Marshawn has a very polite media availability

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Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has now completed the press conference trifecta.

From a media availability consisting mainly of “yeah” answers to one filled with “nope,” Lynch opted for good manners after Sunday night’s win over the Cardinals.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times has posted the transcript of the session, with every question containing an expression of gratitude.

On his 79-yard touchdown run:  “Thank you.”

On how his stomach was feeling:  “Thanks for asking.”

On what he saw on the long touchdown run:  “Thanks for asking.”

Asked again about the touchdown run:  “Thanks for asking.”

“What’s that?” the reporter said.

“Thanks for asking.”

“Can you talk about the run?” the reporter said.

“I know.  I said, ‘Thank you for asking.’  I appreciate it.”

The “thank you” routine continued a bit longer before the reporters gave up.  Which clearly is what Lynch is trying to get them to do.  Eventually, they simply won’t try to ask him any questions at all.

75 responses to “Marshawn has a very polite media availability

  1. Has he ever given a reason for why he’s like this with the media? I don’t know whether to cheer him on or hold it against him.

  2. I appreciate him not wanting to talk to reporters. He shouldn’t HAVE to do that, but since the NFL mandates it, is it that hard for him to answer a few softballs with some semblance of information instead of repeating the same line over and over?

    Also, $100K fine from before is ridiculous.

  3. Which is fully within his rights and he shouldn’t be demonized for it. Media get so bent out of shape and offended when people don’t give them what they feel they are entitled to. “Freedom of Press” does not mean everyone under the sun has to give you the dirt you’re looking for.

  4. We just read articles about the press twisting Gruden’s words in a long-running effort to break up the Redskins again. If the only things that can come out of press interviews are bad for yourself and your team, then everyone ends up going full Belichick.

  5. As a football fan, watching him on the field is absolutely special because the way he plays the game and leaves it all out there.

    I think the only people that want to hear what he has to say after a game are reporters. I hope Seattle extends him 3 more years because he looks like a guy that isn’t fading just yet.

  6. What a jack ass.

    With that said, who cares to hear him “describe” his runs or how he feels about X?

    Let him be a tool

  7. Put me down for “You’re welcome” next week…

    Lynch lost any trust he had for the media over the years. There was a time when he did media sessions like anyone else (google: Charlie Pops). The media, for obvious reasons, doesn’t tell that part of the story.

  8. “You’re a brief one, Mr. Lynch.”

    For Christmas his teammates should tell us all how it is by breaking out into a Fallonius-Festivus style song routine. Seinfeld is going to be on the Tonight Show tomorrow night, just sayin’.

  9. Seahawk fans spend their hard earned money and pack that stadium out every week for the last several years. The least the guy can do for HIS fans is take 5 minutes out of his busy day to talk about a few plays from the game.

  10. It’s people like marshawn lynch that make me pray for a comet speeding at 135,000 kilometers per hour to hit the Earth.

  11. I grew up watching and learning about the game through some of the amazing NFL films productions. The game has so many great characters that shine through.

    Imagine if all that was taken away? Imagine if every player was afraid to face the media after a big win or a tough loss. No quotes in any articles, no excuses or thoughts from the coach?

    Theres a reason the NFL makes them face the media, its good for the game!

  12. He is a complete ass, these reporters are doing their job and he is making it more difficult. In 10 years on his football life special he will say he takes it back, for now he is an ass!

  13. One thing is for certain you can’t polish a turd. Grabbing your crotch and being rude to the media is the sign of a very immature and insecure person and those supporting must be of similar ilk. Grow up you are in the entertainment business and getting paid handsomely for it. It’s very easy in an answer to make the media look stupid, but he is the one looking stupid and ignorant with his current approach. Sherman must be his media advisor.

  14. I love how he trolls media. Really hilarious to see him say these kinda of things with a straight face.

    And if he really has an anxiety problem with talking to media, he shouldn’t be forced too. It’s ridiculous that the NFL has a policy like that

  15. Pay the man to do what he does best and leave it at that. He (and the team as a whole) sells tickets and has strong viewership ratings. Not like everyone isn’t making a boat load of money off the guy whether he speaks or not….let him be.

  16. Why hasn’t anyone asked him a question that would be wholey inappropriate to answer with that days specific response.

    Marshawn, walking around in heels really suits you.

