Giants, Jaguars, Titans, Vikings shut out of Pro Bowl

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Four teams — the Giants, Jaguars, Titans and Vikings — didn’t have any players initially selected to the Pro Bowl on Tuesday night.

Overall, 22-of-32 teams had multiple Pro Bowlers named to the roster, announced this evening by the NFL.

Six clubs — the Jets, Raiders, Chargers, Bears, Buccaneers and Washington — had one Pro Bowler.

The clubs without Pro Bowlers all had candidates with all-star credentials. Giants rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been one of the game’s top playmakers in the second half of the season. However, he missed the first four games because of injury, which probably hurt his cause. As it stands, Beckham (79 catches, 1,120 yards, 11 TDs) is a first alternate.

There are also Pro Bowl cases for Vikings free safety Harrison Smith (89 tackles, five interceptions), Jaguars defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks (42 tackles, 8.5 sacks; selected as alternate) and Titans tight end Delanie Walker (56 catches, 847 yards, four TDs).

The Pro Bowl rosters are subject to change, with injury-related defections a certainty. The Super Bowl entrants wouldn’t send any players to the game, either.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to spin a lack of initial Pro Bowlers as a positive. For the record, it’s the second consecutive year the Giants and Jaguars didn’t have a single representative among the first 86 players voted to the game. The NFL changed the format of the Pro Bowl in 2013, with captain-selected teams replacing the AFC and NFC all-star squads.

58 responses to “Giants, Jaguars, Titans, Vikings shut out of Pro Bowl

  1. I cant stop laughing at the Vikings, the gift that keeps on giving. The most 1st rounders drafted in the NFL by Spieladope and they cant even get a Pro Bowl player which has been the fans claim to fame since they obviously cant brag about winning. What a loser franchise and a more delusional fanbase.

  2. wow, even John Kuhn made the pro bowl and not one Viking could ? shows how awful the Vikings are, so many draft busts , it must be awful playing 16 meaningless games year after year.

  3. Donta Hightower-took over when Mayo went down and had a monster year. Second best player on that defence.

  4. Great job Jerry Reese, I dont get how Mara can sit there and see us grouped with the likes of the Jags and be ok with the job reese is doing. FIRE HIM IMMEDIATELY. With bogus win streak the Giants are on shouldnt save a single job. If the falcons and win that embarassment of the south we would have beaten 1 team to make the playoffs and it was a 7 win team. Reese gets too much credit for the superbowl runs, in both those years our roster different have the best talent Coughlin did an amazing job and Eli (drafted by Ernie Accorsi) was lights out. Coughlins a proven great coach would love to see him coach a team that actually had great talent on bc Reese sure as hell isnt going to provide that. Thanks for rosters Jerry, cant wait to continue to fall into catagories with the Jacksonville Jaguars

  5. How do the voters snub all 53 Vikings for the Pro Bowl?? I hope my friend the Poet has his diatribes ready to cut & paste ad nauseam with answers!!

  6. This whole thing is clearly rigged. If this vote actually put the players who were truly deserving in the Pro Bowl all of the players come from the only real ongoing and never ending super dynasty of the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings. For example, Bridgewater substantially outplayed every other QB, but of course the league doesn’t want him to play in the Pro Bowl because they are afraid he will embarrass all of the other players on the field.

    For those of you that didn’t pick up on it, this was sarcasm. Just trying to emulate some of the posts we know are coming from certain posters.

  7. The Vikings shut out of the Pro Bowl?
    Oh The Horror!!!

    What will PFT Poet have to say about this?
    He believes Pro Bowlers equal Championships more than, you know, actual Championship winning teams.

    Don’t fret purple trolls. As players beg out of the game, you’ll get 1 or 2 of your precious Pro Bowling alternates.
    Which should show you exactly what a sham the designation really is.

    Which is something real football fans have known for years.

  8. On what planet is Xavier Rhodes not a Pro Bowler? The only CB in the NFL with better numbers than both Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis. I think Rodney Dangerfield and Michael Scott would say…

    “No Respect!”

  9. No Vikings? That is shocking! They have yet to win a single division game yet again, but hey, they won’t be the worst team in the NFL. Just the worst team in the nfc north.

  10. Pro Bowl is a joke anyway, not what you know it’s who you Blow mentality.
    And this new format of taking retired players to coach a team is a joke, and to have it before the Super Bowl is an Idiots venue. I wonder which Exec’s Wife dreamed it up…
    I haven’t watched it since they changed the format,
    wont be watching it this year.

  11. That’s bs bc Vikings got Harrison and Griffin, better than other teams players who made it. But don’t need to risk injuries and not have them back by opening season next year.

  12. Sen’Derrick Marks was snubbed. He leads the Jaguars in sacks — unusual for an interior lineman — to go along with 42 tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and one pass breakup. Call me a homer, but being second among sacks in the league among DT’s seems pretty worthy to me.

  13. Not a fan of any of these teams but it’s the PRO BOWL, big deal, hell even the legit star players look for a way not to go.

  14. For a league so concerned about viewership of the Pro Bowl, it makes no sense to shut out 4 TV markets by not adding at least 1 player from each team. It is an exhibition game, no harm is done by doing this. Hell baseball does it and their game counts. Really starting to think the NFL is run by a bunch of nimrods.

  15. After watching all the jaguars games this year, it’s a shame sen’derrick is not being recognized.
    Marks is a great player and great guy on a team that doesn’t have a lot to cheer about this year.

    I won’t be watching the garbage the NFL calls the pro bowl.


