Johnny Manziel: I know I have to take this a lot more seriously

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Johnny Manziel’s rookie season is over and the rookie quarterback has done some reflecting on his first professional season.

One of the observations that stuck with Manziel is that he needs to be more of a professional heading into his second season. Manziel said Tuesday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that he “still had the college mindset a little bit” when he came into the league and that he’s come to realize that he’ll need a different approach to succeed at this level.

“I have to take this a lot more seriously. It’s a job for me now,” Manziel said. “I’m not the Johnny Manziel that came in here a year ago. It’s been a year of growing up for me.”

Manziel could have saved himself a lot of grief by coming to that realization before his rookie season, but you can’t put the ketchup back in the bottle and he’s said the right things about the direction he wants to take in 2015 in the last couple of weeks. He also said he’s not worried about the Browns giving up on him after seven quarters, although indications are that the Browns aren’t closing any doors at quarterback heading into the offseason.

They shouldn’t close those doors unless Manziel’s plans for a more professional approach to the game manifest themselves with a more professional showing on the field and that should make for another interesting offseason in Cleveland.

125 responses to “Johnny Manziel: I know I have to take this a lot more seriously

  1. Every morning I get down and thank the heavens that we got Teddy in MN. I admit I wanted Johnny bust… wrong was I !!!

  2. And then after the interview he was so thoroughly pleased with himself he proceeded to flash his money sign.

  3. Love all the negativity on these guys because we all made such great decisions when we were their age. Between Johnny and RG3 there is enough hate to last a lifetime. Let it go people, just watch and enjoy the game stop with trolling and constant criticism it’s tired and boring and requires too little thought.

  4. Talk is worthless. Just show up, work hard, be prepared, don’t tell everyone that is what you plan to do, do it and keep quiet.

  5. Several of the great current quarterbacks have a get together to talk shop… guess who’s not there ?

    If you have a gift, don’t take it for granted. It wouldn’t hurt your reputation if you weren’t always trying to draw attention to yourself…take that time and get in the film room and you may get some respect.

  6. That’s a scary admission.

    He should have known to do that to start with. However, even if he didn’t, you would have thought he would have learned that when he was taken 22nd or when he was beaten out by a journeyman backup.

  7. insley29 says:
    Dec 23, 2014 5:50 PM
    Love all the negativity on these guys because we all made such great decisions when we were their age. Between Johnny and RG3 there is enough hate to last a lifetime. Let it go people, just watch and enjoy the game stop with trolling and constant criticism it’s tired and boring and requires too little thought.
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the fans expressing criticism of the players, especially the stars who are being paid handsomely to perform. One of the reasons ticket prices are so high for pro sporting events is because the players get paid so much. If you’re going to demand those salaries, be prepared for major criticism if your performance doesn’t match the price the team paid for you.

    Granted, Manziel is a rookie, so he’s not making an excessive financial salary just yet (and won’t ever unless he improves dramatically), but he did cost the Browns a 1st round pick, and so far, he definitely isn’t paying dividends on that investment.

  8. Amazing what a dose of hard reality does to some people.

    I hope he means it… is cheap.

  9. Johnny football is one of those guys who is a natural born leader.

    He oozes charisma and has accountability.

    He will be in MVP talks next year. Like skip bayless said, he will be a star in this league.

  10. We will see…when his BFF Beiber calls or the meathead Kronk off he will go…on to Vegas taking Selfies and rolling dollar bills in the bathroom.

  11. very easy to see what everyone is telling you. its another thing to not only change that to a different type of behavior, but get to where you are studying and treating football like grown men treat their jobs. this is your job, its time to prepare for work.

  12. needs to take it more seriously? still had that college mindset a little bit? Did he just figure that out after a whole season that being a starter in the NFL isn’t college and has to be taken seriously? And this is the guy you bring in when you can still make the playoffs? A guy who doesn’t know that getting paid by the Browns equates to having a job? Somebody should have told him that back in May, maybe he wouldn’t have embarrassed himself when he did get in, or maybe he would have won the job outright in the preseason. I guess the reincarnated browns are cursed at qb

  13. pervyspankspackfans says: Dec 23, 2014 5:45 PM

    Every morning I get down and thank the heavens that we got Teddy in MN. I admit I wanted Johnny bust… wrong was I !!!
    That’s pretty funny, when you could have had the best QB in the draft Derek Carr!
    Typical Vikings, happy with average.

  14. After all the trouble falsifying IDs, underage drinking/public drunkenness and fighting at clubs, while at A&M, everybody gave him a pass.

    Then he declared he couldn’t wait to leave College Station. That wasn’t enough, so he got booted from the Manning QB academy for being drunk. Again that wasn’t enough, so he brought his act to the NFL, partying in Vegas, drinking on a swan.

