Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant isn’t going anywhere

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Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has put up the kind of season every player dreams of in a contract year.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said this morning that Dallas is the only place he’ll be getting paid.

Via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones said on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan that if a long-term deal with Bryant can’t be reached this offseason, they’ll use the franchise tag on him.

Bryant has been brilliant this year, with 84 catches for 1,221 yards and 14 touchdowns. He’s one of the biggest reasons the Cowboys have gone from their perpetual 8-8 status to the NFC East title and the playoffs, and they can’t let him go into the market.

While the threat of the tag won’t be greeted warmly by Bryant and his agent, it could also spark talks on a long-term deal. The Cowboys have tried to lock up young stars far into the future, but Bryant has the kind of leverage others might not.

57 responses to “Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant isn’t going anywhere

  1. “crosses fingers” please overpay for a WR and RB, two positions that most winning teams fill in the round 2-4. Come on Jerry, cripple that Dallas D for years to come with bloated contracts to your “star” players like only you can!

  2. Jay Z and his arrogance won’t allow this to happen. I love Dez and want him resigned as the league’s highest paid WR because there is simply no one else close to him in terms of talent. Let’s get this done before Jay Z’s minions get in there and ruin it.

  3. Sign Dez long term. Franchise Demarco….go after AP as insurance. I’m sure Minn. will be willing to move him now. If Demarco happens to be a “contract year” player…. AP would fit in nicely behind that line!

  4. Dez is playing lights out and deserves the big contract! At the same time we need to be aware of our cap space. Romo should take one for the team and restructure his contract. Dez is not the reason Romo ain’t choking, it’s #29 and that beautiful o-line. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

  5. Says Dr. Jerry Jones. Or should I make the tired, old joke about Romo sucking in the December/4th qtr? Or perhaps 8-8? Or the “1 playoff win” regurgitation? Point is; this team is not the Cowboys of the last 8 years. They win when it matters.


  7. Romoisgod-

    Dez Bryant is definitely not the most talented player in the league, and he may not even be the most talented in the NFC East. Heard of a guy Odell Beckjam Jr? 1,100+ yards, 11 TD, 79 receptions, all while missing 4 games this season as well as the pre-season. Oh yea, he’s a rookie, and he’s been Eli’s only go-to guy this year with Cruz hurt. So, he’s putting up these numbers while he has a target on his back. Just look at this last week’s game vs the Rams, who were known to have a good D this year. He torched them while being abused all night.

    Move over Dez.

  8. Hats off to Jerry Jones. For the past several years all the media “experts” have been saying that he needs to hire a “football guy” to run his team. Jerry is a “football guy”. He just happens to be a lot smarter and richer than your average “football guy”. Most of these “football guys” get fired after a few years due to incompetence. Jerry was a captain of a conference championship team in college and was around some of the brightest football minds of his time. Some brilliant “football guy” out there is getting ready to draft Jameis Winston and pay him millions of dollars. He’ll be fired in 4 or 5 years and the owner will be out a lot of money. Jerry isn’t perfect, but neither are many who are running other pro teams into the ground.

  9. Franchising Murray will be so costly; the number is projected to be in excess of $10million! The Cowboys are already at $138mil and the cap is expected to be somewhere around 142-143mil. Dez will probably become the highest paid WR in the league so I can’t see how they structure any deal that pays him less than $9mil in the first year.

    They could free up quite a bit of money by cutting or restructuring Henry Melton and/or Doug Free and the trump card is to get Romo to convert his salary to signing bonus but that’s going to cause huge problems down the road.

    That Brandon Carr contract looks worse by the minute – his cap number for next year is $12.71 mil. Ouch

  10. @ vickadelphia,

    “you don’t have this passing success if not for Demarco, they need to sign him”.

    Shady has had a pretty good year running the ball. What is Sanchez’s excuse?

    The O-line is what set it all up for Murray and Romo. Win in the trenches and the results speak for themselves.

    BTW, what happened to your front-runner Eagles? That is about as badly as I have seen them choke in a while. Maybe the Philadelphia Inquirer should be more careful in who they are referring to with a “choking hazard”.

  11. @gmeno5

    Talk to us when odbj does it year after year. Make sure he’s not just a one year wonder before you start talking “move over” ish. I’d still take one dez over 2 odbj’s

  12. Jones needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. (Save the responses, I know it will never happen.)

    For the first time in a while, the Cowboys are on a roll heading into the post season. What can be gained by making statements that could set off one of the most important players on the team?

    All he had to say was that they love Bryant and they will do everything they can to see that he’s a Cowboy for life.

  13. vegasgreek says:
    Dec 23, 2014 10:37 AM

    Tony is from Wisco and the heart of our O-line (Fredbeard and Martin) played in the midwest their entire college careers. We are the epitome of old smashmouth cold weather football. And I’ll take Tony’s 79% completion in December and 3-0 record, and 10-0 TD to INT ratio over Rodgers’ 2-1 record, 61% completion percentage and 4-2 TD to INT ratio. Drop the Tzaziki and look at 2014 numbers, vegasgreek

  14. dirtyferret says:
    Dec 23, 2014 10:08 AM
    “crosses fingers” please overpay for a WR and RB, two positions that most winning teams fill in the round 2-4. Come on Jerry, cripple that Dallas D for years to come with bloated contracts to your “star” players like only you can!


    Haters gonna hate

  15. I love how all the haters are looking for more things to hate on. Face it, you were wrong. Very wrong. Hell, I was wrong.

