to his first start is three years.

    I was anticipating this game because I was curious to see how Clausen performed in place of Jay Cutler.

    The first thing that was a pleasant surprise was his mannerisms.

    He was composed 99% of time except for two instances that had me rooting for him.

    The first was on a key third down play his guard committed a false start when he was trying the hard count. Instead of berating the linemen or flailing his arms like Cutler, he smacked him on the rear and then as they walked off the field ‘dapped’ up and gave him some confidence.

    The next instance which was great to see was on his short run in which a Ziggy Ansah went head-to-head. He got up and showed some fire. I am sure that caused the Bears to rally around him. Definitely wasn’t the Clausen that many grew to despise during his days with Notre Dame.

    I hope he gets another chance to play because he performed well though his passing numbers were 22-39. The Bears did drop 7 passes which should be heavily scrutinized.

  2. He must start Clausen….the Bears are going to try and package a trade deal for Cutler.

    Knowing this organization and all the bad moves they have made this year, they will probably start Jay. If Cutler was get hurt, say good-bye to any potential takers, and Bears management would be on the hook for Cutlers 15 mil next year.

  3. It’s really hard watching Trestman play out the string these last few weeks. By all accounts he is a hardworking, high character guy, but he is just ridiculously unqualified to be an NFL HC and every week brings more evidence of that.

    Of course Clausen will start the final game. He played well enough to give the Bears a chance to win, the team had a positive energy I haven’t seen since early in the season, and the Bears have a whole lot of reasons (financial and otherwise) to not have Cutler get injured these last 4 quarters of their season.

  4. So if they dump Cutler, who the heck will be their QB next year? Again, the alternatives out there ain’t any better folks.

  5. If they’re trying to move Cutler they really can’t start him. The interesting question is what happens if Clausen would get hurt, particularly if it was early in the game. Would they play Cutler for basically a whole game in relief just hoping he doesn’t get hurt? I wouldn’t be surprised if they made Cutler inactive and made David Fales the backup.

  6. Interesting no one noted how the play calling changed for Clausen. Where did all the bubble screens go? we ran what five times against DET just a few weeks ago and this time we are running again. Sunday was similar to last season (until Cutler got hurt against the Redskins). Balanced attack, very few screens a more vertical passing attack. Cutler was 4-2 until his injury running this same O we saw against DET. There is an efficient playbook in Trestman’s office he choose to get cute this season and add his old Raider WCO and it cost him.

    I am glad Clausen had a good outing, he proved he can be a capable backup with the Bears in ’15 or elsewhere in the NFL.

  7. This isn’t a Smith-Vick, Griffin-Cousins-McCoy type scenario – it’s a Cutler and whoever isn’t Cutler scenario. They know Clausen isn’t the answer, and if they wanted to see what they have they’d play Fales. Trestman had a sulk after his authority was called into question and he was hung out to dry by Emery – now he’s puffing out his chest and trying on his big boy pants for the very first time.

    I suspect they won’t fit – and even if they do, it’s far to late. He’s gone.

    Bye Marc – please give our best to the Roughriders.

  8. The Bears keeping Cutler would be odd to people who assumed the Bears would cut him. If you think the Bears are going to cut or trade the highest paid player in football you should stop pontificating about business-related things. forever.

  9. polarbear71 says:
    Dec 22, 2014 11:19 AM

    Start Fales and see what we have, also, a loss = better draft choice, however Emery’s choices in the first rounds have not panned out.

    Ugh, Kyle Fuller and Kyle Long? Pretty good if you ask me. McClellin was a TERRIBLE pick (Chandler Jones to New England after him….oh boy). The bottom line is that Emory is professional SCOUT. He and Trestman have been promoted beyond their competency, and that is the bottom line issue.

    Cutler is not a leader and never will be. Love the guys arm and potential, but I wouldn’t follow him in to any battle, any where.

    Get the young and hungry players out there and dump the Lovie Smith holdovers that can’t move on. Not that Trestman is worth following either, but time to build with what you can use and dump who is over the hill or incompetent.

  10. Clausen’s throws were for the most part on the money. The drops were inexcusable.

    As a Lions fan, I know that we didn’t deserve to win that game. I was impressed with Clausen’s performance. The Lions are good enough to overcome bad mistakes to pull out victories against teams in the bottom 25% of the league. But man, had the Bears only dropped half of those passes, they probably would have come away with the W.

    Clausen’s good enough to start for the league’s cellar dwellers. Given that the Bears aren’t ready to contend for a division title next year, maybe developing Clausen is worth it.

  11. Did most of you even watch the game? Clausen looked fine, his recieving corp drastically let him down with all the drops. He deserves another start and the chance to compete for a starting gig next year

  12. “Praising a 181 yard outing is laughable even for Bears fans.”

    The real issue was how many attempts it took to get those yards. 4.6 yards per attempt will not get it done in the NFL. He played with poise, completed a decent percentage and only threw one interception but you’re not going to win games with 4 yard passes.

  13. 1. Cutler stays.
    2. He is not getting traded.
    3. Trestman and Emery gone.
    4. Shanahan is your new coach.

    People hate on Cutler because he isn’t Rah Rah. Clausen sucks. To think he is a starting QB in the NFL is nuts.