    Still another pass, having said all the right things at combine & team interviews, they fell for again. Now after we have seen him play, he once again declares he’s ready to do the right things.

    Two reasons he will fail:1)he will never do the right thing and 2)he’s not very good at his best. Wasting time on him is throwing good money at bad. He’s a novelty act, nothing more.

  15. He gets chance to play the game he enjoys. I understand a lot of work goes into the weekday so the team can be successful Sunday. Players that desire to be great, know that from day one.

    It should go extra for him, not only to want to be the best, but also because now when he takes the field, he is no longer easily one of the best players on it.

    People like to compare R. Wilson and Manziel I don’t like that, with The glaring difference in maturity. Wilson wanted to come in learn and become the best QB possible. It will ALWAYS take time, and there will always be growing pains Wilson took it seriously and he is developing from a solid QB, to a great one. If healthy In 3 years from now, I can guarantee that Wilson will make players around him better. I can’t even promise that Manziel will be a decent starting QB even if he does stay healthy.

  16. It’s hard for me to imagine this guy getting hungry just like that.

    We’ll see, his contract is going to guarantee he gets a longer look than he probably deserves.

  17. He was saying this exact same stuff his last season at A&M, and after the draft, and during the preseason…. Talking ain’t doing.

  18. In college he usually was a man among boys without having to really work for it. He generally only had to face a few players with possible NFL talent on a team. Now, everyone is the best of the best and he can no longer survive on talent alone. Hopefully, he is not just saying what he thinks needs to be said, but means it. Actions will speak so loud we can’t hear what you say. We will see what the off-season and pre_season bring.

  19. “his contract is going to guarantee he gets a longer look than he probably deserves”

    His contract is negligible thanks to the new rookie contract rules. He’ll never see a big payday unless he produces. The leverage he has with the Browns is they used a first round pick on him. If he were a third-rounder like where he probably should have been drafted they might have already released him by now.

  20. For a college student–did her graduate?–he learns slowly. Worse, he never learned that men are different from boys as he grew up. What were his father and his coaches like?

  21. Could there possibly be a lamer thing to say than I should be taking my job more seriously?

    “Hey boss, all my failures when the team’s season was on the line — were just because I wasn’t taking my workplace responsibilities seriously. But I’m planning on taking my job more seriously. Really, I’ll try to take it seriously. Keep those 7 figure checks coming though.”

    Imagine if you were cruising at 35,000 feet when an engine blew, and you overheard the pilot say “I really should have paid attention during flight school when they covered navigating a plane with one functioning engine.

  22. WHAT?!? This is nonsense! Of course you can put the ketchup back in the bottle. It’s not that hard. Now those squeeze packets, that’s a different matter.

  23. While I’m not optimistic, I really hope for the sake of Brown’s fans, this kid gets his act together. Browns fans deserve better.

  24. Johnny wanna-be Football got caught up in all the media hype over himself and like them, thought he was greater than he is. Then reality set in and suddenly the score was 30-0. Next game you got caught “hamming it up” and now you’re on the outside looking in. How’s that money sign working for you now sonny?
    A _real_ QB is much more humble than you. Just look at Russel Wilson for a good example of who to emulate.

  25. going into the draft I was hoping the Vikings would draft manziel but im glad they ended up with bridgewater, the guy carries himself like a professional. scary that manziel didn’t realize he’d have to be serious from the get go. he may still be a good qb but he just looks so little out there running around. he looks and plays small

  26. Hoyer probably would have lead the Browns to the playoffs this year if the Johnny Football drama wasn’t looming over his shoulder every week.

  27. Still cant believe this guy is in Cleveland because the GM listened to a homeless guy. In a few years all parties involved may be homeless.

    Browns fans deserve better. 7-6 and a playoff contender to this diva QB drama with Manziel. If he is the guy so be it but I was rooting for the Browns this year.

  28. Brett Favre wasn’t exactly disciplined nor effective in Atlanta.

    Maybe, there’s a Ron Wolf out there who sees something in him and will deal for him (not Grigson) and hook him up with a strong minded QB background HC.

    Many said Holmgren made Favre…Manziel just needs his Holmgren.

  29. Merril Hoge and Jaws are right. The two guys at the 4letter network that actually watched his film said he should be a late round pick. The idiot Browns believed the hype. Not only is Manziel in over his head, the corner they took early in the 1st is 4th on the depth chart and probably won’t last through his rookie deal. Tough to be a Browns fan.

  30. Wow, do you believe this kid! I’ll try next year, I promise. I know the Browns have to keep him, but you can bet they sure wish they never drafted him.