    Thank you.

  17. are we supposed to feel bad for this clown because he has to speak to the media? guess what, every employer in America tells their employees what they have to do as a condition of their continued employment, where most make a small fraction of what he does.. if he doesn’t like it, he can turn in his cleats & go live in a cave somewhere

  18. No one should have to talk to the media. They really do ask stupid questions. “Can you talk about the run” what, are we in therapy? The only media sessions I like watching are Rex Ryan’s! That’s saying something because unfortunately I am a fins fan……

  19. Everyone saying he is a tool or what’s his problem please walk outside of your office buildings or stand up on a public street and answer any question anyone asks of you in front of hundreds of judging eyes.

    Leave the man alone. He doesn’t kill people, he does a ton for kids in his home town, and he gives football fans 110% physical effort everytime he touches the ball

    Leave the man alone.

  20. I love Marshawn Lynch. Finally a guy who does not take himself so seriously. Football will flourish whether we get a sound bite from a player who has a mic/recorder stuck in his face while in his underwear or not.

  21. I love him for doing it but he needs to look to his future. If he is like most players, he is going to want a broadcasting job someday, and if so, this will comeback to bite him.

  22. Marshawn and a teammate were talking freely into the NFL Films boom mike in the 4th quarter; they actually grabbed it and started chatting. It looked like they were doing a mock interview. The NFL Channel should promote the heck out of this weekday segment.

  23. They get paid ridiculous amounts of money to play a game and entertain. One of the things they are paid to do is to talk to reporters, dude should be fined until he’s broke or he grows up.

  24. Maybe if the national sports media didn’t seek to make up stories or try to ruin people’s careers guys like Lynch, Belichick, and Sherman wouldn’t be trolling the media.

  25. Just saw an episode of NFL’s Greatest Games where they covered the 2010 Wildcard “BeastQuake” game. He was a participant and gave spot-interviews regarding the game (along with Hass and a few others).

    He did a special with Jeff Chadiha.

    He did a one-on-one last week with M-Rob.

    He just doesn’t trust a group of media vultures out for their own agenda. Too bad if they (or you) don’t like it.

  26. I think Lynch should be a little more responsible in addressing the media. He is a well paid “professional”, and talking to the media comes with the job description.

    For all of the rebellious youth that seem to be the core of the PFT comment section of late – you would likely be less supportive of his inane replies if it became the standard approach ALL players used.

  27. TheDPR said:

    “Has he ever given a reason for why he’s like this with the media? I don’t know whether to cheer him on or hold it against him.”


    Nothing specific, but think about this: Week after week, reporters ask pretty much the same boring questions after every game, sometimes regardless of whether the player’s team wins or loses.

    “How do you feel the offense played today?”

    “What was going through your mind during [X]?”

    “What’s the next step for your team?”

    And so on.

    Lynch probably got tired of dealing with the media for 15-30 minutes after every game. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if most other players across the league feel the same way he does, only they keep it up because they have to.

  28. He’s hilarious. Just enjoy watching his excellency play and GET OFF HIS LAWN. Seriously though, as a non Seahawk fan, it’s hard not to like this guy.

  29. Lynch doesn’t like the media. Is it hard to see why? Every story involving a player or coach saying something immediately gets blown up to try to mean something else. That attention is meant to do only one thing: generate money for the league and the media outlets.

    Lynch refuses to be untrue to himself by giving stock cliche answers to questions, so he says nothing at all.

    The league is treating the players like dairy cows, and Lynch is simply refusing to be milked.

  30. All the people who are bent out of shape over Marshawn Lynch not speaking to the media:

    You guys take yourselves and life too seriously. So what Marshawn doesn’t want to speak to the presstitutes. Does it really impact your life?

    There’s not much to respect about media especially the mainstream variety. I really feel beast on this. As for the people saying he should respect us Hawks fans and give an interview for us… Seattle loves him for who he is on the field.

  31. Bills throw away probably can’t even speak English.. I hope you thank God every night that there’s football Mr Lynch cause without it you’re just another stupid banger

  32. If the media didn’t turn right around and make small stories into big stories by only telling part of the story I am quite sure that more players would be glad to talk their ear off. I hate Washington but what the media did there is just unbelievable.

