Dominic Raiola loses appeal, will miss Sunday at Green Bay

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Lions center Dominic Raiola is officially suspended for Sunday’s game at Green Bay.

Raiola has lost the appeal of his one-game suspension for stepping on the ankle of Bears defensive lineman Ego Ferguson.

Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks made the final determination on Raiola’s suspension. Brooks was jointly appointed by the league and the players’ union as an appeals officer for disciplinary matters related to on-field infractions.

Sunday’s game will be the first time in Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford’s career that he’s had anyone other than Raiola as his starting center. Rookie Travis Swanson will get the start in Raiola’s absence.

84 responses to “Dominic Raiola loses appeal, will miss Sunday at Green Bay

  1. As a Lions fan, I’m happy to hear he’s suspended. There’s no room for this embarrassment to play for this team or for the fans. He does not represent us……..

  2. It’s been funny to read all the whiny comments from Bears fans in these posts about Raiola. That guy larryboodry said we were only going to play in one playoff game. He must have forgotten that his team isn’t going to play in any playoff games and that we’ve swept them two years in a row.

  3. Does it matter? We all know that the Lions will choke in GB this weekend and then lose in Dallas the following week. Lions are just happy that they aren’t 0-16.

  4. Obviously he’s a team guy, knowing the most important game is the following week and he does this…..Team player
    I couldn’t see his uniform number it must be “ZERO”

  5. Raiola represents Railoa, not the Lions.

    Meanwhile Schwartz is getting carried on his players shoulders to the couch to watch the Lions in the playoffs and Da Bears went into early hibernation.

  6. So the league and the NFLPA can agree on a collaborative process for disciplining on field issues. Why don’t they just use the same process for off-field issues? Or is that just too simple and obvious?

  7. This would be a prefect time for Detroit to make a statement and bench him for the playoff game too. Hope his replacement has a decent game.

  8. Green Bay has no excuse now. At Lambeau, Raiola out at a very important position. All the pressure is on the Packers. Even a tie would be a huge disappointment.

    Don’t want to jinx them, but there is absolutely no reason the Packers should not win this game easily.

  9. One Thing We All Can Agree On… dominic raiola may be a low character guy… but… he still has 50 times higher character than richie incognito.

    – raiola wasn’t thrown off any college teams

    – raiola assaults opponents – NOT teammates

    – raiola has never sexually assaulted a woman with a golf club

    – raiola doesn’t sexually assault Ferrraris with golf clubs

  10. Brooks, a former Tampa Bay player, rules on a suspension for a Detroit player…

    Raiola deserved the suspension, but I don’t like that a former inner-divisional rival made the decision.. How would Hines Ward rule on a Ravens player suspension?

  11. I’m sure when Raiola does come back he’ll have learned nothing from this, continue to claim it was not on purpose and do something equally idiotic in the next game.

  12. Good thing his socks weren’t down, or that he wore Dr. Dre headphones or an Adidas shirt, he would have gotten 2 or 3 games.

  13. Raiola is a very generous guy and just made a game check donation to an NFL charity that was not of his own choosing. Happy holidays to whom ever is the receiver of the wayward game check and Raiola gets a lump of coal for being naughty….not nice.

  14. I am not going to say a Rookie Center can’t perform as Linsley has done well this season.

    If you are going to wind up starting one, its better in Sept. Than the last week of the season due to a suspension with a bye and playoff seeding on the line.

  15. I wish they would let it play. Some jerks deserve what’s coming to them on the field.

  16. I agree with the right to an appeal but this was blatant and undeniable. To me, the fact he actually filed an appeal shows he doesn’t get it. (unless the appeal is mandatory)

  17. This games a guarantee even if they had Barry Sanders playin….lol Its almost embarrassing to say we are in the same division with these non competitive opponents. Either we have injuries and STILL beat the Bears, or like this year the Lions are making ANOTHER attempt and NOT even getting to a Super Bowl, let alone win one ….and wait a sec, whos the last team in our div ???? OH The 4 TIME SUPER BOWL LOOSING VIKINGS

  18. This one-game suspension tells me that the playoff schedule and television ratings will be factored in to player punishment, and that the League’s concern for player safety is just spin.

  19. ariani1985 says:
    Dec 23, 2014 7:41 PM
    Guys, guys , green bay and garbage defense are automatic! Relax!

    Automatic? Where would that place the Vikings in the pecking order, I mean, aside from last place? In other words, how could another team be owned as thoroughly as the Packers own the Vikings, if their defense was garbage? I don’t think it would be possible. Even the Vikings would be able to prevail on occasion, wouldn’t they?

    Wouldn’t they?

  20. Derrick Brooks should have been harder on him…..what he did was deliberate and pretty typical of this guys character.

    I think Caldwell is making some positive changes in Detroit…..but this dinosaur is a holdover from the Schwartz era that has to become extinct.