  16. I’m not sure how this is even possible. Vikings fans have been telling us for the past few years how well their team has drafted and how all the drafted players will be pro-bowlers for years to come.

    Prediction: They’ll be telling us the same thing in a few months after their next batch of busts.

  17. As a Giants fan, a little surprised that there was no nod for Odell Beckham. But as for the rest of the team … they didn’t deserve any recognition. They’ve been awful.

  18. From a Vikings fan, this is not surprising. AD was the face of the franchise for several years and now that he’s suspended, the only two players that could be considered for the Pro Bowl are Everson Griffen and Harrison Smith. Griffen has more sacks than any other DE in the NFC. Smith is second to Glover Quinn (Detroit) with the most interceptions by a Safety in the NFC. However, when your team doesn’t qualify for the playoffs, all bets are off.

    Earlier this year when the Vikings beat the Redskins, a Redskins fan posted, “We got beat by a rookie (Bridgewater) and a bunch of guys”. That fan was 100% correct. Right now, the Vikings are Bridgewater and a bunch of guys.

    The good news is Zimmer has them in the right direction and it doesn’t matter how many Pro Bowlers are on the team now. They will contend for the playoffs next year.


  19. Viking history lesson:

    This entire pro bowl team would be no better than second string if they attended a Vikings intrasquad scrimmage.

    Every player on the Viking roster is a future hall of fame inductee.

    No franchise has ever been more masculine with a qb named Fran, a rb named Adrian, and a head coach named Leslie.

    Having a Viking riding in on a motorcycle is historically accurate.

    Darn it, I just remembered I forgot to take my meds again.

  20. Did they only pick two safeties? No way there are more than two safeties better than Harrison Smith. Everson Griffen certainly played at a Pro Bowl level, too. Oh well. I’d rather have young, talented players on the rise that people haven’t heard much about than over-the-hill has-beens that get voted to the Pro Bowl because of reputation.

  21. Rodger Goodell has always hated the vikings. That was evident when the refs and saints cheated the Vikings out of the nfc championship and future super bowl win in 2009.

    It really doesn’t matter though.

    Teddy Bridgewater has started the Viking dynasty and it cannot be contained. Goodell will be fired. The Vikings will dominate the football world for the next two decades.


  22. arianil985 says:
    Dec 23, 2014 10:03 PM
    How do the voters snub all 53 Vikings for the Pro Bowl?? I hope my friend the Poet has his diatribes ready to cut & paste ad nauseam with answers!!


    To this and all the other people who claim to hate the Vikings but can’t seem to stop talking about them, try reading (if you can) the entire article.

    “The NFL changed the format of the Pro Bowl in 2013, with captain-selected teams replacing the AFC and NFC all-star squads.”

    There is no voting anymore. Not that actually counts. All that matters is what two guys thought. Two guys. Literally. By all means go ahead and brag that two guys didn’t think there were any Vikings good enough for THEIR team.

  23. It is a popularity contest. Still- no way to explain Odell Beckham being left off. His numbers were better than all WR except Brown. Megatron and Green get in by name recognition and reputation. OBJ was also the most exciting player in the league the second half of the season. He should still win ROY by a landslide, but being left off of Pro Bowl is a joke. Hopefully Green or Johnson pull out due to an “injury” to make things right.

  24. Once again America……read the examples on here of Packer fan hate. For fans who claim to not care about a Purple team who is “not even our rival”, there always is plenty of idiocy from East of the St. Croix River.

  25. Summitmech,
    Please be sure that you are correct before you scold others. Once the players have been voted in, THEN the two captains pick from the pool of players VOTED in.
    So, you’re wrong.
    Happy holidays.

  26. If I pick a team I definitely want Harrison Smith at Free Safety, with the third most interceptions (5), one of those for a TD, a forced fumble, 2nd most passes defensed (9), most sacks (3) and for a loss of 22 total yards, as well as by FAR the most tackles (89), the next closest FS in tackles with 5 or more interceptions being Glover Quin at 65 tackles. Based on the numbers, best Free Safety in the NFL. Thou Arizona’s Rashad Johnson comes pretty close. Glover Quin would be my 3rd choice.

  27. wheezer, where is the list of players who were voted in? THAT’S the list that matters. The final teams were still decided on by two guys in the end.

  28. Odell not in the pro bowl is fine with me.

    He needs to grow up a bit he will be there next year oh no he won’t he will be getting ready for the Super Bowl.

    Pro Bowl is a joke Odell needs to focus on his game not go on vacation.

  29. setnaffa46 says:
    Dec 23, 2014 9:41 PM
    What about Everson Griffin? He has the most sacks by a DE in the NFC.
    This deserves mentioning again. This isn’t about Packers v. Vikings. This is about a popularity contest. Griffen has been the BEST defensive end in the NFC this year. The numbers prove it. Oh, and you don’t want a safety like Smith with 89 tackles and 5 int’s to make the pro bowl?

    To show this is a joke would insult jokes. The pro bowl means less than nothing. If these players get selected after somebody less deserving drops out, I hope they tell the pro bowl to stick it up their a$$.

  30. I will never understand why people get so mad if somebody decides to not use the word “Redskins” in an article. I will never understand why people get so mad if somebody decides to use the word “Redskins” in an article.

    I will never understand why some of you pick the dumbest things to get angry over. Grow up.

  31. I don’t like Smith, Griffen, and Rhodes not getting in, but the Pro Bowl is a joke and has been a popularity contest for a while now.

    How is Jimmy Graham in over Martellus Bennett? Lol

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