  14. if I am Cutler I come down with a back injury during practice this week so I will not be available if something happens to the golden boy. he liked fales good enough to waste a draft pick on him so whose fault is it if he is not ready to play after a season on the practice squad learning the play book. the fact Cutler was active shows Trestman has no clue. I love the excuses clausen gets to. he had drops and had not started in years. there was a reason he was available for the bears to sign and that is nobody else wanted him. he played just like you would expect the backup to play and nothing more. there was never a point in the game where you thought this guy is going to win it for the bears. it was like the lovie offense all over again,run the ball and hope he does not make a mistake to cost the bears the game because he does not trust him to win it win it.

  15. After the Titanic hit the ice did the captain mention to the band how nice it would have been to have had more lifeboats on the ship ?

  16. If you looked at Clausen’s stat line and said it was Cutler, the masses would say he “sucked”. Cutler will stay, I hope he stays.

    National Enquirer hate is all it has become. Pathetic

  17. The same players dropped balls when Cutler was the qb, blocks were missed all the time, and false starts were plentiful. Alshon Jeffery has dropped balls all season. In addition, the difference in this performance and others was (a) the Bears played a different style of defense, (b) the defense was motivated (time to save a few jobs), (c) the offense rallied around Jimmy Clausen, (d) the Lions were FLAT, and (e) Trestman used the vanilla offense he used with McCown last year.

  18. I’m a big Alshon Jeffery fan and I was really disappointed in his play yesterday. On the other hand, it plays great into the Bears hands because they are certain to have extending his contract on the top of their to-do list – no matter who is filling the GM’s chair this offseason – and if his agent comes in there demanding premier #1 WR cash, they can point to his film from this year and say, no he’s really not.

  19. Trestman has got to go. Sorry it just hasn’t worked here, better luck somewhere else. The guy was brought in to make our offense a top offense in the NFL. Showed great potential last year but it got ugly this year. Play calling has been absolutely terrible. Players aren’t motivated. He has no clue how to help a defense out. He’s in over his head.

    Emry and Cutler I think stick around for 1 or 2 more years. I’m still not completely done with Cutler but I think you need to bring in a viable option behind him. Emry I think is tied with the Cutler contract. He signed Cutler to the big deal so if you can’t get rid of Cutler I think you have to keep Emry around. Emry’s first responsibilty this offseason should be to get Jim Harbaugh. He’s the kind of coach Chicago needs. Tough hard nose guy who will bring passion back to the locker room. He’ll fix the defense and who knows maybe he can fix Cutler. If the Bears don’t get Harbaugh this team will be a joke for another 5 years.

  20. Bear Fans, remember the time we had Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman??? We have the Quarterback, we don’t have coaching or a defensive scheme worth of crap. We all hoped that Marc would be succesfull, but in our hearts knew we whiffed on the right coach (Arians). The GM put a curse on this team once he got rid of Urlacher. It destroyed the moral on that team. Football is a game of emotion…..We all live it every Sunday, our Coach just doesn’t have that and all his buddies in the media refuse to put the blame on him (Young, Gannon). Are you telling me the Bears would have won the super bowl this year with that defense? Hell no, Jay could have thrown for 7k yards and 50 td’s. I’m a Bears fan and will root for the Bears no matter who’s at QB, that person just can’t play safety also!!!! Go Bears!!!!

  21. Look the only way I see this playing out for the Bears to try and save the next decade is eat the contract with Cutler. I don’t know if he’ll ever play well with the NFL network leaks, benching, and just the mess in the locker room this caused. Plus his contract is crazy. Each year the money gets bigger if the cut him, it’s an untradeable contract. So Eat the 15.5 mil and figure out next year. You can prolly get Clausen on the cheap for 2 years and hope for the best, but the longer Cutler stays, the harder this decision gets.

  22. Phil Emery has as much business choosing the next Bears HC as I do running Microsoft. His failures in hiring Trestman, Tucker and deCamillas count for like, 10 or 12 normal failures. They’ve been that bad. Not to mention, after telling Arians to take a hike and signing Cutler to that deal, he has ZERO respect as a GM with his peers and other coaches. I doubt that Jim Harbaugh wouldn’t even take his call.

    If the Bears are going to draw the real heavy hitters of the coaching world, they’re gonna need a guy up top – i.e., Emery’s level or higher – who has credibility and respect around the league. Right now that man is not on the Bears’ payroll.

  23. Trestman is 1-7 in his career against the Packers/Lions with 3 different starting QB’s but go ahead and keep hating Cutler if that feels better.

  24. As a Packers fan it warms my heart to see all of the bears fans coming to Quitlers defense. I hope to God that the McCaskey’s hear your pleas and force the team to keep all of these inept management, coaches and players right were they are!

    It would be just another Green Bay Christmas miracle!

    And Happy New Year!

  25. So Clausen allegedly spent the night in the hospital with a concussion severe enough that he’s already been ruled out and Trestman didn’t see fit to mention that discussing whether or not Claussen would start?

    Smells fishy to me…

  26. Clausen haters spouting off, “Same numbers as Cutler’s!”

    Neglecting the fact it’s his first start in 3 years, short week of practice and a dumbed down playbook.

    A guy sitting on the bench, first year back was able to compete with your “franchise” QB. Let that soak in. Hustling people to the line. Getting into it with the MLB.

    Trestman stays another year, hell Wannstedt stayed for how long?

    Tucker and DeCamillis gone, book it.

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