Rex Grossman turns down return to Browns in favor of family


With Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer both injured after Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the Cleveland Browns needed to look for quarterback help for the final week of the season.

Rex Grossman spent a portion of the 2014 preseason with Cleveland and the Browns called to see if he was interested in returning for Week 17 and a game check of at least $56,000. According to Jeremy Fowler of, Grossman said thanks but no thanks.

Grossman apparently is bringing his whole family into town this week for the Christmas holiday and couldn’t work out the logistics of a return to the Browns. As an 11-year NFL veteran, Grossman would have been able to make at least $56,176 for a one-week return effort.

With Manziel and Hoyer hurt, and Grossman saying no, the Browns may have to start undrafted rookie Connor Shaw this week against the Baltimore Ravens.

42 responses to “Rex Grossman turns down return to Browns in favor of family

  1. Hey Cleveland I’ll take the 16 sacks Grossman would have coming his way for $56k. Heck I’ll do it for $5k.

  2. Can’t blame him for one, good on him to not wreck his family plans. Still, it is fun to imagine him throwing for 400 and a bunch of TDs, then going away, never to be seen again …

  3. @zillabeast: lol If anyone who works a whole year to make 60k and says that wouldn’t leave there Family for a week probably for well over 60k? They’re lying, I’m sure my 2 kids and Wife could get by with out me for a week. Our I would just ask the Browns to pay for there travel as well? lol

  4. Remember; Rex Grossman is the only QB in NFL history to have 2 0.0 QB rating games in the same season. The more you know.

  5. genericcommenter says:Dec 22, 2014 11:48 PM

    How many people are going to want to play for the Browns?

    How many people want to work next to you ?

  6. If it were my dad, brother, etc. I’d slap him in the head and tell him go get that paycheck. That’s a lot of money to have fun. a years pay+ for most of us who watch. He can have his Christmas holiday next week. He must be awful rich to turn it down.

  7. Apparently, $56,000 is nowhere near enough money to subject oneself to the bad mojo surrounding the Cleveland Browns for 5 days.

  8. I wouldn’t leave my family during the high holidays even for a million bucks, but it’s not entirely by choice. They have jailed me in the basement and refuse to let me out. Help.

    P.S. In case I’m able to bust out before the game Sunday, I’d do it for the Grossman money, but the guards my wife has stationed outside my door are cruel and ruthless (my 7 and 8 year old daughters) and I wouldn’t bet on my chances of breaking out. Curtis Crabtree, please tell Coach Pettine to go ahead and start Connor Shaw, I most probably won’t be able to make it.

  9. My comment about the Browns wasn’t personal. Fortunately for me (and them, I guess), I don’t have to work next to anyone. My co-workers, if you want to call them that, work in different states.

    As far as Rex goes, sure 60 grand is a lot of money for most people. This is a guy who’s made several million, and it would probably be a lot more inconvenient than it’s worth for him to go through what he would need to get in 1 week of work for a team the last week of a season with no payoff beyond that.

  10. I believe we have found an NFL player that will NOT be broke 5 years after his career. Donovan McNabb would have jumped all over that… “Family? What Family? What flight am I on?” LOL

  11. Rex said, “I realize Culter fleeced the Bears for more money than I could even think of fleecing them for, but not one cent of it is worth playing for the Browns.”

  12. Dear Santa,

    Our cleveland christmas list






    Frustrated for 48 years in Cleveland

  13. Should have stuck with Hoyer and left manziel holding the clipboard. Not very good decisions!

  14. fordmandalay says:Dec 22, 2014 11:57 PM

    Remember; Rex Grossman is the only QB in NFL history to have 2 0.0 QB rating games in the same season. The more you know.
    His lifetime QB rating is in the 70s, making him a below average quarterback, but better than anything we’ll ever see from Manziel.

  15. in fairness to Rex he did play in a Lovie Smith offense which is guaranteed to make any qb look bad. and yes I said any qb! no way st. payton or brees or any elite qb looks good in a lovie offense.

  16. Despite all the inexplicable hatred for Super Bowl qb Rex Grossman, he’s been collecting an NFL paycheck for 12 years and doesn’t need the money.

    And he could still be the Browns starter next year if he wanted to be.


  17. Here’s a thought for you. Exactly how bad does a team have to suck to where they can’t even lure a bottom feeding QB like Grossman off the couch to play one game for 60 grand, win or lose?

    Cleveland fans???


    Nobody wants to play for Cleveland! Except for Hoyer! The mistake by the lake is truly evident now!

    The Browns Flushed Themselves Down! All by their self! Bravo!

  18. A source close to the situation has reported that Rex really wanted to play, but his wife threatened to leave him if he left her home to cook for the in-laws.

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