  21. Good. He’s a horrible person.

    Also, I just heard Bill Polian on Late Hits on NFL Radio say that it’s not clear if Raiola did it on purpose or not.

    Are you kidding me? Are you blind?


  22. He is and always been a coward, plus he dumber than a bag a rocks – never learns from his mistake. Add selfish because he does not think of his team when he does this stupid crap. Schwartz isn’t much better.

  23. Not only did Raiola intentionally do this, but he then tried to lie about it. And then try to appeal it as well? What a scum bag.

    Caldwell has improved the professionalism in general, but this is inexcusable. Raiola deserves the suspension and more. The dirtiness has been on the D-line in Detroit in the past – this time it reared its ugly head on the O-line.

    GB is going to dominate them anyway, with or without stomp gate.

  24. The people on here saying the packers D is awful, they don’t scare anybody must not have been watching our so called offense lately. We barely beat the Bears, who has a horrible D, our offense has regressed this year. With all the weapons we have, this shouldn’t even be a game. Our D is far better than the packers, but their O is playing far better this year than ours. We got lucky against the saints and some other teams earlier because of their mistakes on offense, not because our O is scoring a lot of points. What we scored 17 on them the first game, and people on here are saying their D is bad? What does that say about our O than? Should be a close game because our D will keep it that way, but I really think Matt will make a stupid mistake and in this game it will come back to haunt us.

    Dom, your simply just an embarrassment. If the Lions had and morals, you just release this clown.

  25. Shocking! The league is able to hand down a penalty, hear an appeal, rule to uphold the initial ruling….all just speedy enough to increase the chances for the Packers. My guess is that if it was a possible suspension for Eddie Lazy or Rodgers, the league would “feel it is in the best interest of the league to allow the player in question to pursue his career until the process is allowed to work it’s way through. as such, we will hear all of the evidence sometime in the coming weeks”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I wish I were a Packer fan. Easy to cheer for the chosen one, all while being completly oblivious. Go Lions…..not that it will matter.

    Here come all the thumbs down. Don’t be upset, Santa is coming soon. You can still believe that’s real.

  26. The tragedy is that Riola went through a lot of losing and it would have been a nice way to end his carrier being part of the turn around. Now he’s ending his career as a bad reminder of the problems of the past.

  27. “Shocking! The league is able to hand down a penalty, hear an appeal, rule to uphold the initial ruling….all just speedy enough to increase the chances for the Packers.”

    You gotta be kidding with this rant. If the Lions management had any guts they’d have suspended Raiola themselves without waiting for the league to weigh in. The guy is a scumbag.

  28. The queen troll still doesn’t realize for some reason that the Packer D is up to 13th ahead of the hyped queen D. It’s laughable to even compare the offenses as well as the flat out domination for 5 straight years! Loser troll have fun waiting for the draft.

  29. Same. Old. Lions. They just cannot get out of the way of their own predictable way to screw up in all situations in all ways.

    Riola is Part I. Part II us their annual undressing in GB.

  30. Raiola is a dolt, there is no question. Many have called for his head for years but he has hung around like a boil. He is a good center but his run blocking has always been below average.
    This move by him is undoubtedly intentional. Coming from a Lion’s fan I would like to see him suspended more than one game for sure. He has had a multitude of less than couth actions since coming to Detroit.

    However, what Brandon Marshall said about this is a joke. Coming from someone who, at one point in time was one of the biggest D-bags in the league, a request to ban someone is laughable. For someone who is so open about his mental illness and a staunch supporter of the mental health community, maybe he should reconsider his comments. Maybe he should talk to Raiola about having a mental health screening because he may also be suffering from an “undiagnosed” mental health condition. He was certainly given more chances then I would get in life. His crimes were far more egregious then Raiola’s, yet he is still in the league earning millions.

    Rant over. Raiola’s a dumbass.

  31. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he tried to appeal the suspension. How can he possibly justify his actions? “Oh, I tripped.” He’s lucky he only got one game. He should have gotten two games which is what Suh got when he did the same thing.

  32. Have any of you people ever played a competitive sport, including football? I guess not. Yes his emotions got the best of him, and he was in the wrong. But this is what can happen on “The Battlefield.”

    As far as his appeal, he is forfeiting $300K. I guess that is chump change to you too. This is a business decision(albeit not a popular one) not a weekly FF game to him.

    As far as the game, Go Lions !!!

  33. …and that’s why you DON’T ACT LIKE A D-BAG on a regular basis! Because when you need someone to believe you, NO ONE WILL.

    If he had zero character issue prior to this, the NFL might have believed that was an accident. But now? After the finger, the band, etc., etc., etc.? No way, no chance anyone believes you.

    Thanks for once again putting the Lions in a bad spot by being an idiot. This is pretty much the icing on the cake of a career full of crap like this.

    -A Lions fan.

  34. ariani1985 says:
    Dec 23, 2014 7:10 PM

    Green Bay has a garbage defense, who cares!

