NFL to suspend Raiola for one game

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Lions center Dominic Raiola said his stomp on the leg of Bears defensive tackle Ego Ferguson was inadvertent. There will be nothing inadvertent about the NFL’s reaction.

Per a league source, Raiola will indeed be suspended one game for the infraction. Raiola will get the official word later this afternoon.

Raiola was fined $10,000 last month for striking Patriots defensive tackle Zach Moore in the back of the head. In that same game, Raiola escaped punishment for deliberately diving at Moore’s legs during a kneel-down play.

Raiola will have immediate appeal rights, with the hearing held quickly and a ruling coming as soon as Wednesday.

If the suspension is upheld, the Lions won’t have their starting center for Sunday’s NFC North championship game against the Packers. But they will have him for the first game of the postseason.

Three years ago, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was suspended two games for a post-play stomp on the arm of former Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith.

71 responses to “NFL to suspend Raiola for one game

  1. Like the city of Detroit, the team is nothing but a safe haven for trash. Cannot believe this behavior, along with Suh, is acceptable by their standards. Both should be suspended forever.

  2. Pretty sure the Lions and their fans are upset about the suspension. They were hoping for a 4 game ban but he only got 1.

  3. About time the NFL did something in a hasty fashion instead of dragging it out for months. This guy is a little too aggressive, even for a contact game as physical as football is.

  4. Should be at least 2 games. Once again the league lacks the testicular fortitude to make a statement when it is clear his intention from the video was to hurt another player.

  5. As a Lion’s fan, i think a 1 game suspension is ridiculous. He should have gotten a minimum of 2. Same infraction as Suh a few years ago, should result in the same penalty.

    Truth, probably more, Haynesworth got what 5 games for his stomp to the head, Suh got 2 for a stomp to the arm, doing it to the leg/foot area could be far more damaging than the arm. So probably should be more like a 3 or 4 game suspension.

    Caldwell should have benched him for the rest of that game consider that regardless if they won or lost, they would have still been playing Green Bay for the division title, and it would have gotten Travis Swanson some much needed reps under center…

  6. I am a Lions fan and I hate to see guys play like this. Get him out. The new coaching staff is changing the culture and now it’s time to get rid of some 15 year old garbage.

  7. Not my fault. If I would have stepped another 6-inches, I might have pulled a hamstring, turned my ankle, fallen down and got a concussion. All these thoughts went through my mind in that split second and I thought it best to just stomp on him.


  8. He should get 2 games for lying and one more for thinking that anyone would believe him over their eyes.

  9. Sorry Dom, but when you’re “stumbling” you don’t lift your leg up high and then bring it straight down. Should’ve at least partially ‘fessed up to it and blamed the emotions of the game.

  10. One less guy GB needs to worry about getting cheap shots from.

    Unfortunately there are still plenty of other Lions, that have no problem, making those kind of moves.

    It also helps keep him away from the UW Band, if they are attending to perform the National Anthem again.

  11. What is sad is not so much the stomp but the half baked story that it was “inadvertent” Look at the tape and you will see Raiola stare down at the guy’s ankle and then give his little stomp a little extra juice at the end.

    So he gets caught and instead of manning up and admitting that he made a mistake in the heat of battle, he tries to sell us on the excuse it was inadvertent. They might be that dumb in Detriot (where they kept electing Democrats to run their city into the ground) but for anybody with an IQ over 70 (thus excluding most Viking fans too), it sounds dumb.

  12. Repeat offender should get multiple games with next time being a season long suspension. Raiola regularly tries to end other players careers.


  13. Thank you! And I say that as a Lion’s fan. This guy has zero clue. People give Suh a lot of grief, I actually think Suh is a good guy and doesn’t intend most of what he does, but Dom, this guy did it, knows it and would gladly do it again. He epitomizes the old Lion way.

    Like a sponge he’s absorbed the negativity and losing and at this point is not worth the experience he brings.

  14. They should suspend half the team, especially the guy who went helmet-to-helmet on Clausen.

    As for Raiola, they should also make him miss the Lions’ only playoff game.

  15. This type of disregard for fellow players is a fundamental problem that the Lions weren’t able to remedy by dumping Schwartz and bringing in Caldwell. They really need to take a good look at what their organization has become.
    I must also say that I’m certain we’re all anxiously awaiting thepoet’s diatribe regarding how this expedites the Vikings’ future dynasty aspirations.

