Roddy White to Keenan Lewis: We just woke up out of the grave

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After the final gun in Sunday’s 30-14 Falcons win eliminated his team from playoff contention, Saints linebacker Junior Galette said it felt like “a funeral” in the locker room.

It was an interesting choice of words. During the week leading up to the game, Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis said that the team planned on sending the Falcons to their funeral, a bit of trash talk that the Falcons didn’t answer when meeting with the media. They saved their response for the field and the postgame meetings with reporters instead.

Wide receivers Roddy White and Harry Douglas both pointed out that Lewis had to come out of the game to get an IV at one point, with Douglas saying that you “can’t send us to a funeral you’re not showing up for.”

“If you’re going to go out there and be talking about funerals and arranging funerals and bringing in flowers and doing all that stuff, you’ve got to finish the game,” White said, via “Unfortunately, he didn’t even play the whole game. … Today, at [3:48 p.m.], we just woke up out the grave. So right now, we’re going to get ready for next week.”

For his part, Lewis tipped his cap to Atlanta and said they deserved to move on to a Week 17 date with the Panthers that will decide the race for the NFC South crown. That means there will be another funeral with the Falcons trying to again send the wreath rather than receive it,.

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  1. Saints fan here. There was a moment in yesterday’s game when I finally admitted to myself that the [hated] Falcons were a better team than the Saints. The Falcons came to play. The Saints once again came out flat and un-spirited. They’ve been playing that way all year. No heart.

    And IMO, it’s time we start mentioning Matt Ryan’s name when discussing great Quarterbacks. He has been playing at a very high level this season. (Man, I hate to admit that.)

  2. Falcons and/or the Panthers are one and done in the playoffs.

    Heck, the Falcons have only beat ONE out-of-division opponent all year, do you really believe they can hang in the playoffs where they are ALL out of division opponents?

    And Panthers, puhlease, no more to say here. Saints probably would have been one and done also.

    NFC South is bad this year, it happens.

    There’s always next year!

  3. Keenan Lewis was in the locker room getting IVs and playing on a bum knee, he came back out after getting rehydrated.

    When White gets injured, he sits. And he gets injured and sits a lot.

    KL has proven he has more moxy and plays through his injuries.

    I’d take KL any day over White, any day!

  4. Ya as soon as I read that Lewis said that last week, I didn’t have a good feeling about the game. I mean, I understand Keenan is as confident as they come and he’s a great CB but I don’t think anybody on a 6-8 team should be talking any kind of junk. But with all the success we have against ATL, we aren’t gonna do it every year. We need to revamp that O-line, find a better pass rusher, and CBs. I’m really looking forward to seeing what pick we get in the draft.

  5. Greatness that is the Atlanta Falcons?????? LOL!!! No team in this division is great. Have you seen the records of the teams in our division? If you want to be considered the best loser and beat your chest about it then go ahead but you lost more games than you won so I wouldn’t brag about that if I were you.

    I’ve been saying for more than three weeks now, and I know I was in the minority due to all the thumbs down I was getting, but I didn’t want the Saints to win this division or go to the playoffs. If you watched any of the Saints games this year there is no way that you can say that you wanted that product representing us (as a team or as a division) on the field. The most common rebuttal I got was “you never know what can happen once you make it” well this season has been a large enough sample size for me to tell you that we would have no shot at winning a game in the playoffs. Whoever wins the division is really the ones screwing themselves. The draft this year won’t be as deep as last years draft. The difference between a top ten pick and a pick at 21 or later is a huge difference this year. As a Saints fan we need all the help we can get so I would rather get the pick over a first or second round playoff loss.

  6. Roddy should be told that a wise man speak because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something. 55 yards and 0 TD’s is not very much to sing praises about. Did any receiver see the end zone yesterday? Hats off to the Falcons. Literally the dice rolled your way in the Dome.

  7. “When White gets injured, he sits. And he gets injured and sits a lot.”

    Don’t post if you don’t know anything about football tool. White had one of the longest active streaks of not missing a game at 133 games in a row up until last year. Don’t open your mouth if you don’t know the facts.

  8. What a crappy season. Glad its over. Maybe Payton and Loomis will get their chit together nd clean house and concentrate on defense this year. How they thought that Patrick Robinson or Champ Bailey can be the other starting CB blows my mind, especially that P Rob was a major disappointment already as a first round pick and coming off major knee injury and Champ Bailey was 36 and done as a CB. It amazes me that they totally disregard the defense every year in the draft. And don’t give me the crap about the Byrd signing. He was a major disappointment before he got hurt and we owe him all this money, along with soft jimmy graham and an aging Brees. I see some bad times ahead for my Saints but that’s what happens when you ignore the betterment of the team to pay a few guys all the money. Drew, you need to restructure or your career is done because you will get killed with the crappy line we have and that is a direct result of your huge contract.

  9. Maybe this is the wake up call that the Saints, from upper management down to the fans, that you can only live off of 2009’s success for so long….Remember, Tampa showed Gruden the door six years after he won the Super Bowl….and that was with a 9-7 record…..2015 will be the Saints’ sixth season removed from their SB win… Sean Payton needs to fix it….and fast or else……

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