  33. Seahawks fan here, and probably speaking for 95% of all Hawks fans…….. We don’t care that he doesn’t talk to the media. We actually like it that way. Just one more way he gets under your skin. Love the guy and what he does on the field, and that is what counts.

  34. TheDPR says:
    Dec 22, 2014 10:00 AM
    Has he ever given a reason for why he’s like this with the media? I don’t know whether to cheer him on or hold it against him.

    The Buffalo media began the twist-his-words game back when he was having off the field issues there. Ever since then, he doesn’t even want to deal with them.

  35. Ha Ha…He tells you all that if his play is not sufficiently entertaining, that you can eff yer seff…And you get incensed about it! Says more about you than him…..All you complainers, tell me about the work your foundation does to help…anything!….Then share with us your teammate’s feelings about you and what you stand for……Oh, that’s what I thought….and one more thing….all you insult hurlers….tell him what you think to his face…Again, that’s what I thought…..Pathetic….

  36. There are far too many instances where words are twisted that I completely understand where he is coming from. With the media they believe one thing with unbelievable ceratainty: “When there isn’t a story…invent one.”

    Lynch can keep on doing stuff like this until he retires. There are more than enough folks who like giving their analysis – likely with the hope of getting a post-career job. Go and talk to them.

  37. “I bet if got paid to answer those questions.. He would.. That’s the bottom line”


    Actually, ML has already paid $100k not to answer those questions…you’re not pay-ing attention?

  38. Marshawn Lynch is a god in the Emerald City. Fans love him no matter what. We love his quirky personality, we love the way he runs, we love that he’s all about that action.

    Dude is awesome. Just pure 100% Grade-A awesome. And his punking of the media is just one more item on the list of awesome that makes Seattle fans love him all the more.

    Fact is, the only people in here trash-talking Lynch are the jealous haters that wish he was on their team. Too bad. You’ll have to watch him hoist another Lombardi this February, in a Seahawks uniform. Enjoy it. We sure will!


  39. This guy is a total tool….. .

    This is his interview, but yet he can do a mock interview during the game?

    What a tool!

    seachicken fans admit it…… if he wasn’t on your team, you’d be complaining about him.. But since he’s on your team, you get on your hands and knees for him!

    Some day this guy might grow up and say… “gosh, back in the day, when I was relevant, I was a total tool to reporters, fans, and followers. Now that i’m broke, nobody wants anything to do with me cuz of my attitude”…

  40. I’m not a Seahawks fan, but has anyone noticed that the same people who complain about Marshawn Lynch not talking to the media are the same ones who complain about what Richard Sherman says to the media. I’d like to have both of these guys on my team, not because of what they say or don’t say, but because of the way they play the game.

  41. If he doesn’t want to talk so be it. Just don’t appeal the fines because it is an obligation. Answer some questions or pay 100k. His employer mandates that all players answer a couple questions.

  42. “I love the ambiance. I love the decor. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out which one i like more, the ambiance or the decor.” BeastMode on Applebee’s

  43. When a man is invited to play in the NFL, one of the requirements is to address the media.

    It doesn’t appear that the problem is social anxiety, the problem appears to be that he doesn’t want to spend 15 mins/week doing something he doesn’t like. Poor boy. I’ve had jobs where I spent 40 hours per week doing things I didn’t like, so that I could feed my family. And that was for what, maybe 1% of what he makes annually? GROW UP

    I really like watching him play – but his immaturity is astounding.

  44. Seahawks won’t win title this year, this team is barely beating second third string QB’s. Last year title snowflakes next to the trophy along with stickum and needles.

  45. Actually the ignorance here by some bloggers is amazing.
    The NFL policy only specifies that a player is available to the media (10-12 minutes) after a game.
    That’s it.
    Which Mr. Lynch did.
    Time to move on.

  46. These answers were the best so far, upon all who have forgotten why he answers questions like this here is the answer, he got tired of the media refusing to show athletes talking about the charity programs they promote. Since he feels like they are continue to do that he will answer questions in the manner he has been. If a media member were to ask about his charity he may answer differently, but still that answer will probably be edited out anyway.

  47. The media deserves it after all that ridiculous speculation on whether Marshawn will play at Seattle after this year. He is closing in on 1300 yards, leads the league in touchdowns, and can still pull off the Beastquake! Maybe if the media approached him on his own terms he might be willing to offer a little more in response.

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