  16. liquidfrozentundra, i would have to seriously wonder WTF i was watching if Lacy was running over Riaola… Considering he is a Center, which would mean Lacy was running around the Lions sidelines…

  17. No need to bring Suh’s name in this. He did his thing and paid for it, let Dom’s actions stand on their own.

    This is not a Lions’ issue, it is a single players issue. No different than when Suh did it.

  18. Suspend Ansah? For what? He went to make a tackle and the QB’s slide put his own head right in the way. Flag, yes but fine or suspension, never!

    *** The QB was clearly starting to slide, under the NFL rules he is down at the point of the slide… player who play within the rules know this and miss the QB or just tap him with a hand. Clear case of taking the cheap shot as he was fully in the slide posture.

  19. One Game???? Are you kidding me?? Maybe Goodell hasn’t asked to see the video of him stomping the guys leg. The NFL can’t seem to get it right. Raiola should be suspended indefinitely.

  20. I live in Detroit. It is interesting to see the reaction to Raiola’s actions in the media. Especially on sports radio. It seems that even here in Detroit, everyone thinks he should be suspended. It amazing to see the fans turn on a Lions player. But Raiola has been such a poor sportsman for so long, even the home fans won’t put up with it.

  21. larryboodry says:

    “They should suspend half the team, especially the guy who went helmet-to-helmet on Clausen.”

    His name is Ziggy Ansah. You’ll know his name soon enough.

  22. Suh was justified in stomping Dietrich-Smith. Too bad he only half ass stomped him and didn’t go all out. The bastard kept un-taping his shoes and grabbing/twisting Suh’s ankles.

  23. LOL- the ghost of Jim Schwartz comes back to haunt the Lions one last time.

    Sure….stomp on people, act like an animal, lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny.

    Lions fans deserve it. I sat here over the past few years and read comment after comment from Lions fans defending the behavior of Suh, and Raiola, and even Schwartz himself. Now they are on here saying how Raiola is having a bad season and they are better off without him.

    I think they call that “whistling through the graveyard”. Have fun in Green Bay next week.

  24. In professional anything –
    you can get away with being a talented a*hole, and you can slide by being a lazy no talent nice guy,
    but if you’re like Dominick Raiola…

  25. Not sure why my comment has been taken down 2x… But again, where are all of our dirty players ( many of you are saying half the team is this way)? Lions fans want Dom b/c he is dirty. But who else is there? Suh has had his act cleaned up for a while and Ansah had extremely poor tackling technique with his head down ( there has never been any other issue with him).

  26. Raiola represents the Old Lions and needs to go elsewhere.
    You are not a reliable teammate when you pull stupid crap like that during a playoff run.
    That being said, Caldwell will make the necessary adjustments and the Lions will win something like 13-10. Then hopefully the Pack can come back to Detroit for their third beating of the year.

  27. bamapacker says: Dec 22, 2014 4:41 PM

    Hey, 26, this quite evidently IS more than just a problem with one player. Your post exhibits my point.

    Paint with a broad brush, it is the way of the world. My point was simply that Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, Golden Tate, Deandre Levy, Dairius Slay or none of the other 45 players (out of the 46 who dressed that day) did it. Dominic Raiola did.

    No different than any other act of violence or stupidity that is committed by NFL football players on and off the field were committed by no one other than the person that committed it.

  28. So why is the coach sticking up for him with this incident.? So how is this any different than the last clown coaching that team? I call bs on any claims of culture change when it comes to dirty play until the coach takes a stand.

  29. He should be done for the year. One game is a slap on the wrist and a pathetic and probably ineffective punishment.

  30. Caldwell is a clown too for standing up for this guy! A real man knows when to admit fault and own up for actions of his players! No accountability, just a bunch of lies and excuses.

  31. chinahand11 says:
    Dec 22, 2014 4:29 PM
    When are the opposing players going to light this guy up? Gridiron justice.

    I guess you missed Raiola & Jared Allen yukking it up after the final whistle.

  32. So three different incidents for this trash in a year leads to less of a fine than for wearing Beats headphones and less of a suspension for getting a contact high from walking in front of a house where people are smoking weed.

    This is the NFL the fans let happen and that the media protects. You can keep it. I wonder if someone could bring back the XFL. It’s funny knowing the football league run by the wrestling billionaire had less cheap shots and refs weren’t intentionally rigging it’s games.

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