  31. This is what we were telling you Johnny Football.

    You’ve had your chance. You aren’t guaranteed another. You’ll probably get one, but again it’s not guaranteed. The time for you to be an adult was before your shot. Now you have to wait and hope you get another.

    With your antics there are a bunch who won’t touch you. So if the Browns give up on you, which they very easily may by signing or drafting someone else, you may find yourself without a job.

    Well, you had your shot, and you didn’t make the most of it. If you don’t get another, sadly, that’s what you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life.

    This is what we told you, but you didn’t listen. Sadly a bunch of young morons act like this until it’s too late. The examples are endless, going back all throughout time in many professions, cultures, and eras. But certain young adults feel it’s different for them. They don’t know why, they just think it is. Whoops.

    Good luck Johnny, you’re going to need it.

  32. Sounds like C. Ponder. Oh, the smooth publicist gets a hold of him. “just gotta work hard, concentrate, get better every day”…bla bla bla. Either you have “it” or you don’t. Right now, their ain’t no it.

  33. Tell me we aren’t still talking about that “little person” my Bengals destroyed 30-0 a few weeks ago? Move on people…..he’s yesterday’s news……we need to find a new topic to obsess about, and I think it’s brewing with Peyton Manning.

  34. Our QB situation is worse right now than it was last offseason. Last offseason there was hope. There is no hope with this bum. None. Hated the pick and now I can’t believe we are stuck with this turd. All his drama is not worth a wait or anything. I wish he would go away.

  35. Guys, I hate to tell you, but the Browns know enough about Manziel. Everyone (scouts, GM’s, FO) but the Browns knew Manziel’s game wouldn’t translate to the NFL, which is why he was still there at #22. The Browns don’t need more time to look at Manziel, they already know he is not NFL quality. Why? He stares down receivers, throws off the back foot too often, can’t read defenses, doesn’t go through his progressions, has a tendency to run first when he gets any pressure at all, doesn’t know the playbook or, apparently put in the time to learn it, laughs when they are losing on the sidelines (meaning his head isn’t in the game), is too short, and has a weak arm. Other than that, he is great. By the way, he is also SLOW … his official draft combine time was 4.68.

  36. Manziel is good at saying the right things after he has already screwed up…kind of like a “con-man”.

    Watch and see if Manziel doesn’t show up on the party scene in the off season, while claiming he’s working his tail off.

    …we have heard that before from John Boy.

  37. There may a glimmer of hope yet for Johnny Bench.

    He admitted he has to grow up. Everybody saw it except for him earlier in the year. You don’t get coddled in the NFL because you are a great college QB. You have to earn every snap, but you were more interested in vegas bathrooms, rolling dollar bills, and your posse getting into fisticuffs in high-rise apartment buildings. Professionality at its best.

    Manziel was passed over until Cleveland gambled on him because there were more questions than answers. All the teams that passed on him were astute enough to avoid the high risk, except for Cleveland with their 2nd pick in round one. Dallas gets zero credit for passing on this train wreck and taking Martin, who is absolutely in the conversation for ROY. Cleveland realizes they should have taken Bridgewater, but Minnesota chose wisely and he will be a very solid QB for them if he can stay healthy.

    Cleveland will draft another first round QB (unless a solid vet becomes available in FA), and Manziel will have to become ultra-dedicated to have any shot at starter, or he will be just another life-long backup in this league (if he is lucky).

  38. “…and with that, Manziel said by to the reporters and took Lebron’s private jet to Vegas for an extended holiday.”

    Nothing against the guy; and really, who knows what Haslam has in store this offseason. He may as well sit back because there’s always something done in Cleveland that makes no sense each offseason, and until that’s settled, it doesn’t matter if he’s a choir boy or doing all those Vegas parties.

  39. Every morning I get down and thank the heavens that we got Teddy in MN. I admit I wanted Johnny bust… wrong was I !!!
    That’s pretty funny, when you could have had the best QB in the draft Derek Carr!
    Typical Vikings, happy with average.

    While I like Carr and think he’s gonna be a good QB, I’m extremely happy with Teddy. He does have a better QBR and completion % than Carr. I’d say we should both just be happy that our teams didn’t draft the disaster that is Johnny Football;)

  40. “…he will go…on to Vegas taking Selfies and rolling dollar bills in the bathroom.”

    Nobody’s all bad: at least he only rolls dollar bills and not joints!

  41. Maybe if he continues to get crushed in games he’ll eventually stop doing those silly little showboating money signs of his. No wonder NFL veterans and knowledgeable fans laugh at this pathetic little twerp. He’s an arrogant, no-talent (at least at the NFL level) hot dog who’s led an entitled life and thinks he can coast by in the NFL like he did in high school and college. About time he figured out he “ain’t sheet” at the pro level. At least Tebow did that… he worked hard, was conscientious, and did the best he could with what talent he had. Manziel is more interested in partying and hangin’ with LeBron than working hard. Ryan Leaf II. See ya, Johnny Football. Cleveland isn’t College Station….