    Enjoy another offseason watching real football teams playing important football games.

    Unfortunately for the rest of us, in a few short weeks, we’ll all be subjected to the monthly blather from the purple rubes.

    Claiming superiority and success over the rest of the league.
    Another offseason Championship to celebrate and cherish.
    At least until real football starts again once more.

    Oh yeah, Green Bay’s defense ranks 12th in yds. and in points allowed.
    And that would be better than the Vikes, Hmmm…..

  35. Shinnbone says:
    Dec 23, 2014 6:33 PM
    Dominic Raiola just put Matthew Stafford’s career in jeopardy.
    Here comes the #beatdown in #TITLETOWN
    Green Bay has the softest D-Line in the NFL, I don’t think Detroit worried about that, id be more worried about Aaron Rodgers.

  36. icebowler says:
    Dec 23, 2014 8:16 PM
    The Wisconsin Badgers Band approves this message!
    The same band that was suspended for inappropriate behavior not too long ago? Raiola is trash, but The Wisconsin band is right up there with him.

  37. Funny how Viking fans have to comment on anything related to the Packers. Poor, poor vikings fans with so much Packer envy, I guess that happens when your team has 50+ years without a championship. So when your team is not in the playoffs year after year, you have to follow other teams that are consistently in the playoffs. Poor lil Viking fans.

    Rodgers = 1 more LOMBARDI trophy than the Vikings franchise…priceless!

  38. It’s not out of the question we are better off without Raiola. By my count, 24 of the 27 times Raiola has played against Green Bay have been losses. Raiola’s replacement is a kid named Travis Swanson who is bigger and more athletic.

    When we played earlier this season, our defense won the game. Our defense owned the Packers. They couldn’t run the ball, and Rodgers rarely had time to throw. We dominated time of possession nearly 2 to 1. If our defense plays like that again … we’re the NFC North Champs.

  39. With or without this dirty player Matt Stafford NEVER beats good teams. Look it up. With all that talent around him he beats up on the bums posting big numbers. But doesn’t beat good teams. Look at his record against prior playoff teams or even teams over .500

  40. ivanpavlov0000 says:

    Raiola’s replacement is a kid named Travis Swanson who is bigger and more athletic.
    More dumb comments like this and your fellow Lion fans will think you root for the Vikings, it is that dumb.

    Come on now, Travis Swanson has sat on the bench for almost the entire season and the one game he was asked to fill in on, the Patriots destroyed the kid. Are you suggesting that the Lion coaching staff refused to put out the 5 best O line up they had? That they purposely held Swanson out of the starting line up just to spring him on the Packers in the last game of the seaon? Nobody, not even a Viking fan, can be that stupid.

  41. Hi packer fans. I know you love the history between our two franchises because you’ve been on the good side of those games most of the time. I wouldn’t be worried about Lions losing the statistically worst center in the league according to PFF; there will be a dropoff, but it won’t decide the winner of this game.

    What you should be worried about is the defense which leads the league in QB hits. Even if Packers win, there’s a very good chance your QB will have plenty of bruises via completely legal hits and a chance Rodgers isn’t leading your long playoff journey you expect you’ll be on. I get that its fun to poke the Lion, but one of these days you won’t be getting that hand back. Will that be Sunday? Maybe… But it’ll happen eventually. Whatever happens, I hope for your sake you still have a QB for playoffs. Good Luck!

  42. whatjusthapped says: Dec 24, 2014 9:05 AM

    Come on now, Travis Swanson …
    I didn’t guarantee that we’d be better off with Swanson, I just said it’s not out of the question. Raiola has more years, but against Green Bay he hasn’t been a winner. If Swanson holds his own and doesn’t generate penalties, I call that a success.

    Raiola also has personal baggage he’d be bringing into the Green Bay game. It probably doesn’t matter a heck of a lot, but it’s a little less bulletin board material.

    The Lions defense are the ones who won the previous contest, and they’re still better than the Packers offensive line. If they snuff the run and clobber Rodgers like they did week 3, we win.

    And I’ve got nothing against Vikings fans. They support their team through thick and thin.

  43. 2006 – Albert Haynesworth – 5 games

    2011 – Ndamukong Suh – 2 games

    2014 – Dominic Raiola – 1 game

    But “player safety” is Priority #1, right?

  44. He’s less than mediocre at his position, disrespects other players, is vulgar with fans, marching bands, and in case you haven’t heard, or have forgotten, he’s a d-bag off the field too. With this last stomping of a helpless man who had his face in the ground, you can add “coward” to the list as well. Some Detroit sports writers have been building his character as one that deserves to be in the game if they clinch the title, and that the fact he’s been a loser for 12 of his 14 years on the team somehow warrants it. The idiot blew that chance, and he has about as much character as a two year old with a diaper rash. I’m a Lions fan, and I’m embarrassed by his sorry ***.

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