AFC South, NFC South have fewest Pro Bowlers

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Led by the Broncos’ NFL-high nine selections, the AFC West paced all divisions with 15 players selected to the initial 2015 Pro Bowl roster.

On the other end of the spectrum, the AFC South and NFC South have just seven Pro Bowlers apiece.

Overall, the AFC had 46 players selected, with 40 NFC players chosen.

Here’s the division-by-division Pro Bowler count:

AFC West (15): Denver (9), Kansas City (4), Oakland (1), San Diego (1).

AFC North (13): Pittsburgh (5), Cleveland (3), Baltimore (3), Cincinnati (2).

NFC West (12): Seattle (5), Arizona (3), St. Louis (2), San Francisco (2).

NFC East (12): Dallas (6), Philadelphia (5), Washington (1), N.Y. Giants (0).

AFC East (11): New England (5), Buffalo (3), Miami (2), N.Y. Jets (1).

NFC North (9): Green Bay (5), Detroit (3), Chicago (1), Minnesota (0).

NFC South (7): Carolina (2), Atlanta (2), New Orleans (2), Tampa Bay (1).

AFC South (7): Indianapolis (5), Houston (2), Jacksonville (0), Tennessee (0).

15 responses to “AFC South, NFC South have fewest Pro Bowlers

  1. Giants had zero? Not Eli, not Beckham? Guess Beckham bloomed too late and Eli’s meltdown vs Seattle didn’t go unforgitten… That and who can really topple Rodgers and Romo and Dez, Nelson, Julio, and Megatron…

  2. The popularity contest is a joke. Bengals lead the division and have the least Pro Bowl players.
    In years past it’s been worse. The clowns have 3 down from 6 last year, really?
    Perennial last place team with Pro Bowlers, either they are horribly coached, or as I said the popularity contest is a joke.

  3. Every team should get to send at least 1 player to the pro bowl. Do 9 Broncos really deserve to go? The Pro Bowl is bigger waste of time than the MLB all star game.

  4. That is OK. The number of injuries suffered by the Vikings in the Pro-Bowl will be O.

    Pro Bowl is a joke anyway. They should have the awards but can the powder-puff football game.

  5. The NFC south shouldn’t be allowed any pro bowl positions at all. After all look who these guys played most of their games against. Pretty easy to look good against competition like that.

  6. And the MN Vikings couldn’t even get one player on the alternate list….

    They’re losing the off season, paper title for the first time in 53 years!

  7. Its just as well that no Vikings made the pro bowl since they will be playing in the superbowl.
    At least that’s what their fans have been saying since last January.

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