  42. He can take it seriously on the practice squad or canadian football league. Problem is, he’s not even good enough for either… smooth talker full of propaganda, and gibberish. PROVE IT.

  43. What he realized is that he is playing against bigger, faster, stronger and meaner players than he ever played against in college. He also realized that his playground football antics will get him killed…..if his off the field lifestyle doesn’t do him in first.

    Derek Carr was the best QB in the draft and Cleveland passed and took the advice of a homeless guy and drafted a sideshow.

  44. The sad part is he is 1000x better pick than Clowney. I would love to trade these two straight up.

  45. I’m so, so glad my Vikings took Teddy Bridgewater instead of Manziel. Teddy is already a good QB, and he has the ability to become a great one over time. Manziel, on the other hand, will be out of the league before long. He just ain’t that good.

  46. Rookie quarterbacks learn a lot of things their first year.

    It’s disheartening that one of those things has to be to take the most important position in pro sports seriously. Kid has a long way to go… sure seems like a wasted season with little to no learning.

  47. Manziel needs to take it seriously, but he also needs to work on his pocket passing skills. he doesn’t have what it takes to run the read option as his mobility isn’t as good as other mobile QBs. i think Luck’s a better runner than Manziel.

  48. Which means he hasn’t been taking it seriously… thanks Browns front office. Started the year strong with a good quarterback, but forced Manziel into the picture. And now the kids from Oregon? Seriously?

  49. I want to see that kid, Connor Shaw play! He’s probably the best QB on their roster. He had a perfect QB rating in preseason, and played well against the Redskins. The kid once threw 20 completions in a row while at South Carolina, and is more pro ready than Manziel.

  50. It’s like you guys have never made mistakes when you where younger and had to learn from them. I guess it’s easy to pass judgement if you have never walked in his shoes. Give the kid time to grow into a NFL starting QB. More that just two games. Where’s the pathos?

  51. The Browns should be thankful there is a rookie wage cap in place or they could have paid him 50-60M just to find out he is STILL too immature for the NFL.

    Next year will be his last in the NFL…….BOOK IT!!

  52. I would love to know what the Brown players actually thought about his grasp of the offense and his leadership skills.

    If I were the Browns GM I’d listen to Johnny talk but I sure would be working on a PLAN B for QB Next Year. You can have Ponder, he will be available. (oh the pain.)

  53. Browns have drafted some busts in the first round in the last few years, Trent Richardson, Weeden, Mingo, Gilbert & Manziel. I hope for their sake they can use the 2 #1’s next year wiser.

  54. Just goes to show that he had next to no respect for the NFL, and the level one has to attain to play in it. Makes everyone who has and continues to support him look like fools.

  55. Somewhere, probably in prison, Ryan Leaf can finally relax knowing he’s now the second biggest QB bust in NFL history.

  56. He was more interested in partying when he was in college than playing well. He is still that immature kid. I don’t see him growing up before his career is over

  57. Good for Johnny Busto finally realizing that he’s in a man’s game now as opposed to a college game. I wonder what gave him a clue?
    Maybe it was that he stunk so badly and realizes that the only thing he has going for him is his ability to run with the ball. But he found out that if you run with the ball, you can get hurt. Especially if you’re as physically challenged as he is. Maybe they’ll make another Wizard Of Oz picture and he can land a part as one of the Lollipop Guild members. (note- Marvin Lewis suggested this to me — lol).
    Arrogance is an awful virtue and it’s fun to watch an arrogant person humbled. If Manziel grows up, that’s good. But I have no doubt that if he were to have even a little success, he’d be right back to his old arrogant self. He’s been spoiled and pampered all his life, and a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  58. The NFL is a way of life, you have to live for football… Manziel lives for Manziel, which is why no team should be going for this guy. He does not have the work ethic to keep in the this League… It’s not a easy thing to pick up.

  59. When Archie Payton and Eli won’t let you work with High School kids I would say your a bust

  60. Jonny Manzeil is just a slightly more athletic over-hyped less polished version of Case Keenum.

    At this point Case is a much better player. The difference is Case was undrafted but should have been a 2nd or 3th round pick Manzeil was a 1st rounder but should have been a 4th or 5th round pick.

    If I had to pick to play 16 games for me next year I’d take Case hands down.

  61. He says that with a lyin’ straight face as secretly his phone is blowing up with text messages in regards to details about his Xmas party.

    Johnny Liar
    Johnny Sociopath

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