    I have no idea if we’re going to win a playoff game, but now I wouldn’t be against us. But to win the NFC East was no small feat after being 8-8 x3 seasons. This is not the same Cowboys team. They’re being smarter with their money and being the team that people said they should be, and will get no credit for it. Dez isn’t going anywhere, Romo, Lee and Witten will all restructure and take their money up front and they’ll pay who they have to pay.

  16. I love people crowning Beckham after one season. Let’s see him do it for a complete season first.

  17. I love all the posts from Philly fans saying Dallas isn’t going anywhere. So far they’re going one more place than Philly is. I’d say enjoy the offseason watching your VHS tapes of past Philly successes but no such tape exists

  18. Knowing Jerry’s history as a GM, he’ll probably make Dez the highest paid player ever, then Dez will get suspended for a year the next day.

  19. Do it Jones, wayyyyyyy over pay Bryant give him 120 million dollar contract, while other teams find W.R. talent in the mid to lates rounds!

  20. Jerrah gets a lot of crap for making bone-headed decisions. This is not one of those decisions. I wouldn’t let Dez Bryant go, either.

  21. I think other teams will pay for him. Not sure if this is Jerrr’s senility or delusions. Unless he saying some wicked things behind the scenes to sour other deals.

  22. Don’t really care if we win 1 game in the playoffs. The Boys are 100% better than last year.. for me I just wanted to get out of that 8-8 hole.

  23. I can’t wait too see the Cowboys in the playoffs. I remember the last time….that nitwit Brooking accused Favre of running up the score. I didn’t think that was an issue in PROFESSIONAL sports. A rec league, perhaps…..I despise Dallas as every ‘Skins fan does, and I’m glad they made the playoffs. I’ll look forward to Jerry picking his nose when Romo throws a pick-six. Congratulations to the Cowboys. I’m going to enjoy watching them get eliminated. I’d rather my team stay home than lose in the playoffs. As for Dez, he’s got more dollars that brain cells, that for sure!

  24. Wow, the haters are out in full force. So, your plan really is to predict failure at every turn for the Cowboys, so if they eventually do–you can all scream together “I knew it! I told you so!” Wow. Even on a troll board such as this, that is truly beyond pathetic. I hope you all lose sleep if they steamroll into the playoffs and get to the SB and win. Notice I said “if”. They can beat anyone, anywhere, anytime. I am not saying they are as good of a team as the Packers, Seahawks, Patriots–but they can still beat any of those teams on any given Sunday.

  25. The hypocrisy of these bitter, jealous fans makes me laugh. If Dallas re-signs Dez, haters will say we overpaid; if Dallas doesn’t re-sign him, they’ll say we’re idiots for letting him walk.

    And leave it to a demented Skins fan to trash-talk a division-winning, playoff-bound team. “Whaa-whaa-whaa!” Your tears of jealousy are delicious. What a cry-baby. Enjoy last place, idiot.

  26. It totally amazes me how redskins fans continue to trash the Cowboys organization when the redskins organization is in the toilet. Really? RG3 was good for 1 season and even his last 2 coaches wanted to dump his ass. JJ isn’t the greatest owner but he is head and shoulders above synder. The redskins better get use to being in the basement of the NFC east for awhile. Even if the redskins beat Dallas on Sunday they will still be the worst in the east, again. Can’t win a playoff game if you don’t even make the playoffs. So why don’t you worry about your lousy redskins and quit showing us how much you don’t know about football.

  27. RomoIsGod says:
    Dec 23, 2014 10:12 AM

    There is simply no one else close to him in terms of talent. Let’s get this done before Jay Z’s minions get in there and ruin it.

    HA! He is talented no doubt… but The best WRs in the league have been plagued by injuries and backup QBs. For Example Odel Beckham Has 70 catches, over 1120 yards and 11 tds while missing the first quarter of the season… thats more production per game than 80 catches, 1200 yards, and 14 TDs in 16 games.

  28. Cowboys did well, heck i l have always liked Romo, even when fans unfairly critiscized him in my opinion. The Cowboys are a good team and i personally wont be surprised if they amke it to teh Superbowl, heck they whooped the Hawks, but a lot can happen in the playoffs its not a fait accompli.

  29. ha, ha ha, maybe but llets get to the facts….Cowboys right now at almost 140 million on the cap….the cap next year might be 143… they still need that much money just to sign their draft picks….add to the fact to tag Bryant or any Wr next year will be approx 14 million. The cowboys also have starters DeMarco Murray, both right tackles Doug Free and Parnell, along with defensive starters OLB Jason Durant, and DT Nick Hayden all free agents as well…so good luck with that, about the only way is the Cowboys will have to cut Free, and his 13 million cap number in order to sign bryant

  30. I don’t get why skins fans are even bothering to comment still. Y’all aren’t worth arguing with this season and have nothing to argue. Your team sucks. Can’t argue with that.

  31. I know my team sucks. I had no delusions about the season. How many of you Cowboy fans really thought your team was going to do as well as it did? Even Jerry himself didn’t think so. A pleasant surprise is not a bad thing at all. My question is do any of you really thing you can beat Green Bay or Seattle? If so, that would really be something to brag about. Until then just stay hopeful…..

  32. Good old joetoronto. Since the team you support has 12 straight non-winning seasons and 10 seasons of double digit losses including the NFL record for consecutive seasons with double digit losses, you are probably quite an authority on going no where. You’ve certainly had ample opportunity to study it first hand.

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